Alternate Names or Spellings: Crown of Silver

Psilomelane is a stone that is considered excellent for gazing and scrying. It is used in mysticism for out of body travel and gazing at any distance. For gazing at a distance it must be programmed beforehand in order to see things relevant to your query. It is used also for many other kinds of trances. Psilomelane is used in emotional crystal healing to recognize patterns and uncover hidden motivations. This can help one to correct emotions and behaviors that are unloving or not useful to Life. Physically, in crystal healing and folk healing, Psilomelane is used for many lung conditions including pneumonia, clearing the lungs, lung walls, as well as skin inflammations, carbohydrate conversion, insulin regulation, and diabetes.  Please note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.psilomelane meaning

Nebula Stone

Psilomelane contains barium in varying amounts which can be toxic in sufficient qualtities, so I suggest using the indirect method when creating crystal elixirs or gem waters with this stone.

Originally Psilomelane from the Silver Crown Mine in Mexico is called “Crown of Silver”, although this moniker is now used for this stone from any mine. Psilomelane is associated with the third eye chakra and linking energies between the third eye, crown, and root chakras.

Psilomelane Psilomelane

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