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Crystals for Empaths – The Complete Guide

Crystals for Empaths – The Complete Guide

If you’re an empath or a very sensitive person, you are someone who constantly absorbs the energies and emotions of other people.

You sometimes have trouble separating your thoughts and emotions from others’.

This often leads to confusion, restlessness, and a heavy aura. You are overwhelmed by the energies constantly swirling around you.

Unless you handle it properly, you can send out the wrong message or signal, and you can attract people who like to unload or dump their emotional energies, worries, and issues on you.

However, being an empath is not all bad stuff. Having the gift of empathy is a trait that will allow you to help others.

High sensitivity is very common in energy healers, psychics, and spiritual-minded people.

The important thing is that it does not overwhelm you, and you start to recognize and make the distinction between other people’s energies from your own.

Setting clear emotional, mental, and energetic boundaries with people is important and this is where crystals for empaths come into play.

Crystals for empaths.

How Crystals Can Help Empaths

Crystals give you daily psychic protection when you carry or wear them on your body. You will also find that cleansing your aura with your crystals helps a great deal, too.

Crystals have a way of filtering out the excess energies and protects you from accumulating energetic junk.

Empaths can find supportive allies in crystals. It can be a little challenging to find people who would understand where you’re coming from.

But with healing and protective crystals for empaths, you don’t need to worry about adding more drama or complaining about your problems, because crystals are silent helpers.

They don’t judge you if you’ve got past issues or extra baggage because they work to release them from you.

They do it without complaining, and they provide loving support and energy whenever you need it.

They are energetic allies that support you unconditionally so that you can ease your emotional and energetic stress. They can brighten up your life and help you live it the way you want.

It’s good to do a self-check so that you can review your thoughts and observe your feelings.

Ask yourself whether they are your own, and why you are feeling this way. Ask yourself if you really should be feeling this way.

Carrying the pains, problems, and worries of others does not serve you, it only brings you down and diminishes your vibrant energies.

The Best Crystal for Empaths

Black Tourmaline is thought to be one of the most powerful protection crystals for empaths. It helps keep the negative energies at bay so that you don’t need to absorb them.

Empaths easily absorb electromagnetic frequencies in the environment, leaving you vulnerable and open. This crystal acts as a shield against anyone or anything with a strong influence or electromagnetic pollution.

It absorbs negative energies and holds them inside. It also gives you protection from any kind of psychic attacks.

It repels black energy and protects you from people with negative energy, preventing them from transferring their low energies to you.

You can carry or wear this crystal as a talisman, but you can also use it as a protective pendant.

Use it every time you feel overwhelmed, unhinged, confused, or scared. Place it under your pillow while you sleep because it will suck all the negative energies out of you.

This powerful crystal has the ability to protect you and keep you sane.

It’s psychically endowed with high powers that awaken your ethereal chakra. It also helps you get even with your past life karmas.

At a broader level, always consider black or white when shopping for protection crystals for empaths. These are protective colors in stones, albeit in different ways.

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White will open up your psychic insight so as to help you see the true intentions of people who may seem friendly, but are looking to do you harm.

Black, meanwhile, entirely absorbs negative energies and emotions coming towards you – and many black crystals can create a psychic barrier around your aura that similarly protects you from harmful energies.

Either way, if you are an empath and find it difficult to divide yourself away from powerful feelings and thoughts that you pick up on from others, keep these stones close at hand!

More Crystals Empaths Should Wear

If you’re highly sensitive, you know all too well how easy it is to absorb the energies from people and the environment.

While being an empath has its benefits, it can also be very exhausting and overwhelming on all levels. This is where crystals come in.

Not only can they help you separate your emotions from those of the people that you meet and interact with.

They can also help you deflect negative energy, make you more grounded, and balance your emotions.


Hematite is perfect to use with Black Tourmaline to soothe your emotions and help you stay centered. It forms a protective shield around you, fending off unwanted and unwelcome vibrations.

It helps you stay away from people who drain your energies for their own needs and desires.

This crystal rekindles your passion for life. It has higher powers that can help you find answers to many questions.


Fluorite helps you balance your emotions when you start to feel out of sorts.

It’s very beneficial when you need clarity and when you need to make sense of all that’s happening with your thoughts and emotions.

