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Atlantisite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Atlantisite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Atlantisite Properties

Atlantisite is a fairly new discovery in the mineral world. It is the beautiful combination of green Serpentine and pink to purple Stichtite, bringing together both of these minerals’ properties.

It’s usually a yellowish green stone with pink or purple inclusions. Atlantisite is also sometimes called Tasmanite.

It’s known to occur at a small hilltop in Zeehan, District, Tasmania, called Stichtite Hill.

Atlantisite Crystal

Why Would You Use Atlantisite?

Atlantisite will help you find inner peace. It will also stabilize your moods.

It’s a wonderful meditation stone that will help you access and retrieve ancient information and wisdom about your past lives.

It will enhance your sense of security and establish your personal boundaries.

Stunning bracelet with Atlantisite stones

Atlantisite will also promote a more relaxed attitude in life.

Atlantisite is a powerful tool to open your way to the spirit. It will strengthen your feelings of love and compassion for others.

It will induce a calming vibration in your life, and it will bring peace and tranquility to your environment. It’s also a helpful stone that will remove stagnant energies.

It will increase your verve and stamina, and it will maintain or raise your energy levels.

It’s a stone of prophecy that possesses a poignant healing ability.

How Will Atlantisite Help You?

Atlantisite, Healing and Health

Atlantisitecan help ease your stomach and kidney complaints. It can also relax menstrual pains and cramps.

It can be an effective healing stone for the lungs and the heart.

Atlantisite is known to be beneficial in diabetes or hypoglycemia. It can also promote the regeneration or the elasticity of the skin.

It’s effective when it comes to treating hernias, and it can help with metabolic functions.

It’s also known to help ease muscle spasms.

Atlantisite can help in the treatment of chronically ill patients. It can also fortify the circulatory system and provide a cleansing effect to the digestive system and the respiratory tract.

The colors of Atlantisite can also help with concerns regarding the sexual and reproductive organs. This stone can correct sexual imbalances and help in the treatment of infertility.

Atlantisite can work as a blood strengthener.

It can help in cellular respiration and with the delivery of nutrients to the cells in the body.

Antlantisite is a good stone that can reduce your stress levels and ease your anxieties.

Atlantisite and Wealth

Atlantisite will help you finish your projects on time and help you achieve your financial goals.

This stone provides very strong Wood Energy, just like Labradorite. It’s associated with abundance and prosperity.

Working with the energies of this stone will help you attract more abundance and prosperity in your projects and endeavors.

It will strengthen your financial efforts, and it will guide you when it comes to making important financial decisions.

This stone will help you let go of old patterns and outdated ideas by taking a more positive approach. This is very important if you need to come up with new ideas that will generate new income for you.

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Atlantisite, Love and Relationships

When it comes to love and relationships, Atlantisite will fill your relationship with love and compassion. It will fill it with all good things that will keep you inspired, motivated, and optimistic.

This stone will soften your stubborn attitudes that are blocking your path to love, happiness, and satisfaction. Anything that’s not healthy for you as a partner or for your relationship as a whole will be dispelled.

Atlantisite will help you achieve emotional healing after experiencing emotional trauma.

It will take away the pain, loss, or fear and make you accept the reality with an open heart.

It’s a very comforting stone that will show you how to be kind to yourself and your partner, or to the people who want to love you. You can’t keep pushing love away or denying yourself a chance for genuine happiness!

Atlantisite will enhance your feelings of security and establish boundaries within your personal relationships.

You will be more vocal about what you want, and you will be more courageous to ask this space to be respected by the people you love.

Atlantisite is also an excellent stone to have if you always say the wrong thing. It will make you pause and think about the weight of your words before you speak.

It will make you think about your intentions for saying something, and it will act as a filter that will soften harsh or painful words.

Atlantisite will balance your emotions and make you more aware of how you’re feeling and why you’re feeling it. It will do this while infusing you with inner calm and peace.

This stone will encourage you to be more relaxed when it comes to love and relationships.

You cannot control every single that will happen, so you might as well relinquish control every now and then and just enjoy the ride!

Atlantisite will inspire you to resolve your conflicts in a mature and peaceful way. It will encourage you to talk openly about your thoughts and emotions with your partner with love and respect.

Atlantisite will encourage emotional awareness, self-empowerment, and confidence in your relationship. It will ask you to be more involved and to pay more attention about what goes on with your partner and your relationship.

It will promote flexibility to changing situations and openness in accepting differing opinions or ways of thinking.

You will not always be on the winning side, so you need to have the humility to accept your faults or mistakes.

Atlantisite will also encourage you to be faithful to your promises, and to strengthen your commitment to your partner.

This stone will get rid of your emotional immaturity. It will put emphasis on your emotional strength and self-confidence.

