Capricorn Birthstone

The Capricorn Birthstone – The Complete Guide

There are many published charts relating your birth month with your birthstone.

Since the ancient times, astrologers have been taking note of the positive effects that certain crystals and stones had when worn or used by people born under a certain zodiac sign.

The most powerful matches between gemstones and zodiac sign became established in astrological lore.

Know which Capricorn birthstone is the best for you so that you can start benefiting from its healing attributes!

What Is The Birthstone For Capricorn?

For people born under the sign of Capricorn, the Capricorn birthstone helps you gain peace and wisdom.

It facilitates them to reach higher ambitions and have a better appreciation for the incredible things in life.

It tones up their sense of responsibility and helps them realize that there are problems.

Malachite is another Capricorn birthstone that helps one become aware of their heavy unmindful desires, fantasies, and impressions.

It offers more room for emotions so that personal overall satisfaction will be greater.

The deep green color of Tourmaline helps Capricorns achieve prosperity and fame. This birthstone works to make sure that you are rewarded for hard work and contribution.

It assists in normalizing Capricorn’s natural ego and arrogance. It also works as a great healing stone.

Agate is another Capricorn birthstone that helps Capricorn people feel comfortable and safe. It also has the ability to boost one’s talents and let down one’s guards when necessary.

Once again, the Capricorn birthstone color seen here is a rich natural green in this crystal.

While in the zodiac overall, Capricorn is often associated with dark gray or black as its lucky colors, green speaks of the natural world and of the earth.

This makes it a superb color for Capricorn, who is an Earth element star sign. Those born under one of the three Earth signs of astrology tend to be intelligent, rational, patient and practical – all very Capricorn traits.

And of course, green is a color associated with money, of which Capricorn is admittedly rather fond!

There are other stones that show off this beautiful color as much as representing Capricorn, though.

Moss Agate promises happiness in love for Capricorn birthstone personalities. It improves all communications and gives a deeper connection with nature.

Clear Quartz assists Capricorn people achieve clarity and purity. It encourages them to go further than the confines of their prospects and release the grip of responsibilities to take pleasure from a greater life.

Diamond is gemstone for the density of Capricorn. It helps them carry out their aspirations unhampered.

It frees them up to worlds of art, music, and beauty since it allows them to exceed the day to day worries and enjoy the world around them.

Capricorn people will discover that this birthstone boosts steadfastness and certainty.

At the same time, it encourages them to look beyond their needs and look for a deeper meaning to expand their world. Life is more than just worries and responsibilities after all.

It makes a superb Capricorn birthstone not just for its associations with wealth and prestige, which Capricorn people tend to always aspire to and accomplish over time.

It also is the hardest known material in the world, and in that way speaks volumes on the unstoppable nature of Capricorn people.

They are unstoppable not for charging in headlong though, so don’t let their symbolic animal of the goat fool you. Instead, they take their time in measured steps, assuredly making progress bit by bit.

Just as a diamond has had to endure unthinkable pressure to create its beauty when discovered beneath the earth, so too do Capricorn happily shoulder intense burdens, knowing the final prize is worth it.

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Obsidian supports Capricorns in achieving their dreams. It protects them from undesirable influences and vibrations that suck all their energies.

And of course, this Capricorn stone is black – making it a perfect match both for the lucky color for Capricorn, and the deeper aspects of the personality of that star sign.

Obsidian is considered a stone of protection, and it means that those Capricorns who sometimes ruminate and worry too much rather than trusting in their own talents to win the day can be shielded from negative and depressing influences from the outside world.

Capricorn also has a way of thinking dark, naughty thoughts that might even make a Scorpio blush!

It’s here that Obsidian can represent their hidden nature well, but also steer those darker energies so they are never used for harm.

What Are The Key Traits of The Capricorn Birthstone?

Depicting a goat climbing on a steep rocky mountain may help you form the correct mental image about the inherent properties of people born under the Capricorn zodiac sign.

They are persistent and patient in their endeavors. They can survive many hardships and overcome major obstacles. They have great resilience and courageous energy.

