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Idocrase: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Idocrase: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Idocrase, also known as Vesuvianite is a stone with very high energy vibrations that can help you fulfill the desires of your heart and soul.

Idocrase is considered to be a healing stone that brings balance and harmony into your life by promoting self-growth and inner peace.

Idocrase Properties

Idocrase comes in a wide variety of shapes and sizes the most common of which is the pyramidal structure.

Idocrase derives its name from the Greek word meaning “mixed form” because it can occur in massive, compact and even granular habits.

This stone can occur in a wide range of colours which include brown, yellow, black, green, white, red, purple, blue and violet.

Sometimes Idocrase may have a combination of two hues such as brown-black or blue-green.

It has a very resinous lustre with a Mohs hardness of 6.5. Idocrase has a tetragonal crystal system and is the member of the Vesuvianite Group.

Wide range of Idocrase can be found in countries such as the United States, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, and Canada.

It was first discovered and named back in 1795, in Volcano Vesuvius in Italy by Abraham Gottlob Werner.

Why Would You Use Idocrase?

Idocrase can be used for a variety of different reasons by its user as it has the ability to have physical, emotional and spiritual effects on the one who yields it.

You can use Idocrase to ensure that you are never troubled by negative thoughts and emotions for long periods of time by allowing you to have the strength to push them away.

In this way, you can use Idocrase to help improve your mental health and capacity so that your mind is used to tackle other more important tasks.

By using Idocrase you can break away from the chains of the past which don’t allow you to move forward in life.

Idocrase will help you overcome your past mistakes by accepting your fate and hence allowing you to move on.

If you are someone who finds themselves at the bottom of a black pit filled with regret and guilt, Idocrase can be used to climb out of this darkness by doing away with your depressions.

Idocrase will enable you to find new roads and paths that you can take on your journey in life so that your life may never become monotonous or dull.

If you are someone who has failed a few times trying to achieve something then the powers of Idocrase can be used to instil new hope in your heart so that you may never give up.

If you are someone who is constantly travelling then Idocrase is the perfect stone for you as it will allow you to become more open to adventure and challenges so that you may enjoy the best moments in life.

You can use Idocrase to enable your everyday life to become much more interesting and less boring by allowing it to fill up your world with its positive energy.

Idocrase can also be used to bring emotional stability in yourself by allowing yourself to let go of hateful and distasteful thoughts.

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This will allow you to forgive those who have wronged you which will in return bring peace and closure to your own heart and mind.

Idocrase can also be used to take control of your own life so that everything that you do and every action that you take is in accordance with your own thoughts and desires.

Idocrase will give you the ability to mold your routine and work in such a way that you start enjoying life more often.

If you are someone who is about to undertake a very big project, or has to go through a very tough interview then Idocrase can be used as a confidence booster which will add assertiveness to your character in demanding situations.

Idocrase will also enable you to let go of any doubts or fears that you may have had about yourself or the steps that you are about to take by giving you confidence.

If you are someone who suffers from mental issues and has to go to therapy sessions then the powers of Idocrase can be used to resolve your mental health problems.

Idocrase will also attract support and encouragement into your life so that you may never feel as if you’re alone in this world with no one watching over you.

If you are in the creative arts and have to create things out of nothing every day then Idocrase can be used to enhance your creativity and boost your intellect so that you may start thinking outside the box and come up with great new ideas.

Idocrase will also enable you to better communicate with your peers which will boost cooperation and help you make a great team player and later on a leader.

How Will Idocrase Help You?

Idocrase will help you a great deal by bringing emotional, physical and mental balance in your life so that you may become stable.

Idocrase also comes with a lot of healing properties which can help relieve you of any digestion problems that you might be having.

It will also ensure that all of the right energy from the food that you eat is absorbed by your body so that you may grow healthier and stronger.

Idocrase is also known as the stone of strength and in that capacity it allows your bones and tissues to become stronger from the inside so that you can fight off any illnesses.

If you suffer from blood pressure or other blood circulation problems, Idocrase is the ideal stone to help soothe your symptoms and provide relief.

If you are someone who is looking to transform their body sometime soon then Idocrase can help you a lot helpless by keeping your spirits high and your metabolism working.

It can also help bring peace into your life by relieving you of any emotional stresses that might be disturbing you.

