Moldavite: Meaning, Properties and Powers

Moldavite can be used to guide you on the right path. Discover how…

Moldavite properties and powers

Moldavite Properties and Meanings

Moldavite is quite a rare stone that can only be found in Czechoslovakia. It’s a tektite stone that is known for its high vibrations and intense frequencies.

It is named after the river where it was first found, the Moldau River.

Although scientists have very different theories about how moldavite was formed, they all agree that its formation greatly coincides with the crashing of a large meteorite in the Bohemian plateau approximately 14.8 million years ago.

The rocks in the crash site metamorphosed and formed a field of Moldavite that covered the areas of Moravia and Bohemia.

Moldavite often comes in different shades of green, such as deep forest green, pale green, olive green, and even greenish brown.

But perhaps the most striking feature of the moldavite are the patterns that you can see on the raw and unpolished rocks. They are usually exquisitely etched, sculpted, carved, and wrinkled.

Why Would You Use Moldavite?

There’s really no better way to put it. Moldavite is truly a stone of greatness!

It’s known as The Holy Grail Stone because of its amazing ability to create that much needed change in your life.

A Beautiful Piece of Moldavite

It’s a stone that can help you with your spiritual transformation and universal connection.

Change will not happen overnight, but this stone will get you there slowly but surely.

Moldavite is also known for its psychic protection.

Its vibrational energies will shield you or ward off negativities every time you wear it, especially if you pair it with Pectolite

It will facilitate a powerful connection between your consciousness and the higher realm.

It will also be a powerful tool for meditation and a wonderful aid for dream work.

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Moldavite and Andradite can increase your sensitivity to the higher realm and enhance your intuition, telepathy, and guidance. It will also direct your sight and your awareness of life and the world.

When you have moldavite energies working for you, you will be open to new dreams, ideas, and visions.

You will be ready to work on new projects, and you will be more welcoming to the new people who will walk into your life.

If you pair it with Galena, Moldavite will balance your thoughts and emotions so that you will always be vibrant and healthy.

When everything in your life is balanced, and everything is working as it should, you will feel happy, satisfied, and complete.

This stone will also assist you in your perceptions about the world and your responses to external stimuli. It will keep you anchored to reality and give you a clear idea on the right thing to do.

Moldavite is a growth crystal that will play a very important role in your development, rebirth, or renewal. It is a powerful stone that can help you in nurturing your professional and personal relationships.

It’s a perfect stone to have if you want to get your life back on track, if you want to take your life to a new direction, or if you just want a big change.

It will encourage spiritual growth and strengthened commitment, especially if you combine it with Indicolite.

It will also help quiet the mind so that there will be a smoother flow of this stone’s energies into your vibrational fields.

How Will Moldavite Help You?

Moldavite, Healing and Health

Moldavite is a spiritual talisman and amulet that brings fertility to its wearer.

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It’s also a great tool for diagnosing illnesses. It works by illuminating the source and then releasing the energies to help in the healing process.

Because of moldavite’s high vibrational energies, it can also remove blockages in your body and allow it to function like it should.

It’s also a rejuvenating stone that can help slow down the body’s aging process!

If you combine it with October Birthstone, Moldavite can help with memory retention and fight against mental degeneration. It can aid in balancing disturbances in the brain’s electrical impulses.

Moldalvite can also help in treating progressive illnesses. Its energies act as a powerful aid in the treatment of gout.

If you have poor vision, moldavite is good for any illness related to the eyes. It will also be beneficial in the treatment of asthma and diseases affecting the respiratory tract.

It’s good to have with you if you are prone to allergy attacks, and it can help your body fight the common flu.

Moldavite and Wealth

Moldavite is a known talisman that brings good fortune and protection to its wearer.

It will also provide safety in travel, especially when you’re constantly on the road or up in the air to attend meetings, sales conferences, and the like.

Moldavite’s energies will calm your worries and help resolve your problems about money. It will show you solutions and make you realize that money is not the most valuable thing in the world.

It will fill you with the energy of growth, expansion, and new beginnings. Moldavite will also bring you energies of vitality and abundance.

