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Dumortierite: Meaning, Properties and Powers

Dumortierite: Meaning, Properties and Powers

Dumortierite Properties and Meanings

Dumortierite was first described in 1881 and takes its name from the French paleontologist Eugene Dumortier.

It is a stone that is used not only in making jewelry but also for several industrial purposes. It is used to make ceramics and porcelain because it turns into a color of pure white when exposed to fire or heat.

Dumortierite looks very much like sodalite and lapis lazuli. Its colors range from pale to dark blue. There are also dumortierite stones that are reddish pink,reddish brown, and violet blue in color.

The colors are very unequally distributed, which is why there are parts of the stone that show light and dark blue.

But it’s the impurities of the mineral that give dumortierite its blue color.

Almost all dumortierite stones are opaque, but there are very rare ones that appear kind of translucent. This stone also has a waxy and dull luster.

Dumortierite can be found all over the world but most often mined in the USA, Canada, Brazil, France, Poland, Norway, Italy, Mozambique, Namibia, Madagascar, and Sri Lanka.

Why Would You Use Dumortierite?

You need dumortierite in your life because it works very well with your intellect. It will increase your intellectual abilities. It will also be very helpful with your mental skills, including language-based and mathematical skills.

If you have a very short temper, this stone will increase your patience as well.

It will help you calm yourself during intense moments, and it will give you a clear mind to know just what you need to do.

In combination with Pearl, Dumortierite will develop or enhance your psychic powers.

This will be very useful when you work in the field of astrology. If you are a tarot reader, your interpretation and accuracy will be more on point when you are aided by this stone.

It will also boost your self-esteem.

It will help with your organizational skills and allow you to clear all the clutter that fill your life, including both emotional and mental clutter.

Dumortierite will balance the energies that have to do with your throat chakra, while also enhancing the connection and communication between your lower and higher chakras.

It will get rid of your irrational fears and strengthen your courage. It will also help in releasing your selfishness, stubbornness, and other unhealthy personal addictions.

Dumortierite can make you more receptive when it comes to your angelic or spirit guides. Having this stone’s energies working for you will make you more comfortable when it comes to communicating with your spirit guides, your guardian angels, and even your pets!

How Will Dumortierite Help You?

Dumortierite, Healing and Health

Dumortierite not only stimulates the brain and enhances your intellectual abilities, it also has very powerful healing energies that can help with different pains, aches, and illnesses.

It’s good in treating headache, diarrhea, stomach ache, and other intestinal problems. It can also help relieve vomiting, nausea, cramping, and colic in babies.

Healers use dumortierite for hypersensitivity and epilepsy, as well as skin disorders and other pains, aches, or illnesses in the thyroid or parathyroid areas.

When placed in the affected areas, this stone can ease sunburn. It’s known to help in the treatment of depression, and even pregnancy symptoms.

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It’s a stone that you should carry with you when you’re traveling because it can ease travel sickness. It’s also a powerful stress buster, just like Bronzite.

Did you know that this stone can also help in treating carpal tunnel Syndrome?

If you’re trying to lose weight, Dumortierite can also help you achieve your ideal body weight because it can regulate your metabolism and help with endocrine problems!

Dumortierite and Wealth

Dumortierite is a good luck stone when in it comes to wealth and fortune. It’s a great stone to have, especially for those who are starting their own business.

When paired with Covellite, it’s an effective organization stone.

It will help you understand procedures more clearly and ensure that your thought processes are in check.

This stone will enhance your communication skills and help you overcome your shyness. This will be greatly beneficial to you when you need to make your presentations to an important client or when you finally close your sale.

Dumortierite will also foster feelings of stability and security. It will give you inner peace and strength of mind to help you with your endeavors.

This stone will give you mental clarity to help you recognize opportunities and come up with solutions to your problems whether in your career, your business, or your finances.

Dumortierite, Love and Relationships

Dumortierite is not only a beautiful stone of mental strength and intellectual ability, it’s also a stone of expression, peace, and order.

When you feel like your life is just one big mess, this stone will help you make sense of things and get your life back in order.

It’s a stone that will teach you to stand up for yourself confidently.

You cannot rely on other people to fight your battles all the time. Sooner or later, you will have to do this for yourself and show the world that you are not one to trifle with!

The energies of dumortierite will also help you become more patient and understanding. It will show you how you can take charge of your own life.

This stone will help you break ties with things or people that are no longer working for you. It will help you break the cycle of co-dependency and make you realize that only you have the power to control your behavior and what happens to your life.

Dumortierite will give you more patience and courage.

It will also help you release your traumas so that you can overcome the difficult circumstances of your life or your relationship.

If you’re going through a rocky patch with your loved one, the energies of dumortierite will help strengthen and stabilize your relationship.

It will give you the answers that you are searching for, and it will give you the strength that you need to do the right thing.

For those who are single, this stone can help you attract your soulmate! It will cleanse your aura and make the best things about you stand out more!

Dumortierite will help you learn your lessons in love, no matter how difficult or painful. It will show you how being open to positive self-love and happiness can change you for the better.

This stone can show you that being detached from emotions that are not healthy for you is easier than you think it is. Most importantly, this stone will help you remain young at heart because it will positively influence your outlook towards love and life!

