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Tree-Agate: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Tree-Agate: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Tree-Agate Properties

Tree-Agate is not banded, which makes it technically not an Agate when it comes to scientific terms, but it’s still a member of the Agate family.

The name is derived from the Greek term for tree-like.

This type of Agate is often colorless, grey, or white, and it usually displays tree or fern-like manganese and iron inclusions.

Tree-Agate is also known as Dendritic Agate. It can be found in Uruguay, India, and Brazil.

Why Would You Use Tree-Agate?

Tree-Agate is an excellent stone to use as a personal talisman. It will help your body gain physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual strength.

It will give you the stamina to handle everything that you’re supposed to do and everything that’s expected of you. It will also give you a sense of your own power!

Tree-Agate is a stone of inner peace.

When you’re in possession of this stone, you will feel your nerves calm down and your body relax. You will also enjoy a lightness in your heart, mind, and spirit.

This makes it an excellent meditation stone.

It will help you achieve deep meditation very easily, and you will be able to shut out the chaos and the noise of your world.

Tree-Agate will also help you dissolve your arrogance and egoism.

It will help you achieve balance and stability in all aspects of your life.

This stone carries a quiet energy that will help you work determinedly and ignore all the things that are causing you confusion or pain.

Tree-Agate will help you work behind the scenes and achieve all that you set out to achieve.

It will improve your mental functions and give you mental clarity.

Tree-Agate also has the ability to strengthen family connections. In the workplace setting, Tree-Agate will provide professional support.

It will stabilize your energies so that you will always be a pleasant person to be around. It will also make sure that you are always inspired and motivated, admired and respected.

How Will Tree-Agate Help You?

Tree-Agate, Healing and Health

Tree-Agate can help with ailments affecting the nerves and the blood capillaries. It can also help in lowering blood pressure.

It’s a stone especially beneficial to people who have neuralgia. This stone can boost the body’s natural immune system.

It’s also a good stone to have when you’re pregnant because it can encourage lactation and help new mothers deal with the baby blues.

Tree-Agate is an effective stone when it comes to aligning the vertebra in certain skeletal disorders. It can also help in the treatment of conditions affecting the nervous system.

It can also help in the treatment of conditions affecting the nervous system.

Tree-Agate can be beneficial to the heart and the blood vessels. It can stimulate the veins and the capillaries of the circulatory system.

The healing properties of Tree-Agate can strengthen cardiac muscles and the chest. It can also work to alleviate back pain caused by tension and stress.

Tree-Agate can be used to cure fevers, relieve headaches, and stimulate the digestive system.

It can also be beneficial to the eyes and to those who are suffering from insomnia or sleepwalking.

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Tree-Agate and Wealth

Tree-Agate is the stone of plentitude.

It will bring energies of fullness and abundance in all areas of your life, especially when it comes to financial matters.

It will bring luck to your business and financial endeavors to ensure that you will get wonderful and plentiful rewards.

It will also help you connect to the natural cycles of life and open up the flow of prosperity and abundance!

The energies of this stone will give you a sense of security about where you are financially, even if you are experiencing troubles in your finances.

You are confident that you will be able to overcome your challenges!

You will remain unruffled by your financial setbacks because you know that everyone experiences these kinds of problems one way or another.

You know that they are all a part of your financial growth.

Tree-Agate, Love and Relationships

The energies of Tree-Agate and Turritella Agate will ease your emotional pains and help resolve your emotional problems.

If you are experiencing a difficult period in your relationship, you will benefit from the healing energies of this stone.

Tree-Agate will dissolve the conflicts, disagreements, and quarrels. It will get rid of the antagonism, the hostility, and the animosity.

Tree-Agate will make room for more positivity in your relationship.

There will be more demonstrations of love, and there will be more kindness and forgiveness.

You will be inspired to take the initiative when it comes to intimacy and romance.

When you’re overcome with your romantic or sexual feelings, you will not hesitate to do something about it!

When you feel like engulfing your loved one in a bear hug, or kissing them right there in the middle of the street, you will give in to the feelings and make your partner feel how much they are loved and desired.

Tree-Agate will help you overcome your negative emotions and bring in more love and positivity into your relationship.

These negative feelings don’t do anything to grow yourself or your relationship, so you’re truly better off without them!

It will dissolve feelings of arrogance and pride, and it will make room for more humility and gratitude. The energies of this stone will inspire you to have a gentle and meek heart.

Tree-Agate will promote inner stability, maturity, and composure.

There will be times in your relationship when things will not be okay. Your love life will not always be happy and romantic.

When that happens, you need to demonstrate strength and maturity in mind and heart. You will need to demonstrate maturity to overcome any kind of romantic challenge.

Tree-Agate will give you the self-confidence and a sense of security.

It will make you feel happy and secure to be in a solid relationship, and it will do a lot of good things to your self-esteem.

The energies of Tree-Agate will also help with healing emotional disharmony.