Rose Quartz

Rose Quartz protects your heart chakra, especially when you have suffered from emotional trauma. It’s a very grounding crystal that offers stability and security.

It’s also very helpful when you need to deal with toxic situations and toxic people. It’s a giving crystal that has a gentle but powerful energy.

Another crystal that empowers empaths is the Rose Quartz. It helps you let go of your past life struggles and pains.

It protects you from absorbing the energies of other people and makes you more charismatic by radiating love all around you.


Amethyst is a crystal that makes you feel instantly better. It increases your psychic ability while offering you psychic protection.

It protects you from negative vibrations and attracts positive ones. It activates the powers of your higher chakras and dispels the evil eye, negative energies, and curses.


Malachite is another crystal that works with Black Tourmaline. It helps remove stagnant emotional energies and revives you from your pain and suffering.

It helps reinstate your belief in life, and it strengthens your sense of compassion. It’s a crystal that supports you in decoding your own happiness and satisfaction.

Healer’s Gold

Healer’s Gold is a crystal that strengthens your energetic boundaries. It supports you in setting clearer signals to people and prevents yourself from absorbing their negative energies.

Angel Aura Quartz

Aqua Aura Quartz acts as psychic bulletproof protection. It gets rid of harmful energies that are trapped inside you.

Chrysanthemum Stone

Chrysanthemum Stone creates a filter wall around your aura to diminish the psychic sludge and reduce the number of people who overstep their energetic boundaries.

Ouro Verde Quartz

Ouro Verde Quartz crystal radiates a positive light to protect you from the excess energies and emotions that are penetrating your space.

Flame Aura Crystal

Flame Aura crystal keeps harmful energies away like a buffer shield. The negative energies from other people are pulled back down into the earth to be transmuted.


Citrine helps you recall memories of your past life, as well as promotes telepathy when utilized by empaths. It balances your emotions and prevents your energies from being leached.

Black Obsidian

Black Obsidian packs a powerful and fiery protective energy just when you need it.

It helps you block off unwanted energies from penetrating your aura and personal space. This crystal also protects and repairs the aura.


Lepidolite is a crystal that helps you discover your destiny as well as your hidden potentials. It is known as the direction crystal because it helps you find purpose and direction in life.

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Black Kyanite

Black Kyanite takes care of your unhealthy ties and protects your energies from people who feast on your positivity.

This crystal forces you to evaluate what’s putting you down.

When you determine which energy is yours and which one has just been stuck to you, you can release the energy that you don’t need.

This crystal works with all your chakras and realigns your energy field.

When using Black Kyanite in meditation, combine it with a powerful visualization technique. Hold it in your hand and sweep it all over your body to sever unhealthy energetic ties.


Magnetite helps align, ground, and balance your energies.  It also balances your polarities within your electromagnetic field while helping you with psychic overload, or with taking on too much energy.

Lapis Lazuli

Lapis Lazuli helps you decipher and trust the subtle intuitive impressions that you are receiving, at the same time empowering you to act on your information appropriately.

Empaths can get bombarded by energies from people who need support. Lapis Lazuli is a great choice to help them speak up and set clear boundaries when needed.

How Empaths Can Use Crystals For Protection

Crystals have been used for ages to influence energies to tap into the chakra powers of the human body.

By doing powerful rituals such as solarization, programming, and energy grid, you can harness the powers of your healing crystals for your own good.

Visualize Shielding Yourself From Negative Energies

Envision yourself creating a much-needed energetic boundary between yourself and others.

There are two kinds visualizations that you can do which are also highly recommended for empaths.

First Visualization

The first is done in the morning upon waking up, and the second is done at night before going to sleep.

Sit quietly and take deep breaths with your arms outstretched. Imagine a giant pair of scissors cutting off all negative energetic ties and attachments.

This allows you to become one with your release of energy.

Second Visualization

The second kind of visualization prepares your mind before you enter a potentially stressful situation.

Empaths will find this helpful because it helps you get in the right frame of mind before you enter a space or walk into a situation.

To do this, sit comfortably in a quiet space and breathe long and deep breaths. Once you find your center, picture a giant bubble forming around you.

This giant bubble is your protective shield. Repeat a mantra that states you are protected and you are safe.