With the help of this stone, you will be able to attract genuine love. You will have companionship and friendship.

Atlantisite will pull you out of your depression and make you stop feeling loneliness from within.

It will remind you to get rid of your self-doubts and insecurities.

Atlantisite will help you rekindle your joy for life. It will make you feel more in control of your own decisions.

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It will dispel your fear of change and overcoming hardships because it will remind you of the mightiness of your heart!

It’s a stone that will end all disputes in your relationship. It will also help you better understand the concept of love and passion.

Atlantisite will promote forgiveness, and it will remove any feeling that’s no longer helpful to you.

It will remove the negativity and create a bubble of light force that will shield you from negative energies!

How to Use Atlantisite for the Best Results

Put a piece of Atlantisite in a room you want to keep clear, serene, and calm. The vibrations of this stone will give protective energies that will keep the negativity away.

It’s a stone that can be helpful in creating a special place in your home because it will give a peaceful and calming environment.

Atlantisite is also a highly protective stone. When you put it in your room or your loved ones’ rooms, the protective energies of Atlantisite will keep the negativity and danger away.

It’s a very useful stone when it comes to protecting your home, valuables, and properties. If you have something that you want protecting or guarding, use a Guardian stone such as Atlantisite.

You can also bring it with you when you travel as insurance against injury or harm.

If you are going through a difficult or stressful period in your life, hold a piece of Atlantisite in your hands when you meditate.

It will ensure that your efforts are rewarded, and that you keep your respect for yourself and for others. It will also ensure that you never lose your sunny disposition and sense of humor!

Atlantisite Spiritual Energy

Atlantisite is a remarkably powerful metaphysical stone that helps you stabilize those energies of your life that have gone haywire.

With this stone, you will be able to establish a point of peace within yourself and will also be able to adopt a more composed attitude towards life.

Atlantisite is useful to promote stability of your spiritual energies, in the sense that it creates a channel that allows you to open the door to your spirit.

In addition to establishing a sense of safety and personal boundaries, you will feel that Atlansite will enhance the emotions of love, generosity, and compassion towards others.

The soothing vibration that is exuded by this stone will help you make peace with your past as well as with your present surroundings.

The stone is also responsible for removing negative energies and boosting your enthusiasm so that you can fearlessly deal with the challenges that come your way and not get burnt out in the process.

With an increased stamina, you will feel that the reserves of your spiritual energy will come in handy when you deal with problems that are particularly challenging and require you to exhaust your spirits.

The spiritual energies of Atlantisite also promote healing and recovery from past traumas.

The stone holds powers that put your mind at ease and help you cope up with the burdens of your responsibilities.

Additionally, the stone will serve as a reminder to be kind to no just those around you, but also to yourself.

You will realize the importance of looking after yourself in order to take care of anyone else.

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You should also be more welcoming of the love that surrounds you.

It may seem hard to love again if you have gone through tragic heartbreaks in the past, but you need to give love a chance if you want to truly achieve happiness and contentment.

You will also feel more spiritually enlightened with the use of Atlantisite and hence, you will know what is needed to pursue your life’s mission.

Not just that, you will also be able to recognize the obstacles that are preventing you from walking your destined path, which will help you voice your opinions more clearly and say no to a toxic person or thing.

Atlansite will fill you will the courage to ask for what you need, even if it some space from your partner or from the people you love.

It may seem like a daunting task to distance yourself from your loved ones, but sometimes a little bit of alone time is what you need to regroup your thoughts and bring some organization into your life.

If you’re someone who always ends up saying the wrong things, Atlansite will help you understand the importance and weight of the words that come out of your mouth.

It teaches you to be more intentional with your words and actions and to only do the things that positively contribute to the universe because your deeds will always come back to you.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Atlantisite

Atlantisite will help you release what’s no longer beneficial to your heart, mind, and spirit.

It will make for an enlightened and joyful existence, and it will help you have a more balanced, peaceful, and harmonious life.

It will enhance all your relationships, and you will have a better sense of order in all aspects of your life.

The energies of this stone will inspire you to resolve your conflicts by reaching a compromise and having more compassion, generosity, and understanding.

Atlantisite will remove all your irrational fears and strengthen your sense of self-love. It will fuel your self-esteem and self-confidence.

It will encourage you to live your life with more zeal and enthusiasm.

Atlantisite will center and brace you, and it will remove all blockages. It will help you become more aware of your own heart and your ability to express love.

It will help you understand your needs and emotions clearly. It will help you handle the flow of emotions in your relationship and acknowledge the changes that may take place.

Atlantisite is a jewel of vigor that will strengthen your entire vibrational field by creating more love and compassion!

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