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Lake County Diamonds: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Lake County Diamonds: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Lake County Diamonds Properties

Lake County Diamonds are not actually what you can call real diamonds, although they do possess the sparkle to earn the name diamond.

They’re also known as Moon Tears, or Konocti Diamonds.

They are a clear silicon dioxide that is almost pure, and they exhibit different colors, like yellow, pink, and lavender.

Lake County Diamonds can only be found near Mt. Konocti in Lake County, California.

According to Indian Folklore, the Moon was captivated by the Pomo Indian chieftain and could not help but fall in love.

Unfortunately, the moon could not stay with the chieftain because she had the responsibility of lighting up the sky at night and marking the seasons.

The Moon was so heartbroken to leave her chieftain that she wept and wept, and her tears solidified and became known as “Moon Tears”, also known today as Lake County Diamonds.

Why Would You Use Lake County Diamonds?

As a type of Quartz, Lake County Diamonds also exhibit the properties of Quartzes, such as protection, energy, and power, and many other metaphysical energies.

Metaphysically, Lake County Diamonds are known to relieve sadness and grief.

Diamonds are the birthstone for those born in April.

They are also known to bring light to those who are suffering from feelings of abandonment, worthlessness, and depression.

Lake County Diamonds resonate with your heart and crown chakras. They also bring you the Goddess and Moon energy with a strong and clear frequency.

Even though Lake County Diamonds can be found almost anywhere near Mt Konocti, these crystals have a very high vibration.

They resonate powerfully within the soul star chakra and the higher transpersonal chakras.

The light ray that Lake County Diamonds possess is your connection to your Divine Mind.

White is also the color for the soul star chakra. Using Lake County Diamonds will assist the higher chakras in emanating white light and strengthening your connection with the spirit.

When combined with Lepidocrosite, Lake County Diamonds create a powerful vibration within the third eye and the crown chakra, which is the highest chakra in your physical body.

It connects you higher to the soul star chakra, which can be found in the etheric body above the head.

Beautiful Lake County Diamond pendant

Lake County Diamonds will bring clarity to your communication and magnify your thoughts.

They will help you by promoting clearer thinking.

They have a very strong resonance, which is why they are often used by healers as part of crystal healing.

They have a positive effect on all your chakras because they protect the aura and expand your human energy fields.

Although Lake County Diamonds are usually thought of as chakra stones for the higher chakras, they will still support all chakras.

When used with Phlogopite, Lake County Diamonds will amplify your energies and your thoughts, as well as the effects of other stones and crystals.

They will absorb, store, release, and normalize your energy levels. They will also draw off negative energies of all kinds and neutralize petrochemical emanations and electromagnetic smog.

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Lake County Diamonds will revitalize and balance the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual planes.

They will cleanse and enhance your organs and subtle bodies, especially when paired with October Birthstones, they will also act as a cleanser to your soul and connect the physical plane with the mind.

They will enhance your concentration and unlock your memory. Lake County Diamonds will also boost the immune system and bring your body into balance.

They will work to harmonize all your chakras and align your subtle bodies.

How Will Lake County Diamonds Help You?

Lake County Diamonds, Healing and Health

Lake County Diamonds can be used to treat any health condition. They can stimulate the circulatory and immune systems, enhancing the energy flow and bringing balance to the body.

These crystals have also been used to treat vertigo, motion sickness, dizziness, and migraine headaches.

They can also improve metabolism, eliminate exhaustion, and assist with weight loss efforts.

Lake County Diamonds can help in the elimination of toxins and in the treatment of bladder and kidney infections, diarrhea, and other digestive disorders.

They can also soothe burns and blisters, as well as other skin disorders.

Lake County Diamonds and Wealth

Lake County Diamonds will encourage you to focus less on your inner negativity and stimulate positive thinking instead.

When you have a better perception of the world, Lake County Diamonds will increase your sense of awareness and clear thinking.

You will enjoy long-lasting energies, and you will become more persevering. You will also become more patient and optimistic about your options.

This is a very powerful formula when it comes to manifesting your financial goals!

Lake County Diamonds, Love and Relationships

The emotional healing properties of Lake County Diamonds will eliminate feelings of negativity and encourage positivity.

They will help you improve your awareness of the world, as well as of what’s happening between you and your significant other.

These crystals will help change your perceptions for the better so that you can change or transform for the better.

You will enjoy an increased level in your energies, and your mental and emotional processes will also be improved. You will be more patient and understanding, and you will be kinder and more forgiving.

Even if you are going through challenges in your romantic life, you will still find a reason to smile, laugh, and celebrate love.

Lake County Diamonds will help you work on any situation on your relationship so that it will become stronger, with you and your partner coming out of every experience stronger and more in love with each other.

The energies of these crystals will help drive away the negativity and protect you from harmful thoughts and self-limiting emotions.

Lake County Diamonds will help you assimilate your experiences so that you will achieve emotional growth.

They will encourage you to look at the lessons instead of the losses or the heartaches, and they will inspire you to make more meaningful moments with the person you love.

