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Novaculite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Novaculite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Novaculite Properties

Novaculite is a type of sedimentary rock made up of microcrystalline quartz.

It’s also known or recognized as a recrystallized chert variety.

It’s a hard and dense stone and often white to grayish black in color. It’s translucent on its sharp edges and often breaks with a smooth shell-like fracture.

This stone is a type of high-purity silica, which is composed of more than 99% pure silica. The name is taken from the Latin word novacula, which means razor.

Novaculite is the finest and rarest abrasive stone that can be found on earth.

This stone was used thousands of years ago to make arrow tips and spear points. It was traditionally used as a whetstone to sharpen metals.

Novaculite jewelry example

Novaculite can be found in the Ouachita Mountains in Arkansas in formations which are highly resistant to erosion.

These formations are about 250 to 900 feet in thickness.

There are two types of Novaculite stones which are classified by the abrasives industry.

Washita exhibits the dull luster of unglazed porcelain.

It’s less dense and more porous compared to the Arkansas stone, which has a waxy luster and is very fine-grained.

Novaculite is a microscopically porous stone, which means it can be stained or dyed.

Carbohydrates, salts, or metallic nitrates can penetrate it at great depths. Precise heating can also yield dramatic results with this stone!

Notable occurrences of Novaculite can be found in Brazil, the Ural Mountains in Russia,and several localities in the USA and Africa.

Why Would You Use Novaculite?

It’s a stone that will hone your soul and your psyche, especially if you combine it with Blue Crystals. It will be beneficial in finding the gift in any kind of situation, no matter how hopeless.

Novaculite holds a very high energy that will facilitate spiritual journeying and angelic contact.

This stone is the best cord-cutting tool because it will glide through your problems and blockages.

It will help you get rid of anything that’s holding you back or preventing you from moving forward.

Novaculite can also be used for psychic surgery on your chakras or on your etheric body.

This stone is a good conductor of electromagnetic energy, and it can change your etheric blueprint.

It will be a very beneficial stone for people who sell services to other people because it will bring buyer and seller together.

If you combine it with chalcopyrite, it will enhance your personal magnetism and charm. It’s also a stone that’s reputed to strengthen interstellar contact.

Novaculite energies will help you decipher and understand ancient languages.

It’s a stone that will be very useful in alleviating despair and depression, and it will energize all your chakras. It will also inspire you to obtain a new and healthier perspective!

How Will Novaculite Help You?

Novaculite, Healing and Health

Novaculite can be very effective in the treatment of warts and moles. It can help get rid of chills, and it can promote healthy skin.

It can work on the skin’s elasticity and aid in cellular structure. It’s truly a stone that can provide multi-dimensional healing.

In keeping with that multifaceted thinking, you’ll find that Novaculite heals far more than just the physical part of the body you might be holding the crystal lightly against.

Eilat Stone: Meanings, Properties and Powers

In fact, this is one crystal that really seems to respect just how interconnected we are – and not just in our physical bodies.

This crystal helps to heal your emotional hurt as much as your physical pain, and it can show you how a healthy body leads to a happy heart, and vice versa.

On a related tangent, if you have been trying to commit to a gym routine or an exercise regimen, look no further than this stone.

Its ability to help you open new avenues in life is just as appropriate here, and it will give you the self-discipline to stick with it too.

Novaculite and Wealth

This stone will encourage you to let go of your bad habits and unproductive ways so that you can recognize the opportunities headed your way.

It will help you attract good luck and good fortune, and it will motivate you to achieve all your financial goals.

Your distractions will be eliminated, and you will be able to focus on all the things that you need to do.

Novaculite, Love and Relationships

Novaculite will help you in removing all the blockages in your heart and mind that are preventing you from being truly happy and content in your relationship.

This stone will help you on an emotional level by clipping the etheric cords that you project to people, freeing you from emotional ties that are keeping you from moving forward in your life.

It’s the perfect stone to have when you feel like something is always tugging on or pulling on your energies, deflecting love and happiness away.

Something is always holding you back or blocking your way, and this affects your relationship with people, especially with the person you love.

This can be caused by all kinds of things, including a traumatic event, or allowing someone to overstep their boundaries, or having no boundaries for yourself at all.

Different people and different things will have a hold on you, and sometimes you will not be aware which ones are no longer good for you.

Novaculite and Melodys Stone will provide energetic healing and cut the cords hooked onto your energy fields. It will sever the ties that are feeding off your energies.

The healing properties of Novaculite will stop you from being emotionally vulnerable. It will get you out of your depression and fill you with the motivation to start being happy again!

Novaculite will also help you in activating an energetic cord with people who deserve it.

As you travel on in your relationship with someone you love, every feeling, though, and interaction gets added to the cord.

The happier and more satisfied you are with your significant other, the stronger the cord becomes.

This cord has the ability to share your energies and transmit them through a high frequency of communication.

This will explain why you often feel connected to your partner, like you’ve known each far longer than you actually do.

When this cord is healthy, it can build an energetic, vibrant source exchange. But when it’s not, it will make you feel drained or manipulated.

Most people will instinctively know whether the cord you share with someone is strong or not. But if you’re uncertain, Novaculite will help you find out.

