Black Crystals: Meanings, Properties and Powers

black crystals meaning

Black Crystals Properties

Black Crystals are probably the most misunderstood color crystals.

People assume right away that any stone or crystal that’s color black can only bring heaviness, darkness, misfortune, pain, death, and endings.

However, black is a very strong, formal, mysterious, and elegant color!

A black dress on a woman is very flattering and glamorous. The same can be said for a luxury car, or a high-end smartphone, or a piece of modern furniture.

It’s perfectly understandable why some people try to steer clear of Black Crystals. After all, the color black symbolizes death in most cultures. It represents things that are unseen or unknown.

However, some cultures also regard the color black as good and right because it represents life and strength. To these people, black is actually a very powerful and positive color!

By definition, black is not a color. It’s the absence of light or the absence of all color.

When you speak of opposites, the first thing that will come to mind is black and white. It symbolizes polarities because white reveals while black conceals.

In times of fear, confusion, or uncertainty, it’s so easy to consider Black Crystals as negative, dark, or threatening.

But in a positive state, they can signify restful emptiness, mystery, potential, and possibility!

Why Would You Use Black Crystals?

Black Crystals are very protective crystals. They provide a retreat when you need to take a break from the stress of everyday life.

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They also give you safety and security by hiding you from enemies or people who wish you harm.

Black Crystals are often used as protective amulets.

You can carry them around with you or wear them on your body when you’re feeling concerned about your safety and security.

They can also be placed in places you spend a lot of time in, like your home, office, or car. Keeping one near you will dispel negative or harmful energies and deflect them back to the person who sent them.

Black Crystals, like Onyx, Black Tourmaline, and Hematite, are power crystals that will relieve you of your fears of physical harm or danger.

Black Crystals should be a part of your life because they can help you achieve a healthy sense of well-being.

They can also keep you calm and grounded despite all the craziness that your life can sometimes experience.

Black Crystals will also give you a sense of power.

They will make you feel physically, emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually powerful. They will also fill you with daring as much as they will fill you with stability.

They have the ability to deepen your connection to the natural physical world. They will make you feel more courageous, especially when it comes to your physical existence here in this world.

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Black Crystals will also bring water energy into your life. Their flowing and relaxing sensuality will wrap you in a cocoon of security and comfort.

They’re very good crystals to have when you need mental fortitude. They will help you concentrate and amplify your efforts to keep unwanted elements out of your life.

Black Crystals are very harmonious with light green crystals, especially when it comes to making you feel secure and taken care of while also bolstering your confidence.

How Will Black Crystals Help You?

Black Crystals, Healing and Health

Black Crystals, like Black Obsidians, can give insights to the root causes of many diseases. They can help with digestion and are excellent tools in detoxification.

They can also be very helpful in dissolving tensions and blockages in the body, which include hardened arteries.

They have the ability to reduce arthritis pain and ease joint problems, injuries, and cramps.

Black Crystals can also warm the extremities and improve blood circulation.

Another Black Crystal, the Black Onyx, can increase physical strength, vigor, stamina, and self-control.

It can help in the treatment of diseases in the bone marrow, feet, bones, teeth, and soft tissues.

It can also ease the symptoms of epilepsy and are beneficial in the rectification of damaged cells.

Black Crystals like Black Onyx are also recommended in the treatment of liver or kidney disease.

They can help in the stimulation of reflex points associated with the feet, ankles, legs, and lower back.

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They can also be used to realign the spinal column and in the treatment of strained muscles.

Black Crystals can also defend your body against debilitating diseases. They can strengthen the immune system, as well as the heart and the adrenal glands.

Black Crystals and Wealth

Black Crystals like the Black Onyx will promote happiness, joy, and good fortune.

They are crystals that give physical strength, and they strengthen your self-discipline when it comes to achieving your goals.

They will help you change your bad habits or completely get rid of them.

The healing energies of these Black Crystals will also help you communicate better so that you can say what’s truly in your heart without fear or apprehension.

They will give strong support and keep your stamina high. They will infuse you with determination when you’re just about ready to give up.

Black Crystals will encourage you to follow your inner voice. They will push you to the limit, or they will ask you to slow down and just persevere.

They are highly flexible crystals. They will give you what you need at any given situation.

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Black Crystals, Love and Relationships

Black Crystals represent resilience and self-control. They possess protective energies in the sense that black is the absence of light, and therefore, can create invisibility.

When you’re not ready to deal with an issue, these Black Crystals will ease the pressure and allow you to do what you should.

When it comes to love and relationships, Black Crystals, such as Black Obsidians, will act like truth enhancers. They will expose flaws and help you acknowledge blockages and weaknesses.

These crystals will help you identify sources of destructive conditions and show you how you can grow from them and help others who are experiencing the same situation.

They will bring negative feelings and unpleasant truths to the surface. However, Black Crystals will also give soul healing and protection against negativity.

Black Crystals will absorb the negative energies in your environment. They will block any kind of psychic attacks and harmful spiritual influences.

