Is It Okay To Combine Stones?

At least once a week I am asked what stones should not be combined in jewelry or energy work or for energy in general. I have never found a combination of stones that effectively never should be used or worn together. There are combinations of stones may work better or worse for certain things, or for certain people.

Is it okay to combine different crystals for healing, metaphysical work or spells? Find out.
Is it okay to combine different crystals for healing, metaphysical work or spells? Find out.

In some astrology systems, crystals are considered to be suitable and unsuitable for use together. I have not found this to be the case, nor have many others, but it is a valid system nonetheless. There is no one right way for every given situation; we  have to use our discretion and connection to the Divine to determine which is the best case for the highest good at the time.. 

Combinations of Stones

Different combinations will work better or worse for certain purposes. Combinations can be fairly straightforward, as when using multiple root chakra stones together, which tends to work well. Combinations can also be unusual but also effective.. For instance, a stone like Iolite (shamanic journeys, etc.) paired with Garnet (stability, grounding) might seem an odd pair to use for out of body travel. However, the garnet can ground the silver cord more firmly to make out of body travel safer. Of course, the two types of stones might not make as much sense if you had 20 one inch Garnets and 1 one inch Iolite of the same quality and energy, it might be difficult to release enough to do out of body travel. It depends on the stones and what work you want to do together with them.

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Combinations of Stones for Some Individuals

People who have significantly unbalanced chakras or are extremely sensitive to crystal energy may find that a combination of three or more types of crystals together feels static-y, overwhelming, or even unpleasant. Occasionally even two types of stones is a problem. I know two people who can’t comfortably handle even one stone in contact with their bodies. Most people, however, do not have this happen. So it depends on the person. Experimentation, intuitive work, or prayer can help determine if there are stones that might not work well for an individual.

There is no definitive list of combinations of stones that should not be used together because there are many factors involved. The purpose, stones, quantity, and person using them all make a difference. 

Further reading on crystal combinations and conflicts can be found in this excellent crystal article by Peggy Jentoft.

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