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Yellow Turquoise: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Yellow Turquoise: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Yellow Turquoise Properties

Yellow Turquoise is actually a Jasper or Serpentine stone with webbings of Hematite.

It earned its name of Turquoise only because it looks like a Turquoise, and not really because it has the same Turquoise properties.

This stone is known as Yellow Turquoise because it occurs in the same mines as Turquoise and has the same matrix patterns.

It’s actually a Serpentine stone with high amounts of Quartz inclusions. The colors range from yellow to green.

Why Would You Use Yellow Turquoise?

Yellow Turquoise will enhance your communication, creativity, and intuition. It will also increase your personal energy and power by infusing you with protective energies.

It will bring positive energies and heighten your sensitivity to your environment and the people around you.

Yellow Turquoise resonates with the Solar Plexus chakra, but it will also align and strengthen the rest of your chakras.

Yellow Turquoise, with its warm and earthy colors, connects the vibrations of the heavens with the energies of the earth.

It will increase the serenity in your life and enhance the protective energies in all aspects.

It will also promote balance and harmony, which makes it a suitable stone when meditating or doing a calm reflection.

Yellow Turquoise will invite more love into your relationships and more honesty in your friendships.

It’s also a wonderful healing stone that will heal different kinds of physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual trauma. It will foster sensitivity, sympathy, and compassion.

It will also encourage you to adopt a more positive way of thinking and feeling.

Yellow Turquoise beads

Yellow Turquoise will fill you with imaginative, creative, and intellectual energies. You will find wisdom in new experiences, most especially the bad ones.

It will fill inspire you to fill your life with joy and happiness, and to live each day with meaning and purpose.

This stone will bring you gentle, relaxed, and beautiful days just when you need it.

It will make you feel inspired and grateful for all the blessings and the people who make your life extraordinary.

Yellow Turquoise will be very helpful in keeping aware of important things in your day-to-day life. Most of the time, the demands of life can lead to forgetfulness.

How Will Yellow Turquoise Help You?

Yellow Turquoise, Healing and Health

Yellow Turquoise can clear the body of impurities and toxins. It can also build up the immune system.

Its healing energies is known to improve digestion and ease problems in the stomach. It can also improve the functions of the kidneys, liver, pancreas, spleen, and gallbladder.

Yellow Turquoise can soothe chronic digestion, fat intolerance, nausea, and bloating.

As a general rule in spiritual healing, yellow and turquoise are colors that symbolize our solar plexus chakra and our third eye or throat chakra.

This means that this crystal can help with sore throats as well as the kinds of stomach maladies already described.

If you often feel yourself afflicted by head colds or flu when the season comes around, this crystal can help to ward it off.

Similarly, it will speed your recovery and help you to gain maximum nutrition and effective energy use from what you eat. So of course, healthy eating gets just that bit easier with this crystal around!

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Yellow Turquoise and Wealth

Yellow Turquoise signifies beginning a new journey which is full of promise and excitement.

Its healing energies will guide you every step of the journey, and it will make sure that you reach your destination.

This stone will also solidify new interests, passions, and hobbies. It will give you many creative ideas that you can turn into profit should you decide to branch out or do something different.

Yellow Turquoise will give you the opportunity to turn your passion into profit.

The supportive energies of Yellow Turquoise will also attract like-minded people who will inspire you to seriously pursue something that you are very passionate about.

It’s a stone that will attract good luck and good fortune in everything you do. It will inspire you to work hard and dream big because you can make anything possible!

Yellow Turquoise will be very beneficial when it comes to new efforts, fresh starts, and new ventures.

The energies of this stone will reward your efforts with abundance, success, recognition, and prosperity.

Yellow Turquoise, Love and Relationships

Yellow Turquoise will open your heart. It will dissolve all the hard and stubborn feelings. It will break down the walls which you have put up around your heart to keep people away.

It will give you emotional healing, even after you have vowed that you will never love again. This stone will promote trust and loyalty, as well as kindness and compassion for yourself and for others.

Yellow Turquoise will strengthen the friendship between two people in love or in a relationship so that even if the relationship does not last, the friendship will.

This stone will also facilitate healing of any mother issues that you may have.

Yellow Turquoise will inspire you to become a better mother and acquire the natural nurturing skills with determination.

In relationships, the energies of Yellow Turquoise can help with cases of unrequited love.

It will give you hope, because a relationship that started out as a platonic one can turn into something romantic.

It will guide you as you try to process what you’re feeling and make the leap from friend to lover.

The energies of Yellow Turquoise will fill you with the courage to say what you truly feel and move the relationship forward.

Yellow Turquoise will also give you new friendships and relationships. Not all of them will be romantic at the onset, but friendships can turn into something more when you work with the energies of this stone.

It will help you see people in a different light, and it will encourage you to explore a different aspect of your relationship to see if there’s any romantic promise.

Yellow Turquoise will help you get rid of your negative attitudes that are creating discord with the people you love and making you less lovable.

It will give you a new and healthier perspective on love and loving, and this will enlighten you on so many levels.

All the things that befuddle you about love will now make sense, and it will bring clarity and stability in your relationships.

This stone is used to ensure that new relationships are off to a good start by making sure that you have good communication.

It will also heighten your awareness of your partner’s needs, even when they don’t say anything, and even when you’re just getting to know one another.

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It will allow you to use your personal energies to be more attuned to your surroundings and the subtle nuances coming from people.

