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Bluestone Rock: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Bluestone Rock: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Bluestone Rock is a very powerful and beautiful gemstone with great healing powers and is also used for spiritual and other transformative benefits.

Bluestone Rock represents spirituality, honesty, power, courage, and soul strengthening.

Bluestone Rock is associated with the throat, thymus, soma, and heart chakras.

Bluestone Rock Properties

Bluestone Rock occurs as round and spotted stones and can be found in blue, gray, purple, yellow, or green colors. This stone is found in abundance in the United Kingdom.

Bluestone Rock is also found in other varieties such as “Stonehenge” and “Preseli”, and gets its name from its most common color of occurrence – blue.

Why Would You Use Bluestone Rock?

These beautiful stones, resembling the night sky due to their decorative patterns and spots, have some very powerful attributes as well.

If you do not possess strong willpower and wish to rectify that, use Bluestone Rock to achieve more determination as this stone activates the solar plexus chakra.

Likewise, this very ability of Bluestone Rock can also help you become more courageous by overcoming fears that have been controlling your life and actions.

Next, Bluestone Rock is very useful for you if you are very timid and rarely come out of your comfort zone, as it can give you enhanced confidence.

Use Bluestone Rock when you are unable to move past a major challenge in life because this stone can help resolve difficult problems.

Also, under tumultuous circumstances, Bluestone Rock will help you deal with problems in a very serene manner.

Moreover, this is an excellent stone for when life has presented you with very confusing choices and you cannot seem to find your way out, because Bluestone Rock can give you clarity of thought.

Also, this can help you understand the true meaning of what someone said to you, particularly when they failed to convey it clearly.

Furthermore, if you are someone who quickly gets anxious in stressful situations, regular use of this wonderful stone can help you stay calm, cool, and collected under such circumstances.

Plus, Bluestone Rock will assist you in focusing your attention towards worthwhile matters only by ensuring you do not concentrate much on matters that do not positively serve you.

Interestingly, using Bluestone Rock might lead you towards your soul friends, and even those from past lives.

If you are curious about your past life, and specifically if it was in ancient Egypt or Britain, use Bluestone Rock to travel back in time and discover more about it.

Similarly, this beautiful stone can also help you establish a powerful connection and get in contact with your ancestors.

Likewise, this very ability of Bluestone Rock can also aid in linking you to potent and useful energies from ancient times.

These reasons make Bluestone Rock a very popular choice for traveling back in time and for past life regression.

This can also be very beneficial because if some parts of your past life have been holding you back, Bluestone Rock will make you aware of them and help you move forward.

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Not just past lives, but Bluestone Rock can also help you understand more about your current self and life. Use Bluestone Rock if you want to purify your psyche and bring synchronization in it.

In addition to this, Bluestone Rock can improve various situations in your life so you should remember to use it when you’re stuck in a difficulty or at a confusing impasse in life.

Also, by uniting your mind, body, and emotions, Bluestone Rock harmonizes them all.

Furthermore, the energy of this stone can also form a protective shield around you to safeguard you against physical and spiritual harms.

Bluestone Rock is also a great stone to cleanse your system of negative energies and toxic thoughts, to allow you to view life with a positive approach.

One very interesting quality of Bluestone Rock is that it can attune you to the truth in a way where you are more aware of it and can figure out if others are being sincere and honest to you.

Bluestone Rock

How Will Bluestone Rock Help You?

The ability of Bluestone Rock to make you more aware of the truth will help you carefully weave through the fraudulent activities and interactions in business, which can protect you from huge financial losses.

Also, the confidence gained by Bluestone Rock will help you emerge as a bold and self-assured professional at work, earning respect and admiration from others.

Bluestone is also a popular stone for attracting money, success, and prosperity. This stone also has the ability to enrich the life of the person using it.

Not only that, but by enabling you to see through things and reach the correct conclusions, it will help you make the right business decisions, leading to profit and success.

With its ability to improve intuition, Bluestone Rock will make you a sharper businessman or professional who can guide himself and others in the right directions under conditions of pressure.

Bluestone Rock has quite a few health benefits and can aid in healing different physical ailments and diseases.

Bluestone Rock is known to make the immune system stronger by enhancing the defense mechanisms against germs inside the body.

Also, this stone is often used to treat problems related to the throat, such as a sore throat.

Next, Bluestone Rock has been used since ancient times to heal broken bones, particularly the small ones.

Plus, this stone is often used to relieve pain, especially toothaches. Moreover, this stone assists in keeping the electrical activity in our body balanced.

Furthermore, Bluestone Rock is very useful in treating issues related to the neurotransmitters and maintains effective transmission of nervous signals.

And if you often feel tired after carrying out small chores or suffer from chronic fatigue, regularly using Bluestone Rock can help energize and revitalize you.

