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Green Apophyllite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Green Apophyllite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Green Apophyllite Properties

Green Apophyllite crystals are known for their light to medium green color. They can be as clear as glass, too.

These crystals were first discovered in Poona, India. But in recent years, Green Apophyllite has also been found in Brazil and Quebec, Canada.

Apophyllite does not belong to the Zeolite family but is often found as a secondary crystal to Stilbite, which is a Zeolite.

The name Apophyllite is taken from the Greek words ‘apo’ and ‘phyllon’. It means ‘it flakes off’ because this crystal flakes when heated.

Many Green Apophyllite crystals have small Stilbite inclusions.

Why Would You Use Green Apophyllite?

Green Apophyllite crystals carry the energy of love. This crystal will bring peace, harmony, and abundance in your space as well.

It can cleanse and balance the energy in your heart chakra. Anything that does not belong in your heart and causes you to not experience love in its full glory will be eliminated.

Green Apophyllite will bring clarity in any kind of situation that involves you and the people you love.

A beautiful piece of Green Apophyllite stone

It will strengthen your decision-making because you will be able to see all sides of an issue.

You will be untainted by pride, ego, or fear and acquire a better understanding of life and love.

Green Apophyllite can help you when you’re having a hard time letting go of people or things that no longer are good for you.

It will support you as you go through the different stages of a loss or a breakup. The energies of this crystal will help you as you learn to forgive and heal from the hurt.

Green Apophyllite will also get rid of your anxieties that are disrupting your inner balance and causing you to think negative thoughts.

It will eliminate anything in your heart and mind that’s making you emotionally paralyzed, restrained, or suffocated.

Have this crystal with you if you want to inject more childlike playfulness in your relationship so that you can truly have fun and unforgettable moments with your partner.

It will show you how you can let loose once in a while and leave behind all your adult worries!

Green Apophyllite will add more color, spontaneity, and adventure in monotonous or stressful situations.

You can use this crystal whenever you want to combat feelings of stress because it will energize you with lightness, happiness, and relaxation.

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Green Apophyllite can cleanse your body and mind of all the negative debris. This crystal works particularly well with getting rid of all emotional traumas in your body.

It will guide you in discovering your true self and allow you to release all bad thought patterns and behaviors.

This crystal will give you the courage to be true to yourself by opening and activating your chakras, which makes Green Apophyllite an excellent meditation crystal, too.

How Will Green Apophyllite Help You?

Green Apophyllite, Healing and Health

On a physical level, Green Apophyllite is known to help in the treatment of diseases of the tissues and degenerative diseases.

It can help in removing toxins in the body and hasten the recovery process after battling illness.

Remember also that Green Apophyllite is well connected to your heart chakra – green is the native color of that energy center in your body.

Because of that, this crystal can help you with your heart, and also circulation.

This crystal is an excellent companion to any exercises or dietary changes you are making in life to try and keep the bloodstream pumping, or your heart strong.

This stone is very motivating also, but can likewise be a calming influence in times of stress, which is another way of ensuring your heart stays healthy.

Green Apophyllite can be used if you want to create a healing environment in any space.

Green Apophyllite and Wealth

Green Apophyllite can help you release old habits that are no longer working for you.

Doing so can lead you to new opportunities.

If you’re someone who does not like change, Green Apophyllite will encourage you to embrace it because it can lead you to your own growth.

With your increased determination, motivation, and creativity, Green Apophyllite will help you find success in areas that you have trouble before.

This crystal will bring joy and abundance, as well as promote independence that will melt away all your doubts and uncertainties about yourself.

If you’re having trouble focusing on your goals, especially your financial goals, Green Apophyllite will improve your ability to stay focused on your tasks, leading to more satisfaction and success.

It’s known to bring strength and stability to anyone who wears or uses this crystal. It will help you turn your ideas, goals, and dreams into reality.

The energies of Green Apophyllite will bring on creative inspiration.

