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Crystals X Y Z

Crystals X Y Z

Crystal meanings and metaphysical healing lore and related information about stones which start with the letters X, Y, Z  are shown here in brief. Crystal formations which start with X, Y, Z  are also included.

You can search for a particular type of crystal that begins with the letter X, Y, Z  using your browser’s search function.

For most crystals and formations you can click the name to see photos and additional information on that crystal.

Yang CrystalsSelf-Confidence, Assertiveness, more

Yellow Calcite – See the C Crystals page for all calcite.

Yellow Color Energies  – Joy, Success, Mental Clarity, Business, Personal Power, Relaxation, Nerves, Digestion, Solar Plexus Chakra, More

Yellow JasperSocial, Protection, Balance, more

Yin Crystals Intuition, Harmony, more

Yin/Yang CrystalsBalance Masculine and Feminine Energies, more

Zebra StoneConnect to Mother Earth, Stimulates Energy, more

ZeolitesRemove Toxins, Remove Negative Energy, more

ZinciteSynthesis, Personal Power, Group Efforts, more

Zoisite  – Trust in Universe, Release Fears, more

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