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Crystals for Good Luck – The Complete Guide

Crystals for Good Luck – The Complete Guide

Can Crystals Really Bring Good Luck?

Being lucky or unlucky is an idea that you accept about yourself at a very young age. Like not having good hand-eye coordination, or not being able to carry a tune.

People think of luck as a permanent thing or a fixed concept whether you are blessed with it or not.

After all, if luck were up to people, everyone would be lucky. But what is it that truly makes someone lucky?

Take that one perpetually lucky friend that always wins contests and receives free gifts wherever they go. Is it because they are just born lucky, or is it something more?

Maybe luck is less of a mysterious gift that’s bestowed upon you by the universe and more of a combination of determination, confidence, and measured risks.

Maybe the reason why your friend is always winning is because they are always joining contests, and you just don’t know the many other contests that they joined before they actually won something.

They probably lose more than they win. They just don’t let their losses prevent them from pursuing what they want.

It’s because to be lucky in life, love, or money, you need to put yourself out there!

Being confident enough to approach people attracts more people to you. This also brings in new and exciting opportunities.

What you should be asking yourself is how to gather the confidence to put yourself out there and remove the fears and doubts that are holding you back.

Meditating with crystals for luck does not focus on the luck that you have been blessed with by the universe. It’s about reversing the role of unlucky in your own perception.

These lucky crystals are especially attuned to dispelling your negative thoughts, increasing your enthusiasm, awakening your energy, and keeping your optimism, assertiveness, and joy.

Forget about lady luck. With the help of your crystals for luck to open yourself up to new opportunities, you can be your very own lucky charm!

The Best Crystal for Good Luck

Green Aventurine attracts abundance and brings money, good luck, balance, clarity, and joy.

When you work with the energies of this crystal, you are also attracting prosperity, truth, and universal love.

This crystal is great to have when you have an important job interview or trying to sell a product.

Crystals for Luck
Green Aventurine.

It also brings you luck when you’re playing online games and there are high stakes involved. It helps you stabilize financial matters, especially when you’re going through difficult times.

Keep it around when you’re paying your bills, making business transactions, betting, or gambling.

On a spiritual level, it protects your heart and enhances your creativity. It also guides you in working with your spirit guides.

Green Aventurine has a concentrated ability to dissolve emotional blockages. It’s very effective for emotional healing, especially when placed on the heart chakra.

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It helps balance your emotions and is among the best crystals to wear or carry during exhausting and stressful periods.

Green Aventurine can also be used in crystal layouts when stress is concentrated on your solar plexus area. It can be used with crystals that have seemingly harsher energy.

It’s often referred to as an all-purpose healer. It means that it’s not only considered beneficial for physical disorders but also for healing on all levels.

Green Aventurine is a crystal that helps you find solutions to your problems.

Known as the crystal of opportunity, Green Aventurine is the luckiest of all the healing crystals. It’s been known to improve your odds when it comes to games of chance.

Green Aventurine helps relieve some of your old habits and bring you to the direction of new opportunities.

If you’re someone who avoids change, this crystal helps you embrace change and lead you to growth.

Green Aventurine brings an increased motivation and creativity, and you will find yourself succeeding in problematic areas of your life or aspects that you always had trouble with.

It’s one of the most powerful crystals for wealth and good luck. It’s believed to increase your chances of winning, especially when the situation is beyond your control.

The Best Crystals And Stones To Combine With Green Aventurine For Good Luck

Pyrite helps release your limited thinking and poverty consciousness. When you gaze into a Pyrite crystal, see yourself within the crystal and the gold surrounding you.

Breathe in its color and imagine tons of gold coins falling from the sky and being showered with abundance.

Smile, laugh, and feel how wonderful it feels to be right in the middle of the flow of prosperity. Feel it and allow it into your life.

Carry a Citrine crystal in your pocket or purse. It’s a crystal of prosperity, and it shines the light on any problematic financial situation.

Hold it in your hands and ask yourself what’s holding you back. If you take 100% ownership of your life right now, what change do you need to make to make you more prosperous?

Once you get your answer, allow this crystal to create a financial change in your life.

Citrine is a bright crystal that attracts money and fortune. It’s also known as the merchant’s crystal of wealth.

It’s excellent for people looking for success in career and business because it brings good luck and prosperity to new business deals.

Wear this crystal together with Green Aventurine if you work in the financial sector or are experiencing a financial low.

Blue Kyanite helps you voice out what you want. It prevents you from hiding behind your thoughts. It reminds you to be assertive and to state clearly what you desire because you just might get it!

Malachite helps you transform your bad finances to good. It carries energies of opportunity, ideas, and transformation.

Carry Malachite with you when you want to experience a breakthrough in your life.