When you feel that this protective shield is strong enough to take on your day’s toxic energies, you’re ready to close the visualization exercise.

Wear A Black Tourmaline Necklace Or Pendant For Protection

It helps remove any unwanted energy or any energy that does not belong to you. It maintains your balance and protects your energy field, making sure that it’s completely your own.

Meditate With Your Crystals

Meditating with your crystals strengthens your emotional well-being and allows you to cut your ties with energy vampires that are draining you of your life force energies.

Cleanse And Protect Your Space

Your home is a sacred space where you can escape from all the negative energies attaching themselves to you.

Protect the sanctity of your space by creating a crystal grid around it. Use a piece of Black Tourmaline because it’s a highly shielding and protective crystal.

Place a piece of this crystal outside all the entrances of your home.

If you’re already experiencing dark energies in your life, place this crystal in the four corners of your room, with bowls of sea salt that will absorb all the negative energies.

Do Sage Cleansing

Cleanse your space with sage and dispel the dark and heavy energies that have come to you.

It will prevent your psyche and environment from being darkened by negative energies.

Sage nightly or as needed. Let the purifying smoke waft into the areas of your room that get the most activity. Pay close attention to windows, doorways, and closets.

This exercise will also cleanse your emotional palette and set healthy energetic boundaries in your aura.

When you take these steps to protect yourself, you will brighten your outlook, and you will allow yourself to stabilize your moods.

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Using crystals for empaths will help you recognize the energies around you in moments when you feel physically or mentally weak. It greatly reduces your energy load.

When you’re feeling cursed or ill, your supernatural aura also escapes. To make sure that your empathy powers remain powerful, use crystals for boosted powers.

With regular programming of your crystals, you can tap into the powers of the higher realm and the spiritual planes. You can also achieve health and stability by neutralizing the imbalance of chakras inside you.

How Much Crystals For Empaths Cost

Black Tourmaline is a beautiful and elegant stone that can suit any budget.

You can get a 30-carat Black Tourmaline stone for about $80, and a 45-carat stone can be purchased for approximately $130.

Untreated dark green Malachite stones that weigh about 40 carats can be purchased for about $12 to $15.

Malachite tumbled stones usually sell for $30 to $50. However, there are also very unique and beautiful pieces that can sell for as much as $3,000.

Small Healer’s Gold tumbled stones can be purchased for less than $5. There are also flat stones that are being sold for $20.

Prices for Healer’s Gold jewelry can vary. Rings can fetch for $60 to $100.

Prices for earrings can be anywhere from $50 to $150. Pendants can also be purchased for less than $100.

Aqua Aura Quartz Healing crystals can be purchased for $4 to $50 for tumbled stones and crystal clusters.

Chrysanthemum Stones are sold for prices anywhere between $50 and $3,000. Flame Aura crystal prices can be anywhere between $5 to $200.

Crystals for empaths like Amethyst are very protective crystals. They enhance your spiritual awareness and attract positive energy.

They also repel negative energies that are of a spiritual and ethereal nature.

Blue Topaz is an important crystal for empaths because it gives mental clarity and flawless communication.

It will help you express your desires to the universe. It will also help you clearly see the big picture so that you know that you have so much to live for.

This crystal will also help with relieving your tensions and anxieties caused by your social life, career, or romantic life.

Empaths Should Use Healing Crystals

Crystals for empaths will help balance opposing energies from the people you work with or are in a relationship with.

They will protect you from being too affected by any kind of emotional harm during spats or quarrels. These crystals will protect your spiritual growth and help you remain objective.

They will keep you grounded on an emotional and spiritual level so that you will not take the actions and words of other people too personally.

These crystals are also great to use in the workplace because they will keep your head clear and light and allow your personal energies to remain unbound.

Crystals for empaths drive negativity away from any space while creating a more powerful bond between your body and your energy field.

These crystals will work to balance your emotions and bring your spirit closer to the spiritual realm.

They will keep you connected to your loved ones who have passed on but still watch over you and check in on you every once in a while.

They will help promote creativity, individuality, and connectedness to other people.

When you’re an empath, you also have the tendency to be very introverted. You may start to withdraw from people and start shutting people out.

These crystals will make sure that you remain connected to other people and keep your life free of negativity and filled with fun and happy moments, too.

Crystals for empaths

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