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Eilat Stone: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Eilat Stone: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Eilat Stone Properties

Eilat Stone is a combination of Turquoise, Chrysocolla, Azurite, and other minerals.

It displays many colorful designs which are caused by the oxidation of manganese, copper, and iron.

Every Eilat Stone has its own lovely pattern, making each stone very unique and special.

It’s often mistaken as a Turquoise, but you can clearly distinguish an Eilat Stone by its bright and colorful designs and polish conditions.

Eilat Stones are usually cut as cabochons to highlight their signature color patterns. With an excellent finish and shape, they can exhibit superior luster and bright colors.

Eilat Stone is the national stone of Israel, named after the city of Eilat where it was once mined. It used to be known as King Solomon Stone.

Why Would You Use Eilat Stone?

Eilat Stone has strong and loving energies that can act and resonate with your chakras. It also has an emotionally-based energy that can benefit you in many ways.

Eilat Stone has healing abilities that can be beneficial to you on a physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual level. It’s a stone that can create, conduct, and store energy!

It can also absorb many kinds of pain that can afflict you. This makes it an excellent stone for physical and emotional healing.

a wonderful Eilat Stone bracelet

It has the ability to harmonize the body, heart, and mind.

It will give you a feeling of wholeness and completion.

It will help you achieve peace in your heart. It will also balance your yin and yang energies.

It’s a stone that will enhance your imagination and creativity.

It will inspire you to find imaginative answers to your life’s challenges.

Eilat Stone will help you make a connection to your third eye and crown chakras, which are related to your psychic powers.

It will bring you good judgment and wisdom when it comes to your decision making.

It will also strengthen your intuition and clairvoyance!

You will have more confidence to express yourself. You will also have a deeper understanding and awareness of how the world works.

Eilat Stone will reduce your materialistic tendencies and direct you to a more spiritual path!

How Will Eilat Stone Help You?

Eilat Stone, Healing and Health

Eilat Stone can be greatly beneficial for whole body healing. Not only can it promote overall good health, it can also draw out your body pains.

It can relieve fevers and inflammations. It’s known to assist in bone and tissue healing, and it can relieve premenstrual tension as well.

Eilat Stone is very good for the mouth and the sinuses, and it can aid in tissue regeneration and cellular structure. It can also help with adrenal issues and liver problems.

This stone can alleviate miasmas and improve the body’s assimilation of nutrients. It can stimulate the immune system and help with symptoms of depression.

Eilat Stone can also detoxify the body and aid in digestion.

However, remember that Eilat Stone is a crystal that brings your spirit, your emotions and your physical self into harmony. This is what makes this stone especially beneficial to your health.

Reiki Seichim Symbols

How many times have you been told that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind, and vice versa? Even more conventional thinking, away from the realms of crystals and spirituality, has that perspective nowadays.

Because of this, you’ll find that the way in which Eilat Stone helps to bring you positive outlooks and greater confidence can likewise work wonders on your health and well being!

But of course, having better health overall gives you quite a confidence boost too. And of course, we’d all love to have more energy – something else this crystal can work wonders for you in giving.

Eilat Stone and Wealth

Eilat Stone is an excellent stone when it comes to attracting prosperity and abundance.

It will bring energies of good luck and good fortune to your life, especially when it comes to your financial endeavors.

It has the ability to convert negative experiences to positive experiences so that you can easily bounce back from your failures.

It will dispel negative thoughts that are preventing you from taking another shot at success, or from thinking about better possibilities.

The energies of Eilat Stone will give insight on your plans and goals so that you will make well-informed choices and take careful steps.

Eilat Stone will also imbue you with creative problem solving that will help you resolve complex problems that affect your finances or your income flow.

You will never run out of new ideas when you work with the energies of this stone!

Eilat Stone, Love and Relationships

Eilat Stone will stimulate loving feelings and work on attuning or adjusting your emotional systems. It will bring you peace and calm in your heart, and you will achieve emotional balance.

It’s a stone that can draw out the hurt and pain, and release the stress and the fears in your relationship.

Eilat Stone will help you deal with the issues in your relationship that you’re uncomfortable or afraid to tackle!

This stone will also get rid of feelings of depression. It will make you focus on the wonderful things in your relationship so that you will always be filled with joy and happiness.

Eilat Stone will influence you to put your guard down, especially when you want to be close or intimate with the person you love.

Too many walls around your heart is no way to build a strong foundation for your relationship.

It will work to harmonize your thoughts and emotions so that you will experience a major transformation or a big change in your relationship.

It will strengthen the heart and soul connection so that you will always be emotionally balanced.

This stone will work to heal your emotional trauma and help you deal with your emotional issues.

It will protect you on an emotional level by making you understand your boundaries within yourself and with others.

Eilat Stone will encourage you to speak your truth. It will invite you to communicate your thoughts and emotions so that you will enhance the intimacy in your relationship.

Eilat Stone will help you to speak out without fear!

This stone will give you inner strength to overcome your personal challenges and relationship obstacles. It will also work to help you find resolutions to your relationship struggles.

When you work with the energies of this stone, you will be able to shun negativity. It will absorb the negative energies or harmful vibrations that don’t help you the least bit.

