Alternate Names or Spellings: Silkstone, American Tiger Eye

Crystal Meanings of Binghamite

Keywords: Good Fortune

Binghamite was named for W.J. Bingham. It is also called “Silkstone” for the silky look of the colors and strings of “silk” in it, and sometimes called “American Tiger Eye” because it resembles a tiger eye.

Binghamite is a stone that is said to bring all manner of good things, particularly good fortune. It is also said to have the energies of fairies and elves, which is a very positive energy.

In crystal work, Binghamite is used to communicate with the inner child. It is also used by metaphysicians for clairaudience and communication with other worlds.

In crystal healing lore, Binghamite is used to regenerate energy flow in the body, renew cells, eases disease, Theta brain wave patterns, burns, convulsions, anemia, and ear nose and throat problems. Binghamite is also used in crystal healing to energize and direct other minerals energies. Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information. 

Binghamite Example
Binghamite Example


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