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Psilomelane: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Psilomelane: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Psilomelane Properties

Psilomelane are the barium manganese hydroxides that do not create visible crystals.

They are originally considered a mineral species until they were discredited in 1982 by the International Mineralogical Association.

Psilomelane is an opaque stone with colors that vary from blue black, steel gray, to iron black.

The name Psilomelane is still being used, describing manganese hydroxides like Hollandite and Romanechite, which are not particularly identified and sometimes even mixed together.

Psilomelane also used to be known as the Crown of Silver.

The name Psilomelane is derived from the Greek term ‘psilos’, which means smooth, and ‘melas’, which means black.

Why Would You Use Psilomelane?

Psilomelane is the perfect stone to use in emotional crystal healing because it will help you identify patterns and discover hidden motivations.

This stone will help you become more aware of your emotions and behaviors that are no longer good or beneficial to your life, especially if you pair it with the May Birthstone.

Psilomelane meanings and properties

Psilomelane is an excellent meditation stone.

It’s also a great stone for “gazing”, but you will need to focus and direct this stone’s energies to receive the information that you need.

It will also work as a stone of protection and help you bring what’s best for all to the equation.

Psilomelane will be a very beneficial stone that will support you when you’re feeling down or heartbroken.

It will make you feel stronger and happier, and a little less sad.

When used in crystal healing, Psilomelane will also guard you against negative energies, spirits, and entities.

This stone will encourage you to be more honest and allow the true judgment of yourself.

It will bring out the enthusiastic side of your nature and transmute your negative thoughts and emotions.

This stone possesses a tremendous healing power and irresistible charm that will inspire you to connect with your deeper self.

If you pair it with Wulfenite, Psilomelane will encourage you to be more flexible in your decisions and less rigid with your emotions.

It will also remind you not to be too indulgent to the needs of other people when you’re already experiencing enough stress and worries as it is.

This beautiful silver black stone will encourage you to see the brighter side of life and enjoy it to the fullest!

Psilomelane will help balance your yin and yang energies and give you a helping hand when bad or unexpected things happen in your life.

This stone will also work as a friendship amulet. It will help you make a connection to people you just met, and it will protect your old friendships so that they will become life-long friendships.

Andalusite and Psilomelane will stimulate your intuition and enhance your psychic knowing. It will also boost your creativity and strengthen your imagination.

How Will Psilomelane Help You?

Psilomelane, Healing and Health

Psilomelane can be used to treat many lung conditions, which include pneumonia. Its healing energies can clear the lung walls and promote their healthy functions.

It can help in the treatment of skin inflammations. It can also support carbohydrate conversion and help with insulin regulation.

This stone is also believed to protect the body against infections. It can help in regulating the blood flow and treating deep vein thrombosis.

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Psilomelane is a powerful cleansing stone that can enhance the body’s filtration and elimination of toxins in the organs.

With a restorative quality, Psilomelaneenergies can rebuild the cellular body, as well as the skeletal body. It’s also known to ease pains and discomforts in the body.

Psilomelane and Wealth

Psilomelane is a stone of duality because it will work as a stone of luck and as a talisman for gazing.

It will give you a glimpse of what you can achieve in your life, and it will give you all the good luck that you need to make them a reality.

It’s a stone that will attract good luck and positive vibrations. It will make you more attractive and charming, and it will increase the blessings in your life.

When you use it with Dalmatian Jasper, Psilomelane will help you recognize your negative thoughts, behaviors, and patterns and discover your hidden motivations. It will help you get rid of what’s keeping you from achieving your goals.

It will infuse you with creative ideas and uplifting energies. This stone will also boost your organizational abilities to streamline your work and increase your productivity.

When you are infused with the energies of this stone, you will achieve more. You will get more help in accomplishing your life goals. Particularly your financial goals!

Better still, your finances and your ambitions will feel somehow safer and more secure – especially if you are using black Psilomelane.

Black crystals are very protective, and that is very powerful indeed when it comes to your wealth and your fortune.

When you find success, it’s often surprising just how many people want to befriend and become close to you.

Yet this crystal will help you to discern who is genuine and who is set to take you for a ride. It will also protect you from yourself though, meaning that you aren’t impulsive with your money.

You’ll find yourself much more shrewd in your investments, and self-disciplined enough to build up your nest egg over time.

Psilomelane, Love and Relationships

When you work with the energies of Psilomelane, you will be to change or correct negative habits and behavioral patterns.

It will teach you to become more loving towards your partner, and it will inspire you to be just a little bit kinder.

By allowing yourself to grow and change, you are also getting rid of stagnant or stale energies that are feeding off your relationship.

Psilomelane will inspire you to do a self-reflection on all that has transpired in your life, particularly your relationship. It will inspire you to make sense of the confusion and look forward without fear or trepidation.

The energies of this stone will also keep your personal auric field light and positive so that people will be attracted to your energies.

This will be extremely beneficial if you’re single and looking to find love, or be in a relationship with someone you love.

Psilomelane signifies the wisdom that you have gained in both tumult and tranquility. It will drive away the negative energies that are influencing you to be sad, depressed, insecure, or jealous all the time.

Psilomelane will help you get rid of your feelings of guilt and defeatism.

It will remind you that even if you are in a deeply loving relationship, it’s not always healthy to just follow what you’re told and put other people’s needs first.

