Realgar: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Realgar is powerful

Realgar Properties

Realgar is an arsenic sulfide mineral that occurs in volcanic hot springs and low-temperature hydrothermal veins. It’s a transparent crystal with a resinous and greasy luster.

It’s most commonly dark red, orange, or red in color.

Realgar is also known as Ruby Sulphur. Its name is from the Arabic word ‘rahj al-gahr’, which means powder of the mine.

Its most notable localities include Peru, Europe, China, Canada, the USA, and Australia.

Why Would You Use Realgar?

Realgar is a deeply cleansing crystal which delves deep in your subconscious and illuminates your hidden thoughts, and even your past lives.

This crystal can bring them to light so that you can use them and work with them.

When you know what lies in your subconscious, you can have a better idea where you want your life to go and what you want to happen in your life.

When combined with Moldavite, Realgar is a very potent crystal that can bring energy to the body on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

With realgar by your side, you will feel inspired and revitalized, and you will feel like you can achieve anything!

Realgar is also an excellent healing crystal that can heal your past traumas, which suppress your past memories.

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It will also allow you to see your genuine hidden self that will bring about compassion and acceptance.

Realgar will improve your intellect and enhance your analytical thinking. It will get rid of any mental blocks that are preventing you from focusing on your goals or getting started on your dreams.

If you pair it with Larimar, it will enhance your mental power and boost your memory. Even when you’re under a lot of stress, you will still be able to think clearly and make the best decisions.

Realgar will help you clear the clutter in your mind so that you can access new sources of inspiration. It will promote clarity of thought and strength of mind.

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When the mind is clear, you can easily zero in on what your strong points and weak points are. You can take concrete steps to turn your weaknesses into strengths.

This crystal will also strengthen your communication skills. It will help you build your mental capacity as well.

Realgar is a powerful crystal that you should not be without because it will help you resolve your problems with confidence and foresight.

This crystal will give your life balance and harmony, and it will help you connect your mind to your heart.

It will also offer protection from negativity on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

How Will Realgar Help You?

Realgar, Healing and Health

It’s a crystal that can be used to stimulate growth on a cellular level.

Realgar can get rid of the body’s toxins.

It can also be used to enhance fertility, address sexual problems, and boost sexual energy.

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This crystal is also known to help in treating hearing disorders.

It’s also a crystal that can help balance cholesterol levels.

Realgar and Wealth

Realgar will attract good luck and prosperity, and it will remove the negative energies that prevent you from achieving financial success.

Its energies will help you have sharper focus so that you will not be easily distracted by the bumps in the road. Its energies are similar to Amazonite energies.

It will also infuse you with energies of motivation and determination so that you will not easily give up when the going gets tough!

Realgar will fill you with uplifting and inspiring energies so that you will not constantly worry or stress about the worst things that can happen.

Your thoughts are powerful, and they can manifest in your life if you keep thinking about something!

This crystal will show you how you can separate your emotions when conducting business so that you can achieve the results that you want.

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It will also boost your creativity and innovative thinking so that you will always have something new to offer to people.

Realgar, Love and Relationships

Realgar is a crystal that has the ability to remove dependency in your relationship. It will remind you that you are strong and powerful, and you can make something of yourself without depending so much on your partner for everything.

Even if you are in a committed relationship, you can still shine on your own. Remember that you are your own unique person who just happens to be in a relationship with someone!

Realgar will unlock your secret desires and hidden dreams.

It will access the deepest recesses of your mind to find out what truly motivates you, what genuinely makes you happy, and what will really make you settle down with someone.

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This crystal will also stimulate your growth and your partner’s. It will make you see the things that you need to improve on in yourselves.

It will also make you realize that there’s still a lot of things that your relationship needs to go through to stand the test of time.

Realgar will give you the wisdom that you need to win at love. It will share insights on how you can be the best partner, and how you can have the best relationship possible.

It will support you in your path to emotional healing. It will act as an emotional soothing balm to your emotional pains.

It will dull the pain of what you experienced, but it will not completely remove it. You need this pain to help you realize just how strong and brave you can be!

This crystal will help turn your pain into power. It will inspire you to transform your pain into your purpose.

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Realgar will also show you how you can infuse your relationship with more patience and understanding.

You will go through challenges that will certainly test your level of patience and understanding.

But you will also realize that the more you go through these tests, the more you improve on these aspects as well.

When you have the energies of Realgar in your life, you will enjoy more flexible attitudes, more sensitive responses, and smaller egos.

Your relationship will benefit greatly, especially when there’s a bit of a competition going on.

Realgar will take the sting out of a hot temperament. It will help you release your anger in a healthy way, and without disrupting the emotional balance.

You will be the voice of reason and the source of calm in stressful situations.

You will be able to say what’s in your heart without fear of being brushed off or not being taken seriously.

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Realgar will work to clear the negativity in your relationship. It will also deflect any negativity that will threaten your relationship.

This crystal will ring warning bells in your head when someone or something tries to get in the picture. It will send you protective energies so that you can protect what’s rightfully yours!

Realgarwill help you increase your satisfaction and pleasure in your relationship. It will give you the courage to speak and clarify your emotional needs.

With this powerful and nurturing crystal, there will be plenty of joyful energies in your relationship. They will be the source of your happiness and satisfaction!

Realgar will also guide you when your relationship goes through big changes. It will nurture you so that you will not feel like you’re going to lose your way.

It will reassure you that everything will soon normalize when you get past the adjustment stage. You just need to hold on a little bit longer!

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Realgar is a real lucky charm when it comes to love and relationships. There will be plenty of positive changes that will manifest in your relationship. These changes will make your relationship feel like new again!

How to Use Realgar for the Best Results

Realgar is a very beautiful crystal, but proper care must be made if you are going to use it.

Always wash your hands after touching or activating this crystal, especially if it’s powdery. Avoid inhaling, ingesting, or licking it.

Realgar should never be used to make an elixir.

It’s also quite sensitive to air and direct sunlight. It will break down easily if not stored properly, so put them away from sunlight inside dry light-proof containers.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Realgarrealgar meaning

Realgar will offer you the possibility to connect with your heart on a deeper level. It will also show you how you can burn away your illusions that hold you back.


It will help you tear down your walls and release your pretention and denial.

It will show you how living with great love can improve all aspects of your life.

Realgar energies will encourage you to demonstrate compassion. It will show you how you can liberate yourself from old soul patterns.

It will let you experience immense gratitude for all the things that you have experienced, and have yet to experience, in your life.

It will support you as you discover your own life path and burn down the limitations that no longer serve you.

Realgar will reveal what’s in your subconscious, and it will unlock secrets hidden within yourself!