They will bring clarity of mind, strength in spirit, and confidence in your words, all while stimulating growth in all aspects of your life.

Black Crystals like the Black Onyx are also used for protection against negativity directed at you.

They can also be used to manage your uncontrollable sexual impulses, resulting in a stronger and more honest relationship with someone you love.

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Having a piece of Black Onyx will give you a protective measure for peaceful and harmonious relationships, deflecting negativities or disturbances between you and your partner.

Black Crystals will help you become the master of your own destiny. They will also encourage you to build up your confidence so that you can achieve all your dreams.

They can be counted upon to provide you support during your difficult times.

They will center your energies when you’re feeling hurt, broken, or stressed, and they will help you make the tough but wise decisions.

Black Crystals are also excellent when it comes to emotional healing and with dealing with past life issues.

They will help you forget or move on from your past relationships and bring you in tune with the present!

How to Use Black Crystals for the Best Results

Black Crystals are usually turned into cabochon shapes. Their black color has been generated through heating or chemical treatments.

To the untrained eye, it’s not easily identifiable which ones are natural and which ones are not. They are quite affordable and come in many different sizes.

When you’re buying Black Crystals, make sure to check that there are no dents or scratches.

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Black Crystals will look great when worn as jewelry.

Not only are you keeping the crystals’ energies close to your body, you are also carrying protection with you effortlessly and elegantly.

When cleaning Black Crystals, handle them with care and only use mild soap and water.

Rinse them with water, but never soak them because this can fade the crystal’s color.

Olive oil is a good and mild cleaner that can restore the Black Crystals to their natural beauty.

The Best Combination to Use with Black Crystals

Black Crystals like Black Jade, Black Chalcedony, and Black Onyx will look beautiful when combined.

You can also wear them with pearls to create a beautiful and striking contrast.

You can combine different kinds of Black Crystals for their physical qualities or metaphysical attributes.

You can never go wrong with Black Diamonds, Black Pearls, Black Tourmalines, or Black Obsidians.

Black Crystals Spiritual Energy

Black Crystals are metaphysical instruments that are full of protective powers.

The strong energies that exude from Black Crystals will provide you some respite from the stress and pressures of daily life and give you a much-needed break from it.

They also engulf you in energies of security so that you may feel safe in the environment around you and are guarded against the evil and harmful energies of your enemies.

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Keeping a Black Crystal close to you will ensure that your body is cleansed of negativity and that there is enough room in your soul, mind, and heart to make room for positive energies to flow in.

Black Crystals keep you out of harm’s way and ensure that you are always looked out for by the higher beings.

Despite the chaos of life, Black Crystals will keep you grounded and calm in the face of a storm, especially when you pair them with the May Birthstone.

With these stones, you will feel confident about your well-being and be comfortable in the knowledge that your spirit guides will have your back at all times.

While keeping you calm and composed, Black Crystals also hand you a lot of power.

This empowerment can be physical, emotional, spiritual, or intellectual and will bring remarkable levels of courage in your aura.

When you feel the magnitude of your personal power, you will be more comfortable in doing things that involve risks and be fearless when it comes to embarking on new, unfamiliar endeavors.

Black Crystals will also strengthen the connection you have with nature, in the sense that they make you more aware about the purpose of your existence in the world.

Although they hold magnanimous amounts of empowering energies, Black Crystals also bring the energy of water into your life.

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These allow you to relax and keep you in a safe cocoon of sorts to provide you with the comfort you need before beginning a new chapter in life.

The crystals also have great effects on a person’s mental fortitude by helping them concentrate their efforts into a particular goal or dream that they have.

Black Crystals will amplify your efforts ten folds and ensure that you get rewarded for all the hard work that you have been putting into your pursuits.

In fact, the crystals will enable you to reach the kind of headspace that you need in order to regroup your thoughts and only focus on the things that need to be prioritized.

They will also ensure that you don’t digress from the track that you are meant to follow and always keep the vision of your desired future in mind every time you start working for it.

Working in harmony with the energies of light green crystals, Black Crystals will keep you safe and fill you with a sense of safety so that you don’t have to worry about any external dangers to yourself or to your home.

When you feel invincible and a sense that you will be able to tackle any threats that come your way, you will bolster your confidence and become the person you truly want to be.

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My Final Thoughts on the Power of Black Crystalsblack crystals meaning

Use Black Crystals when you need to hide from the world for a while.

Use them more often when you need to be more inconspicuous and fly under the radar.

These crystals are perfect when you want to crack a mystery or open a door into the unknown.

They will help prepare you physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

Black Crystals will also give you the opportunity to just sit still in silence and forget about what everyone else expects of you!

The energy of Black Crystals has an almost revolutionary quality.

It can come to you fast and furious and leave you feeling overwhelmed. But it can also come in a soothing and gentle way.

Nevertheless, there are many qualities of Black Crystals that you should experience and should not pass up!