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Blue Moonstone: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Blue Moonstone: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Blue Moonstone Properties

The meaning of Blue Moonstone is in its healing energies.

This stone is a very sensual, feminine, and nourishing stone that has the ability to heal what pains you and bring you back to wellness and wholeness.

It’s a stone that carries deep healing and sacred feminine energies.

It has high energy rays of blue colors and is always shimmering in powerful white energy, making it a very protective stone.

India and Sri Lanka are the major providers of Blue Moonstone, but it can also be found in Australia, Brazil, and the USA.

Blue Moonstone

Why Would You Use Blue Moonstone?

Blue Moonstone is a master healer for very busy people.

It will bring healing, calming, and soothing energy that will help you regain your personal power and inner balance.

When you use Moonstone on a regular basis, you will start to receive insights on how you are misusing your personal energies, and this will give you the wisdom to love yourself more and begin the process of healing.

It will make you better understand the powerful mysteries of your true female power and the essence of all healing.

The milky moon, which has a very nurturing and motherly energy, will infuse you with soothing calm and quiet confidence that will help you gather your powers back.

The clearer your Blue Moonstone and the more colorful its glow is, the more potent its healing property is.

It’s quite an abundant stone, so you should not worry about its availability or price.

The white crystal energies that all Moonstones possess resonate with your crown chakra and your spiritual center.

They symbolize your personal identification with the Infinite, your oneness with God, and your desire for peace and wisdom.

Blue Moonstone will cleanse and dispel the negativities in your chakras and provide you the support that you need to overcome your obstacles.

It will help you in balancing your physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual bodies.

It will also provide you with the spiritual nourishment that you need to assist you with all the changes.

How Will Blue Moonstone Help You?

Blue Moonstone, Healing and Health

Blue Moonstone can help attune the normal rhythms of your body’s biological forces to use its natural energy cycles.

It can powerfully affect the female’s reproductive system and enhance your fertility.

Blue Moonstone can ease the symptoms of pregnancy and help the body prepare for childbirth.

It also has the ability to balance your hormones and address fluid retention.

Blue Moonstone can also act as a growth stone for young children and teenagers, and it can slow down the process of aging for the elderly.

It can ease the degenerative conditions of your eyes, skin, and hair, as well as the fleshy body organs.

This stone can be useful in the treatment of insomnia and in promoting lucid dreams.

Blue Moonstone can be used to improve the absorption of nutrients and in the elimination of toxins. It can also treat disorders affecting the digestive and elimination systems.

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Blue Moonstone and Wealth

When used as a professional support stone, Moonstone will help you excel in your chosen field and add more heart to what you’re doing.

It will aid you in expressing yourself and in being confident in front of a lot of people. It will show you how you can communicate effectively and create more impact.

Moonstone will attract good vibrations that will increase your level of abundance and prosperity.

Moonstone metaphysical properties are often connected to hidden knowledge or of using the power of the mind to explore the unknown.

Because of this, Blue Moonstone often can be used to help you find the strategies for success and making money that often go unseen by other people.

If you have felt blown away by the competition in your field of expertise, this stone can illuminate the way to some blue sky thinking, as the saying goes – fresh new ideas that make you stand out as an innovator!

It’s a stone that will continue to surround you with uplifting energies so that you will continue working hard for your dreams and aspirations!

Blue Moonstone, Love and Relationships

Blue Moonstone will open your heart to your nurturing qualities, and it will inspire you to accept more love in your heart.

It’s an excellent stone that will help you find a new love after having your heart broken, and it will support you in your emotional healing.

It’s a highly comforting stone when you need to lie low in love or keep everything secret for a while because it will strengthen your resolve and calm your emotions.

Blue Moonstone is a powerful talisman of love that will iron out your differences and reunite you with someone you love that you have parted with.

Blue Moonstone’s soothing and calming qualities will work wonders for your emotional body.

Its energies will heal and balance your emotions by bringing them under control instead of repressing or expressing them.

This stone will help you identify your emotional patterns that are saved in your subconscious. It will serve as your guardian when you feel like you will explode with your emotions.

Blue Moonstone will also help the men in your life become more attuned to their feminine aspects and use the right side of their brains more.

It will also encourage non-linear thinking and help you maintain the emotional balance in your love life.

How to Use Blue Moonstone for the Best Results?

Blue Moonstone can be used as a companion stone for its calming abilities and for the water feng shui element that it will bring to your space.

An office or a home with plenty of fiery yang energy can benefit a lot from the energies of Blue Moonstone!

You can use Blue Moonstone pendants because they’re a perfect expression of your enlightened state of being.

Blue Moonstone is best placed in the southwest area of your home because it will enhance the love and marriage aspect of your life.

It’s a stone of love and eroticism, and it will stimulate your carnal desires and Kundalini energy.

Blue Moonstone is also a powerful fertility stone that will harmonize your body with the natural lunar cycles. Make sure that you wear a Blue Moonstone necklace during lovemaking on a full moon!

You can also use it to make a fertility or fidelity grid by arranging thirteen Blue Moonstones in a circle around your bedroom, and with one placed under your bed.

