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Wavellite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Wavellite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Wavellite Properties

Wavellite is an aluminum phosphate hydroxide hydrate.

It usually occurs in globular or hemispherical aggregates of botryoidal crusts on matrix, radiating crystals, or stalactitic deposits.

This stone also forms as a secondary mineral in crevices of aluminous, metaphoric, low-grade rocks.

Wavellite is a translucent stone with a vitreous to resinous or pearly luster.

It’s named after the English physician who first discovered it, William Wavell.

Wavellite exhibits different shades of green, which range from dark emerald green, apple green, bright green, to pale green.

There are also Wavellite stones that are black, brown, yellow, and blue, although they are quite rare.

Wavellite is usually found in the USA, Ireland, England, Australia, Congo, Germany, Brazil, France, Bolivia, and the Czech Republic.

Why Would You Use Wavellite?

Wavellite stone jewelry

Wavellite is an unusual and rare gemstone that emits powerful vibrational healing energies.

It will help you recognize and understand the law of one, that each and every person is whole and complete.

It will help you acknowledge that everyone is one and the same and came from the same source.

Wavellite will assist you in looking at the big picture first before deciding on anything important.

It will also help you manage difficult situations so you can gain a better understanding of the reasons behind these challenges and struggles.

This stone will remind you that it’s only the wisdom gained from persistent observations that will help you overcome new challenges and struggles.

They will test you on how you handle them, deal with them, and learn from them.

Wavellite will help you understand that everything happens for a reason, and everything exists for a purpose.

This stone has a very straightforward vibration, and this vibration grows more powerful every new moon. It will develop your psychic abilities and sharpen your intuition.

Wavellite will assist you in looking at the bigger picture before you make a decision or take action.

When paired with Emerald, it will help you manage challenging situations and give you the information that you need to complete a task. It will help you come to an informed and sound decision.

Wavellite will enhance the energy flow to increase stability and promote a healthier balance in your body.

This stone will also promote soul healing on a deeper level, and it will reveal your core beliefs that usually lead to problems and conflicts.

If you combine it with Rhodochrosite, Wavellite will give you excellent support when you’re going through emotional healing.

It will help you clear the pain of your past traumatic experiences for those seeking emotional healing. It will facilitate the clearing of past traumas or abusive energies that you hold in your heart.

How Will Wavellite Help You?

Wavellite, Healing and Health

Wavellite can be used in enhancing blood flow and blood circulation.

It can also promote balance in the blood count ratios.

The healing energies of this stone can also help in the treatment of dermatitis. It can also be helpful in the treatment of colds and the flu. Even hay fever and other common skin complaints.

Wavellite is good as boosting your immune system overall, although don’t feel like it’s a free pass to skip on healthy food and hydration – it’s to complement those things, not replace them!

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This crystal will align your energies so you are affected much less by whatever bug is going around the neighborhood or office.

Similarly, you will find that those times you do fall ill, you bounce back much quicker than usual.

Your overall energy and vitality will increase the more you work with this stone, especially if you combine it with other crystals that promote high energy.

You will find that you face each day ready to roll up your sleeves and accomplish all you need to do, without running the risk of fatigue or burnout.

That’s because this stone attunes itself to your more restful periods and makes them more fulfilling, so you recharge more when sleeping or still.

Wavellite and Wealth

Wavellite will give you the insight to make the best decisions and know the best steps to take, especially when it concerns your finances or financial obligations.

This stone will also make you more aware of the things that are happening around you. Even the ones that you don’t see or particularly witness.

It will also give you vivid dreams that will inspire you to make them a reality.

This stone will give you the mental strength to figure out complex problems and find the best decisions. It will strengthen your resolve to stand by your personal convictions.

It will also help you with your decision-making because you will be able to assimilate your lessons and experiences.

Wavellite, Love and Relationships

It’s a stone that will help you focus on your true inner self and the love that you hold inside you.

Wavellite will guide you in radiating this same love to the world and to the people around you!

Wavellite (Fischerite).jpg

It will guide you in seeing the entire picture and knowing how you think or feel about it before making a decision or taking action.

Wavellite is an excellent stone for emanating kindness, peace, compassion, and love to the world and to the people who are important to you.

This stone will be beside you as you go through your problems or challenges in love and relationships.

When you are guided by the energies of Wavellite, you will easily accept truths about yourself your significant other, and your relationship.

It will make you realize that no one is perfect, and no relationship is without problems.

Wavellite will give you the courage, strength, and humility to accept the things that you can no longer change.

It will also make you understand that change is possible, but it will not happen in just a snap of a finger.

It will inspire you to look within yourself and see what you can change in yourself that will also inspire change in the person you love.

Wavellite will remind you that a relationship is a partnership, and you need to operate as one unit.

You can have your own pursuits and passions as individuals, but you and your significant other should have the same goals.

You may have different methods and approaches to achieving that goal, but at the end of the day, it’s achieving that goal together that will matter more.

Wavellite will show you the real meaning of universal love. It will fill your life with love so that you will be inspired to give love and show love to others.

The energies of this stone will also promote self-healing.