A good way to know for certain is to measure how often or how strongly you think or feel for someone, especially if your thoughts or emotions are fearful, obsessive, or manipulative.

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You are constantly creating cords with people, and even things. But if you feel drawn to someone that you should not be with, or you want to break away from negative addictions or patterns, a cord cutting ritual can be very beneficial!

When you break your energetic attachments, especially when it comes to your romantic life, you will be able to move on to receive better opportunities.

Novaculite will help you recharge your energies.

It will give you a sense of peace and help you let go. Whatever is no longer working for you, you will have the strength and courage to release!

How to Use Novaculite for the Best Results?

Novaculite is also referred to as the Cord Cutting Crystal because of its ability to cut unhealthy attachments and release energies that are no longer good for you.

You can perform a cord cutting ritual by finding a quiet place where you can be by yourself and away from any disturbances and distractions.

Hold a piece of Novaculite in your hands and feel your body relaxing. Take deep breaths while your eyes are closed.

Once you enter a state of relaxation, call upon your angels and spirit guides to guide you through the cord-cutting process.

State your mantra and repeat it several times while visualizing yourself releasing the cords. Envision yourself with healing light embracing you.

After your cord cutting ritual, remember to smudge your surroundings. Have a warm bath and drink plenty of water. Relax in a comfortable and peaceful setting.

Performing a cord cutting ritual is great when you need to reclaim your personal energy, or when you need to recover after the death of a loved one.

It’s also advisable to do it when you need to regain your balance after a painful breakup.

It will also help when you need to release yourself from the toxic people in your past or in your present.

The Best Combination to Use with Novaculite

Novaculite is a powerful stone all on its own. But when you combine it with other stones and crystals, you will be amplifying its energies as well.

You can pair Novaculite with Quartz Crystal, Mahogany Obsidian, Howlite, and Faden Crystals.

If you wish to remove the blockages in your personal energies, you can pair your Novaculite with Selenite, Danburite, Bloodstone, Atacamite, and Mahogany Obsidian.

When you’re going through changes in your life and want to have the courage and strength to handle them, you can use Novaculite with Yellow Turquoise.

You can also pair it with Quartz, Kyanite, Meteorites, Moldavite, Copper, Blue Calcite, and Apophyllite.

If you’re having trouble accepting truths in your life, Novaculite with Stilbite or Dumortierite can help you have a more open heart.

An Unusual Fact About the Novaculite Birthstone

Novaculite’s energies will help you get straight to the problem, deal with the issues, and find the best solution.

It is known to relieve the symptoms of depression and support you in battling obsessive disorders.

This stone will help you look at the bright side. Its healing energies will inspire you to find the silver lining in any situation.

It will eliminate all your feelings of desperation and isolation and make you appreciate all the good things that you have in your life.

Because Novaculite is known as the cord-cutting crystal, it can help you release yourself from unwanted or unhealthy attachments.

Moldavite: Meaning, Properties and Powers

Novaculite is also a very energetic crystal that will help you connect and communicate better with your guardian angels and spirit guides.

More importantly, it can open, activate, balance, and align all your chakras.

When Novaculite is used in oil form and applied directly to the skin, particularly the wrists and temples, you can enjoy its instant effects.

You can add a few drops in your bath or in a piece of cotton ball and smell it while focusing on your desired results.

Use a piece of Novaculite if you want to remove the blockages in your chakras and allow a continuous flow of electromagnetic forces in your body.

It also boosts your personal magnetism whenever you have this crystal close to your personal auric field.

If you’re feeling like you need to change something in your life but cannot pinpoint exactly which, the energies of Novaculite will help bring new and fresh perspectives.

This crystal will invite new adventures that you will be willing to partake in, creating a bolder and more adventurous spirit in you.

Although Novaculite has a plain and simple appearance, its energetic properties are anything but.

Its pulsations may be slow, but they are very powerful. They grow in intensity the longer and more frequent you hold them in your hands.

Novaculite’s effects also often linger long after you stop using it. You will notice that there’s a pleasant tingle that stays with you even after putting the stones down for several minutes.

It will act as a crystal of protection and keep the bad vibrations away. It will fire up and cleanse all your chakras so that you will continue living your best life.

Another remarkable ability of this crystal is how it can be used to locate missing items.

It’s a great crystal to use when you need to overcome your shyness and increase your boldness and courage.

It will promote self-reliance and loyalty. You can also use it to enhance your interpersonal communications and achieve creative inspiration.

When it comes to physical healing, Novaculite can also be used to address chemical imbalances. It can even be used to treat moles and warts and soothe allergic reactions.

For a crystal that looks so plain and simple, Novaculite sure does have energetic properties that will surprise you.

But don’t take anyone’s word for it. It’s time that you get one for yourself and experience real Novaculite healing!

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Novaculite
novaculite meaning

Novaculite is a stone that will help you get straight to the root of the problem.

It will help you cut through it and find the best solutions.

It will protect you from negative ties, and it will give you a way out when you’re ready to leave the unhealthy attachments behind.

This stone will alleviate bad and sad feelings.

Instead, Novaculite will inspire you to look for the silver lining in every bad situation!

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