When you keep moldavite close to you, you can greatly benefit from the vibrational energies that it will give. It will ensure that you have good health and nourishment every day of your life!

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Moldavite for Love and Relationships

In case you didn’t know it yet, moldavite is a stone of the heart. It works with the heart chakra, which can be found right in the middle of your breastbone.

This stone will keep your heart chakra balanced so that you will only have love and happiness to give to the most important people in your life.

It will make sure that you feel right in your heart and in your mind so that you will continue being a ray of sunshine to everyone.

There are many things that can happen in your life that will put your heart chakra out of balance. But if you have moldavite close to you, it can immediately restore the balance.

Moldavite will help remove any blockages in you so that you will have a better understanding of your needs and wants.

When you know what you want and what you need, you will not waste time on people or pursuits that will not be helpful to you.

Every day will be full of meaning, and every action will be filled with purpose. You will get started right away to have what you want so that you will be able to enjoy it sooner and longer!

This stone will help you make sense of things. It will guide you to have the most appropriate responses.

It will keep you in line, no matter how crazy or chaotic your life gets.

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It will be tough to accept the fact that you have failed, or that you did something wrong. Wise words will have no meaning.

Even if you want to do something about it, sometimes your heart will just not let you.

But when you are surrounded by the vibrational energies of moldavite, you will be able to release these thoughts and feelings that hold you back.

You will be able to change these negative feelings into positive and uplifting ones!

Moldavite will act like a best friend and make you feel prepared to deal with the emotions that come with being in love or being in a relationship.

Love is the most beautiful feeling in the world, but that doesn’t make it the least complicated or the least difficult to handle.

Even the strongest and most intelligent people do the stupidest things in the name of love. Moldavite energies will make sure to protect you and your heart when you fall in love or enter a relationship with someone.

This stone will also give you a better understanding of how your partner works in your relationship. It will help you understand their true nature, and it will help you find loving and creative ways to adjust to it.

Love is unpredictable. Love is unexpected. Love is never the same for everybody.

Moldavite will help you accept the changes that can happen in your relationship with a willing heart and an open mind. It will give you the strength to work on your problems with yourself or your partner.

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It will also prevent you from being controlling or from being controlled. It will remind you not to be overly critical of yourself and of others.

It will also give you a better handle on your emotions so that you don’t make a mountain out of a molehill.

When you look at things from the right point of view, no problem will be too big to be resolved.

Moldavite will help you understand that you have the power to embrace or resist negative energies that can affect your relationship. It will help you see things, situations, and people for what they truly are.

It can make you look into yourself. It will make you recognize your inner self so that you can show it proudly to the world.

Moldavite symbolizes harmony in love and marriage. If you’re looking for love, or if you wish to influence your man into proposing to you, or if you just want a happy and lasting marriage, this is the perfect stone for you.

The energies of this stone will allow your heart and mind to work together harmoniously.

They will both make sense, but you will also regard both of them with respect, especially when you’re about to make an important decision.

It will make you realize what’s worthwhile and what’s not. Moldavite will also inspire the heart to look at others with love, empathy, and compassion.

If you pair it with Lepidocrosite, Moldavite will connect you to the beauty of the world, the gifts of life, and the wonders of the universe.

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It’s a good stone to have if you have a sensitive soul and find it challenging to deal with people, events, and situations. It can ease your doubts and anxieties.

It will help you address the cynics, and it can ease feelings of homesickness or feelings of being lost.

When used with Mahogany Obsidian, Moldavite will also help you uncover hidden emotional trauma so that you will finally truly heal.

It will show you the meaning of unconditional love so that you will experience what it feels like to be whole and complete!

How to Use Moldavite for the Best Results?

Carrying moldavite with you or wearing it as jewelry will allow its energies to be close to your vibrational fields.

It will amplify its effects and increase its benefits on you. This is why it’s best to wear it as a necklace or as a pendant, as well as a ring, bracelet, or anklet.

You can also put moldavite to energy tools like wands, grids, templates, and headbands to magnify their effects.

This stone makes use of wood energy so it’s best to use it to enhance any space where you usually work, eat, or destress.

Put it in the eastern or southeastern part of your home to attract prosperity and abundance.

