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The Third Eye Chakra: Meanings, Properties and Powers

The Third Eye Chakra: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Third Eye Chakra Meaning

The third eye chakra pertains to the concept of ‘seeing’, especially in a psychic and spiritual sense.

Having a strong third eye chakra allows you to use your enhanced inner guidance that comes from more powerful intuitive abilities.

The third eye chakra is associated with heightened spiritual growth, positive attitudes, and a more generous and humanitarian attitude towards life.

This chakra has a very strong relationship with the pineal gland, which is found behind the third chakra. During ancient times, it was believed tobe where ‘The Sight’ could be found.

Ancient seers knew this, and as their abilities flowed, they also they felt a ‘tingling’ sensation in this area.

Today’s clairvoyants know of this fact, and it’s one of the many ways that you will feel the growth of your psychic powers.

The third eye chakra rules the gift of psychic hearing or clairaudience since this area resonates with the ears and with the sense of hearing.

This chakra focuses on developing your intuition, in strengthening your psychic knowing, and in enhancing your clairvoyance and clairaudience.

The third eye chakra will work on building your inner knowledge, inspiration, and your true purpose.

Third Eye Chakra Color

Indigo, which is also known as Royal Blue, is the color of the third eye chakra. It symbolizes deep inner knowing and wisdom.

This color unlocks the door to the Divine, and it is the color that we relate to night. It is at night that senses become smoother and more refined, and it is at night that a different part of ourselves is awakened.

Indigo color chakra provides clarity to your senses, which includes your feeling, hearing, and seeing. Your sixth sense is what is known as the third eye.

Indigo acts as a bridge between heaven and earth, between the left and right hemispheres, and between life and death.

This color supports you in making a transition towards life or death.

Indigo color chakra is a color of deep change. It lets you transform lower chakra energies into higher spiritual vibrations.

You must be careful, though, because you can become disconnected or ungrounded with the life that you have and with the people you care about.

As you open the petals of your third eye chakra, you can also begin to see and understand the patterns.

You can see which places you have been, which places you have been stuck, and where you plan on going.

You begin to experience those lightbulb moments where something suddenly just makes sense. You start to experience moments of clarity and insight.

You start to recognize the patterns, and you are able to relate everything to the bigger picture. You begin to understand what it all means and how they play out in your life.

Illusions are broken, and dreams are integrated into your life. You start to experience the feeling of wholeness. You begin to enjoy a sense of tranquility and inner knowing.

With the influence of the indigo color chakra, you also begin to realize that you can consciously create your life. All it takes for your vision for the future to come true is to employ a creative act of will.

On a physical level, indigo color chakra is associated with the brain, forehead, brow, eye, nose, the pineal gland, the pituitary gland, and the carotid nerve plexus.

People with a strong indigo chakra energy have a bright spark in their eyes. Their eyes sparkle, and you can sense a profound wisdom when you look into their eyes.

It’s a calm but powerful energy that changes, shifts, and transforms. When there’s a good flow of indigo color chakra in your body, you enjoy excellent vision and strong metabolism.

There’s strength in your upper body, and there’s also good oral health. The neck is flexible and the thyroid gland is healthy as well.

Challenges that the indigo color chakra can face include headaches, vision problems, sinus infections, nasal congestion, allergies, and night blindness.

On a mental level, the color indigo carries the energy of symbolic thinking. Indigo third eye color chakra connects the symbolic with the material, as well as the inner with the outer.

Indigo color chakra symbolizes the path of “effortless action”. Whenever you are in action, you do not impose your own will or ego on the situation.

Action simply flows through you, and you achieve things very easily. You are imaginative and able to visualize what you want. You can also vividly remember your dreams.

You have a good memory, and you are able to think symbolically. You are imaginative, and you demonstrate endurance and excellent mental strength.

But when there’s something blocking this color chakra, you suffer from poor memory. You also have difficulty in thinking abstractly or in using symbolic thinking.

You feel stuck in one truth or reality, and you lack imagination. You can also be insensitive and demonstrate sociopathic behavior.

When there’s something disrupting the flow of indigo chakra color, you also show poor decision-making.

On an emotional level, indigo chakra color is responsible for your emotional depth. It helps you be at peace with yourself, and it helps you see reality very clearly.

Indigo brings peace and tranquility in the third eye chakra, as well as in the other chakras in the body.

The gift of indigo chakra color is that you become at peace with yourself and with how your life is unfolding.

You understand that nothing needs to be changed in your life, that all is well, and that everything is part of the Divine plan.

