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Aegirine: Meanings, Properties, and Powers

Aegirine: Meanings, Properties, and Powers

Aegirine is a highly intriguing stone that holds the title of being one the noblest of stones, which has its own charisma and personality.

It’s blade like facade coupled with its black colour make it a very beautiful and striking stone to look at, with this in your possession you’re bound to feel power and passion.

Due to the various different qualities Aegirine possesses, it’s loved by thousands of people around the globe, just like Septarian.

Properties Of Aegirine

Usually occurring in the alkalic igneous rocks, Aegirine has a very glassy surface that is original of a dark green colour when it is first formed.

The outermost surface of the stone is a lustrous black with the blades on its skin quite evident to a first time viewer.

It is associated with the sun sign Taurus and it is known to enhance stillness and calmness.

With its Mohs hardness varying in between 5 and 6, this stone can be found all around the world including the US, Canada, Greenland, and Russia amongst others.

Also known as Acmite, Aegirine was originally named after the Norse god of the sea, Ægir.

Set of Aegirine Crystals
A set of Aegirine crystals

Why Would You Use Aegirine?

Aegirine is a very special stone, it’s surface with its blades may signify how this rock is just waiting for its master to draw power from it.

If you are someone who lacks a clear vision of their purpose in life then Aegirine will help you find that purpose.

Not only that, Aegirine will enable you to get in touch with your innermost desires and wants and will give you the power you need to go out and achieve them.

Just like Angel Aura, Aegirine is a very noble stone so it will help you develop a personality with a certain amount of integrity and truthfulness to it.

You will start finding that honesty is the key to everything and is also most definitely the best policy in most situations.

If you are someone who has gone through some issues that have left you guessing certain aspects of your own life and others, Aegirine will help resolve these doubts.

By helping you come to terms with your own situation, Aegirine will allow you to accept yourself first and then others as well.

You will become the master of your own life when you realize it’s much better to accept your circumstance rather than to evade and try to fight it.

Aegirine is also a great stone to have on yourself whenever you’re faced with a physical task, the healing energies that it provides may help you recover from tiredness faster.

Apart from its healing energies, Aegirine is also a protective stone that will provide an added layer of protection around you whenever you are out and about in the world.

This protection will help you a great deal if you are sensitive to low-frequency radiations that are caused by mobile phones and cell towers.

If you find yourself near a lot of radiation then Aegirine is your go to stone to keep on hand at all times.

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If you are someone who is a victim of constant pressure and stress then Aegirine will help to calm you and your brain down so that you may get peace.

Like Abalone, it will help lift your mood by removing all the sadness and negative energy from around you.

If you are someone who is a little self-conscious about their looks then Aegirine is the best stone for you as it’ll help you overcome your doubts about yourself.

Aegirine is also a very female friendly stone so if you are a woman, you can get the most benefit out of this amazing stone!

Rough Aegirine Stone

How Will Aegirine Help You?

Aegirine will initiate a process of healing from the inside for you as you will become accustomed to fighting off small viruses with ease.

You will feel the ability of your body to fight against bacteria getting better and better because your body will have the ability to self-heal.

With the help of Aegirine, you can gain the confidence to tackle any sort of obstacle and come out on top of any situation that might come your way.

If you are someone who feels as if they’re not in the best shape then Aegirine will not only help you start loving yourself but also encourage you to do whatever you can to get healthier.

If anxiety is your friend then Aegirine will assist in breaking off this relationship by making you realize that stressing about everything will not solve anything.

You will gain the ability to calm your nerves before reacting to a situation, this will allow you to always remain one step ahead of the opposition.

The special powers of this stone will enable you to increase your overall physical stamina as well as your physique.

Aegirine will help provide you with a boost of energy that is required to achieve certain tasks of the day that you previously couldn’t complete.

You will feel the strength to do various different tasks that you would’ve previously opted out of and this will give you a certain level of confidence that money can’t buy.

This stone will emotionally heal and relieve you of any prior regrets and scars that you might have so that you can finally move on and start living a better life.

Always keeping you motivated, Aegirine will enable you to achieve your goals and targets with much greater ease than usual.

Aegirine will also help relieve you of any back or joint pain in your body due to its healing abilities.

By replacing all the negativity and toxicity from your surroundings, Aegirine will enable you to become a much more fulfilled and happy person.

