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Spessartine: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Spessartine: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Spessartine Properties

Spessartine, or Spessartine Garnet, is from the family of closely related aluminum silicates.

This stone ranges in color from brown-red to hyacinth red. On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, Spessartine’s hardness falls between 6.5 and 7.5.

This stone occurs in Granite Pegmatites with Muscovite and Albite, and in Blueschist or metamorphic rocks with Quartz and Riebechite.

Spessartine is quite uncommon because it’s Spessartine and Almandine in its composition.

It has an orange-red, orange pink, or Aurora red color, with good luster and transparency. It’s normally given a mixed, oval, or round cut.

This stone got its name from the Spessart district in Bavaria, Germany.

Spessartine is most commonly found in Sri Lanka and Myanmar, as well as in Madagascar and Brazil.

Why Would You Use Spessartine?

Spessartine is known as the Stone of Whole Harmony because it will encourage deep healing and help the body heal and repair itself.

It will stimulate a complete and natural renewal that’s given by nature itself.

It’s a stone that will work well in all areas of healing for everyone, including the unborn baby inside the mother’s womb. It’s a very beneficial stone anywhere and anytime!

Spessartine will also bring a good and healthy balance to your spiritual journeys. It will help keep your feet on the ground.

It will also be helpful in dispelling the confusion that’s caused by being pulled into situations without knowing the complete or real story.

It will give you mental and emotional clarity, and it will strengthen your understanding when you are seeking desperately for answers or comfort.

Spessartine will encourage you to see the bigger picture for deeper wisdom. It will also give you the courage and the space to think of yourself and what will be good for your well-being.

Where there is a need for focus, stability, and security, Spessartine will easily take the role of both your female and male support systems. It will work as both a mother and father figure.

It will also support you in increasing your own sense of inner support.

Spessartine vibrates with your body’s lower chakras. It will bring them back in sync and give you more grounding and stabilizing energies.

It’s a very good stone to use when you’re feeling uncomfortable, unsettled, or uprooted in your current environment.

It will dispel your feelings of being lost or afraid, and it will bring more love, peace, and contentment in your life.

It will inspire you to look within and make use of the resources that are available around you. It will help you recognize that you have all you need right there with you!

Spessartine will also help soothe or settle a detached soul. It will be very beneficial to anyone who feels out of balance in their physical body or physical environment.

It’s a very good stone that will support ‘soul removal’.

For those who have departed and are still attached to their physical bodies, this stone will help in the process of soul release and in crossing over to the spirit world.

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Spessartine will enhance your imagination and encourage deep thoughts. It will be extremely beneficial if you wish to travel deep in your mind, as well as your inner worlds.

It will take you to a more connected state to nature and to your environment. It will also open your mind to natural alternatives and increase your sensitivity and awareness in these aspects.

This stone will strive to bring healing, alignment, and balance in your life. It will give you genuine hope and will act as a stepping stone towards a happy and harmonious life.

It will increase your self-worth and inspire personal creativity. The energies of Spessartine will also give you the willingness to help other people. It will give you a more compassionate heart.

How Will Spessartine Help You?

Spessartine, Healing and Health

Spessartine can help balance the fluids in the body and support healthy kidney, lung, and liver functions.

It can also improve bowel functions and the elimination systems in the body.

It can help in easing and treating conditions like emphysema, asthma, and cystic fibrosis.

It can also help in the treatment of allergies that affect the upper body. It can support and protect the body from resisting triggers that can launch a full allergy attack.

Spessartine can support the healing and repair of diseased or damaged kidneys.

When the kidney is beyond healing or repair, this stone can aid the kidney to function along with treatments like kidney dialysis.

Spessartine is a very effective stone in stimulating the body’s natural antibiotics, and it can help fight any kind of bacterial infection in the body.

It can be especially effective in treating infections in the throat area and in improving the recovery process.

Spessartine can ease body cramps, aches, and discomforts. It can bring warmth and comfort to the joints in cases of arthritis.

It has the ability to ease the pains associated with muscle damage or muscle tenderness. It can also help in easing upsets in the colon and digestive systems, and in preventing stomach bacterial infections.

Spessartine can alleviate pains that are caused by your menstrual cycle.

This stone will bring back the healthy functions of the different organs in the body.

In the event of organ replacement, Spessartine can help the body accept the new tissues and organs and promote their strong and healthy functions.

This stone is also beneficial in the treatment of infertility and other issues affecting reproductive organs.

Spessartine can improve blood circulation. It can also improve food intolerances, particularly to dairy or wheat products. It’s also a very effective antidepressant.

Spessartine can also be helpful in correcting calcium deficiencies and in regulating magnesium levels in the metabolic process.

Spessartine and Wealth

Spessartine will enhance your mind’s analytical processes. It will keep you rational, and it will stimulate your imaginative and creative ideas.

The energies of this stone will encourage you to take action on your goals and dreams.

This makes it an excellent stone for actors, dancers, writers, and artists who rely on strong creative energy to deliver great results.