How to Use Yellow Turquoise for the Best Results?

If given by a good and loving friend, Yellow Turquoise will protect you from negative energies, events, and situations. It will also bring you good luck and good fortune.

It’s a symbol of wonderful friendships, and it will bring peace to your home and wherever you go.

Make sure that you have a piece of Yellow Turquoise with you when you want to have clarity of mind to help you with important decision-making.

Keep a piece of it in your pocket or your purse everywhere you go to experience relief from exhaustion, nervousness, panic, or burnout.

Wear it as a pendant to sharpen your memory and boost your concentration skills. It will also protect you from depressive episodes during periods of transition or dull weather.

Place a piece of Yellow Turquoise at home or in the office to have a cheery and happy effect.

Put one on your office desk to help clear your mind and give you the confidence to make tough decisions.

The Best Combination to use with Yellow Turquoise

Yellow Turquoise is a powerful stone, especially when you’re going through changes and transitions.

To keep you grounded and stable, you can use it with Opal, Honey Calcite, Chiastolite, Botswana Agate, or Bloodstone.

If you wish to enhance your communication, you can also combine it with Kunzite, Howlite, Labradorite, Euclase, Quartz, Emerald, Ulexite, Copper, Blue Lace Agate, Amazonite, Blue Topaz, Blue Tigers Eye, Apatite, or Blue Onyx.

Yellow Turquoise will also work well with other stones and crystals that increase intuitive awareness.

Use it with Yellow Calcite, Amazonite, Tanzan Aura, Amethyst, Sodalite, Azurite, Petalite, Chrysolite, Onyx, Hawk’s Eye, Lapis Lazuli, Emerald, Indigo Gabbro, or Euclase.

Your personal power will also be greatly enhanced when you combine Yellow Turquoise with Yellow Jasper, Topaz, Amber, Sunstone, Andalusite, Golden Yellow Spinel, Aragonite, Sphene, Yellow Calcite, Yellow Zincite, or Sphalerite.

You can also use it with Yellow Brown Scapolite, Carnelian, Chrysoberyl, Yellow Sapphire, Rutilated Quartz, Honey Calcite, Golden Tiger Eye, or Citrine.

What Price is Yellow Turquoise?

Delicate pieces of 2-millimeter sized Yellow Turquoise beads are fun and unique. Using these beads to make a bracelet or a necklace will look very lovely and only cost less than $10.

Yellow Turquoise will also look great as heishi beads. You can string them together as a necklace or a bracelet to best display their patterns and colors.

Prices for these Yellow Turquoise heishi beads usually start at $9.

Carved Yellow Turquoise cylinder beads can usually be purchased for $30 while faceted oval beads can be purchased for about $30 to $50.

Yellow Turquoise can be worn as beautiful jewelry or carried around with you as polished tumbled stones.

They are not expensive stones, so you can truly choose which size, cut, and style you want to get.

These stones are known to be very beneficial in improving your communication and strengthening your intuition.

Yellow Turquoise is also used as a protection stone that increases your personal energies at the same time.

It will attract more positive energies and release the negativity from your aura and your environment.

Because Yellow Turquoise is primarily associated with your solar plexus chakra, placing it on this chakra will open, balance, cleanse, and align it.

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Yellow Turquoise can also be used as an amulet, especially for people who like to travel. Wearing or carrying a piece of this stone will protect you and your possessions from loss, theft, and damage.

It is believed to encourage creativity in leadership and in making decisions.

It also facilitates clear communications and helps you overcome the blocks that are preventing you from accomplishing your tasks.

This stone signifies protection, fidelity, devotion, and forgiveness.

When given as a gift, it is believed to bring good fortune to the person who gave it and the person who received it.

On a spiritual level, Yellow Turquoise will provide healing and cleansing to your entire body, including your chakras.

It will also impart wisdom and understanding that will result in your strength and courage.

Yellow Turquoise power will shed light on your understanding of true beauty and encourage you to become a more trusting and compassionate person.

It will also give you the ability to let go of your need to punish the people who have done you wrong in the past.

It will inspire you to embrace forgiveness and kindness, and to have a more compassionate nature.

With the help of Yellow Turquoise, you can also free yourself from your fears and limitations, increasing the level of love and happiness in your life.

You will be more inspired to accept and forgive yourself for your own shortcomings, allowing you to release your needless regrets.

It will teach you to honor yourself and see yourself in the best light.

Yellow Turquoise will provide a better understanding of yourself, including embracing the unpleasant aspects.

It will make you realize that even the bad aspects are parts of your whole being. Refusing to embrace this side of yourself will just leave you feeling unhinged and unbalanced.

Yellow Turquoise may not be as popular as its blue counterpart, but it is rich in healing properties that will benefit your body, heart, mind, and soul!

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Yellow Turquoise
yellow turquoise meaning

Like the energy of a beautiful sunny day, Yellow Turquoise will bring you mental clarity and awareness.

It will cleanse you of all the negative thoughts and emotions so that you will have a clear, bright, and sharp mind.

It will inspire you to be more active and alert.

When you wear or carry a Yellow Turquoise with you, you will be able to have the confidence to express yourself clearly and eloquently.

It will also enhance your decision-making skills and help you achieve what you want most to manifest in your life.

This stone will help you start each day with a grateful heart and an enlightened mind.

Yellow Turquoise will allow you to enjoy a renewed zest for life and love, and you will find a stronger meaning to your purpose!

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