Idocrase will also help keep your teeth strong and will prevent erosion and cavities.

The high energy vibrations of Idocrase also enable your hearing to get a lot better than ever before by enhancing your sense of smell.

Idocrase can also help calm and soothe your nerves and can bring balance to both of the hemispheres of your brain so that you may achieve great balance.

How to Combine Different Crystals For Maximum Benefits

Idocrase will help sync up your mind and body with each other so that you’re never torn between two choices that are both good for you and instead can focus on growing your mind and body, together.

Idocrase is also a great manifestation stone whereby after using it you can hope to achieve great success in life by realizing your dreams in actuality.

It can be a great stone for anyone who is looking to change his or her financial condition as it will help you prosper and achieve great success.

Idocrase is also an essential stone for when it comes to you overcoming various different stressful situations that can hinder success.

It can help you a great deal in understanding the situation of others and hence is a great stone for allowing yourself to become a much better team player.

Idocrase and Spiritual Healing

Idocrase is a very enigmatic stone that is extremely beneficial for spiritual growth and healing as it helps in developing a strong connection between you and the metaphysical realm.

Idocrase will enable you to become much more in tune with your subconsciousness so that your mind and brain are always on the same page, this will encourage you to have a deeper understanding of yourself as well.

It will also allow you to cleanse your soul and mind so that you can carry out the tasks of your day without any negativity hindering your success.

The ability to discern between what is right and what is wrong can also be acquired from using Idocrase, which is very helpful and essential for spiritual growth.

By putting you in connection with the psychic realm, Idocrase has the ability to help you develop connections with the divine realm and aid in the development of psychic gifts as well.

If you have energy that is overflowing, Idocrase will help ground this energy so that you may achieve greater peace and harmony between your mind and soul.

Idocrase will always serve as a great reminder of the importance of taking out the time out of your busy schedule to draw on the power of the stone to better your chances of success.

By the use of Idocrase, you will be able to develop connections with the divine realm without being overwhelmed and scared.

You will gain a higher and superior sense of the plan of the divine realm and will figure out the true meaning of your soul and life in this world.

Idocrase will enable you to purify your soul and then link it up with the metaphysical world for maximum benefit and alignment with the divine plan.

Idocrase, Love and Romance

Idocrase is a great stone for bringing a new spark into your love life by allowing you and your partner to come closer than ever before.

It will allow the two of you to understand the position of one another and hence work your way towards achieving success together.

This will help you and partner a great deal in life as neither of you would feel as though they are being tied down by the relationship and aren’t able to achieve greatness.

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Idocrase will enable you to feel more compassion and love towards your significant other than ever before.

It will allow you and your better half to start leading a life that is full of love and adoration for each other, so much so that it is quite visible to others who are close to you.

If you are someone who holds loyalty as one of the most important elements of your relationship then Idocrase will help boost feelings of loyalty that you have for your partner.

Idocrase will also enable you to give the space that is required by your partner in order to sustain a healthy relationship.

You can also use Idocrase to help yourself become better at letting your feelings known and sharing your thoughts by allowing your heart to open up with the help of the loving energies brought in by this amazing stone.

Your faith in Idocrase will give you fruit in the long run as you will find all of your troubles and problems resolved with the help of this stone.

Idocrase will also allow you to make open gestures of love and affection which will enable your partner to fall in love with you over and over again.

It will help the two of you forget about the mistakes and troubles of the past so that you can look towards a very successful future.

How to Use Idocrase for the Best Results

The best way to make the most out of this stone is to understand the various different properties and powers that are associated with it.

It is also important that you take some time before deciding on what colour you want to keep for yourself because each and every colour has its own unique distinct powers and abilities.

The best way to use Idocrase is during meditation by placing it on your chest, lying down with your eyes closed so that it can become aligned with your heart chakra.

While you are meditating with Idocrase it is important that you allow your mind and soul to get carried away in order to cleanse it of impurities and gain wisdom.

You can also use Idocrase in jewelry and wear it on your person at all times.

My Final Thoughts

Idocrase is a very amazing stone with lots to offer if used right by the one who owns it.

It is a very special stone that can help with your physical as well as spiritual growth to ensure that you’re moving towards success in life.
Its strong vibrations and energies can be used by anyone to reap the most benefit out of the stone.

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