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Jet Stone: Meaning, Properties, Powers and Uses

Jet Stone: Meaning, Properties, Powers and Uses

The Properties And Meaning Of Jet Stone

Jet Stone is an organic rock created when pieces of woody material are buried, compacted, and then go through organic degradation. It is then heated, and what results is a coal seam.

It’s usually black in color, but there are also brown-colored Jet Stones. It can be easily cut or carved, and it has a uniform texture that makes it possible to carve with accuracy.

When rubbed and polished to a bright shine, it can have a lovely finish, and its aesthetic value is greatly enhanced. You will be captivated by this stone’s beautiful silky glow!

Jet Stone is also called Black Amber, Lignite, and Gem Lignite. It can be found in different locations all around the world, including Russia, India, Spain, Germany, France, Poland, and the USA. The most famous Jet deposits are found in the UK on the East Yorkshire coast around the picturesque fishing village of Whitby.

Jet Stone: Meaning, Properties, And Uses

Physical Properties

Jet belongs to the group Lignite and is fossilized charcoal. It is quite soft, measuring between 2 and 2.5 on the Mohs scale. It is usually intensely black in color and achieves a brilliant luster when polished.

Metaphysical Properties 

Jet Stone will give you physical, emotional, and spiritual guidance to help you accomplish your goals and achieve balance and harmony.

It will remind you of your goals, help you re-evaluate your methods, and inspire you to reinvent yourself.

Jet Stone can draw out the negative energies that are lingering in your auric fields. These negative energies are affecting how you think, feel, speak, and act. When these negative energies are dispelled, you make way for more positive energies. 

Jet will help you zero in on your career, relationship, and life that you want. It will show you just how you can accomplish it using your talents, skills, and abilities. Jet Stone can help you own up to your mistakes, right your wrongs, and make amends to the people you have hurt.

It will remind you that there’s value in humility and that you never lose when you admit you’re wrong.

Jet Stone is a strong and protective stone. You can get your strength from the energies of this stone when you’re feeling weak or vulnerable or when external forces are attacking you. This stone will help you release your anger, your fears and worries, and your stress and anxiety healthily and positively.

It will not be directed at anyone, but you will be able to transmute these negative feelings into positive ones.

Jet Stone will work with you in restoring the balance and harmony that you have lost. It will make you realize what you truly desire from life, and it will help you achieve just that!

This stone can attract knowledge and wisdom to make your life more meaningful and your feelings more profound. It will add more excitement and fulfillment so that you will always have something to look forward to.

With the help of this stone, you will realize that anything is possible if you are prepared to put in the work to achieve it. 

Jet Stone has a profoundly calming effect, so it should always be with you when you’re depressed or feeling stressed. It will give you clarity, and it will make room for more positivity in your life!

Jet Stone rough in Hand

Varieties Of Jet

Jet is a form of coal or fossilized charcoal. The colors may vary slightly from deepest black to dark brown. There are no other varieties of Jet Stone.

Using Jet

The Benefits Of Using Jet

Jet draws out negative energy and alleviates unfounded fears or feelings of generalized anxiety. It is a stone of protection when worn around the neck and guards against violence or threat.

How Best To Use Jet 

When it comes to business pursuits, you can put a piece of Jet Stone in your cash register to attract abundance and prosperity.

It can also be placed in the wealth corner of your home, office, or business. The wealth corner is usually in the rear left.

If you want to have a good and restful sleep, free of bad dreams and night terrors, place a piece of Jet Stone under your pillow or hang it on your bedpost before you go to sleep.

If you want to strengthen your psychic awareness, you can make an elixir made of Jet Stone shavings.

Put it inside a clear glass and add water. Put it under the heat of the sun until the water becomes warm. You can use the resulting elixir to charge the energies of your sacred space or altar as you work on raising your consciousness. 

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Jet can be carved very intricately and makes lovely jewelry pieces. Wear it as earrings, bracelets, or necklaces to access the power of this stone all day.

Rough Jet

The Healing Powers Of Jet

Emotional Healing Powers

Jet can have a calming effect on people who suffer from erratic mood swings, depression, and anxiety.

It brings emotional traumas that may have been repressed for some time into your conscious awareness so that you can examine and deal with the problem. 

Jet is also beneficial for anyone who has difficulty staying grounded and present in the world. The reasons for excessive daydreaming are varied, but if you spend too much time indulging in escapist fantasies, it may be time to look at precisely what it is that you wish to escape from.

Physical Healing Powers 

Jet Stone can address health complaints that are associated with stress or sadness. It can also help ease the physical pains associated with swelling and inflammation.

It’s been known to cure stomach aches and menstrual cramps.

It’s also helpful for pregnant women who are in their first trimester because it will help calm hyperactive hormones.

Jet Stone is known to be an effective cure for migraines, headaches, and even the common cold.

Healers also use this stone to help with epilepsy. It has preventative properties if worn before seizures. 

Jet soothes dental pain, stomach pain, and headaches.

Jet And Wealth 

When it comes to money and finances, Jet Stone can help you better manage your financial life.

It will give quick and practical solutions to any problems that may arise.