The only challenge is that when the energy becomes excessive or blocked, it manifests as depression, loneliness, deep sadness, or hallucinations and delusions.

However, when everything is going right with this chakra color, you become more intuitive, perceptive, and sensitive.

You are able to connect images with feelings, and you are comfortable with various psychic experiences.

Indigo color chakra also makes you peaceful and emotionally balanced.

On the downside, however, this color chakra can cause hallucinations, nightmares, and delusions when it’s not in harmony. You can also experience flashes of anxiety that provoke visions.

You will be in a state of denial, and there will be some unhealthy obsessions as well. You will also become noticeably aloof, arrogant, or superior.

The spiritual aspect of indigo color chakra urges you to rise above polarity and strengthen witness consciousness.

At this spiritual level, you also start to perceive the Divine workings and become one with them.

You acquire deep wisdom and profound sight. You also learn to appreciate and understand your mystical experiences.

You enhance your inner vision and your clairvoyance, and you also strengthen your spiritual will. You enhance your ability to transcend polarity and unite your states of consciousness.

But there are things that can also affect the natural flow of indigo chakra energy to the third eye. When this happens, you cannot discover deeper truth, and you cannot form a strong connection.

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You are unable to have a point of the view of the witness. You also become dualistic and unable to see the value of your intuition, mystical vision, and psychic experience.

You are also quite often spaced out.

Third eye chakra color indigo connects you to your intuition, as well as to the deeper parts of yourself. It links you to your instincts, your gut feelings, or your sixth sense.

Third Eye Chakra Symbol

Third Eye Chakra Symbol

The third eye chakra’s symbol is profound and meaningful in its simplicity.

The third eye chakra’s symbol is the Om, which is placed over an inverted triangle.

The triangle is seated within a circle between two lotus petals. When taken individually, the meaning of these elements represent wisdom.

The third eye chakra is associated with the element of Akasha and dominated by the Om.

It’s usually included in prayer, meditation, and even yoga practice. It’s a mantra of focus, grounding, and recognition of the Divine.

The third eye chakra symbol has two elements that are usually associated with wisdom: the lotus flower and the upsidedown triangle.

The third eye chakra symbol’s upside down triangle represents the channeling of knowledge to the seed from which wisdom grows.

If you look at the triangle from the opposite direction, the sides that widen indicate the growth of your wisdom which leads to illumination and enlightenment.

The lotus flower is a universal symbol that means knowledge. The lotus flower symbolizes eternity, fertility, beauty, and prosperity.They represent loyalty, mystery, faith, and wisdom.

Third Eye Chakra Location

The location of the third eye chakra is right between the brows, just a little above the bridge of the nose.

Contrary to popular belief, the third eye is not in the middle of the forehead, but between the eyes where the brows meet.

The third eye chakra resonates with the pineal gland that is in charge of controlling biorhythms, which includes wake and sleep time.

It’s a gland which is a center of attention because of its connection with “mystical” states of consciousness.

It’s located close to the optic nerves, which makes it sensitive to changes in lighting and visual stimulations.

Traits and Characteristics of the Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra is associated with vision and intuition. It’s responsible for the perception of movements of energy and subtle dimensions.

The third eye chakra is also associated with psychic abilities, specifically clairaudience and clairvoyance. It allows you access to mystical states, as well as illumination.

This chakra has a strong connection to your insight and wisdom. It motivates your creativity and inspiration.

The third eye chakra is a tool that will help you perceive the more subtle attributes of reality. It goes beyond the physical senses and into the realm of subtle energies.

Awakening or activating your third eye chakra allows you to open up to a more sensitive intuition and inner perception.

Because it connects you to a different way of seeing and understanding, the third eye chakra’s images are usually difficult to describe.

This chakra puts you in touch with the intangible and the ineffable. Visions from the third eye are also more subtle than your normal visions.

They may appear cloudy, blurry, ghost-like, or dream-like. But oftentimes, they are clear like a movie playing right before your eyes.

Maintaining your awareness of your third eye chakra requires focus and an ability to relax into a new way of seeing.

When you focus your mind and your consciousness, you can see beyond the illusions and the distractions that are in front of you.

You can have more insight to create and live a life that is more deeply aligned with your highest good.

The third eye chakra is associated with the realm of spirits and with the archetypal dimensions. It transcends time and allows you to see both the inner and outer worlds.

The energy of the third eye chakra allows you to experience clear thought, as well as gifts of self-reflection and spiritual contemplation.

Through the gift of seeing, you can internalize the external world. With symbolic language, you can externalize the inner world.

The energy of this chakra lets you access your inner guidance which comes from the depths of your being.

