Alternate Names & Spellings for Realgar:  Ruby Sulphur, Ruby of Sulphur

NOTE: Realgar is HIGHLY toxic due to the arsenic it contains. Handle with great care.

Crystal Meanings Lore of Realgar:

Keywords:  Energy, Unlocking

Spiritual and Psychic Properties

Realgar is a stone that is especially potent at drawing energy into the body on all levels. This energy can be used in many ways. As a root chakra stone, it tends to bring energy — related most likely to kundalini — up through the chakras to enable its use on all levels.

Mental and Emotional Properties

Realgar is used to go into the subconscious and unlock things we have hidden from ourselves. It can bring them to light where we can use and work with them. This makes realgar a crystal healing tool said to be excellent for healing past traumas where memories have been suppressed. This reflection of our true hidden selves can also bring calm acceptance of our selves and personal compassion.