Psilomelane will reassure you that your feelings and needs also matter just as much, and you should prioritize what will make you happy.

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A little self-love is sometimes all you need to make things right again!

This stone will help you transform your negative emotions by giving you the courage to accept things as they are and being at peace with them.

You can never change the past, but you can do something about the present so that you will have the best future!

How to Use Psilomelane for the Best Results

Keeping Psilomelane close to your body is the most effective way you can use its energies.

Wearing it as a pendant will keep it close to your throat and heart chakras. Wearing it as an ankle bracelet will keep it near your base chakra.

Carrying it inside your purse or pocket will also keep this stone’s frequencies close to your personal auric field.

This stone can be placed in any part of your home or workplace to enhance the good energies and drive away the bad.

The Best Combination to use with Psilomelane

Psilomelane will help you connect with your powerful spirit guides and nature spirits when you combine it with other stones and crystals that also possess these qualities.

Use your Psilomelane with Green Tourmaline, Moss Agate, Green Apophyllite, Seraphinite, Rainforest Jasper, Fuchsite, Prasiolite, and Muscovite.

Pairing it with Sugilite and Amethyst will increase the power of your psychic gifts, while combining it with Axinite, Goethite, Chiastolite, or Euclase will help you access your Akashic records.

If you wish to enhance your magical gifts, you can also use Psilomelane with other stones that amplify their magical and mystical abilities, like Bowenite, Nuummite, Labradorite, Hypersthene, Chalcopyrite, or Black Onyx.

Psilomelane will also strengthen your intuition, especially when you combine it with stones like Rainbow Moonstone, Wavellite, Mookaite Jasper, Chalcopyrite, Clear Quartz Crystal, or Vivianite.

You can also use Psilomelane in combination with Goethite, Blue Apatite, Chiastolite, Cavansite, Black Andradite, Creedite, Garnet, Shaman Stones, or Heulandite.

If you wish to use Psilomelane for shamanic journeying and psychic protection, you can also combine it with Obsidian Stone, Amethyst, Black Tourmaline, and Sugilite.

Psilomelane and Emotional Healing

Psilomelane is a perfect meditation stone because it will make emotional healing possible.

If you have just been through a painful or traumatic experience, having a piece of Psilomelane will help you have a strong and optimistic outlook.

It will help you embrace your emotions and become aware of them. This stone will inspire you to deal with your experiences and to acknowledge everything that you have gone through.

It will also make you better understand the patterns that are tied to these experiences and these emotions.

The emotional healing properties of Psilomelane will bring about a trance-like state, thanks to its ability to focus energies directly on the present moment.

This stone will also guard you against negativity and will encourage you to be more honest with yourself and with others.

It will remove unkind and unloving behaviors and block those who would seek to use you and take advantage of your kind heart.

Psilomelane will also help you look at your emotional body in an objective manner.

With the help of the emotional healing energies of this stone, you will not only see problems but also their solutions.

The energies of this stone will also inspire you to think in more loving ways instead. It will strengthen the connection of your heart to your brain.

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The emotional healing properties of Psilomelane will enhance your awareness and even send you into trance-like states.

It will also help you change outmoded patterns of thinking and redirect your energies to where they are most needed.

Psilomelane will also help you with analyzing yourself so that you will learn about experiences or thoughts that you have never encountered before.

This will stimulate action on your part so that you can correct any emotional disturbances or overly emotional states.

It can also be used to change behavior patterns that you don’t want or cannot love.

Psilomelane is a stone that is considered excellent for gazing and scrying. It is used for many other kinds of trances.

It can be used in emotional crystal healing to recognize patterns and uncover hidden motivations. This can help you to correct emotions and behaviors that are unloving or not useful to your life.

This stone will help you become more knowledgeable of your emotions and behaviors that are no longer healthy or beneficial as well.

Psilomelane has wonderful emotional healing properties that will lift you up when you’ve hit rock bottom and feel broken all over. It will make you feel braver, stronger, and happier.

Healers use this stone to unearth hidden emotions and motivations to cut the cords of any negative buried energies. This brings about deep emotional healing as well as physical healing.

Psilomelane can help you redirect and shift emotional and behavioral patterns. It can help you achieve smoother states of meditation and amplify mental travel to other parts of the world.

It can facilitate trance states which take you to a predetermined destination with total awareness in recognizing and understanding the nature of the visit.

Psilomelane is also a stone that’s widely used for gazing because of how much insight it provides into that you are viewing.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Psilomelane
psilomelane meaning

Psilomelane is a very dualistic stone in nature.

It will take you on a journey to the deep and profound, and even to the dark and undesirable parts of yourself.

This stone will encourage you to master your own life with love and objectivity.

Psilomelane will reassure you that embracing your light and dark aspects will enhance your soul experience vividly and powerfully!

This stone is filled with power and potential, and it will guide you in deciphering the meaning of the coincidences that take place in your life.

It’s a potent stone that will help you overcome certain karmic situations by keeping you motivated.

It will clear the negativity in your life and maintain your high morale.

Psilomelane will assist your spiritual growth and help you take care of your own ego.

It will also act as a powerful energy cleanser that will stabilize your personality and bring you insightful dreams.

If you’re looking for a stone that will provide you with unlimited support in your life, Psilomelane is that stone for you!

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