It lets you cut through illusion. It allows you access to deeper truths that let you see beyond the words and beyond the mind.

When you work with the third eye chakra, it signifies that you need to see everything from the point of view of a witness or an observer. It means that you need to be mindful with each moment.

Working with the third eye chakra encourages you to examine your self-limiting ideas and develop the wisdom that comes from a knowledge that goes beyond dualities.

It urges you to see and help others discover the deeper meaning of the situations in your life.

The third eye chakra is holistic in nature. When this chakra is fully open, the hemispheres of the brain also function in synchronicity.

The right hemisphere’s gift of creative thinking is integrated with the left hemisphere’s analytical and logical thinking.

The third eye chakra is a seat of wisdom and a seat of conscience. Not only will you see what’s going on in your world, you will also understand what it means.

This is the place where your ethics and sense of justice originates. When your third eye chakra is open, you don’t only see but understand as well.

What Causes a Third Eye Chakra Imbalance?

Chakras can become blocked or unbalanced because of so many factors. They can be disrupted when you experience an emotional disturbance or when you become deeply upset.

Fear, stress, and anxiety are also common causes of chakra imbalance.

When these blockages build up, it results in a disruption in the energy flow through the chakras.

Third eye chakra stones are often sought out by those people looking to sidestep these imbalances, although it’s also worth noting that improper use of them can exacerbate these imbalances too.

Focusing on these crystals and on the development of your third eye to excess, for instance, can make even the best intentions a little risky at times.

However, these same stones can also be used to, for instance, heal from the kind of emotional hurt we are describing here, meaning they can bring your chakras back into balance over the longer term.

Overactive Third Eye Chakra

An overactive third eye chakra can be very disorienting and cause a lot of psychic and psychological distress.

When this chakra is on overdrive, you will feel like you are getting lost in an endless stream of nonsensical information and vision.

Having an overactive third eye can sweep you off your feet if you are not grounded well enough.

A common sign of overactivity in the third eye chakra is indulging too much in the fantasy world and losing touch with reality.

Another manifestation is becoming overly concerned or afraid of fantasy visions passing before your mind’s eye.

When the third eye chakra is healthy, you are able to see everything in your life more clearly. You function well, and you make decisions with a sense of neutrality.

You are concerned but not attached to just one outcome. You are highly focused, and you can make the distinction between dreams and reality.

When the third eye is on overdrive, the continuous flow of thoughts can be mentally draining. You will feel intimidated by the need to make decisions that would normally be quite easy.

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This indecisiveness is influenced by a lack of focus, clouded judgment, and an inability to determine what is real. These are all signs that your chakra needs to regain its balance.

Some physical manifestations of an overactive third eye are headaches, seizures, vision problems, insomnia, nausea, and sinus issues.

There may be hallucinations, anxiety, paranoia, delusions, and feelings of being overwhelmed. You may also become judgmental and suffer from a mental fog.

If you feel like the visions are too much to handle sometimes, you can always ask them to slow down and humbly say that you need more time to receive and process all of them.

If you feel like the energies that you receive are going out of control, anchor yourself to your body and root yourself to the earth.

5 of the Most Common Blocked Third Eye Chakra Symptoms

  • When the third eye chakra becomes blocked, it can manifest as a feeling of being stuck in your daily grind without being able to look beyond the problematic situation.
  • When you have an overactive third eye chakra and don’t receive support from the other chakras, it may manifest as fantasies that seem much more real than reality.
  • It can also manifest as not being able to create a vision for yourself or not being able to realize this vision.
  • It can manifest as a rejection of everything spiritual.
  • You also lack clarity, and you are not able to see the bigger picture.

Third Eye Chakra Healing in 8 Steps

More than just the third eye chakra being overactive or underactive, issues may arise from a lack or absence of overall balance in your chakra energy system.

1) You can use the other chakras and their attributes to bring back the balance and heal the affected third eye chakra.

For instance, the sacral chakra can help with filtering your intuitive hits and ground them in your physical and emotional field.

The heart chakra can also bring a more compassionate and balanced perspective to navigate something that might be threatening.

When you work on strengthening the energy of the third eye chakra, it is important that you remain rooted so that you can allow the qualities of the chakra to develop more fully.

When you are not properly grounded, your visions might sweep you away!

To bring back the balance of the third eye chakra, it’s important that you use subtle but positive lifestyle changes.

2) Start introducing healthy foods in your diet, and get regular exercise.

3) Energy healing such as sound therapy, crystals, aromatherapy, acupuncture, acupressure, and Reiki can also help in bringing back the balance to your chakras.

