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Binghamite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Binghamite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Binghamite Properties

Binghamite is a form of Chatoyant Chalcedony that has fiber inclusions of Goethite or Hematite.

This stone exhibits bands of red, gold, and brown.

Binghamite was named after lapidarist William Bingham who discovered it in 1936.

It’s also known as Silkstone because of the silky appearance of its colors and its strings that look very much like silk.

It’s also sometimes called American Tiger Eye because this stone resembles a tiger’s eye!

Why Would You Use Binghamite?

Binghamite is used in crystal healing to energize and direct the energies of other minerals.

This stone will help you communicate and get in touch with your inner child. It’s also used to activate and enhance your clairaudience and your communication with other worlds.

Binghamite is a stone that carries a delightfully gentle and dream-like energy. It will foster a healthy balance between your body, mind, and spirit.

A piece of elegant Binghamite stone

It will also promote calm and serenity.

It will reduce and negate your emotions such as hostility, irritation, and anger.

Binghamite will also absorb the negative energies that surround you so that you can move forward in your life with happiness and positivity.

It’s a highly creative and supportive stone.

It will not only get rid of your melancholy, it will also open your mind to new ideas.

It will increase your openness, responsiveness, and receptivity to assimilate new ideas.

This stone will help you experience a positive inward reflection. It will infuse you with energies of benevolence, generosity, and enthusiasm.

Binghamite will encourage you to have a better and more optimistic personal outlook on life.

It will also make you more stable and more honest when it comes to your thoughts and emotions.

Binghamite will help you become more mentally flexible and verbally dexterous. It will improve your memory and enhance your communication and listening skills.

This stone will bring about a quiet reflection and deeper meditation. It will gear you up for action and stimulate your mind to make things easier to learn.

It will also inspire you to be more cautious with your words and use measured words so that you will not end up hurting others or feel regret in the end.

Binghamite is also a good stone that will aid communication. It will allow you to bring your personal truth out to the world in a positive loving, and uplifting manner.

It will enable a natural release of your thoughts and emotions that will elevate and improve your relationships.

How Will Binghamite Help You?

Binghamite, Healing and Health

Binghamite can be used to regenerate the energy flow in the body. It can also renew the cells in the body and give healing to diseases.

It can also be very beneficial in treating burns and wounds. It can ease convulsions and treat anemia, as well as ear, nose, and throat problems.

Binghamite is the best stone to use for any health problems or health issues related to the vocal chords, tonsils, and neck.

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It can also help with ailments that are the result of weather changes, such as allergies or the flu.

It can protect against inflammation, fevers, infections, and it can also help in healing open sores.

Binghamite can also reduce the effects or symptoms of senility, dementia, and other harmful obsessive thoughts. It can stabilize emotions and banish irrational fears and phobias.

Binghamite can give protection against nightmares and night terrors. It can also be used to treat a sore throat and hoarseness.

Binghamite and Wealth

Binghamite is a stone that can bring all kinds of good things, particularly good luck and good fortune.

The energies of Binghamite will help you stay focused.

Even if your mind is accustomed to multitasking, this stone will calm any temptation in your midst and help you keep your concentration.

Binghamite has a strong connection to the earth, and its energies will protect all the things that you need most to survive. It will encourage you to be more self-reliant and self-sufficient.

It will remind you to be in the here and now and fully enjoy your lessons and experiences.

If you ever feel unsure about a decision, Binghamite will give you the support that you need to make one with confidence and certainty!

Binghamite also possesses energies of action and manifestation that will be particularly helpful with your current projects.

You will be able to see what has always been there in a different light and give a new and better treatment to it.

This stone also aligns with abundance and prosperity.

Even if you will not turn into a millionaire overnight, it will help you attract the best situations for turning your financial situation around.

Keeping a piece of Binghamite as a lucky charm will attract luck and fortune and a steady flow of money to your home.

It’s also an ideal stone for entrepreneurs and those who want to venture in profitable pursuits.

It’s also a beneficial stone if you want to level up your career or knowledge base for future career changes.

Binghamite, Love and Relationships

Binghamite will show you the meaning of fortitude and willpower.

It will teach you that waiting patiently for the things or the people that you most need or want will have its rewards.

It will inspire you to chase after them persistently and to not easily give up at the first sign of struggle.

Whenever you feel like you’re lacking in some way, having a piece of Binghamite with you will turn all your blues and doubts into laughter and smiles.

Binghamite will teach you to balance the extremes in your emotions and move out of your dual world.

It will show you that love will not always be right and wrong, good and bad, or dark and light.

It will also make you understand that there is an underlying reason behind opposites.

This stone will encourage you to be more compassionate in your decisions and practical in your actions.

Binghamite will also remind you to be more vigilant with the issues that arise in your relationship and understand the cause and effect of every conflict.