Aegirine will also help you keep promising that you’ve made to yourself as well as others so it’s best to keep it on your person.

Aegirine and Spiritual Healing

Aegirine is a very special stone that is most likely to activate all of your inner chakras and hence give you a lot more control over your body.

This stone will especially affect your root chakra, giving you much more control over your movements as well as balance.

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Aegirine is also essential when we talk about physical and spiritual energies of the body has it helps boost these levels.

Aegirine will also help you understand the nature of your own body and it’s limited, with the help of Aegirine you will be able to manage your energies and time much more efficiently.

Starting from the base of your spine, the balance in your chakra will enable you to become much more aware of your own capabilities and powers.

Aegirine will also enable you to form a solid connection with the divine realm so that you always know whether you’re walking down the right path or not.

Apart from physical healing, Aegirine will help your soul heal from any past scars or traumas that you might’ve gone through.

Aegirine will help connect you to your innermost self and you’ll learn the meaning of true happiness for the soul.

You’ll learn to let go of materialistic wants and desires and instead focus on how to keep your mind and soul healthy and evil free.

Aegirine will deepen your connection to the metaphysical world so that you may learn to not put too much time and energy into things that won’t matter in the long run.

This will provide peace to your soul and instead of running after physical wealth you will be much more inclined towards pleasing the divine realm with your behaviour.

Aegirine will help you understand that no one else can hinder your progress and success for as long as you stay committed to the right path and keep walking down it without flinching.

Aegirine, Love and Romance

Aegirine is a perfect stone for you and your partner, especially if you are just starting out your relationship.

It is bound to give you a very strong and solid foundation for your relationship due to its energies of truthfulness and nobility.

You will find your relationship to be just another aspect of your life that is just perfect, with you and your partner fully satisfied with their respective lives.

Having this noble stone in your possession will enable you to add a certain amount of character and integrity to your relationship that would’ve previously been impossible.

This character and integrity will set you apart from most other couples and will enable the two of you to go the long distance.

If you have been in a relationship for a long period of time before getting hold of the stone, you will start to feel as though you’re becoming much more easy with your partner.

The two of you will definitely start sharing more activities and secrets with each other so that both of you are aware of what is happening in the other person’s life.

They want to cheat or deceive will not come close to your head as your aim in life would be to follow a straight path, one without any deceptions.

This is key for when you want a relationship that works and Aegirine will indefinitely help you get there.

Your relationship will be built upon respect and trust and those are the relationships that last and have the ability to go the distance.

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Polished Aegirine

How to Use Aegirine for the Best Results

Aegirine is a perfect companion for you during your travels abroad or even within your country as it adds a certain layer of extra protection for you.

Keep it in your back or in your pocket if you have space before your departure and you will notice how smoothly everything runs on your trip.

Another best way to make the most out of Aegirine is to meditate with it so that you can draw out all of its positive energy and make use of it yourself.

Make sure that whenever you’re meditating with Aegirine, you are in a silent place where you can focus all of your attention towards the stone and the powers it possesses.

During meditation, try to envision the energies flowing out of the stone and going into your mind and body to help promote both physical and mental health.

Meditating with this special stone will make you become in tune with the metaphysical energies of this world and you would be able to draw out the positive energy from nature and use it to your own advantage.

If you are someone who can’t figure out the perfect place to keep Aegirine in then you can also wear it as jewelry.

Every negative situation or comment that you face will automatically be nullified due to the help of this stone and you will go through the day with much greater confidence and ease.

Keeping this stone on your body will also help you get rid of any negative beings that might’ve previously been influencing your mind with negative thoughts.

Aegirine will break this connection and enable you to move forward without anything holding you back.

My Final Thoughts

All in all, Aegirine is one of the most intriguing stones you might ever come across.

Not only is it a very beautiful stone to look at but is also extremely useful in almost all situations that you face in your everyday life.

Excellent for those who want to reintroduce some integral values back into their lives with the help of this stone.

This stone will not only help make you independent but will also shape your personality in such a way that it piques the interest of everyone who meets you.

Aegirine is a very special stone with countless hidden abilities and powers that you can draw from whenever you need the assistance.

It will help protect you from evil and give you a sense of justice and respect.
Having this on you will surely give you the self-confidence essential to go out and conquer each day.

Aegirine Pin

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