Capricorn gives importance to family, friends, children, and life in this world. They also have a strong desire for gaining knowledge, for improving oneself, and advancing in their careers.

All Capricorn birthstone personalities are great workers, capable of working long hours if that what’s needed to further their career and achieve their professional goals.

The work ethics of Capricorns is so great that they often have no time to be negative or violent.

Capricorn birthstone personalities are focused on making money, not just for the sake of having it, but also to enhance their position of power and their social status.

However, when it comes to things of personal interest, they generally have problems in making economically sane and rational decisions.

The typical Capricorn birthstone personality takes life seriously, with strong inclinations toward keeping the tradition and customs of the past.

They have a strong and energetic disposition. Under normal circumstances, they manage to keep their temper under control.

The negative aspects of Pisces people include being too distrustful, being too greedy for wealth, desiring what other people have, and fearing failure.

To achieve balance, Capricorn people should pay attention to their family and personal life, in contrast to working too much.

They should also devote a part of their life to acquiring non-material values, doing spiritual work, and practicing meditation.

If you need someone that can show prudence and accurate discernment, Capricorn birthstone personalities will be great for the job.

They are more often than not workaholics, capable of sacrificing a lot of their personal life for the sake of their career.

They’re rather slow when it comes to matters of the heart. But once they find the perfect person for them, they can form strong and enduring relationships.

On the other hand, they are prone to idealizing the very notion of what love is and can be disappointed when their anticipations are not met. They take their time when it comes to marriage.

Capricorn people have a practical mind that allows them to tackle and solve complex problems that leave others completely stumped.

They have a talent for finding real-world solutions that actually work, even when they have little help and few resources at their disposal.

Capricorn people are convinced that nothing good ever comes easily. It’s discipline and patience that will help them to stick things out.

When others get bored and start to slack off, Capricorn people will keep pushing forward until they reach success.

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They have incredible instincts about people, and their ability to read a person’s thoughts can be almost unreal sometimes.

They’re able to instinctively pick up on a person’s true motivations and intentions within moments of meeting them. More often than not, they turn out to be right on the money.

Capricorn people are calm and levelheaded.

But if you really push their buttons, they can become extremely vicious with their words.

They don’t need to resort to being physically violent to teach someone a lesson. All they need is their extensive vocabulary.

Not a lot of people can match Capricorn’s determination. They are always working to have a better and more prosperous life.

They don’t like to just sit around and talk about their dreams. They go out and make them happen!

There aren’t many people in the world that are quite as reliable and dependable as Capricorns. When they say that they are going to do something, you can bet that they will do it.

They often do well in the business world due to their determination to make good on every deal. Capricorn people are born skeptics who are notoriously hard to fool.

They prefer facts over hearsay. If you’re trying to convince them of something that sounds totally crazy, you should have actual evidence to back it up. They have no interest in rumors and care only about the truth.

Capricorn people are incredibly efficient and organized. They have no time to sit around waiting all day just because you can’t get your act together.

They have got places to go and people to see, so it’s perfectly understandable when people just waste their time.

They are not the kind of people to just let an act of betrayal go unpunished. When someone abuses their trust in a serious way, they may remove them from their life and never look back.

Sometimes Capricorn people can be called fussy or picky, but it’s simply a matter of having high standards.

Whether it’s their career, love life, or pretty much anything else, they will settle for nothing but the very best.

Never underestimate the intelligence of Capricorn birthstone personalities. They’re extremely switched on and always thinking several steps ahead of their competition.

They can be calculated when making major life decisions. They weigh everything so that they will not regret doing something later on.

Capricorn people are constantly finding themselves dispensing advice to friends and loved ones, and they’re good at doing it, too.

Their practical nature helps them assess a situation objectively and give out practical advice about what should and shouldn’t be done.

Sometimes Capricorn people can receive a lot of flack for being an obsessive control freak. But the truth is there’s a whole lot more to this sign than meets the eye.