These are practices that have high vibrations and suitable to balance the third eye chakra. Just make sure that you focus on the intention of balancing and soothing this chakra.

If the chakra imbalance has become too great, visiting a good and trusted energy healer is definitely something to consider.

4) If you are a yoga practitioner, there are certain asanas that can help in third eye chakra balancing and healing. This includes forward bends, shoulder stands, and child’s pose.

5) You can also use essential oils for the third eye chakra. Consider using sandalwood, clary sage, rosemary, juniper, frankincense, and marjoram.

6) You can also use healing stones that have the same vibrational frequency or chakra color as the third eye chakra to remove the negativity and bring back the proper flow.

Stones and crystals like Quartz, Moonstone, Purple Fluorite, Amethyst, and Lapis Lazuli can play an important role in bringing back the balance in this chakra.

7) Diet also plays a vital role in your chakra health. If you want to heal or maintain a healthy third eye chakra, think indigo. Eat more indigo colored foods, such as kale, cabbage, purple peppers, plums, and eggplants.

8) Release the competition.

Your intuitive mind is not competitive. People who have a powerful intuitive nature do not thrive in a very competitive environment.

Take a few moments to review your current situation to check if there are competitive vibes at work, in your relationship, in your family, with your friends, or in your activities that don’t support your inner well-being.

Let go of the competitive energy that drains and exhausts you.

Allow yourself to remain open to healing energy instead of closing yourself off because of competitive energies you don’t even enjoy.

Third Eye Chakra Stones

Wherever you look on Earth, there are third eye crystals that have been discovered to help with healing, maintaining and balancing this all-important chakra.

Because the third eye chakra means so much to those of us who walk a spiritual path in life, keeping it turning well and in proper alignment is always on our minds.

The color blue or purple is often associated with this chakra, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that the crystals that correlate to it need to match that. In fact, some of the recommendations you find here or elsewhere could surprise you!

Keep an open mind as you go through some of these recommendations – we will discuss in turn how each of the recommended stones helps this chakra so much.

Indigo Kyanite radiates energies that stimulate the pineal gland and activates dormant psychic abilities.

It’s a high vibration crystal but has a subtler energy that can bring not only the third eye chakra into alignment but all of the chakras.

It will assist in the energy flow throughout the body. It will also bridge any energy gap that might have been caused by an accident or surgery that you may have had.

The most common is Blue Kyanite, but the most effective to the third eye chakra is Indigo Kyanite.

After you use Kyanite, you can then use other chakra stones for the third eye.

The third eye chakra is the chakra that will develop your psychic gifts. If this is what you want to achieve, you should use more powerful and high energy third eye chakra stones.

You can use Moldavite or Herkimer Diamonds. Other great choices include Phenacite, Natrolite, Scolecite, Petalite, Satyaloka Quartz, Tanzanite, and Danburite.

When you use these stones often, you will find new abilities that will begin to manifest, and you will clearly know to go forward.

If you’re not used to higher vibrations, using third eye chakra stones of medium energy will help you move to stones of higher vibrations.

You can use Shungite, Quartz, Lapis Lazuli, Fluorite, or Amethyst for this purpose.

Fluorite will cleanse your energy and bring more positive energies in, while Shungite will neutralize the energies released during chakra healing. It will also address your hidden emotions.

Lapis Lazuli will link you to a higher truth, and Amethyst will enhance your intuition.

Quartz Crystals will bring clarity to situations and move your energy upward.

Place these third eye chakra stones on your forehead and on the space surrounding your head.

If you’re alone and don’t have anyone with you to help make this formation, you can put the stones in formation next to you and then just transfer and lay on them after.

When you have finished with the grid, close your eyes, breathe deeply, and enter a meditative state.

Once you feel you have achieved a better understanding of why the energies in your third eye chakra are locked, remove the third eye chakra stones and write down all the things that you have learned or experienced from the meditation.

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Repeat this exercise every day, ideally for the next21 days. The key is consistency and commitment.

It’s a good idea to wear jewelry made from third eye chakra stones because they will improve everything that this energy center governs.

Amethyst earrings are very easy to find and purchase. Earrings made from any stone of the third eye chakra are very beneficial to wear because wearing them on your ears puts them within your chakra’s energy.

Purple Charoite is a powerful stone for the third eye chakra, as well as the other chakras.

It’s beautiful when made into jewelry, specifically a necklace pendant.

Because the chakra colors for the third eye chakra are very lovely and pleasant, chakra stone jewelry pieces are very easy and elegant fashion items to wear!