Crystals G

Blue Moonstone will console anyone who feels overwhelmed by the weight of their problems.

You can wear it to encourage yourself to love and value yourself for who you are, and to truly understand your emotional needs.

Blue Moonstone is also known as an excellent traveler’s stone. It’s very protective of anyone who’s traveling at night.

If you travel frequently, make sure that you have a piece of this stone in your glove compartment to keep you safe while driving and to protect you against the effects of road rage.

Blue Moonstone is also very calming to children.

It will soothe your children when they’re away from home, and it will help drive away bad dreams and prevent sleepwalking. It will also encourage a good and restful sleep.

When worn as jewelry or carried in your pocket or purse, the energies of Blue Moonstone will also enhance your beauty and personality!

This stone will help you focus and increase your efforts to keep the undesirable elements out of your life.

It will keep you focused on the positive, and it will help you not get overwhelmed by the negative events in your life.

Keeping a piece of Blue Moonstone will also filter harmful electromagnetic transmissions that are draining you of your good health and energy.

It will also increase your power of concentration and determination. It will enhance the energies in your space so that you will be more focused and productive.

When placed in the west or northwest area of your home or room, it will bring energies of creativity, love, and happiness.

It will also solidify your efforts to succeed and achieve more abundance!

The Best Combination to use with Blue Moonstone

There are a number of stones that you can use with your Blue Moonstone which will also enhance your psychic gifts and abilities.

You can combine it with Prasiolite, Lapis Lazuli, Blue Sapphire, or Charoite.

Golden Yellow Labradorite and Merlinite will also be a good combination because it will balance your male and female energies.

It will be good to match it with Sunstone because of its peaceful and harmonious energies.

When you wish to have assistance in using your psychic gifts, you can use Blue Moonstone with Vanadinite, Moldavite, Hollandite Quartz, Amethyst, Labradorite, Blizzard Stone, Sphene, or Pietersite.

When you want to enhance your lucid dreaming, you can also pair it with Staurolite Fairy Cross, Ruby, Sodalite, Sugilite, Wavellite, Covellite, White Beryl, Axinite, or Kyanite.

It can also work well with Angelite, Angel Phantom Quartz, Amphibole Quartz, or Dream Quartz.

This stone can also be combined with Jet, Black Jade, Amber, or Black Tourmaline.

What Price is Blue Moonstone?

The variations in price of Blue Moonstones may be surprising. Some Moonstones can only cost a few cents while some can also cost several hundreds of dollars.

Larger Blue Moonstones will usually fetch a higher price, but Blue Moonstones usually offer bright and attractive colors as well as affordable prices.

Blue Moonstones are almost never even and clean. Stones that weigh over 2 carats can be priced over $100 per stone.

The larger, more intense, and more transparent the Blue Moonstone, the more expensive it will be.

Blue Moonstones that exhibit a good transparency and color are becoming more and more rare. This means that their prices have also risen considerably.

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In general, the bluer the adularescence and the more transparent the Blue Moonstone is, the higher the value.

Blue Moonstone is quite a popular jewelry stone. However, it has a hardness rating of 6 and a tendency to cleave.

Make sure that you wear it or store it carefully to preserve its pristine condition. If you’re going to wear it as jewelry, make sure that it has protective settings.

Wearing them as pendants or brooches are safe enough. Avoid using steam or ultrasonic for cleaning and just use soapy water and a soft brush.

Large quantities of almost opaque Blue Moonstones are quite inexpensive. Blue Moonstone cabochons that are translucent are quite common and fetch for modest prices.

Most of the high-quality Blue Moonstones available in the market today are passed from supplier to dealer to collector, and this raises the price.

A lot of people are great fanciers of this stone because of its ability to balance emotions.

Blue Moonstone is also an excellent aid in meditation because it invokes a feeling of serenity and calmness.

Simply looking at this stone or putting it over your eyes will instantly fill you with a cool sensation. For women, it has a positive influence on hormonal balance.

On a physical level, it can ease the pains associated with childbirth and menstruation.

It is believed that when you have a piece of Blue Moonstone within your personal auric field, it will help control men’s unnecessary aggression.

It’s a good stone for people who constantly suffer from lack of confidence, depression, and anxiety.

Blue Moonstones are also very helpful in stopping nose bleeds and treating indigestion. You can also use it them to soothe sunstrokes.

In many cultures, Blue Moonstone is known as the lover’s gemstone because it will help you in finding the person you are meant to be with for the rest of your life.

Not only that, Blue Moonstone can also help with fertility issues. Healers also make use of this stone to balance the pituitary gland and clear the lymphatic system.

This stone can also be used to improve or normalize your sleep cycles. If you suffer from insomnia or other sleep-related problems, you can place this stone under your pillow at night while you sleep.

It’s truly no surprise why Blue Moonstone is such a sought-after stone!

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Blue Moonstone

It is important to take proper care of your Blue Moonstone.

Cleansing it often and keeping it away from strong sunlight will keep its energies strong and constant.

The best way to recharge your Blue Moonstone is by moonlight.

If you take care of your Blue Moonstone, you will also have a very strong and meaningful connection with this incredible stone for many years!

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