When you experience something painful or heartbreaking, Wavellite will give you the strength and courage to heal yourself from the pain and move forward from the experience.

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This stone will remind you that there is a universal energy that’s at work in your life. It will show you how to be more compassionate, faithful, and loving.

This stone will encourage you to bring in more peace into your relationship, and to stay away from unnecessary conflicts.

Wavellite will also inspire you to keep the hope alive in your heart. As long as there’s still love to give, you should never lose hope in someone very important to you!

How to Use Wavellite for the Best Results

Wavellite is a great stone to use in meditation because it will increase your intuitive abilities and activate your inner knowledge.

When used in healing grids or crystal body layouts, Wavellite will improve the flow of energy from your ethereal body to your physical body.

When employed in Gaia Healing, you can place a piece of Wavellite anywhere there are disturbed or negative energies.

It will stabilize the energy flow and replace the unwanted energies with positive ones.

The Best Combination to use with Wavellite

Wavellite is a powerful stone that will help you overcome and heal from any kind of trauma.

It will be an even more powerful stone when you combine it with stones and crystals such as Carnelian, Tourmaline, Emerald, Thulite, Iolite, Shiva Lingam, Kunzite, Ruby in Zoisite, Lapis Lazuli, or Rose Quartz.

You can also pair it with Rhodochrosite, Mahogany Obsidian, Peridot, or Orange Calcite.

When you need help with your decision making, using Wavellite with Tigers Eye, Nephrite, Lepidolite, Jade, Fluorite, Falcon’s Eye, Emerald, Diamond, Crazy Lace Agate, Charoite, or Bronzite will clear your mind and get rid of the distractions.

If you want to achieve healing from certain skin disorders, you can also combine Wavellite with Moonstone, Green Jasper, Moss Agate, Mother of Pearl, Botswana Agate, Rainforest Jasper, Dumortierite, Apophyllite, Fancy Jasper, or Crazy Lace Agate.

Wavellite Spiritual Energy

Wavellite is a very powerful stone that embodies a significant amount of spiritual energy.

It is a stone that possesses the ability to heal anyone who is yielding it by emitting very strong healing vibrations.

By keeping this stone in your possession you will gain the realization that everything that exists on this planet comes from the same source.

It will also help you understand that all human beings are in one way or the other linked to each other and the divine realm.

It will help open your eyes to the bigger picture in your life and will allow you to make better use of your time and energies on things and issues that really matter.

Wavellite will also help make your thoughts clearer.

By providing you with the ability to take great decisions, it will also help sharpen your mind.

Wavellite will also act as a scrub for your soul, cleansing your inner being entirely.

All of the negativity and emotional baggage that you were holding on to will slowly but surely start to drift away and you will feel rejuvenated.

It will also enable you to tackle and forget every traumatic event of the past that was haunting you in your life.

Wavellite will allow you to foresee all the necessary steps you have to take in life with the help of dreams.

This insight into the future will enable you to have certain inspirations in your dream, which when acted upon will give you great success.

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It will enable you to look at your past decisions and mistakes with a new lens and hence you will be able to avoid making the same mistakes in the future.

Wavellite will allow you to love your body and soul.

By putting you into direct contact with your inner soul, this stone will act as a tool for you to understand the truest and deepest desires of your heart.

When you truly understand your own heart and soul is when you will also start bringing happiness and positivity into the lives of all those around you.

In this way, Wavellite will allow you to keep into consideration the feelings and benefits of others before you make any big decisions.

Wavellite will also provide you with energies that will help you enter an entirely new phase in your relationship with your better half.

It will enable you to be more open and honest with your partner which will allow you both to reach a level of understanding that was just not present before.

Wavellite will also help you accept the reality of your situation.

By providing you with the energies to confront your fate, it will enable you to come to terms with whatever you have and accept it rather than always chasing after something else.

It will also enable you to really understand what your passions are so that you can pursue them wholeheartedly, without any doubts holding you back.

Wavellite will also help you unlock your psychic abilities.

If you have ever gone through an existential crisis, this stone will truly help you understand the true meaning of your life.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Wavellite
wavellite meaning

Wavellite is a stone that you can use if you want to satisfy your curiosities.

It will also enhance your psychic abilities in a unique and unusual way, and that’s by answering your inner questions with significant synchronicities.

If you wish to know something that’s not within your ordinary realm of consciousness, you can meditate with a Wavellite and reflect on the events of the coming days!

You will be amazed by this stone, especially if you’re serious about self-advancement.

Wavellite is an excellent stone to use if you want to expand your field of vision and allow yourself to see a situation more clearly so that you can find the hidden elements.

Unlike most stones and crystals that will only let you focus on just one specific issue or nature, Wavellite will give you an uninhibited and unrestricted view.

This stone will allow you to see the complete picture, without any distractions.

Wavellite is a powerful healing stone that will improve your decision-making and heighten your intuition.

It will also calm your anger and lovingly raise the issues that are embedded deep in your psyche.

It’s a stone that will bring your soul to healing.

Wavellite will bring you back to your happy and healthy state and make sure that you maintain it!

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