If you want to cleanse your moldavite stone, remember that it should never be cleansed with salt. Moldavite is a fragile stone, and salt can easily scratch its surface.

The Best Combination to Use with Moldavite

Moldavite works really well with other stones, specifically stones and crystals of the quartz variety.

You can pair it with smoky quartz, clear quartz, hematite, or Boji stones to help stabilize the energies and effects of moldavite.

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When using moldavite for meditation, it’s great to combine it with another grounding stone such as obsidian, red jasper, or black tourmaline.

Can You Get Moldavite As A Bracelet?

You certainly can get a Moldavite bracelet. In fact, Moldavite makes a unique and beautiful stone for any piece of jewelry.

If you wear your Moldavite bracelet while sleeping, it may result in receiving spiritual guidance through dreams.

You can wear Moldavite bracelet anytime, anywhere. This beautiful stone is so unique that it will often act as a statement piece, although some people prefer more subtle, faceted pieces.

But don’t be surprised if people are attracted to your Moldavite bracelet because it really is a beautiful stone with a very interesting origin.

Moldavite has become more expensive because there are many sellers that are selling fake pieces. Be careful to buy your Moldavite from a reputable source.

Buying a Moldavite bracelet not only gives you a stunning piece of jewelry but also gives you the benefits of its many unique properties.

When you’re entering a new season of your life, wear a Moldavite bracelet to help you with the changes.

Wearing a Moldavite bracelet is also enjoying its unique metaphysical properties in the loveliest fashion. You can wear it to activate your inner transformation, potential, and mysticism.

Wearing a Moldavite bracelet can help you access past life memories and determine your karmic path and soul purpose.

It can also guide you in moving forward so that you can come into your own power. Depending on your etheric blueprint, Moldavite can feel soothing or overwhelming.

If it’s too strong for you, wear a smaller piece every day or wear it with other heart and root chakra stones.

Crystals B

Heart stones will help with grounding Moldavite’s energy in your daily life and activities because they keep its vibrations in alignment with your heart’s true path.

Wearing a Moldavite bracelet can help you with spiritual and psychic activation, creative and cognitive abilities, and even weight loss!

There are no limits to what Moldavite can help you with, but it’s very important to pay attention to how it makes you feel.

If it starts to feel like it’s too much, take a break from wearing your Moldavite bracelet.

If you feel overwhelmed, agitated, or anxious while wearing it, or if you feel like you’re experiencing too much change and seeing too many weird things, it’s potentially a sign you need to slow down a little with this stone’s energy flow.

Wear it only for a short period or pace it out in your meditations. Moldavite can be a tremendous help in your transformation and discovery of your passive abilities.

For centuries, Moldavite has been used as a talisman for good luck and fertility. It has a very strong and transforming energy.

Today, many believe that this stone was sent to aid in the earth’s transition and healing. One day, Moldavite will become extinct. Even today, it is becoming more and more expensive to purchase.

Moldavite is a stone of transformation. This is the stone to wear when you want to make changes in your life.

You can feel the powerful energy coming out of the stone giving you the strength and courage to move forward.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Moldavitemoldavite meaning

Even people who are not usually sensitive to the energies of crystals and stones will feel the energy of moldavite.

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There’s no denying its power. By simply holding it in your hands or wearing it on your body, you will experience different reactions and vibrational energies!

It’s not something to trifle with, though. The stone’s vibrations are very high, and if you’re not used to being exposed to energies like the energies that you can get from moldavite, it will leave you feeling drained. Your body’s tendency will be to catch up with the stone’s energies to match it.

Moldavite is a great stone to work with on a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual level.

It has plenty of transformative characteristics, and its energies will work wonders on you and the people that you are close to.

Moldavite’s effects can range from subtle to powerful, and they can help you achieve spiritual growth sooner than you know!

It will help you in your journey of self-discovery, and it will help you find enlightenment. This stone will cleanse your energy and give you mental clarity.

Moldavite will inspire a deeper level of compassion and empathy in you, and it will help you achieve the life that you have always dreamed.

Moldavite is certainly a stone of transformation that can change your whole life for the better.