Your stubbornness will be eliminated, and you will place less emphasis on your own ego or pride.

Your focus will be on strengthening your bonds and improving the dynamic in your relationship, which you can easily achieve with the guidance of Lake County Diamonds.

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How to Use Lake County Diamonds for the Best Results

Lake County Diamonds are quite easily programmable, and you can program positive affirmations into them. They can be very beneficial in many ways, depending on how you program them or use them.

Meditating with Lake County Diamonds can be very helpful because they will guide you in reaching higher spiritual realms easily.

Lake County Diamonds generally have strong magnifying qualities, and this is one of the many reasons why they are so highly regarded.

Having a piece of this crystal in your vicinity will be very powerful because Lake County Diamonds make a powerful connection with the higher realms.

They can resonate with your higher chakras and help you in your spiritual growth.

They can also be used as a part of inner child healing meditation.

You can also use Lake County Diamonds to enhance your psychic abilities because they are very helpful in developing your psychic visions.

The Best Combination to use with Lake County Diamonds

There are quite a few stones and crystals that you can combine with Lake County Diamonds, although they can really be combined with any gemstone.

Use your Lake County Diamonds with Green Dioptase to attract new energies directly to the cells that need them most and enhance their functions.

They are also helpful when used with Blue Apatite because this combination will increase the level of insightful wisdom and guidance that comes through.

When paired with Merlinite or Chalcopyrite, Lake County Diamonds will help boost their mystical attributes.

When used with Zircon, they will guide you in achieving your specific purpose.

The energies of Lake County Diamonds blend well with most varieties of Quartz Crystals, including Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Purple Amethyst, Tourmalinated Quartz, Spirit Quartz, Aqua Aura, Aventurine, and Amegreen.

These are very high-energy crystals and are very helpful, especially if you’re working on your spiritual growth.

You may use Lake County Diamonds in combination with any other stones or crystals you want, specifically if you want to boost a certain stone or crystal’s energies.

You can use them with any soul star chakra stones, such as White Selenite, Herkimer Diamonds, Star Hollandite Quartz, Danburite, Phenacite, and Natrolite.

Lake County Diamonds and Spiritual Energy

Even if they are not exactly what you can call a real diamond, Lake County Diamond is more valuable than you may think because of its many healing benefits, just like with the January Birthstone.

It also radiates a powerful and unique spiritual energy that will protect you, energize you, and support you in whatever you’re currently experiencing in life.

Lake County Diamond emits a gentle vibration that will surround you with light and love, which is very beneficial if you’re feeling low, sad, depressed, worthless, or abandoned.

It will help increase the good feelings and get rid of the negative feelings that are keeping you where you are.

Lake County Diamond will help you celebrate your spirit, your strengths, your achievements, and your blessings so that you will be able to fight the negative thoughts and feelings.

Because Lake County Diamond resonates with the soul star chakra, using it or carrying it with you on a regular basis will support this particular chakra and make your connection with your spirit even stronger.

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It will help in improving your communication and enhancing the quality of your thoughts. As a result, you will easily achieve mental clarity.

Because of its very powerful resonance, Lake County Diamond is a favorite by crystal healers. It has a wonderful effect on all the chakras and protects the auric field as well.

The spiritual energy of Lake County Diamond also has the ability to grow the human energy field.

Using Lake County Diamond regularly will also help stabilize your energy levels. It can absorb good energy and release bad energy, as well as store energy that will sustain you through difficult or stressful moments.

Lake County Diamond will draw off the negative kind of energies and help you neutralize the electromagnetic smog that surrounds you.

When used on a regular basis, Lake County Diamond will bring back the balance in your body, emotions, thoughts, and spirit.

It will help in cleansing and increasing the functions of your organs as well as your spirit so that you can easily connect the physical with the spiritual.

Lake County Diamond is also known to boost your concentration and help you access your memories, even the oldest ones.

This stone will also harmonize your chakras so that you will achieve an overall healthy well-being.

The healing energies of this stone will zero in on the chakras that are not properly functioning and work to unlock or realign them.

It’s not only beautiful to look at. It also works on your body, heart, mind, and spirit whenever you use it or wear it.

Make sure that you have a few pieces of Lake County Diamond when your spirits are sagging, or when you are unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

This beautiful stonewill radiate a special kind of energy that will strengthen your spirit and enhance your relationships.

It will also help in fortifying both your physical and subtle bodies.

Lake County Diamond is truly a worthy investment because its spiritual energies are unlike no other!

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Lake County Diamonds
lake county diamonds meaning

Lake County Diamonds harmonize will all your chakras, and they will show you how you can vibrate with your seven chakra centers, at the same time maintaining perfect alignment with the light.

These crystals will guide you on how you think, perceive, and respond to the world around you.

They will connect you to the higher planes of your existence.

Lake County Diamonds will keep your crown chakras in balance.

When this chakra is balanced, you will have a clearer understanding of your place in the universe and look at things as they truly are.

With the guidance of Lake County Diamonds, you will be unaffected by setbacks because you know that they are an important part of life!

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