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Shattuckite: Meaning, Properties and Powers

Shattuckite: Meaning, Properties and Powers

Shattuckite Properties and Meanings

Shattuckite is a silicate stone that has a high copper content. It’s usually opaque and blue in color, with shades ranging from light to dark.

When polished the right way, Shattuckite forms patterns of red and blue that can surpass the beauty and elegance of the turquoise gemstone!

Shattuckite is usually the combination of the forest green colors of Dioptase, the pastel green of Malachite, and the royal blue of Chrysocolla.

This vibrant mix of colors is what makes this stone so unique and special.

Shattuckite’s name is taken from the locality where it was discovered, which is the Shattuck Mine in Bisbee, Arizona, USA. That’s where it’s also usually mined.

Why Would You Use Shattuckite?

Shattuckite is a stone that can help you process spiritual information, enhance your general well-being, and work on your inner strength.

It’s a very spiritual stone that is closely connected with psychic information and clarity. It also has strong protective powers that can guard you against physical or psychic harm.

It’s a strong psychic communication stone that can build a powerful connection between you and your spirit guides, as well as your loved ones who have passed away.

It can bring courage and inner strength when you’re faced with a stressful situation.

It can also be beneficial to you when you need to remember and comprehend large amounts of information in a short amount of time.

Shattuckite can sharpen your intuition and boost your concentration.

It can give you a clear understanding of things, and it can help your mental and intuitive abilities to work together harmoniously.

This will be very beneficial stone to women who balance career and family life.

Shattuckite can help you focus on the things that you need to accomplish at work. It will keep you energized, alert, and productive.

As a result, you will be able to leave the office on time and make it to your family and spend quality time with them.

It’s an excellent stone for removing the barriers or blockages of the past.

If there’s anything that’s out of alignment in your life, Shattuckite can clear whatever is causing this imbalance or disharmony.

Shattuckite can reach high frequency vibrations and is able to attract pure and light energies.

It can also develop your psychic vision and telepathic abilities.

How Will Shattuckite Help You?

Shattuckite, Healing and Health

Shattuckite has a lot of healing properties. It can help with prevention and treatment of general and minor health complaints. It can also act as a general tonic for your body.

It can help with blood clots. Shattuckite’s healing properties can also help with issues with the spleen and the parathyroid. It can also aid in regaining the balance of bile and acid in the body.

It can ease the pains and discomforts associated with tonsillitis. It can also be a helpful tool in the treatment of diabetes.

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Shattuckite will also stimulate calcium absorption. It can stabilize mental functions, and even reprogram the DNA!

Shattuckite and Wealth

Shattuckite can help manifest wealth. It’s also an excellent stone that can open doors of opportunities and new ventures for you.

The energies that you can get from this stone will also attract good luck and good fortune. If you’re going through financial challenges, this stone can help you make the right financial decisions and bring you wealth slowly but surely!

Shattuckite, Love and Relationships

It’s the stone that you must have if you want to have reconciliation in your relationship.

It can help you establish peaceful, loving, and harmonious relationships.

Shattuckite will work like a sounding board. You can tell this stone everything that’s bother you or worrying you. It will enlighten your mind and help you come to the right decision.

This stone will influence you to speak from the heart.

No need to hide what you’re feeling because it will manifest in your words, thoughts, and actions, anyway. You might as well let it out and save yourself the trouble!

Shattuckite will remind you to take ownership for your past actions. This stone will show you that self-responsibility is one of the many ways that you can achieve self-awareness.

You may have done some things in the past that you’re not proud of. What matters is what you do in the present that will set things right.

You can never change the past, but you can be more aware in the present so that it will not affect how your future will unfold. Shattuckite will help you face the consequences of your actions with grace and dignity.

If you feel like there’s something holding you or your partner back, try using this stone. It will calm your mind and remove anything that’s unwanted in your heart.

It will remove feelings of restlessness and confusion. It will calm your feelings of being lost and alone. Shattuckite will fill you with feelings of love, warmth, and belongingness.

Wherever you put this stone, it will create a peaceful and loving environment. It will bring balance and harmony into your life. It will also positively influence everyone who comes and goes in that space.

Shattuckite is a stone of truth, communication, and wisdom.

Any relationship will benefit from this stone because it will foster honesty, truthfulness, and openness. No relationship can survive without these things!

Shattuckite will increase your ability to accept the truth and express the truth. It’s a stone that supports the sharing of truth through actions and not just words.

Shattuckite is very effective in healing relationships where hurtful or harmful words have caused pain or anger. It can help mend what’s broken, and it can help restore the friendship.

It will encourage you to listen to your heart, because it is also in harmony with your mind and spirit. It will inspire you to live your life according to what feels good and right in your heart.

Shattuckite will inspire you to live your life in a way that makes you happy and satisfied. This will speak volumes to other people, and sometimes that’s all you really need to do.

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How to Use Shattuckite for the Best Results?

