What Crystals Are Good for Healing Shingles?

This is my own question, that I’ve asked and researched this week!

What crystals are helpful for shingles?

I have had a bout of shingles (herpes zoster) and prefer a combination approach to dealing with it. As you might guess, crystals are part of most any combination I’d choose for healing.

Though getting rid of the pain and itch seem to be the most important at first, the top priority for me is working on the underlying problem of dealing with the shingles virus and the immune system deficiency that’s said to be the cause of shingles erupting.

First off, I want to help my immune system, since this supports everything to do with healing a shingles eruption. There are quite a few stones that are used for immune system strengthening, including aegerine, amethyst, blue lace agate, botswana agate, chrysoprase, citrine, dravite, emerald, epidote, fulgurites, garnet, germanium, green millennium, Infinite Stone, jade, lapis lazuli, lepidolite, Libyan desert glass, lithium quartz, lodestone, malachite, moki marbles, moldavite, mookaite, moss agate, obsidian, pearl, opal, picture jasper, quantum-quattro silica, quartz, rhodocrosite, rhodonite, rubellite, rutilated quartz, schorl (black tourmaline), shungite, smithsonite, snow quartz, sulphur, topaz. That’s almost a dizzying number of them. For the most part I prefer crystals like blue lace agate, chrysoprase, citrine, and others that have cross-uses for other aspects of dealing with shingles, as well as stones that I have a particular affinity for working with such as lepidolite and schorl.

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Next I go on to viruses in general, the herpes viruses, and shingles itself. Shingles is caused by the varicella zoster virus which is part of the herpes virus family, though it causes chickenpox, not what people generally think of as “herpes”.  Dealing with these underlying causes can help with the symptoms in the long run.

Viruses (General): Chalcopyrite, copper, dolomite, fluorite, jadeite, Himalaya red Azeztulite, jet, lapis lazuli, malachite, moss agate, sapphire, stichtite, and turquoise are some stones used in crystal healing to treat viruses in general. I think of them as broad spectrum virus crystals.

Herpes viruses:  Three crystals and stones come up regularly for crystal healing for herpes viruses. They are lapis lazuli, quartz, and rhodocrosite.

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Shingles: Crystal healing uses a number of stones for healing shingles, I found. Blue lace agate, chrysoprase, clay, diamond, green tourmaline, fluorite, kyanite, lapis lazuli, rose quartz, schorl (black tourmaline), silver, and white agate are included.

Another facet I look at is healing  of the nerves. Apparently the herpes zoster virus lives in the nerve cells for life after you’ve gotten over the chickenpox. Since the nerves are the pathway for shingles to erupt, helping the nerves get and stay strong makes sense to me. Some stones used for nerves are charoite, indicolite, kambaba jasper, seraphinite, as well as yellow stones and those related to the solar plexus.

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After finding stones that can help the underlying problem for me, it’s time to go on to dealing with the symptoms of pain and itching. Yeehah!

Pain Symptoms: As mentioned in my Q&A on what crystals are good for pain, some stones that are used in crystal healing for pain are are amber, amethyst, dolomite, green calcite, hematite, howlite, infinite stone, lapis lazuli, mugglestone (tiger iron).  Some others are calcite (particularly green), celestite, charoite, chevron amethyst, flame agate, fuchsite,  hematoid quartz, Herkimer “diamond,” jet, and peridot. My favorites are amber and Infinite stone.

Itching Symptoms: The itching of shingles is maddening. Fortunately aventurine, azurite, chrysocolla, hematite, malachite, soapstone all can be used in my crystal healing to help with itching.

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How do I use these stones? My personal preferences are proximity and crystal elixirs or crystal essences. For proximity, I keep them in or as close to my personal energy field as possible, such as in my pockets, medicine pourch, or jewelry. For gem elixirs, I always use the indirect method described here.

Some other complementary or home remedies I’ve had suggested or tried are Four Thieves oil, cayenne pepper (eat a lot of it), topical capsaicin creams, calamine lotion, ice, cold water compresses, meditation, Reiki, other energy healing, ACV. I found a good article about home remedies here, too.

Lapis Lazuli is one stone used in crystal healing for shingles. Lapis Lazuli is one stone used in crystal healing for shingles.

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