Spessartine will inspire you in speaking about things that embarrass you or are regarded as taboo. It will also support you in overcoming your fear of change and new experiences.

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It will prompt you to be more intuitive, spontaneous, and impulsive.

It will also give you the confidence to go a new path, take on new challenges, and change your life for the better.

Spessartine, Love and Relationships

Spessartine is a stone that will connect your desires to your willpower. It’s an excellent stone to use when you want to cast a spell so that you will achieve your heart’s desires!

Spessartine will enhance your sexual attractiveness and increase your libido.

It’s a stone that will transmute negative energies, leaving only the things that will create passionate and indulgent sexy time!

This is a stone that you should have if you want to achieve sexual growth and strengthen the intimacy that you share with your partner or significant other.

The energy emitted by Spessartine will promote happiness from within and help you in making your relationship more fulfilling.

It will also help you when you’re finding it hard to make yourself seen or heard in your relationship. It will strengthen the bond that you share with your loved one.

How to Use Spessartine for the Best Results?

Spessartine carries fire energy.

When placed in the south area of your room or home, it will increase the positive energies in your environment and transmute the negative energies.

It will also enhance your relationships with the people you love, especially with your significant other.

The Best Combination to use with Spessartine

Spessartine will work well with almost any kind of stone or crystal, especially with pink crystals, but there are specific ones that will boost or enhances its healing properties.

You can use it with Dioptase, Amazonite, Blue Peru Opal, Blue Chalcedony, Lithium Quartz, Pietersite, Scapolite, Rainbow Moonstone, Pink Mangano Calcite, Petalite, or Picasso Stone if you want to get rid of your stress and stimulate relaxation.

How to Cleanse Spessartine?

Crystals vibrate to the energies of people who touch them and hold them. This also applies to the crystals that you wear or put in your bag.

Your thoughts and feelings get transferred to your crystals. This is why they need regular cleansing after being used.

They absorb the negativity of illness, harmful thought patterns, and bitter feelings. There are many ways to cleanse your crystals, but the easiest way is with salt water.

It’s easy and quick. Just make sure that you place your Spessartine in a glass dish. Don’t use plastic when cleansing crystals. Use bottled or mineral water and add a bit of sea salt or kosher salt.

Soak the crystals for a few minutes. Don’t let them soak too long because salt can alter the appearance of your crystals.

Rinse them well to remove the salt residue and then let them dry naturally under the sun. A rare method of cleansing Spessartine crystals is with the use of brown rice.

Place some brown rice in a glass bowl. Put the crystals in. They don’t need to be fully covered by the rice, though.

Visualize the rice cleansing all your crystals and leave them to sit there for several minutes. You can also choose to cleanse them longer and leave them there overnight.

After you’re done cleansing them, brush the rice off from the crystals. Throw away the rice because it has already absorbed the negative energies.

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Your Spessartine crystals can also be cleansed using scented herbs. Simply put your crystals in a glass dish and cover them in fresh or dried herbs for a day or two.

When you’re done with the cleansing, you can keep the herbs and use them for your next cleansing. They can be used for up to three cleansings.

You can choose any plant, flower, or herb that you want. Popular favorites are comfrey, sandalwood, cedar, myrrh, frankincense, sage, and rose petals.

There are also a few stones that are known as cleansers. They have the power to absorb negative energies and cleanse them.

One method you can try is cleansing smaller Spessartine crystals and putting them on larger Quartz clusters.

You can use a Citrine quartz cluster and place your crystals there for several hours or days.

If you don’t have a Citrine quartz cluster, you can also use Rose Quartz, Smoky Quartz, Milky Quartz, and Amethyst. Their cleansing effects will be just as powerful.

But one of the most powerful cleanser crystals is Selenite. You can use a Selenite slab and wand for this, or even Selenite eggs, balls, and stones.

It will be easier to cleanse your crystals with a Selenite slab because you can just leave them on top of it for several hours.

If you want a cheaper option, you can line up Selenite wands together and just place your Spessartine crystals on top of them.

You can also place all your Spessartine crystals in a dish or inside a bag with pieces of Selenite crystals in them. This will do wonders in cleansing all their negative energies!

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Spessartine
spessartine meaning

Spessartine is also known as the Garnet of the Sun. It will spark creativity and Kundalini awakening.

It will heighten your ability to manifest and act on the things that you desire.

It will encourage optimism and confidence, and it will inspire you to be bolder and more daring.

It’s a stone that will also kick your sex life into high gear!

Spessartinemakes an excellent protection talisman. It’s used to achieve balance and harmony in your life and attain inner growth.

This stone will promote feelings of happiness from inside you and help you make your life more fulfilling.

It will assist you with your public speaking and in your socialization in group situations.

It will bring a feeling of calmness and focus in your efforts, and it will increase your motivation to accomplish all that you desire.

Spessartine possesses an energizing warmth that will promote love, peace, and happiness in your life!

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