Capricorns look younger as they get older. They are very attractive and neat, and once they get over their shyness, they are quite aggressive.

They can keep a secret, and they are really great in times of crisis. Sometimes, they can be a little bit impulsive. But because of their strong intuition, they usually make the wisest decisions.

They’re creative, sensitive, and patient. On a bad day, they can be jealous, selfish, and moody. They are very close to their family and are usually the last ones to leave home.

Capricorn birthstone personalities are patient, realistic, and responsible. They take life seriously.

They need security, but they may find this difficult to achieve. Many live on a treadmill of work, simply paying the bills and feeding the kids.

They will never shun family responsibilities, even caring for distant relatives if this becomes necessary. However, they can play the martyr while doing so.

These people hate coarseness. They are easily embarrassed, and they hate to annoy anyone.

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Capricorn people believe fervently in keeping the peace in their families. This does not mean that they cannot stand up for themselves.

They know how to get their own way and won’t be bullied. They are used to being charming to get around nasty people.

Capricorn birthstone personalities s are ambitious, hardworking, and patient, and they will work their way steadily towards the top in any organization.

If they run their own businesses, they need a partner with more pizzazz to deal with sales and marketing for them while they keep an eye on the books.

Their nitpicking habits can infuriate others, and some have a tendency to know best and not to listen. These people work at their hobbies with the same kind of dedication that they put into everything else.

They are faithful and reliable in relationships, and it takes a great deal to make them stray. If a relationship breaks up, they take a long time to get over it.

They may marry very early or delay it until middle age when they are less shy. As an earth sign, Capricorn people need to be in a relationship where they can relax and gain confidence.

Their best attribute is their genuine kindness and their one of a kind sense of humor.

The Color of The Capricorn Birthstone And Its Meaning

Earthy grey and brown help Capricorn birthstone personalities find the strongest and most practical path to take in life.

These colors enhance Capricorn birthstones’ traditionalism, reliability, and stability.

A combination of extremes, the color grey strengthens Capricorn’s conservative nature and their no-nonsense approach to life.

Brown represents stability and greatly benefits Capricorn’s steadfast determination as they strive to reach their goals.

Capricorn Birthstone Necklaces, Rings, And Jewelry

The best way to pick your birthstone is to study at all the Capricorn birthstones and know more about their properties.

This will help you decide which Capricorn birthstones to use. Look at the stones that you already have in your current collection first so that you don’t end up having too many of one kind.

Capricorn birthstone jewelry is easy to buy. It’s important to have these birthstones near your aura during the day to help you harness the vibrations of your birthstone.

It is useful to have many birthstones to choose from because many of them have the capability to assist a variety of different issues.

Some birthstones will help you develop psychic gifts, improve your relationships, or even help with contacting your spirit guide.

For those who are the mountain goat type of Capricorn, adventurous and brave, consider a bronze leather bracelet.

If your Capricorn is more of a homebody, consider an infinity love bracelet or a velvet choker!

There are also zodiac rings with matching earrings in the shape of the zodiac sign of Capricorn.

My Final Thoughts on The Capricorn Birthstone

Capricorn people are hardworking, patient, and stable support systems for friends and family.

Every Capricorn birthstone is powerful in different ways. It’s best to align it with your personal energy to discover which stone resonates with you the most.

Notwithstanding the fact that all these stones are suitable for anyone of this zodiac sign, it’s not impossible to discover that one birthstone is more appealing than the rest.

As you uncover the individual meaning of the Capricorn birthstones, allow your intuition to guide you.

Your prudent and practical Capricorn nature will help you understand their meanings and attributes.

It is great to know that by simply wearing your favorite Capricorn birthstone, you are also able to heal a specific problem in your life.

Use your true nature to be healed of whatever problems you have, or to develop new abilities through the use of a specific Capricorn birthstone!

Capricorn Birthstone

Written by Diana Houston

Crystal expert and author of 'A Beginner's Guide to Healing Crystals: Getting Started With Crystal Healing – A Complete Guide'

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