It will make you focus on the negative things that you need to eliminate from your relationship so that it will truly flourish.

Tree-Agate will give you the courage to let love into your heart so that you will experience a different kind of happiness, inspiration, and satisfaction.

It will encourage you to allow yourself to be loved so that you can also better love others!

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The energies of Tree-Agate will give you breathing space from your emotional strain.

It will also help you remove the bitterness in your heart and heal from the pain and anger. Tree-Agate will help you foster love and happiness in your heart.

When things don’t work out in the way that you desire, Tree-Agate will give you the courage to start over.

It will make you realize things about yourself that will help you become a better partner.

Tree-Agate will help you deal with the changing flows of your relationship and understand why they have to happen. It will also give you the wisdom and emotional maturity to accept the changes.

How to Use Tree-Agate for the Best Results?

Carry a piece of Tree-Agate in your purse or slip it in your pocket. You can also put in on your night stand to ensure that its healing and protective energies are close to your personal auric fields.

Tree Agate is an excellent meditation stone too, and it can be welcomed into your meditation regime in a number of ways.

You might find that wearing a certain piece of jewelry featuring Tree Agate connects it well to your system of chakras as you enter the meditation state.

Otherwise, you might find simply having Tree Agate near, or holding it in one hand as you enter the meditation, boosts its transformative energies and guides your experience the best.

You can also combine your Tree-Agate with other stones and crystals to create a powerful crystal grid!

Place it all around your home to boost the health of your house plants and to create a peaceful environment for everyone who resides there with you.

The more you harness the energies of this stone, the more you will have a centered and balanced view of life!

How to Tell if Tree Agate is Real?

Are you interested in buying a piece of Tree Agate but don’t know a lot about it?

Tree Agate is a beautiful stone that can be made into elegant and exquisite jewelry by designers with the right expertise.

This stone is quite affordable and available in many natural designs and colors.

You are bound to find a piece of Tree Agate that will be exactly what you’re looking for. It can also be found in many shapes, like emerald, square, pear, and round.

If a piece of Tree Agate is cut expertly, it will enhance the natural beauty of the stone. It should also be cut to suit the piece of jewelry that it’s going to be used for to bring out its best look and color.

The inclusions in Tree Agates enhance their value. These make them highly sought after because of their truly unique nature and appearance.

In the process of creating Tree Agate gemstones, rough Tree Agates are cut and polished to create smaller stones in different carats.

Generally speaking, Tree Agates that are between 2 to 4 carats are perfect for making jewelry, while Tree Agates that are over 4 carats can be used to create ornamental items.

Because Tree Agates are quite inexpensive and have an abundant supply, you will not often find imitations.

But sometimes glass can be sold off as Agate, so you need to watch out for that as well.

You don’t want to pay a huge sum of money for a gorgeous Tree Agate which can very well be just a well-crafted piece of glass!

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Also make sure that you’re not buying a poor or low-quality Tree Agate for the price of a high quality one.

This is why it’s best to do your research and check the reputation and track record of the gemstone dealer or seller you want to buy Tree Agates from.

When it comes to enhancement, Tree Agates are often dyed to improve their natural colors. When a Tree Agate is enhanced, they don’t need any kind of special care.

If you’re purchasing a piece of Tree Agate, the gemstone dealer should inform you if the stone has been dyed or enhanced in any way.

A good way to find out yourself if a Tree Agate has been dyed is by placing it inside a plastic bag under sunlight.

When the Tree Agate heats up, it will show some traces of dye if it’s a dyed stone.

Tree Agate is quite a hard and durable stone with a hardness score of about 7. This means that only materials that have a higher hardness rating than 7 can damage or scratch it.

It’s best to keep your Tree Agate in a soft cloth pouch in a cool and dark place. This will prevent damage and discoloration.

Because most Tree Agates are dyed to improve their natural colors, be extra careful when cleaning them. Only use water and mild soap to restore them to their pristine conditions.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Tree-Agate
tree agate meaning

Tree-Agate will make you feel grounded and connected to the natural cycles of life.

It will invite you to spend more time with nature and commune with your natural environment.

Tree-Agate will encourage you to be at peace with your surroundings and to never stop being amazed by all the gifts that this world can give!

This stone will clear the energy blockages that are preventing the free flow of energies.

By clearing these blockages, you will open the vibrant flow of wealth and abundance in your life.

Tree-Agate will encourage you to become more persevering and patient. It will promote a peaceful internal and external environment.

It will inspire you to examine yourself and break free from your self-imposed limitations that make up your experiences.

It’s the stone that you must have if you need to undergo changes to achieve your desired results.

This stone will promote a quiet contemplation of your experiences in life that led you to where you are now.

It will encourage you to accept where you came from and how you are connected to the natural states of the universe.

This stone will stabilize your aura and eliminate the negative energies.

Tree-Agate’s cleansing effect is very powerful in all aspects!

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