It’s a crystal that you should use if you want to get things done.

When you are looking for new ideas or an increase in your motivation, Green Apophyllite will help you get rid of your tendencies to procrastinate.

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It will also boost your mental processes so that you can be better at problem solving.

Green Apophyllite, Love and Relationships

Green Apophyllite can unlock the heart chakra and inspire you to let go of your old emotional wounds and emotional baggage.

When your negative feelings start melting away, it will rebalance your aura and help you achieve contentment and overall well-being.

It’s a crystal of pure joy and healing light. The energies of Green Apophyllite will remind you of your inner child and bring you back to joy and lightness of being.

Green Apophyllite will help you let go of your suppressed emotions. It will support you in overcoming your fears, worries, and anxieties when it comes to love and relationships.

It will calm your apprehension and stop you from tolerating your uncertainties.

Green Apophyllite will also heal your grief and clear it from your body. This crystal will enhance your sense of inner peace and increase your ability to accept and let go pain and loss when needed.

It will remind you to forgive yourself for your shortcomings as well as forgive others for theirs.

This crystal will attract joy and happiness in every aspect of your life. It will make you appreciate all the blessings and accept the challenges as a part of life.

It will make you trust in the process and let yourself go in love so that you can truly embrace the experience.

How to Use Green Apophyllite for the Best Results?

This powerful but soothing crystal should be part of your collection because it can calm your anxious mind during times of fear, stress, or worry.

It will absorb the negativity and help you sort out your problems in a more efficient and productive way.

To enjoy the benefits of this crystal, sit in silence with your Green Apophyllite for about thirty minutes.

Allow the crystal to take away your worries that you cannot confide or share with others.

Breathe in the healing energies of Green Apophyllite and breathe out all the negative energies associated with your worries.

When you feel more like yourself, cleanse your Green Apophyllite by putting it under the moonlight for a whole night or by cleansing it with a sage smudge stick.

Large Green Apophyllite crystals will also fill a space in your home or office with high vibrations associated with the angelic realm.

Use this crystal in your daily routine. Wear Green Apophyllite jewelry to keep its healing energies close to your body wherever you go.

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When you wake up in the morning, meditate with your Green Apophyllite and feel all your troubles melt away.

Place it on your heart and breathe in the healing love that this crystal carries.

Green Apophyllite has powerful grounding properties as well. Place it in your garden to amplify its green healing properties.

The Best Combination to use with Green Apophyllite

You can combine Green Apophyllite with Stellar Beam Calcite, Purple Tanzanite, Herkimer Diamond, Blue Celestite, Elestial Quartz, Danburite, Creedite, Phenacite, and Cryolite if you want to enhance your communication or relationship with the angelic realm.

You can also use it with other high vibration crystals like Selenite and Datolite.

If you want to use Green Apophyllite to stimulate your brain, you can use it with Herderite, White Heulandite, and Scolecite.

Using Green Apophyllite with other crystals can boost their vibrations as well. Combine it with Anyolite, Stellerite, Shungite, and Blue Cavansite.

The beautiful Green Apophyllite also works powerfully with other clear crystals and will boost their healing effects.

If you’re having a tough time deciding on a major issue in your personal or professional life, combining Green Apophyllite with stones like Boulder Opal, Herderite, Mookaite Jasper, Scapolite, and Bloodstone will also help you with your decision-making.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Green Apophyllite
green apophyllite meaning

With the help of Green Apophyllite, you will be able to let go of your reservations and be more relaxed in your own skin.

You will not allow the stress, uncertainty, fear, and worry dim your bright light and block your genuine self from shining through.

The loving energies of Green Apophyllite will bring you back to your most authentic self.

This crystal will help you release your negativity and hidden emotions and receive the energy of growth, health, and vitality.

Green Apophyllite will help shine a light on the path to your spiritual growth as well.

Allow the energies of this crystal to open your heart chakra and give you the right attitude to overcome all the challenges in your life.

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