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The April Birthstone – The Complete Guide

The April Birthstone – The Complete Guide

For people who are born in April, the most prized gemstone of all is their birthstone: the birthstone for April is Diamond.

Diamonds are clear, colorless, and sparkling, and they are a romantic and magical token of affection and desire.

Taken from the Greek word ‘adamas’, which means unconquerable, Diamonds are truly a beauty that has captured the hearts of people for many centuries.

It will remain as one of the most glorious gems of all time, and for that, Diamonds are most certainly forever!

The name Diamond is derived from the ancient Greek word adámas, which means proper, untamed, invincible, unalterable, or unbreakable, a reflection of its unyielding endurance and quality.

Diamonds are the toughest gemstone and made up by just one element, which is carbon.

They are formed deep in the bowels of the Earth where the pressure is 65,000 times that of the pressure on the Earth’s surface, with temperatures exceeding 2,700 degrees Fahrenheit.

Its structure makes it 58 times harder than anything in nature and can only be cut with another diamond.

Diamonds have also been found inside meteorite craters on the Earth’s surface. They have high optical dispersion, allowing the stone to disperse a spectrum of different colors.

They come in several colors, including green, blue, pink, red, and yellow. They can also come in transparent, white, or black color. They range in intensity, from faint to vivid. The more saturated the color, the higher the value.

Diamonds that sparkle with intense color are quite rare and may be more expensive than colorless Diamonds of equal size.

Fancy color Diamonds are very desirable, and color is sometimes introduced in a laboratory. These are the color-treated Diamonds.

While it has been identified with wedding engagements, the Diamond is also the perfect stone for people who want a beautiful gemstone that’s suitable for both everyday wear and special occasions.

Diamonds have been revered for centuries, and some historians estimate that it has been in trade since 4 BC.

One of the reasons Diamonds are so highly regarded is because of the process which it goes through to be formed below the Earth’s crust and then forced upward until it is uncovered.

But before this process was known, many ancient civilizations believed that Diamonds were lightning from the sky made real on earth.

This is possibly the reason why Diamonds are often associated with incredible healing powers.

Many thought that the Diamond could cure brain disease, ease pituitary gland disorders, and get rid of toxins from the blood.

Historically, it first became popular in India when it was mined by the Moghuls and Imperial Colony from the deposits along the three major rivers there.

This birthstone was first in the land of the opulent Moghul leaders and populous Imperial Colony.

Alluvial deposits tucked the stones away gently in their bowels along the Penner, Godavari, and Krishna rivers.

Many stories, myths, and legends, find their way around the April birthstone.

Ancient Greeks believed that the fierce fire that burned when a Diamond is created reflects the attributes of eternal love.

Ancient Hindus believed that Diamonds were made by lightning bolts that hit the earth.

Greek legend entails that Diamonds are the tears of the Gods, star splinters, and crystallized lightning.

This kind of birthstone meaning is a point of pride indeed to people born in April. Being likened to such divine, powerful and celestial things only heightens their sense of self, and their personal view that they are the protagonists of a life story that’s a grand adventure.

Diamonds are seen as the ultimate prize, and likewise people born in April only give themselves freely to those they believe have most earned their trust and respect.

After all, if you wanted a Diamond of your own, you would hardly expect it to fall into your lap with no effort!

And much as Diamonds represent the very upper heights of prestige and accomplishment, someone born in April often has the kind of ambition it takes to climb the highest of life’s mountains, and overcome the greatest of challenges to win at whatever they set their mind to.

Of course, Diamonds can reflect light away from themselves in thousands of ways, and likewise people born in April sometimes seem unpredictable in their intentions.

This is never dishonestly – you could say they are as clear as Diamonds in the honesty stakes – but rather because they want nothing more than to get what they want unimpeded.

Ancient scriptures refer to the ‘Colorless Stone’ as the harbinger of love, strength, and endurance.

Throughout history, however, the Diamond has nearly always symbolized eternal and lasting love.

Whether you plan to get engaged or just want to give yourself a beautiful and elegant gift, the Diamond will never disappoint. It has both beauty and lasting symbolism.

Today, the Diamond is most widely known as the stone to give as part of an engagement ring.