Eilat Stone will uplift your feelings when you’re feeling depressed or experiencing low self-esteem. It will fill you with positive thoughts and help you keep your composure during stressful situations.

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This stone will also encourage self-discovery and individuality.

Even if you are in a committed relationship, you should never lose your sense of self. You should never stop doing the things that make you genuinely happy.

Eilat Stone will help you attune to your partner. It will work on keeping the connection strong, even if you are experiencing troubled times.

This stone will also increase your capacity to love!

How to Use Eilat Stone for the Best Results?

Eilat Stone is an excellent stone to wear on your body because it will remove the negative energies in your environment and transmute them to positive energies.

It’s a good stone for psychic protection. Wearing this stone will protect you from any kind of psychic attack and keep you away from physical harm.

Keeping it close to your personal auric fields will also enhance your psychic gifts and develop your intuition.

Eilat Stone is used to bring balance in your life and all your relationships. If you place a piece of this stone in your home or office, you can attract balance, peace, and harmony.

You will also promote good health and well-being.

Your Eilat Stone should be stored properly and carefully to avoid scratches and scuffs. Rinse it with mild soap and lukewarm water.

If you must scrub the stone, make sure that you do it very gently with a soft toothbrush. After rinsing, wipe it dry with a chamois cloth or a soft towel.

The Best Combination to Use with Eilat Stone

Eilat Stone is a great stone to pair with other high vibration stones.

This can be very helpful when it comes to meditation because you can easily make a loving connection with the higher realms.

Try pairing Eilat Stone with Phenacite, Danburite, Petalite, and Scolecite. It will also work well with copper-based stones like Chrysocolla, Turquoise, Azurite, and Malachite.

You can also combine it with Ajoite, Cuprite, Shattuckite, Dioptase, Quantum Quattro, and Atacamite.

If you wish to enhance your communication and speaking abilities, you can pair your Eilat Stone with Blue Euclase, Kinoite, Gem Silica, Siberian Blue Quartz, Sodalite, Larimar, Aquamarine, and Lapis Lazuli.

How Much is Eilat Stone Worth?

Eilat Stones are beautiful and valuable stones. Buying a piece of this stone will not cost a fortune, but it will not come cheap, either.

Depending on the piece, size, carat, and cut, Eilat Stones can cost a few dollars to several hundred dollars.

For instance, a pear cut Eilat Stone pendant on a dainty sterling silver chain can be purchased for about $130 to $220.

A pair of rounded or drop Eilat Stone earrings can be yours for about $80 to $150. There are pieces that can be purchased for much less, depending on the cut, carat, and design.

Eilat Stone is often confused for a Turquoise, but it should be cared for and treated the same way.

Be very careful with Eilat Stones, especially if there are light blue or sky-blue inclusions, because these are very soft and can easily crumble.

Eilat Stones are usually cut into round beads or cabochons to exhibit their beautiful patterns and Turquoise and Malachite swirls.

Because of the different patterns, no two Eilat Stones will look alike, and this adds more uniqueness and beauty to each Eilat Stone.

Aside from its physical beauty, Eilat Stone has an incredible beauty to absorb different kinds of pain.

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It acts as a physical and emotional healer. When placed on the chakras, it can align, harmonize, balance, and cleanse them.

Eilat Stone fosters loving feelings because it works in attuning and adjusting your emotional centers. It’s not only beautiful to look at. It also has a quiet and heartfelt vibration!

The vibrations of this stone will help your heart and your mind to work together to improve how you look at your life.

It’s an excellent stone to find creative resolutions to your problems and to enhance your creativity.

The vibrations of Eilat Stone will also stimulate your communication abilities because they have a strong effect on the throat chakra.

They can clear the negative energies of hurt and loss. They will also help you recover from the effects of past experiences or situations that you have not yet let go.

A lot of people want to own an Eilat Stone because of its ability to stimulate loving feelings.

It can also cleanse and clear the energies within you and the chakras that are appropriate for your particular needs.

Wearing or carrying Eilat Stone will dispel the negativity from your environment. Doing so will also transmute negative energies into positive energies.

Eilat Stone is an excellent stone if you want to have psychic protection. It’s also a powerful stone to keep in your home or office to cleanse the negative energies there.

This stone contains minerals that will bring your heart and mind harmoniously together.

The combination of these energies will help stimulate your higher mind and bring your spiritual energy to action.

Having a piece of Eilat Stone will also stimulate your psychic abilities. It will develop your intuition and enhance your psychic visions.

If you’re thinking of buying an Eilat Stone, you should know that you are making a very good investment!

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Eilat Stone

eilat stone meaning

Eilat Stone has deep and lovely shades of blue and green.

It’s not only known for its beauty and elegance, because it also boasts of powerful energies that stimulate warm loving feelings!

It will stimulate positivity in your environment, and it will positively influence all the relationships in your life.

One will benefit greatly from wearing Eilat Stone because one of its main goals is to help you attain spiritual growth.

It will stimulate your higher mind so that you can access deeper wisdom.

This stone will clear and activate your chakras, align your subtle body, enhance your intuition, and help in the development of your psychic visions.

Eilat Stone will encourage you to embrace your individuality and release all the negativity.

It will promote harmony and calm your mind.

It will also ground you and attune you to the earth. It will help you communicate with the nature spirits and make you appreciate the perfection of the universe!

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