Wonderstone: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Wonderstone is powerful

Wonderstone Properties

Wonderstone is a kind of Jasper, which is a silicon dioxide mineral and an opaque form of microcrystalline Chalcedony or Quartz.

The colors of its markings and wave-like bands can be maroon, violet, pink, yellow, or tan, with a light to grey matrix.

Why Would You Use Wonderstone?

As with all Jaspers, Wonderstone is a great stone for meditation.

It will enhance your creativity and imagination. It will also fill your life with energies of relaxation and tranquility.

It will eliminate your worries and tensions, and it will reduce the symptoms of depression.

Wonderstone will give you an overall sense of well-being.

Wonderstone RoughYou will achieve mental clarity with the help of this stone.

You will receive insights about taking the right course of action. It will also help you find your right path on your soul level.

Wonderstone will balance your masculine and feminine energies.

It will ignite your potential and enhance your creativity.

It will inspire you to see the world through the eyes of someone very optimistic!

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As a balancing stone, Wonderstone will allow you to have a deeper meditation. It will bring strength to your body, mind, and soul.

It will also integrate your past with the present and heal unhealthy past life energies that are affecting your present, which will result to a complete acceptance of yourself.

Where the psyche is concerned, Wonderstone can be used to perform astral traveling.

It will strengthen your psychic powers and make your channeling connections more powerful and easier to maintain.

Wonderstone is also often used in psychic contact with your loved ones who have transitioned to the other side.

This stone has incredible abilities in channeling tote animals and accessing elemental wisdom as well.

How Will Wonderstone Help You?

Wonderstone, Healing and Health

Considered a stone of regeneration, Wonderstone can fight off most kinds of infections, especially from animal and insect bites. It can also help in soothing general skin irritations.

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Wonderstone can support the body’s natural resistance, providing physical vitality and increasing muscle tone. It’s known to be effective in easing back and abdominal pains.

Its balancing qualities can also regulate the nervous system and hormone production, especially when combined with Labradorite.

It can cleanse and purify the liver and boost the immune system. It can also give relief to those who are suffering from multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, and sciatica.

Wonderstone and Wealth

Wonderstone is a wonderful stone indeed, because it will infuse you with imagination and creativity.

It will help you unlock ideas, thoughts, and concepts that will help you stay productive, original, and one step ahead of the competition.

The energies of Wonderstone will inspire creative thoughts and actions. You will be full of great ideas, and you will enjoy a seemingly limitless supply of energies!

This stone will also motivate you to use your insights to help you make positive changes in your finances and spending habits.

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There will be days when you will feel overwhelmed. But with the help of this stone, you will be able to realign your priorities and take the necessary steps to financial freedom.

Wonderstone will help you remain determined, especially when you’re going through a dry spell in your earnings and in your job opportunities.

It will give you the strength of mind and persistence to rise above your financial challenges.

This stone will also help you come up with ideas that will generate new streams of income. It will assist you in fulfilling your goals and making your dreams a reality.

Wonderstone, Love and Relationships

Wonderstone will bring you to a state of tranquility.

If you’re a big worrier, this is an ideal stone for you.

It will help you remain mentally calm and release any negative emotions that cause you to worry more than you should.

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When you love someone, you will always be thinking about the next moment, the next milestone, or the next challenge to overcome.

Although it’s nice to think about these things and plan for them, making a relationship work is more about playing it by ear.

If you will constantly think about the moments other than now, you will be missing out on the great moments of your relationship.

You will also be wasting your time worrying about something that may not even happen!

Wonderstone will inspire you to be more accepting of the things that will happen in your relationship.

It will not always be a bed of roses, and it will never be picture perfect.

This stone will remind you that every relationship is unique, and that every partner is different.

Instead of focusing on all the reason why something can go wrong, Wonderstonewill encourage you to focus on all the good things you have going in your relationship!

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It will support you in moving on from all the things that have happened, both good and bad. It will encourage you to embrace all your experiences and be one with them.

Having the supportive energies of Wonderstone will prompt you to take positive action on the problematic aspects of your relationship.

It will give you the strength to deal with the problems head-on.

Wonderstone will help you come to terms with the weaknesses of your relationship and work hard to turn them into strengths.

This stone will help you release all the things that give you pain or worry. It will remind you to take care of your own well-being.

Wonderstone is a stone of resolutions. It’s best known for unifying all the aspects of yourself and your life, including the not so desirable ones.

It will give you emotional strength. It will improve your self-esteem and reduce your anxieties.

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In combination with Howlite, Wonderstone will remind you to hold on to your self-respect, which you will usually forget about when you’re head over heels in love with someone and don’t want to lose them.

Loving someone is also giving them the power to hurt you, disappoint you, or take you for granted.

Having a piece of Wonderstone will help you preserve your self-respect and make decisions that will also protect yourself, not only the person you love.

Being in a relationship should not only be about the other person’s needs and desires. You should not only be thinking about the other person’s happiness and well-being.

You are important, too! Your feelings, needs, and desires also matter very much!

How to Use Wonderstone for the Best Results

Keeping your Wonderstone close to your body or carrying it around with you for safekeeping is still the best way to use this wonderful stone.

Wear it as jewelry and have it close to your chakras to amplify the energies of this stone and allow yourself to benefit from them.

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You can also use it in meditation to clear your mind and realign you with your center.

It will help you release the unnecessary and the unwanted, and it will make you focus on the many possibilities for your life!

The Best Combination to use with Wonderstone

When you suffer from anxiety and tend to worry about everything too much, having a piece of Wonderstone with you can be greatly beneficial.

When you combine it with other stones and crystals, you will also amplify its soothing and relaxing energies.

You can pair Wonderstone with Variscite, Agate, Tsavorite, Astrophyllite, or Tourmalated Quartz.

You can also use it with Azurite Malachite, Tanalite, Berlinite, Strontianite, Bloodstone, or Sandalwood.

Combining it with Blue Phantom Quartz, Rose Quartz, Cerrusite, Richterite, Bustamite, Rhodonite, Celestite, or Puddingstone can also be a powerful combination.

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You can also use Wonderstone with Chrysocolla, Plume Agate, Covellite, Pink Mangano Calcite, Diopside, Picasso Stone, Dinosaur Bone, Nuumite, Dolomite, or Malachite.

Other potent combinations include Lithium Quartz, Dolomite, Lepidolite, Dravite, Labradorite, Fluorite, Kambaba Jasper, Friedelite, Howlite, Galaxite, Hematite, or Graveyard Plume Agate.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Wonderstonewonderstone meaning

Wonderstone will create peaceful energies in your life and eliminate your worries and anxieties.

It will allow you to express yourself effectively in the midst of problems and challenges.

This will give you greater emotional strength, which will propel you to use your insights in finding alternatives and resolutions, apart from the ones that are conveniently presented to you.

This makes Wonderstone a great companion stone when you have to face the unknown.

It will not only give you great insight. It will also eliminate the distractions and get rid of your tendencies to procrastinate or disengage.

It will inspire you to build hope in your heart when you feel like you have a stagnant life, or when you feel like you’re stuck in a perpetual rut.

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Wonderstone will shift your energies and encourage you to go ahead with your dreams, no matter how big or small or impossible.

When you hold a piece of Wonderstone in your hands, you will feel a fresh burst of energy that will compel you to change.

You will be able to visualize the changes that will take place in your life.

With the guidance of Wonderstone, you will effortlessly cast off the old and move on right ahead with joy and light in your heart!