This stone symbolizes innocence, love, purity, honesty, loyalty, and faith. It bestows peace and fulfilling relationships to anyone who wears it.

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The world’s most precious gemstone is known to spark the imagination and inspire creativity. It brings protection, wealth, and happiness.

The high qualities that are attributed to the Diamond are a reflection and a tribute to the character of the stone.

This birthstone is the hardest known mineral on Earth, has unmatched brilliance, very little inclusion, and is clear and transparent, reflecting many of the prized virtues in men and women.

Diamonds symbolize endurance, courage, and resilience. In ancient times, warriors and kings wore them to battle as a protective talisman.

They believed that Diamonds can protect them from death, defeat, and even phantoms, devils, and poison!

The custom of giving someone you love with a Diamond started with Austria’s Archduke Maximilian. He presented his lady, Mary of Burgundy, with a beautiful Diamond ring.

While this gemstone has long been granted the highest honor, Diamonds are also used to cut tools and drill tips to cut, carve, and shape other gemstones.

The toughness and durability of the Diamond have inspired the famous adage that goes‘Diamond cuts diamond.’

Diamonds have been used, commended, and revered in India for thousands of years.

The highest exporter of Diamonds is South Africa, followed by Venezuela, Guyana, Brazil, Russia, Borneo, China, Thailand, and Australia.

Because of the high demand for Diamonds, there have been plenty of illegal mining activities and laundering in Third World countries.

Diamond buyers all over the world are being called upon to purchase Diamonds with care and caution to ensure that they are not fueling civil war by buying illegal stones.

The Diamond’s unique physical properties mean it has the best possible luster of any gemstone when cut and polished well.

If you’re looking for beauty, elegance, and sparkle, the Diamond is just the perfect gemstone for you.

Diamond Stones

What Are The Key Traits Of The April Birthstone?

The Diamond is every girl’s best friend. It’s known as the Forever Stone and the symbol of eternity.

This birthstone is the most precious gem in the world, which is also a symbol of sensuality, allure, and romance.

It’s a highly coveted gemstone coveted by the world for its enduring beauty, lasting quality, and unparalleled brilliance!

A Diamond is very hard to cut, and people with the Diamond birthstone are even harder to convince and persuade.

Diamond people are famous for being stubborn. They will follow what their heart and mind are telling them, and they will not stop until they have achieved what they set out to do.

They are very determined, and they don’t give up at the first sign of struggle or difficulty. They move to the beat of their own drum and follow their own thoughts and beliefs.

It’s easy to see why the Diamond makes such an appropriate April gemstone. The people born in its month of influence are as tough as it gets, and it seems that next to nothing in life ever slows them down for long.

When the chips are down, all the world’s forces seem against them and nobody seems to believe in them but themselves, people born in April have the most inspiring and unbelievable talent for persevering against the kind of odds that’d make even the most courageous of us think twice.

And even more appropriately, their victories shine all the brighter for it – bright like a Diamond! What a wonderful gift these people have, and how apt indeed that such a precious and desirable gemstone represents them.

Diamonds are created under enormous pressure to become as beautiful as they are.

Likewise, the lives of people born in April are often on the dramatic side, or at least flavored by countless battles and periods of championing against the odds.

Those people who seem too only get strong the more pressure they are under make an amazing analogy for how real-world Diamonds are creative.

And perhaps more cheekily, you might notice that people born in April often have quite the healthy ego and opinion of themselves. Wouldn’t you, if you were represented by one of the most precious things in the world?

For the lucky people who are born in April, you should know Diamond represents love and eternity, strength, and everlasting affection.

No wonder it’s such a popular gemstone for people who are getting engaged and married!

Diamond is a symbol of purity and absolute truth.

Diamonds are a strong symbol of universal sovereignty.

It’s also believed to heal and is traditionally linked to love. It endures forever because of its eternal strength.

The Diamond has long been associated with love, bonds, relationships, commitments, and loyalty. It is also a symbol of faithfulness, sincerity, and marriage.

This gemstone is known to provide balance, abundance, and clarity. It brings good fortune, health, and happiness to the home as well.

Diamonds symbolize clarity. If you want to achieve your goals and fulfill your purpose in life, it’s time to harness your personal power and the energies of the Diamond!

