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Astrophyllite: Meaning, Properties and Powers

Astrophyllite: Meaning, Properties and Powers

Astrophyllite Properties and Meanings

Astrophyllite is a unique and rare formation of titanium silicate. Its name comes from a Greek word meaning “star leaf” because that is what the formation looks like – a leaf or a star!

When it is embedded in another stone, you can clearly see the radiating starburst pattern caused by “spears” of the mineral radiating out from a single point.

Astrophyllite is golden-brown or bronze-coloured, and there may be slight variations in the colouration depending on the exact makeup of the metal (when I said it was titanium silicate, I was simplifying a bit).

Most Astrophyllite is found in Russia, and there have also been some deposits discovered in Norway and the United States.

However, since it is not a self-sufficient mineral (that is, it must exist inside another mineral – if it was on its own, we’d just have giant spiny rocks everywhere!) deposits are very rare and difficult to mine without damaging.

If you have an Astrophyllite stone, it is a precious and unique item, and you should treasure it accordingly.

If you do not have an Astrophyllite stone, I do not recommend channelling too much energy (or money) into trying to acquire one – it can be a demoralizing endeavour.

Wait instead for one to come into your life naturally, if it was meant to be.

Astrophyllite Crystal Polished

Why Would You Use Astrophyllite?

Astrophyllite is a stone of growth and moving forward on the path of your life. It will fill you with energy and motivation for change.

If you are unsure about what you want to do, especially if you are at a turning point in your life, then Astrophyllite is a wonderful stone to give you the energy to get through that turning point.

Elegant Astrophyllite stones

This stone also protects your psychic self, which is probably not surprising considering its shape – the pointy spears look like a stone that’s ready to go into battle for you!

Some people are surprised to learn that Astrophyllite rules the crown chakra, not the base or sacral chakras, which are what people might think of when they see a sharp, metallic, brown stone.

This is actually one of the strongest stones for developing spiritual and intellectual strength.

It will enhance your telepathic abilities and your ability to contact other people through psychic means.

It will bring you into the web of human and natural energy that enfolds the earth in a way that few other stones can achieve.

Perhaps because its shape emulates both the stars of the heavens and the leaves of the Earth, Astrophyllite has the unique ability to improve your psychic powers without diminishing your connection to the physical world.

This can be incredibly beneficial if you want to enhance your psychic abilities, but struggle with feelings of apathy or disconnectedness, and are wary of doing anything that might harm your connection to the world.

This stone is also said to help you accept your own actions, especially past actions that you regret. For this reason, crystologists often recommend it to people who are struggling with various types of addictions.

It can alleviate past guilt, and help you focus instead on the potential of your future, which is a much more productive way of dealing with your mistakes.

With its star-like energy, Astrophyllite will fill you with celestial light and positive energy.

It will not necessarily dispel negativity in the way that a stone-like obsidian does – instead, it floods you with so much light that no darkness can remain around you.

It will give you the ability to accept the negative parts of your life and then let go of them as they are drowned out by the positive.

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How Will Astrophyllite Help You?

Astrophyllite is a wonderful stone for people who are having difficulty making decisions about their futures because of things that they’ve done in their pasts.

Maybe you made a bad career choice.

Maybe you went to school for something you ended up disliking, and came out demoralized and mired in student debt.

Maybe you chose a bad partner for a period of your life.

No matter what the mistake was, you need to have confidence that it is possible to move past it, and that that mistake will not define you for the rest of your life. I promise!

By bringing light and positive energy into your life through a stone like Astrophyllite, you will become stronger and braver.

You will also let go of the chains that have been binding you since whenever you made that mistake that has been defining you.

Astrophyllite also has a powerful ability to help those who have been reincarnated become conscious their past selves.

Whether you believe personally in reincarnation or not, the experiences of those who do believe in it have been well documented.

Because of its ability to align your energies with the cyclical energies of the universe, Astrophyllite can help us become conscious of things that have happened before.

If you frequently experience déjà vu, using Astrophyllite may make your experiences far more pronounced, and actually help you to see what happened.

If you do not experience déjà vu often, then perhaps after you introduce Astrophyllite into your life, you will begin to.

Because of its ability to weave you into the fabric of reality, Astrophyllite will help you develop your knowledge of yourself.

You can develop a sense of cosmic satisfaction with your life, which can be difficult to achieve otherwise, because of your deep sense that you are “right” as you are, as a part of the universe.

Astrophyllite is a calming, grounding stone; in addition to its psychic benefits, understanding your role in the fabric of the universe can help you to make positive decisions for yourself “on the ground.”

It can help you become a more confident, calm, and honest person, and is well-known and frequently utilized between lovers to facilitate fidelity and understanding.

How to Use Astrophyllite for the Best Results

Astrophyllite can be used in a variety of ways, and ultimately, since most Astrophyllite is sold raw (rather than pre made into jewellery), if you want to wear it on your person, you will probably need to make the jewellery yourself.

For this reason, Astrophyllite jewellery generally has a “DIY” look that may not suit everyone’s personal tastes.

Most Astrophyllite jewellery wraps a wire around a small piece of Astrophyllite to make it into a pendant.

If it is important to you to wear Astrophyllite on your person while you go about your daily life, then you will probably want to either develop an appreciation for the rustic look, or carry it in a purse or pocket rather than wearing it.

However, it is far more practically useful for most people to place Astrophyllite in a stationary position in their home or office instead.

This is highly effective, since the energy of Astrophyllite is quick-moving, and does not require a long time to have an impact on a user.

Of course, wearing a piece of a stone or crystal on your person will always have the most significant effect, but some stones find this more necessary than others.

