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How to Use Crystal Grids

How to Use Crystal Grids

How to Effectively Use Crystal Grids?

A crystal that you use by itself is already powerful enough. But when you use it together with other crystals, you have yourself a crystal powerhouse!

A single crystal definitely has the capability and the energy to make your intentions manifest.

But when it becomes a part of a well thought out and well-constructed grid, its combined energies can create a more powerful effect.

Using a crystal grid can help you harness your crystals’ energies and heal your chakras in a more focused and effective way.

It will combine your crystals’ energies within their specific structure, form, and order that will greatly magnify their power.

This article will help explain the concept of crystal grids and show you how to create and use them the proper way.

What is a Crystal Grid?

A crystal grid is a crystal arrangement following a specific geometric shape that will focus the Universal Life Force of the crystals in a specific way and for a specific purpose.

Why Do You Need Crystal Grids?

A piece of crystal can be a potent source of energy that will have a lot of purpose when prepared and used the right way.

How to Use Crystal Grids

However, there are some cases when you feel like you will need more crystals to make your intentions manifest.

But combining several crystals and knowing what each one is for can be quite confusing.

Arranging them the right way so that their energies will complement instead of clash with each other can also be quite difficult to understand.

Crystal grids help resolve this issue!

When a crystal grid is constructed the right way, you will be able to harness the energies of the crystals effectively and easily.

You will also don’t need to worry about whether the energies are conflicting, or whether the crystals are arranged in a way that diminishes their powers.

Instead, you will be able to use your crystals with strength, power, and confidence!

Are Crystal Grids easy to use?

Setting up a crystal grid is quite easy, and you don’t need to know every property of a crystal just to create one.

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Every crystal grid needs to have a center crystal, which is also known as a Focus Stone, plus a set of Way Stones, Destination Stones, Desire Stones, a Path, and a Visual.

Way Stones and Destination Stones are usually made up of six crystals or stones each.

What Are the Elements of a Crystal Grid?

Focus Stone

The Focus Stone is crystal or stone that is placed in the middle of a crystal grid.

Its purpose is to collect, focus, and magnify the energies in your surroundings as well as the universal life force so that it can be channeled into your crystal grid.

The Focus Stone gathers the energies and draws them down toward the crystal grid, creating a downward flow of coherent energy.

The energy that radiates from the Focus Stone is shaped and modified by its color energy and the layout of the crystal grid.

Way Stones

Way Stones are the crystals and stones that surround a center stone located on The Path.

They are very important in a crystal grid because they further modify the energies from the Focus Stone.

They amplify and modify the energy flow that’s entering the crystal grid.

Desire Stones

Desire Stones can be found in the outermost area of a crystal grid.

They signify the desire, goal, or intention that you want to achieve by creating the crystal grid.

Choosing your Desire Stones is based on the specific desire, intention, or goal of the crystal grid.

Desire Stones are also energy gatherers. They gather the energies that have been focused and modified by the Focus and Way Stones as well as The Path.

They give the universal life force energies their final shaping and fine-tuning to the desired result or outcome of the crystal grid.

Desire Stones are also chosen the same way you would your Way Stones.

You choose them by their color rays and crystal energy lattice.

Desire Stones are the crystals that you often use on their own to help you accomplish or achieve something.

But using multiple crystals or feeding them with amplified and focused energies will make them more powerful to serve their purpose.

The Path

The Path is the line of energy that courses through the crystal grid, directing the energies from the Focus Stone to the Way Stones and to the Desire Stones.

The Path signifies the journey you must embark on to achieve the desire that you seek.

It’s derived from the grid shape, which has specific powers and meanings.

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There are many designs to choose from when making a crystal grid, including squares, circles, triangles, pentagons, hexagons, and spirals.

The Seeds of Life, Flower of Life, Borromean Rings, the Eye of Horus, and many others are also very useful and powerful grid designs.

The Visual

A crystal grid should be built on a powerful visual.

If you want to create a crystal grid that will help you achieve robust health and physical vitality, it’s best to have a Visual of yourself engaging in vigorous activities and exhibiting good health.

If you want to create a crystal grid that will increase your wealth and abundance, it will be greatly enhanced by a Visual of money or all the material things that you desire.

The same can be said for crystal grids for love, family, or career.

What You’ll Need For Making Crystal Grids:

You will need a good location in your home for your crystal grid. This means a place where your pets or young kids will not be able to play with or disturb your crystal grid layout.

You will also need a small piece of paper where you can write down your goal or intention.

Third, you will need a center crystal. Any crystal or stone will work, but it’s best to use a crystal point.

You will also need tumbled stones that resonate or align with your specific intentions, and Quartz point for activation.

A crystal grid cloth is optional, but it can also enhance the energy of your crystal grid.

Crystal Grid Layout Process:

In creating a crystal grid, you must first decide on a goal or intention that you want to manifest in your life.

Do you wish to attract more wealth and prosperity?

Do you want to achieve a strong body and good overall health?

Do you need help in getting the creative juices flowing?

Are you looking for something that will help you sleep soundly at night and make you wake up completely energized?

There are many intentions and goals depending on the person who will be creating the crystal grid!

When setting your intention, make sure to be very specific because this will determine which crystals you need to select for your crystal grid.

For example, if you want to create a wealth and prosperity grid, you should choose gold and green crystals like Citrine, Pyrite, and Aventurine.

If your crystal grid is for health and wellness, you should pick purple and blue crystals like Angelite, Sodalite, and Fluorite.

However, there are no right and wrong crystals. Just go with the ones that you are most drawn to and trust in your gut feel!

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Cleanse your space by burning Palo Santo or Sage.

Write your intentions on a piece of paper and fold it. Put it in the center of crystal grid.

Take a few deep breaths while thinking about your intentions. State your intentions aloud.

Set up your crystal grid by placing your crystals from the exterior and moving towards the center.

As you place each crystal in the crystal grid, focus on your intentions.

Put your Focus Stone on top of the paper with your written intention.

Now it’s time to active your crystal grid!

Use a Quartz crystal point and draw an invisible line between each crystal to energetically connect all of them. Begin from the outermost crystals and move towards the center.

After you connect all the crystals, the crystal grid is already activated. Keep your crystal grid for at least 40 days.

The Best Crystals to Use for your Crystal Grids

Use green crystals if you plan on making a crystal grid for wisdom or wealth. Jade crystals are the best option for this kind of crystal grid.

If you want a calming, soothing, and relaxing crystal grid, you can choose blue crystals. Sodalite is ideal because it can restore your enthusiasm, satisfaction, and mental clarity.

If you’re creating a crystal grid for love, romance, passion, or emotional freedom, you can choose crystals that are colored rose or pink.

These crystals carry calming vibrations and have the ability to fill your environment with love and attraction.

Orange-colored crystals should make up your crystal grid for spiritual awareness and spiritual growth.

When you use these crystals in your grid, they will also help you connect to the spiritual realm and protect you from any kind of spiritual attack. They will also support you in making a new beginning.

How to use crystal grids

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