Lake County Diamonds

Alternate Names or Spellings: Moon Tears or Konocti Diamonds

Lake County Diamonds are not actually diamonds, though they sparkle enough to be given a name like a diamond. They are a clear silicon dioxide (quartz) that is almost pure, although sometimes they are found in shades of lavender, pink or yellow. They are found only near Mt. Konocti in Lake County, California.

According to an Indian legend. the Moon fell in love with a Pomo Indian chieftain. The moon could not stay with the chieftain because she had to light the sky at night and mark the seasons. She was so sad to leave her chieftain that she wept, and her tears were solidified as “Moon Tears” or Lake County Diamonds.

As a type of quartz, they also share the properties of quartz, such as power, energy, protection and others as well as having their own metaphysical energies. Metaphysically, Moon Tears are said to relieve grief and sadness, and bright Light to feelings of depression or worthlessness. They also bring Goddess and Moon energy with a clear strong energy. Moon Tears are related primarily to the heart and crown chakras.

 Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

Lake County Diamonds
Lake County Diamonds

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