Astrophyllite can have significant effects extremely quickly, meaning that being exposed to its energy over the course of the minutes and hours you spend in a specific room where a piece of Astrophyllite is kept does not cause you to lose out on too much of the energy that you would gain from carrying it around with you all day.

I recommend placing your Astrophyllite somewhere where you can appreciate its aesthetic value.

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Treat it like a piece of art and give it a place of honour, perhaps on top of a shelf, the middle of a table, or a windowsill.

You should also put your Astrophyllite somewhere where your attention and the attention of others in the room will be consistently drawn to it.

This will enhance its power by helping you become mindful of it. When you are frequently thinking (even on a rather shallow level) about Astrophyllite and its power, its power will have a greater impact.

You will find yourself increasingly energized, and your frame of mind will become more and more positive as you spend more time with this stone.

Astrophyllite Raw

The Best Combinations to Use with Astrophyllite

Astrophyllite can be combined with a variety of stones, depending on the exact purpose for which you want to use it.

For example, if you are using your Astrophyllite to enhance your psychic powers and ability to psychically communicate with others through the web of reality, you may be interested in combining it with blue calcite, which is a powerful stone for telepathy.

If you are using Astrophyllite to address past mistakes and come to develop a better sense of self-acceptance, you may wish to combine it with stones that are used in the treatment of addictions, such as obsidian and amethyst.

These stones have historically promoted sobriety in the face of substance abuse – especially amethyst, which was said by the Ancient Greeks to be a sacred stone of Dionysus, the god of wine, and to prevent drunkenness.

If you want to use the grounding powers of the Astrophyllite stone to promote a better relationship to the physical world, then you should combine it with a dark, spiritually grounding stone, such as black tourmaline or smoky quartz.

Tourmalated quartz is also a good option, as its needle-like pattern echoes the spears of the Astrophyllite stone.

These stones will banish negativity while also promoting the energy of the root chakra, tying you to your physical reality while the Astrophyllite integrates you more thoroughly into reality as a whole.

You will have more confidence in yourself and feel more grounded and at home in your current situation, even if that situation is not what you would wish for it to be at the present time.

On the other side of the coin, if you want to develop your spirituality, and use your increased sense of integration with the world to develop a closer connection with God or a higher power, then you may wish to combine your Astrophyllite stone with scolecite, angelite, celestite, or marcasite (also known as “the ascension stone”).

Although there are many wonderful combinations for Astrophyllite stones, Astrophyllite can occasionally be a bit of a temperamental mineral to work with, as its power is so strong and unique.

Sometimes it will not “mesh” well with other stones’ powers, and one will end up completely overriding the power of the other.

Spend some time experimenting, and choose stones that suit your needs!

Astrophyllite and Emotional Healing

When you feel like you have ended up at a standstill in life and want to move forward but can’t find the will to do so, you might want to invest in an Astrophyllite.

This is a stone that holds great energies associated with growth.

The powers that this stone contains will help you get up and do what needs to be done in order to move on to the next phase of your life.

The only reason that your life has become stagnant is that you don’t feel inspired to make any effort in a particular direction.

Therefore, by using Astrophyllite, you will be able to find inspiration in new and unique ways.

This inspiration will, in turn, beckon you to start planning towards a particular goal and work hard to achieve it.

On the other hand, if you are at a turning point and you will be moving on to a new chapter in life but are too scared of accepting this change, Astrophyllite will give you the support to cope up with this change.

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The stone also holds energies that guard you against evil forces and keep you on the top your challenges and troubles.

Being one of the strongest metaphysical objects to develop spiritual strength, Astrophyllite will enhance your intellectual powers and polish your psychic abilities so that you can feel more well-connected with the higher realm.

It also enhances your telepathic abilities, which will help you communicate your emotions to those around you without having to utter any words.

Very few stones can behold such energies as the Astrophyllite because it embodies some of the strongest forces of the universe.

It will also serve as a useful tool to be more compassionate towards others.

Individuals who find themselves disconnected with the universe will benefit a lot from the powers of this stone because it will help them unite their forces with the divine ones.

The stone also holds energies of acceptance, especially of the self.

It will teach you to accept responsibility for your actions and understand that most of the things that happen in your life are a result of your own doing.

You have the power to change the direction of your life, so if you want to move forward, you will need to start by letting go of past grudges and resentment.

The stone will make you accept your mistakes and get past the guilt that is associated with them so that you can focus on the potential that your future holds.

Your mistakes also form an important part of the learning process, so instead of beating yourself up about them, you must learn from them and use this knowledge to be well-equipped when you face future challenges.

Finally, Astrophyllite will build on your positive energies and will ensure that the light of your soul is never extinguished because it is what sets you apart from others.

The stone will fill you with so much light that you won’t be exposed to any darkness or negativity around you.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Astrophyllite

The interesting thing about Astrophyllite is that its powers seem to run counter to what you might expect from a spiny brown metallic stone.

Most people would not assume that a stone with that physical description would have such an intense effect on our psychic powers.

Few people would expect it to be so effective at integrating someone into the fabric of reality, giving them the confidence and self-love that we all need in order to operate effectively in this world.

And yet, that is the case with Astrophyllite!

If you come into possession of a piece of Astrophyllite, treasure it and use it abundantly – it will have a powerful impact on your life, and change things that you may not even have realized you wanted to change.

Many people don’t realize how “out of step” they felt with the world’s energy until they get back in step!

Have you had the opportunity to come into contact with Astrophyllite stones? Did you feel the effects of their power?

Did you experience an increased sense of connectivity with the world, or were your experiences different?

Please like and share this if you found it useful, or if you learned something new about this fascinating stone!

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