Bluestone Rock and Spiritual Healing

The use of Bluestone Rock in spiritual healing is very common due to its ability to connect you with mystical energies.

Because of its high vibrational energy within the chakras, Bluestone Rock can aid you in developing or enhancing your psychic gifts.

Similarly, it can improve your dowsing or geomancy abilities as well, enabling you to interpret the signs of the universe more wisely.

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Furthermore, due to its strong connection with the Earth, Bluestone Rock has the ability to ground you when you are feeling like you’re floating far away.

Plus, the grounding energy of Bluestone Rock will also help you stay connected to the present during your astral journeys.

Besides, Bluestone Rock is known to connect the user to powerful vortices if there are any nearby. Moreover, it is very beneficial in strengthening your soul and giving it new energy.

This magical stone can also help you find any hidden spiritual abilities inside you.

Bluestone Rock will also help you find your true purpose in life, especially when you cannot seem to remember your spiritual destination.

After regular use of this magical stone, you will start observing that you can receive clear guidance and messages from the divine spirit.

At the same time, Bluestone Rock can enhance your clairsentience so that you can feel emotions and understand spiritual messages very lucidly.

Plus, by forming a doorway to another dimension, it can assist you in inter-dimensional travel.

In addition to this, this stone has so much energy in it that it can enhance your spiritual energy and make your connection with the center of the galaxy more powerful than ever.

By directing your focus and energies on worthwhile matters only, Bluestone Rock will make you more productive and efficient at work, helping you outperform your colleagues.

Bluestone Rock, Love and Romance

If you feel that your relationship with your loved one is at a stagnant point or if it is very rocky and becoming increasingly stressful, use Bluestone Rock to solve your relationship problems and bring love back into it.

The confidence gained through Bluestone Rock will allow you to take the lead in romantic situations and make the right moves to win over the best possible partner.

Also, the awareness of truth this exquisite stone gives you will help you to be more emotionally open and honest with your partner, and gauge how truthful they are being to you, which will help you understand each other’s feelings better.

Bluestone Rock can stabilize the relationship between you and your loved one by resolving any rocky and disturbing parts of it.

This stone can also up your odds of making a very passionate love affair.

By enabling you to solve your problems in a more determined manner, Bluestone Rock can be used to easily surmount the mountains of challenges and problems in your relationship.

The optimism brought to your life by this stone will also be infused in your bond with your better half, allowing you to enjoy a negativity-free and emotionally healthy relationship with each other.

Most importantly, regular use of Bluestone Crystal can increase the chances of finding your soul mate.

How to Use Bluestone Rock for the Best Results

Only use Bluestone Rock after being completely aware of its powers and properties so that you can use the best ways to achieve maximum benefits from it.

While meditating with Bluestone Rock is usually the most preferred way to use this stone, there are other ways to use it which come with a few guidelines.

Also, note that you will be much more sensitive and receptive to the directional energy of Bluestone Rock after meditating, so make sure not to use it again immediately afterward.

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Another warning you should pay attention to is that the larger pieces of this stone should be kept away from your bed so that they don’t interfere with your sleep or make you hyperactive.

Even though this stone can be turned into exquisite jewelry especially pendants, you should use such jewelry very carefully as it can cause frequent headaches.

Moreover, the headache might be caused because of your stone facing the wrong direction, in which case you need to turn it in different directions – preferably eastern – to find the right one.

Because of the very high energy of Bluestone Rock, it is suggested that you should take rest for a while after using it because it causes spaciness.

If you are using this stone to decide whether someone is being truthful, keep a Bluestone Rock in one of your hands.

And if you are using Bluestone Rock to improve your geomancy or dowsing abilities, keep the stone under your pillow before going to sleep.

However, be mindful that you should try not being very gullible to ensure that the other person does not exploit your naivety or tendency to assume the best.

Also, know that it is better to use two of these stones together, so if you have only one Bluestone Rock, try acquiring another one to merge their powers.

You should remember that the more frequently you use Bluestone Rock, the greater and more potent its effect on you and your life will be.

My Final Thoughts

Bluestone Rock is a very beautiful gemstone with great healing and spiritual powers.

The use of Bluestone Rock in receiving Divine Guidance, enhancing psychic gifts, strengthening and purifying the soul, and conducting safe multi-dimensional travel is very common.

This stone is also a great choice for when the love and romance in your life have become lackluster since Bluestone Rock can form a great connection between two people and bring you closer to the person you are meant to be with.

Moreover, the healing powers of Bluestone Rock range from the ability to relieve pain and enhance the immune system to healing small broken bones.

Bluestone Rock will also bring more positive vibes, determination, and mental strength in your life.

Use this stone if you have your sights set on success and wealth for it brings prosperity and good luck with itself.

Using Bluestone Rock in a knowledge manner can protect you against any negative energy and bring amazing changes in your life.

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