This stone will get rid of all your uncertainty and help you unleash your true potential.

Diamonds are also lucky symbols that enhance your personal power and attract success to whoever wears it. They improve self-esteem, and anyone wearing this precious stone will feel good!

If Diamond is your birthstone, you’re very good with people. You’re strong, aggressive, fearless, and brave. You love attention. You are also motivated, generous, and loving.

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Diamond people are courageous, faithful, and very protective of the people they love.

They have a very strong character and follow a strict moral code, making them seem rigid and strict to people who don’t know them very well. However, they are some of the most loyal and dependable people you will ever meet.

Once you strike a friendship with Diamond people, you will have a loyal and dependable friend for life.

Once you fall in love with a Diamond person, you will have their love and commitment.

Diamond people are beautiful inside and out. They take care of their appearances and appreciate beauty, both the simple and luxurious kinds.

They also value truth and trust. Without trust, they cannot be motivated to stay or encouraged to make it work.

They can be happy with the simplest things in life, but nothing makes them happier than things that are luxurious and sparkly. They don’t have Diamonds as their birthstone for nothing!

Being attracted to shiny, happy things is just in their nature. It is this nature that motivates them to reach for their dreams and make them come true, no matter how impossible they seem.

April’s birthstone also symbolizes courage and romance.

Diamond people are romantic and generous, and they will not hesitate to give the most wonderful gifts to the people they love. Especially if they know how much they deserve it.

People who have Diamond as their birthstone are dynamic and active, as well as people with November birthstone. They want to always be on the move and constantly feel their life energies coursing through them.

They are decisive but often make decisions in haste, and they sometimes end up regretting their decisions. But it only shows that they are not afraid to do what must be done, even if it does not always yield the best results.

They are mentally strong, adventurous, and aggressive. They are loving and caring for themselves and others.

They love being the center of attention, but they are aware when people they love are going through difficult times. They are friendly and compassionate, and they do what they can to help people out.

Diamond people can be emotional, but they are also diplomatic. They are sexy and attractive, and generous and suave. They have a good memory, and they go with what their gut is telling them.

Diamond April Birthstone

The Color And Its Secret Meaning

Diamonds are traditionally white or colorless. This is the most desired and rarest state of a Diamond.

Because of the way Diamonds are created from underground gases, it’s very rare for Diamonds not to be cloudy or have yellow or brown tints in them.

Colorless Diamonds are the cleanest, and they sparkle the most, which is what people want in their Diamonds.

However, there are other tints of yellow and faint pink. A strong-tinted Diamond with good clarity and even tint is even rarer and more desirable.

Artificial colors are introduced to the Diamond in laboratories, and these are what you call color-treated Diamonds.

As the birthstone of April, Diamonds are often associated with love, which makes them the perfect gift for someone you love.

While white Diamonds are the most common, there are also Diamonds that exhibit various colors, including pink, blue, yellow, and many others.

Diamonds are most commonly used to symbolize love and relationships, but they literally and metaphysically symbolize strength.

Diamonds are made of carbon, and they are the strongest and hardest gemstone on earth. So strong and hard are they that they can only be cut by other diamonds.

From this strength, Diamonds are said to derive energies of success, clarity, and longevity.

Along with being all kinds of elegant and beautiful, Diamonds are packed with good energy. They protect you against danger and bad energies, and they clear negative energies from a space, object, or person.

Diamonds are also associated with love. You really benefit from the good energies when you strengthen relationships, forgive the sins of the past, and increase the harmony that you share with people.

Necklaces, Rings, And Jewelry For The April Birthstone

The Diamond is a precious stone with unparalleled brilliance, incredible hardness, and beautiful optical dispersion.

The uncut and raw stones found naturally are then cut, polished, and fashioned into crystals to create exquisite jewelry pieces with an array of facets that increase their brilliance.

Diamond jewelry should not be worn while working with harsh chemicals or in swimming pools and bathtubs.

Diamond, the hardest known natural material, is named from the Greek word‘adamas’, which means invincible.

Diamonds can occur in nearly any color, although brown and yellow and brown are the most common.

Diamonds that have detectable hues other than brown or yellow are considered colored Diamonds.