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How to Use Dumortierite for the Best Results?

Dumortierite can be worn as a decorative pin, bracelet, necklace, pendant, and as an everyday gemstone ring. It can also be used in ornamental carvings, like small figurines and animal cameos.

Dumortierite may not always be available for purchase at your local stones and crystals store because it’s a rare variety, but you can order it from special dealers with no problem.

This stone is a great alternative to sodalite or lapis lazuli because of its attractive blue color.

If you place dumortierite behind your ear, it will enhance your clairaudience. It can also work with your past life chakra so that you can activate your past life memories!

It does not need a lot of care and maintenance because of its hardness and durability. Care is required, though, when you wear or store your dumortierite jewelry with other harder substances, like topaz, diamond, and sapphire. They can easily scratch your dumortierite if you’re not careful.

It can be cleaned with just soapy water and a soft cloth or brush. Just make sure that you rinse your dumortierite jewelry well so that there will be no soapy residue that will affect its appearance.

Don’t use industrial or household chemicals to clean it. Don’t expose it to too much heat as well because it can permanently change its color.

Just like with other jewelry with precious stones and crystals, don’t wear it when playing sports or doing household chores. Store it separately from other gemstones, preferably wrapped with soft cloth inside a fabric-lined box.

The Best Combination to Use with Dumortierite

You can pair your dumortierite with a clear quartz because it can help cleanse it and keep its energies clear and strong. It will also amplify dumortierite’s energies.

By and large, dumortierite is a crystal that easily segues into both new, small collections of stones and broad, large and extensive crystal collections owned by experienced lightworkers and faith healers.

The energies of this crystal work so well with any other you might possess that you’ll find it can very nicely balance out energies in whatever spirit work you want to accomplish.

More overactive crystals will have their powerful energies tempered, while soothing stones can be a little more energized if you need some get up and go!

How to Cleanse Dumortierite?

There are many ways that you can cleanse your Dumortierite crystal. One is by smudging. It’s one of the safest and easiest ways to cleanse your crystal of negativity.

Simply pass your crystals through the wafting smoke, and you can do it with incense, cedar, sweetgrass, or sage.

You can also cleanse it in a glass bowl filled with tumbled quartz crystals or tumbled Hematite stones. Simply leave your Dumortierite there with the tumbled stones for at least 24 hours.

If you don’t want to cleanse your Dumortierite with tumbled stones, you can also cleanse it by putting it in a bowl filled with flower petals.

If you want to use water, simply run your Dumortierite under lukewarm running water.

You can also soak it in water filled with petals from orange blossoms, honeysuckle, or rose for approximately 24 hours.

Dumortierite can also benefit from a cleansing in the ocean, river, or stream. Some people also cleanse it and put it outside the house during a rainstorm.

The light of the moon can be very cleansing to your Dumortierite, too. Place it under a new moon or a full moon for 24 hours or up to two nights.

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Burying your crystals in the earth or in a pot with soil can also strip away the negative energies lingering there. Just make sure to leave them buried at least 24 hours.

Did you know that certain crystals can also cleanse your Dumortierite? Place your Dumortierite on top of a Selenite slab or on Selenite clusters to cleanse and charge it.

You can also place your Dumortierite under the sun to remove the negative energies.

Allow it to sit there for a day or two but bring it inside the house after a few hours when the weather is too dry and hot.

You can add a teaspoon of sea salt in a glass bowl of cool water. Place your Dumortierite crystals in the water and make sure that they are submerged.

Let them bathe in the salt water for a day. It’s a wonderful way to refresh the energies of your crystals.

The saltwater solution will wash away the negative energies that have accumulated and recharge them with positive healing energies once again.

You can also place your Dumortierite crystals on a sacred altar or corner with other stones that have healing energies. They will work on your Dumortierite by getting rid of the lingering negative energies.

You can try cleansing your Dumortierite crystals with flower essences and essential oil mists as well.

They will work on your crystals as a cleansing mist. Just add one to two drops of essential oils like cedarwood, sandalwood, lavender, ylang-ylang, and citrus in the water.

Transfer the water with the essential oils in an atomizer and softly mist on your Dumortierite crystals.

If you haven’t cleansed your crystals for a while, now is the best time to do it. You can try any of these cleansing methods and find out which is the easiest, quickest, and most effective method for you!

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Dumortierite
dumortierite meaning

I find dumortierite to be particularly helpful for success with difficult projects where disorganization and communication are big factors in the difficulties.

Dumortierite allows for a calm where I can focus on the  issues at hand in an organized fashion, bringing a synthesis of information needed to settle the steps of the project and bring it to fruition.

I have also seen dumortierite help in the process of releasing addictions and attaining sobriety. by dispelling the disconnect between clarity of mind and emotions. With this sense of clearness, self-discipline and courage to overcome addictions can be found.

Dumortierite can help repair the damage to your body in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual levels. It can strengthen your body’s connection to yourself and all the parts that make you function as a whole.

It can give you the gift of communication and information, and it can help you channel your energies so that you will be illuminated with your higher truths.

Dumortierite is also the stone that you need if you want to enhance your psychic abilities and use them in means that will be most helpful to you.

Truly the dumortierite is a powerful and helpful stone that can unlock so many wonderful abilities and opportunities for you!

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