Red Spinel Crystals Example
Red Spinel Crystals Example

Alternate Names & Spellings for Spinel:  Red variety: Spinel Ruby, Baras Ruby, Pomegranate Ruby, Ruby Balas, Ruby Spinel; Rubicelle Yellow-orange variety: Rubicelle; Blue variety: Sapphire Spinel.

Crystal Meanings, Metaphysical and Healing Properties Lore of Spinel:

Spinel, though often mistaken historically for other stones such as ruby or sapphire, is a valid mineral in its own right and has many positive energetic properties. In metaphysical and crystal healing lore, spinel of virtually any color is known for these energy vibrations and more.

Keywords:  High Energy to All Realms

Spinel is a stone that can bring high energy to all efforts and all realms. In the outer world, spinel is used to attract money, wealth and prosperity.  It can also be used to bring vitality to any endeavor.

Spiritual and Psychic Properties

.In the inner world the high energy of spinel can bring energy up from Mother Earth to power our spiritual quests and help us move toward our best destinies. 

Psychically, spinel is used for aura cleansing, astral travel, channeling, and clairaudience. It can help one bring energy in and through in the form of cleansing energy for the path or clearer information in a vibrant way.

Mental and Emotional Properties

Spinel is used in the mental realm for intellectual power and to help reduce or eliminate forgetfulness.

With its stabilizing effect as a Root Chakra stone, spinel can also bring a soothing sense of calm in the midst of high energy or challenging situations. It is also a lovely stone for reducing stress and relieving depression as well as encouraging one to move toward one’s best blessings even if it may appear difficult.

Physical Conditions Properties

Spinel is used in alternative crystal healing for many things, especially those pertaining to Root Chakra issues such as increasing physical energy, vitality and stamina It is used to bring energies to benefit teeth, spine, gums, skin, whole body healing, cancer healing, slimming to a healthy weight. It is also said to be a stone of immortality, though this may be an overstatement of its use as a stone of high vitality. A gem essence or elixir made with red or black spinel is used as a boost for inner vitality and stamina to overcome energy-sapping health issues of all kinds.  Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

Related Chakras

Spinel is related to the Root Chakra and the seat of Kundalini energy. Red and black spinel are especially strong in this regard. Other colors have energies particular to their colors and related chakras, as well as those of Spinel in general.  It has been noted by some that all colors to assist with raising Kundalini energy, possibly opening the related chakra’s energy to facilitate the rise.

Dark blue spinel is related to the Throat Chakra as brought from the Root energy which brings the Throat Chakra vibrations to a stronger level.  Yellow-orange spinel is similarly related to the Solar Plexus Chakra and personal power issues.

More on Spinel from my personal perspective

Spinel is a stone I’ve always loved. I have always sensed that red and black spinel have a wonderful, scintillating energy that is unusual in Root Chakra stones. This may be its tendency to raise Kundalini. It has the effect, however, of stabilizing one to this earth plane while allowing a dance of energy up toward the stars. 

Rock Lore & Tidbits: 

Spinel is a stone that comes in so many colors it’s often confused for other stones. For instance, the Black Prince’s Ruby in the Crown Jewels of England is actually a red spinel. It is very rare to find a large size crystal 

Hardness (Mohs): 7.5 – 8
Color(s):  Red, Black, Blue, Violet, Yellow-Orange, Green, Brown, Pink
Transparency:  Translucent, Transparent
Lustre:  Vitreous
Common / Notable Locations:  Burma, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, Madagascar


Faceted Purple Spinel Example
Faceted Purple Spinel Example

Hattip to Mindat.org and Galleries.com for mineral information on Spinel, and Love Is In The Earth by Melody, Laurence Hargrave, The Crystal Bible by Judy Hall for select metaphysical information. View Spinel information at www.mindat.org

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