If the color is strong enough, a stone may also be referred to as a fancy-colored Diamond by the trade.

Colored Diamonds contain impurities or structural defects that cause the coloration, while pure or nearly pure Diamonds are transparent and colorless.

Because of the strength of Diamond’s carbon bonding, they rank 10 on the Mohs scale. This means that they are very tough and hard, just like stone should be.

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Since antiquity, it has been known that Diamonds are the hardest stones. Because of this, the hardest Diamonds can only be scratched by other Diamonds.

Additionally, because of the hardness of the Diamond, not a lot of care or maintenance is required to keep it looking like brand new.

It keeps a polish for a very long time and is therefore suitable for everyday wear. Other chemicals cannot affect Diamonds because they are the most durable and inert material.

In their most natural form, Diamonds are clear. However, because of the impurities of light elements, Diamonds are also available in different colors, such as brown, red, green, orange, yellow, black, pink, and blue.

The brilliance of a Diamonds comes from a combination of reflection, dispersion, and refraction.

A ray of light first passes through a Diamond and is then bent or refracted. This bent ray is then reflected through a facet at the bottom and then through the top.

When refraction occurs, each ray is bent at a slightly different angle, which is referred to as dispersion. Of all the gems, Diamonds have the highest index of refraction.

The most popular cut of Diamond is called a brilliant cut. It’s a cut where numerous facets are placed so the most rays of light will reflect through them.

This cut is determined by mathematical and empirical analysis. A brilliant cut does not refer to the shape of the actual stone, but the proportion and symmetry of the Diamond.

Approximately 50% of the world’s production of Diamonds comes from Southern and Central Africa, with Diamond deposits in Australia, Brazil, Russia, India, and Canada.

Sadly, there are quite a few scam artists around the world. Many people, unfortunately, pay huge sums of money for jewelry, only to find out later that they have been ripped off.

When dealing with this most precious gemstone, always make sure your Diamond is genuine. There are so many imitations on the market, so don’t get a fake one unknowingly.

There is a simple way to test if your Diamond is a real one, though, and it’s called a Diamond tester.

If you own any Diamonds or are planning to purchase one or more, you truly should consider getting tester equipment.

Some of the more advanced or hi-tech testers will also be able to test other gemstones, including silver and gold. It’s just a small device and does not cost much. It’s also very easy to use.

You just need to make sure your gem is cool before starting the test. Simply place your Diamond under cold running water and then dry it off. Make sure you don’t lose your gemstone down the drain.

My Final Thoughts On The April Birthstone

Diamonds have endless amounts of energy and are known to boost the energy levels of anyone who wears them. Although that applies to both positive and negative energies.

This stone has the ability to block, cleanse, and detoxify a person from the stress that comes from cellphone radiation. It can also stabilize metabolic rates.

On a physical level, it’s known to benefit the brain and the eyes.

Not surprisingly, the Diamond is a symbol of everlasting love. It was once thought to give courage and confidence.

It’s also a symbol of purity, innocence, and eternity. Its beauty and brilliance are unparalleled. It’s a testament that there is beauty in simplicity!

The Diamond also works as an energy amplifier. It is a stone that is thought to never require recharging.

It will bring power, endurance, and strength to all the energies that surround you and will also enhance the power of other crystals.

On a spiritual level, the Diamond has the ability to create and attract positive energies. It interacts with the positive energies of other stones to enhance your quality of life.

The forever stone is the most precious gemstone in the world today. Depending on its cut, color, clarity, and carat, Diamonds can cost from a few thousand to a million dollars!

April born individuals are blessed to have a birthstone that is the most precious gemstone resource. This signifies that you are also blessed with a healthy and prosperous life by its protective and sterling attributes.

Today, Diamonds are available in several different colors – blue, green, pink, and yellow. Their colors range from faint to vivid.

The most expensive and valuable Diamonds are those that have a brilliant intensity and are colorful and bright.

Because of the huge demand for fancy-colored Diamonds, they are color-treated in workshops for better color and clarity.

As the April birthstone, the Diamond is recognized as the King of all Birthstones. It is the most precious stone in the world and makes the perfect gift for someone very special, especially if they are born in the month of April!

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