It will give you emotional support to make the necessary changes in your romantic life and strengthen your will so that your intentions will be made manifest.

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How to Use Binghamite for the Best Results

Binghamite can be used to ward off psychic attacks, negative energies, and black magic. It will help repel the negative energies and absorb only the positive energies.

When you use the energies of this stone, you will be able to provide safe pathways in receiving positive messages and intentions.

Binghamite should be cleaned once a month. It should also be charged under warm running water.

Charge it next to an Amethyst geode overnight to produce the most powerful charge.

If you wish to surround yourself, your loved ones, and your home with the delightful energies, you can put a piece of Binghamite by your door in the west or northwest area.

Binghamite will keep this location light, happy, and clear!

It will stabilize your thoughts and keep your emotions in check. Having the energies of this stone in your space will also remove any blockages or disturbances.

You can also carry Binghamite like a worry stone when you’re feeling stuck in a rut, uninspired, scared, or worried.

The Best Combination to use with Binghamite

Binghamite will help you restore or regain the emotional or mental balance that you lost.

If you pair it with Bloodstone, Sodalite, Rhodonite, Blue Topaz, Rhodochrosite, Carnelian, Lodestone, Celestite, Lepidolite, Chrysoprase, Hematite, Kunzite, or Fluorite, you will be able to achieve this balance.

Pairing Binghamite with Topaz, Aventurine, Sapphire, Bloodstone, Rutilated Quartz, Chalcedony, Dalmatian Jasper, Red Jasper, Malachite, Moss Agate, or Hematite will increase its positive healing effects on the blood, the blood vessels, and the circulatory system.

When you want to improve how you communicate with your loved ones or work colleagues, you can use Binghamite with Blue Lace Agate, Blue Topaz, Ulexite, Emerald, Copper, Labradorite, Yellow Turquoise, or Euclase.

Binghamite will also give you that burst of courage and inner strength, especially when you combine it with Chevron Amethyst, Katanganite, Fire Agate, Herkimer Diamond, Richterite, Bloodstone, Red Calcite, or Charoite.

Binghamite and Emotional Healing

Binghamite is a great stone for emotional healing as it puts you in touch with your childhood self, you are reminded of all of the wonderful times you’ve spent in this world and this helps uplift you emotionally.

As a kid you had very less to worry about and didn’t have the same levels of stress that you are faced with today, hence, Binghamite makes sure that you once again develop a connection with your inner child so that you can change your outlook on life.

Binghamite is not a very strong stone in that it brings with it soothing yet very gentle energies, which heal you but never overwhelm you.

If you have a difficult time controlling your nerves then Binghamite is the perfect stone for you as it will help you stay calm and relaxed even in the toughest of times.

Sucking out all the negative energy from inside you as well as your surroundings this stone will enable you to live a life that is without remorse and anger.

When you’re free of these feelings of remorse and anger you’ll find yourself to be much more open-minded and accommodating towards others in your life.

Also bringing with it the energies of creativity, having this stone in your possession will help make you much more receptive to your surroundings and you will be able to find meaning in things that you couldn’t before.

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Binghamite will also start making you look inwards to find the answers to all of the questions that you’ve been asking your entire life.

It will make you realize that there’s no one else who can provide you with the answers you need to succeed in life, other than yourself.

You will start to experience an inward reflection in which you will discover the true meaning of your being and your life and the true purpose of why you were sent to this earth.

Binghamite will also enable you to become in tune with your thoughts and emotions, so much so that you will never feel the need to lie about how you are feeling ever again.

This stone will also help you reflect on your past so that you can learn from all of the mistakes you’ve made that have caused you or others pain.

One of these mistakes, you will soon realize, is to say something without thinking about its impacts first and this is something that Binghamite will caution you against.

You will learn how to stay tight-lipped and use fewer words to express your thoughts and emotions because the lesser words you use the lesser the chances are of you hurting someone.

Binghamite will also allow you to become very communicative with your partner so that you don’t let assumptions and silence ruin your relationship.

It will make you realize the importance of just letting yourself heard and telling your partner what’s bothering you instead of bottling it up inside you which almost always leads to a fight later on.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Binghamite
binghamite meaning

Binghamite will work with you in fighting off complacency.

It will embolden you to take risks and to step out of the box.

It will help you grow and rise to the challenge of boosting your artistic and creative talents.

It will remind you to stay determined in overcoming your feelings of discouragement.

Binghamite will increase your insight and strengthen your intuition.

The energies of this stone will also help sharpen your senses and gear you to take positive action when required.

This stone will keep you steady when situations in your life are happening too fast.

It’s one of the best stones to have when you’re experiencing a crisis because it will give the best kind of physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual support.

Bingham will give you the confidence to make the right decisions and help you realize the consequences of your actions!

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