The best way to wear Shattuckite is by wearing it at the throat. This will vibrate with the chakras that can be found above and below this area.

You can also carry a Shattuckite stone in your pocket to keep its vibrations close to your personal auric field. This will enhance the growth of your mediumship and your psychic communication.

When you place Shattuckite in the east area of your home or office, you can enhance the energies of family or community there.

It will ensure the proper flow of energies carrying love and affection in your home, and energies of camaraderie and harmony in your workplace.

Placing Shattuckite in the north part of the room will enhance the career and life path aspects. Doing this will keep your life moving towards your dreams and goals without any hitch.

As a meditation aid, this stone can help you understand what’s going on with the affairs of your heart.

It will also help you answer your questions about your intentions and about your loved ones. It will help you achieve a brighter outlook.

Since Shattuckite contains copper, it’s best not to use it as an elixir. It can be cleansed with water, and it can be charged under the sun.

The Best Combination to Use with Shattuckite

Shattuckite will work well by pairing it with Lapis Lazuli, Lazulite, Turquoise, Phenacite, or Chrysocolla.

It will also combine well with Larimar and Ajoite.

If you wish to use this stone to see who’s telling you the truth, or you wish to have the strength to speak the truth, combine it with White Beryl, Goshenite, Preseli Bluestone, Euclase, Sunstone, or Arfvedsonite.

You can also pair it with high vibration stones like Natrolite and Brookite, or Magnesite, Dioptase, Merkabite Calcite, Lazulite, Blue Topaz, and Septaria.

If you want to improve your channeling abilities and your gift of mediumship, you can pair it with Blue Tourmaline, Pollucite, Merlinite, Sugilite, Blue Hemimorphite, Yttrium Fluorite, Ajoite, and Adamite.

You can also combine Shattuckite with stones that will stimulate the throat chakra. These stones include Eilat Stone, Malachite, Ajoite in Quartz, Blue Azurite, and Turquoise.

What Chakra is Shattuckite?

Shattuckite is a stone that resonates with the heart, throat, and third eye chakras.

It’s known as a stone of connection because it allows you to connect to the inner realms. It also guides you in understanding and expressing information that comes straight from your spirit.

Shattuckite is a stone that you use to open your psychic channels and hear the messages that come from your spirit guides, as well as from the spirits of people who have already passed on.

If you wish to work as a medium, this stone will work with you in promoting and growing your capacities to communicate with spirits.

Shattuckite vibrates with the energies of truth so that you can make sure to interpret the messages from other realms as accurately as possible.

As a third eye stone that energizes your psychic centers, Shattuckite promotes vocal channeling and automatic writing.

It’s also used to heal and cleanse the lingering energies from your past lives.

The energies of Shattuckite will help you in finding the right words to express what you’re thinking or feeling.

Crystals S

They can also stimulate your intuitive and mental abilities to work harmoniously together.

This stone is very helpful in learning intuitive disciplines such as runes, tarot, astrology, and other oracular guides.

Shattuckite is a beautiful and peaceful stone that shares sacred truth with others through actions instead of words. It inspires you to walk the talk and to practice what you preach.

This stone supports you in aligning yourself with universal freedom. It will help you understand where your life is out of integrity.

It will help you to firmly but kindly redirect your thoughts, words, attitudes, and actions so that they reflect your deeper spirit wisdom.

This stone’s energies will align your external reality with your internal wisdom of what’s right and good for your life.

Shattuckite also helps you where your judgmental words and thoughts have fed your ego and deprived your spirit.

It’s also a stone that will help you heal your broken relationship where your bad judgments or hurtful wounds have caused wounds.

It reminds you that being responsible for yourself is the first step towards achieving spiritual awareness.

On a spiritual level, Shattuckite understands which aspect of your life is out of alignment with your spiritual truth.

It supports you in recognizing where a change is needed so that you can make that change before you point out other people’s flaws and shortcomings.

On an emotional level, Shattuckite reminds you that you must live a life of truth before you can teach others about the truth.

It reminds you to first think about what you say, think, or do that are causing disharmony rather than blame other people for your life’s difficulties.

It’s a calming and soothing stone especially for people who are too aggressive, reactive, judgmental, or irresponsible.

As a physical stone, Shattuckite works to improve your general health. It can help in healing a myriad of health problems, including bronchitis, tonsillitis, sore throat, and strep to name a few.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Shattuckite
shattuckite meaning

Shattuckite is a strong dispeller of bad energies and will bring joy, love, and calmness to your life.

It’s a stone of feminine powers that’s excellent for unleashing your creativity, easing your fears, and taming your bad tempers.

This stone will help you align yourself to your divine mind and allow your thoughts, words, and actions to connect with your spirit.

It will help you to heal your relationships, be responsible for your actions in the past, and speak what’s only true.

If you’re having a tough time with your relationship and don’t know whether to keep holding on or just let go, Shattuckite will help clear your heart and mind.

Shattuckite is a stone of reconciliation, and it can help you and your loved one reconcile and make your love new again!

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