They can be purchased quite easily, and they can be very beneficial to the body because they can assist you in chakra healing and balance.

Using indigo third eye chakra stones such as Amethyst will enhance your abilities associated with this area as well as your third eye chakra health.

Atacamite is a powerful third eye chakra stone that can forcefully unlock and activate the third eye. It can also enhance your ability to connect to your highest intuitive guidance.

Meditating with Atacamite will carry through some very powerful images.This stone should only be used when you’re fully aware of its nature.

When you use this third eye chakra stone, clear insight, dreams, and imagination will emerge from this chakra. You will also enhance your psychic clairvoyant abilities.

Once you begin to have and harness your genuine psychic abilities, you may even start to consider psychic employment.

There are many areas where you can work as a professional psychic, including jobs working as spiritual mediums and clairvoyants, after all.

How to Tell if Third Eye Chakra Stone is Real?

Third eye chakra stones are used for healing and spiritual purposes because each one has amazing properties that help the people that use or carry them.

If a particular third eye chakra stone works for you, it should not really matter whether it’s real or fake because what’s important is the healing! Keep doing what makes you feel good and happy.

Many people love surrounding themselves and their homes with third eye chakra stones, so it’s good if you find the same and more affordable alternatives.

But if you’re willing to spend money on genuine third eye chakra stones as gifts or for personal use, you should definitely be aware of expensive fake stones that are being sold as real third eye chakra stones!

It can be very disappointing to spend good money on a gorgeous third eye chakra stone only to find out that it’s just an imitation stone.

You need to know some of the giveaways of a fake or imitation stone.

If the stone has a playful or unusual name, it most probably is a fake stone. Most third eye chakra stones have historical and traditional names.

If you’re shopping online for a third eye chakra stone and you notice that the description is quite uncommon, you might want to skip buying it. There’s a big chance that it’s not real.

An actual third eye chakra stone will have its real name and short history listed there, along with its main qualities.

If a third eye chakra stone is too bright and sells for a very affordable price, it’s a big sign that it’s not real.

Many authentic stones and crystals have dents or cracks on them because they occur naturally.

When they are dyed, there will be a noticeable and significant color build-up where they are damaged.

Genuine third eye chakra stones and crystals don’t look saturated in color. If the stone looks too saturated, then the stone is not real.

When the gemstone seller sells a lot of identical stones and crystals, it’s very likely that they are man-made and mass produced.

You can purchase third eye chakra stone and crystals of the same type, but they will not look identical.

If you can barely tell the difference in size, color, and flecks, they are most likely fake.

Third eye chakra stones can be sent to a seller from foreign countries where they are sourced from.

Usually, a seller will be able to answer your questions about where a stone is from and what their metaphysical properties are.

If they have no idea about the third eye chakra stone and refuse to tell you where they bought it from, it’s most likely that they are not selling genuine stones.

Third eye chakra stones are not only beautiful but also help in improving different aspects of your well-being.

If you are going to buy these stones for this purpose, it’s best that you do it with the real thing!

These tips are just a loose guide on how to tell whether you’re buying a genuine third eye chakra stone or not.

Just always remember that when you’re in doubt about buying one, then don’t!

My Final Thoughts on the Third Eye Chakra

The third eye chakra governs your intuitive and intellectual abilities, as well as your potential for spiritual awareness.

Cultivating your third eye chakra can help you have the vision, think more clearly, and develop your imagination.

A healthy third eye chakra can help you accept the big picture. It can expand your consciousness and your influence to other planes.

It can also help you prepare for the next level of your spiritual evolution.

When your third eye chakra is open and unblocked, you can benefit from your intuitive knowledge and empathetic connections.

You will have strong memory skills and the ability to find the beautiful meaning in the events in your life. You will also become more perceptive, imaginative, and openminded.

You will dream powerful dreams, and you will have the mental stamina to fall into easy but deep meditative states.

They have a good imagination and have no problems visualizing things. They are in touch with their inner guidance, and they listen to their deepest wisdom.

People who have a healthy third eye chakra seek to understand and learn the lessons from their life experiences. They are intuitive, wise, and connected with their inner guide.

Their spirit is nurtured, and they listen to the wisdom of their elders. They trust their intuition and are open to happiness and inspiration.

They forgive themselves for their past and learn everything there is for them to learn. They love and accept themselves because they know that all is well in their world!

They are connected with the wisdom of the universe, which is why their lives move very effortlessly.

People who have a good and balanced third eye chakra are at peace because they know they are a source of truth and love!

Third Eye Chakra

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