It will provide assistance when you are starting or managing your own business.

This stone’s energies will also give you physical, emotional, and mental stability, even when many things are happening all at once. This will enable you to juggle your many responsibilities and duties more effectively. 

Remember, Jet is always seen as a protective stone, and it’s just as apt in this part of life as any other.

Success is wonderful, especially when you’re making your fortune, but it can sometimes invite unkind or exploitative people who want to use you as a shortcut to the big bucks.

Jet can help you stand your ground, reinforce that no means no, and not fall for the wool being pulled over your eyes.

Jet can also boost your confidence in yourself, and it can be relied upon to give you the conviction you need to follow through with business growth plans or high-risk projects with the knowledge that all will come right in the end.

Jet Stone will shower you with energies of success in your financial pursuits. You will also be mentally alert concerning everything that may happen to your business or finances.

Jet For Love And Relationships 

Jet Stone will help remove any negative energies that are affecting your relationship. It guards against the unwanted vibrations created by negative thoughts and words.

It will remind you to focus only on the positives. The more you think about something, the more you will be attracting it to your life, so make sure you think wonderful thoughts!

Jet Stone will bring hidden or deep-seated issues and emotions to the surface so that you can deal with them properly and begin the process of healing.

All the things you want to say but didn’t dare to come pouring out of you will change your relationship’s overall dynamic for the better.

Jet Stone is also a stone of sympathy. When you have this stone in your possession, you will always have the emotional support you need.

Whether you’re happy or sad, you will always get something good out of this powerful healing stone.

When you’re going through tough times in your relationship, you will be reassured that everything will work out for the best in the end. There will be peace and harmony, security, and stability.

While the Jet stone undoubtedly makes a lovely gift, it can also be relied upon to help to uproot any false beliefs in your relationship. If your partner gives you a gift of Jet, you will both find that many of the things you think about both yourself and your relationship are founded on nothing concrete after all.

By that, I mean that Jet will help you reach the truth behind certain core beliefs and karmic past life patterns that may lead you astray.

For example, you might believe that all partners cheat eventually, but Jet can help you to see that this opinion needn’t match the facts nor your experiences.

Likewise, though, if your partner is acting strangely, Jet can help you not to panic. It could be that he or she is going through something difficult right now and is too shy to ask for support, for instance, and doesn’t mean to be creating this kind of distance between you both.

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With the guidance of Jet Stone, you will be able to take control of your relationship and make the changes that you want to happen.

Rough piece of jet

Chakras And Jet

Jet is aligned mainly with the Base or Root chakra, although it can also be used to balance and clear all of the chakras when placed around the body in your auric field. 

Place a piece of Jet between your feet and another piece in your lap when sitting on a hard-backed chair. Breathe in a relaxed manner and allow your eyes to close. Feel the weight of the crystal in your lap and take your awareness into the piece of Jet that you have placed on the floor. As you continue to take long, slow, comfortable breaths, imagine a thread running between the two crystals. Draw up the energy and strength of the Earth through the pieces of Jet and absorb the vibrations into your body. Feel your lower body becoming heavier and more firmly rooted into the ground as you do this. This exercise is perfect for calming you down if you are feeling anxious or panicky. 

You can also use Jet on the Third Eye chakra, where it helps to open and activate your intuitive and psychic abilities.

The Third Eye is responsible for our spiritual strength and development as well as our innate inner wisdom. When it is out of balance, we might find it challenging to make decisions, and we stop listening to our intuition, leading to feelings of powerlessness and vulnerability.

Use Jet to cleanse and rebalance the energies of your Third eye, and you will find that you are back in control of your thoughts and actions very quickly.

Tumbled Jet Stone

The Best Crystals To Combine And Use With Jet

Chakra Crystal Combinations

You can use other black or very dark-colored stones alongside Jet when you want to feel more grounded.

Hematite has a slightly magnetic quality, so it is a good companion stone for Jet when performing grounding or earthing rituals at any time, particularly after a healing session, whether you are the practitioner or the recipient of energy healing. 

When working on your Third Eye, Jet combines well with Amethyst, which cleanses both the Jet stone and your Third Eye chakra, or with Sodalite, which amplifies your psychic abilities.

Other Crystal Combinations 

When you combine Jet Stone with a Smoky Quartz or a Black Tourmaline, you can have psychic protection and purification.

You can also use this combination to cleanse other healing crystals and stones.

Because Jet has such highly protective energy, it can help you to remain strong when feeling the influence of other energies and remain grounded in the moment.

Suppose you are doing a lot of deep soul work or meditation that takes you to some extraordinary places, spiritually speaking. In that case, Jet can work well with any other crystals you are otherwise using to amplify those spiritual and psychic insights.

They can often be unsettling or expose some pretty stark truths, after all – but Jet will help you to stay strong!

Jet Stone can also be paired with a Turquoise, Black Tourmaline, Silver Leaf Jasper, Sardonyx, Amethyst, Black Obsidian, Ammonite, Aventurine, Labradorite, Bloodstone, Jasper, Brown Jasper, Jade, Carnelian, Hematite, Chiastolite, and Fire Agate for increased overall protection.