It’s ideal for people who are trying to connect with powerful or influential people because it helps you achieve fame and fortune with the help of failproof financial deals.

It demonstrates how easy it is to free yourself of money burdens.

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Tiger’s Eye reminds you that there are many roads to success. It encourages you to become more open to seeing things from a different perspective so that you can see where the pot of gold is.

If you are looking for luck and abundance in your career, Garnet is a powerful crystal for career success. It encourages strong business relationships and stimulates other people’s desires to work with you.

If you need a little luck with making your dreams come true, carry an Amazonite crystal together with your Green Aventurine. It’s a lucky hope crystal that’s beneficial for your hopes and dreams.

If you cannot get any Green Aventurine, some Opalite will also be effective.

It brings clarity and truth to your hopes and intentions. It also empowers and motivates you to manifest your dreams into reality.

If you need luck in love, whether it is for attracting love or for making your relationship or marriage work, Rose Quartz can help you a great deal!

It’s the ultimate love crystal that helps open your heart chakra and add fire to your romantic relationship.

For actors or actresses who are in need of luck, Red Jasper is a crystal that will bring you luck. It brings confidence and awakens your hidden talents.

It’s a wonderful crystal to wear or carry with you on interviews and auditions. Red Jasper also brings creative ideas to the fore.

If you want to double your luck in different situations, you can pair Green Aventurine with Tourmalinated Quartz.

They’re both super lucky crystals because they clear all the bad vibrations and energy blockages so that your life will be filled with luck, prosperity, and abundance.

Topaz is another beautiful and powerful crystal that is highly beneficial to those wanting to attract wealth. It has the power to manifest your strongest plans through the power of will.

Topaz helps you begin your journey to fortune.

Jade is a growth crystal that attracts money and keeps it growing. It helps you achieve clarity when you need to make important decisions about opportunities and investing money.

Labradorite is excellent to conduct energy to attract monetary benefits. It’s a great crystal that is prominent with attracting good fortune.

It safeguards you against bad decisions that can result in money loss. Labradorite also helps you make any dream of wealth a stark reality!

If you’re experiencing a major financial loss, Sapphireignites your power to attract good fortune and riches on top of regaining your lost wealth.

It’s also a beneficial crystal for people who are beginning a new trade as it attracts good fortune and success.

For people who are experiencing financial problems, Garnet is the crystal for you. It’s perfect to use during times of poverty because it helps you keep your eyes on the prize.

Garnet attracts wealth that frees you from struggle as well as financial loss. Combining it with Green Aventurine helps you make flawless decisions in investing money or property.

Crystals for Luck Aventurine Pendant

3 Important Tips to Boost Good Luck with Crystals

1) It’s best to carry these crystals with you at all times.

Wear them as jewelry, or put them in your pocket, purse, or wallet to keep the flow of wealth and abundance flowing.

You can also place them in your jar of loose change and let their power seep into your money.

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Most business owners often place them inside their cash register or cash box to increase the sales of their business. These crystals have the power to attract money like a magnet.

2) Hold them while you make important financial decisions.

You can take them with you while discussing or closing financial deals, or while interviewing for a job that will greatly improve your financial standing.

They also help you gain prosperity by protecting you from unreliable or dishonest people. They open your eyes to recognize helpful and righteous people instead.

Along with increasing your prosperity, abundance crystals also keep you optimistic in any financial condition and encourage you to move ahead to achieve your financial goals.

3) Incorporate these crystals into your space.

They add vibrational benefits and lovely decorative touches. Put them in your plants or in a copper dish on your coffee table. Use large crystals as a table centerpiece or as bookends.

You can put them in your room to enhance the energies of that space and make you energized to achieve your financial goals any time of the day.

When you feel like you are experiencing a streak of bad luck, the first place that you need to look into it yourself.

Take a truthful inventory and ask yourself what your predominant thoughts are and whether they are positive or negative.

Your thoughts are energetic. The energy that you put out to the universe is what will come back to you. Something in your life needs to energetically shift so that you will start attracting good luck.

Crystals can powerfully shift your thoughts, vibrations, and feelings, and they can eliminate your negative thoughts and bad energies.

Good luck comes in many forms, and it can manifest as an increase in financial abundance, meeting the love of your life, or landing your dream job.

You are responsible for the amount of good luck in your life, and it means that you are sending out high and positive vibrations when you continuously receive good luck.

Every crystal is unique and has its own crystalline structure. While all crystals and stones are effective in their own right, larger crystals bring a larger impact.

Listen to your intuition. When you feel a connection to a crystal, that’s how you know your energies are in alignment.

There are many crystals that you can use to attract luck in business, in your career, or in your personal relationships.

Knowing how to use your crystals for good luck will boost the good luck that you’re currently enjoying, as wells as the good luck that’s still to come!

Crystals for Good Luck

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