If you wish to use Jet Stone as a healing stone, you can combine it with Sugilite or Amber.

When you pair it with Aragonite, it will show you how you can be on top of the situation during particularly challenging times.

Jet Stone and Unakite will help you let go of unwanted thoughts and emotions and steer your focus to the things that truly matter.

In combination with Iolite, Jet Stone will also help you open up to psychic experiences to achieve spiritual enlightenment. You will be more psychically sensitive, and aware.

Jet Stone for Healing

Cleansing And Charging Jet

Because Jet is essentially coal, you should not use either water or sunlight to cleanse or charge it.

A very effective way to reset your Jet crystal’s energies is to bury it in the Earth overnight. You can also use sea salt to cleanse Jet of any unwanted energies it may have absorbed. Cover the crystal with some sea salt and leave it for about 12 hours. When you take it out of the salt, use a cloth or soft brush to remove the salt.

Other methods of recharging and cleansing include smudging with sage smoke or placing it near a piece of Amethyst or Smoky Quartz.

Jet As A Birthstone

Jet is associated with the zodiac sign of Capricorn (Dec 21 – Jan 21). January is known as the month of the “Cold Moon,” which is associated in many cultures with a time of scarcity and the coming together of people in groups of family and friends to provide mutual support. 

Jet can help Capricorn people to be more forgiving of others and to avoid a tendency to be over-critical.

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Jet In Legends And History 

Jet is one of the oldest minerals on the planet, and many Jet crystals carry the imprint of fossilized leaves, grasses, and even creatures that were caught between its layers of sedimentary rock. 

Many civilizations have made extensive use of Jet throughout the centuries. As early as the 2nd millennium BC, it was mined in England, where the world’s largest deposits are found. The Romans soon brought it to Italy, where it was very popular in jewelry making. 

In the Middle Ages and the coming of monotheistic religions, Jet was used in different ways and began to be incorporated into religious jewels and statuettes. Its symbolism is the same on the other side of the Atlantic: excavations have revealed protective Jet amulets among Mexico and the USA’s indigenous populations. 

The hour of glory for this stone was in Europe in the nineteenth century. At that time, the English had a production center in Yorkshire and exported their rocks worldwide as they were considered the most beautiful in the world. 

The mineral’s unique fragility makes it a particularly difficult product to industrialize and produce quality jewelry and figurines. However, many tailors perfected ways to carve the crystal to make striking buttons and other accessories, and these handmade pieces are now much sought after. Generally, Jet was used for funeral jewelry, and in France, it was the only mineral that could be worn after a death in the 19th century.

Precious ore flourished throughout the Victorian period until the early 20th century: Interest in the stone waned after the First World War as tailors and small businesses closed one after the other. The last ones disappeared in the 1950s. Today, this unique gem is experiencing a revival of interest, and some goldsmiths have rediscovered centuries-old expertise to offer quality jewels or religious effigies worthy of the Victorian era. The forms remain traditional: shells, statuettes of St. James, pendants, clams, rosaries, and prayer beads.

The metallic luster of polished lignite has led many civilizations to revere the stone and to attribute a magical quality to it. 

It is, of course, firmly bonded to the element of Earth, and it has the power to electrify when rubbed. In prehistoric tombs, it is believed that the mineral was used to guard the bones of the dead and protect them from danger in the afterlife. In Ancient Greece, this jewel was worn to attract the goddess Cybele’s favor, responsible for growth in the natural world. Gardeners particularly followed this belief over the centuries.

In Middle Ages England, it was used by fishermen’s wives as a magical protector to be burned in the fireplace. The purpose of this gesture was to protect their absent husbands from the wrath of the ocean. More generally, at this time, jewelry of this type was used as protective amulets or mourning jewelry. If used for this purpose, gems are deemed to absorb a part of the wearer’s soul.

Jet also has a reputation for absorbing and holding negative memories that are not always worth remembering. Its darker aspect concerns those interested in witchcraft and sacrifices. At Stonehenge, knives used in ritual sacrifices were cut from Jet of a black metallic luster.

Final Thoughts On The Power Of Jet 

The energies of Jet will let you navigate your own life, your health, your career, and your personal life.

It will align with the sense of balance, control, and harmony that you need to be truly happy and satisfied.

jet meaning

The Jet Stone is a stone of ancient protection. It has been around for thousands of years. It has been said that when you’re attracted to this stone, you are an old soul.

You may have many life experiences through reincarnations. When you wear a Jet Stone, you also get a glimpse of all the past lives you have lived and can access your store of ancient wisdom. 

Jet is a balancing and grounding stone. It can attract knowledge and wisdom and remove all kinds of negative energies from your system.

Jet is probably known best as a stone for healing grief. I believe this is in part because of its extensive use as mourning jewelry since the Victorian era. Its properties of purification and protection are often overlooked because of the focus on healing grief. This can be deceiving, though, because it is the energies of purification and protection which allow it to alleviate grief.

While we may not consciously be aware of a particular energy, we may well be in tune with it subconsciously or on another planar level beyond our three-dimensional world.

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