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Rubellite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Rubellite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Rubellite is a beautiful stone that can bring emotional balance to your life while helping you detach yourself from personal pain. Read all about it here!

Rubellite Properties

Rubellite is a very striking and dazzling gemstone from the colorful tourmaline family. You will be impressed by its beautiful colors that range from purple pink to purple-red.

Even if you put a Rubellite under different kinds of lighting, it will still be one of the most beautiful stones that you will ever lay eyes on.

Rubellite is also known as Red Tourmaline, but not all Red Tourmaline stones are called Rubellite. Only the most vivid and most saturated stones get this name.

Rubellite is among the most expensive and prized stones from the Tourmaline family. It can be found in the USA, Madagascar, Mozambique, Nigeria, Brazil, and Afghanistan.

Why Would You Use Rubellite?

You need Rubellite in your life because it brings energies of strength and vitality, especially if you combine it with Black Star Sapphire.

When you lead a very busy life and people rely on you for almost everything, you will easily get zapped of energy. Having a piece of Rubellite in your pocket or inside your bra will give you that much-needed boost of energy.

It will also give you an unlimited supply of enthusiasm, inspiration, and drive.

When accompanied by crystals for confidence, this stone also carries energies of passion and love. When you work with the energies of this stone, you will love what you do and you will do what you love.

You will discover your passion for different things, and you will strengthen your commitment to live your best life.

Beautiful Rubellite beads

Rubellite represents a kind of love that goes very deep. One that goes beyond the love that you share in your human relationships, and one that reaches out to the universe!

This stone will help increase the flow of your life force energies. You will feel your absolute best, and you will feel like you can achieve just about anything.

The energies of this stone can heal and nurture your physical, emotional, and spiritual body. It will remove anything that ails, worries, or scares you.

It will also harmonize your feminine energies to help you overcome your personal challenges.

This stone will help increase your desire to live, and it will foster inspired living and interaction with other people!

How Will Rubellite Help You?

Rubellite, Healing and Health

If you pair it with Fools Gold, or even with Selenite, Rubellite’s healing properties can be used to treat motion sickness.

It also has the ability to restore the shine and luster of your nails and hair.

The energies found in Rubellite are good for the heart and beneficial to the reproductive system.

Rubellite can heal backaches and is also useful in the treatment of the digestive system, as well as the liver, spleen, lungs, and pancreas.

It can stimulate blood circulation and balance the structure of the veins and the blood vessels.

This makes sense, when you consider this stone’s alternative name – Red Tourmaline. In crystal healing and in spirituality overall, red is the color of vitality and, indeed, of blood flow.

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So besides helping your bloodstream, this crystal can also help the energetic centers of your body to distribute vitality overall.

In other words, your energy levels will become more consistent day by day, rather than spiking and crashing as many people have to endure nowadays.

Red is also a color of passion, and this energizes you also – Rubellite is amazing at helping you to face each day with a positive outlook. You’d be surprised what this kind of outlook can do for your physical health!

It can be very soothing to the nervous system, and it’s good to use in the treatment of depression, hysteria, obsession, and paranoia.

Rubellite can also help and improve hand and eye coordination to overcome dyslexia.

Rubellite and Wealth

The energies of Rubellite can help you keep a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere in your office or business.

It will prevent people from getting into fights and disagreements. There will be mutual respect, and no one will be challenging your authority, knowledge, or expertise.

You will have pride and dignity in all your financial pursuits, and you will have the gift of diplomacy to help you iron out differences.

With the help of Rubellite, you will be able to demonstrate your authority over the people you work with without pulling rank or being unreasonable.

You will have the strength and the stamina to work for your money goals. You will be harnessing your personal power, and you will be showing everyone just how it’s done!

Rubellite will infuse your life with energies of independence, spontaneity, and resourcefulness.

It will promote creativity and make you work determinedly and persistently.

Rubellite will bring you energies of wealth and abundance, and of luck and prosperity. But most importantly, it will make you feel grateful for your true abundance and riches in life.

Rubellite, Love and Relationships

When it comes to love and relationships, Rubellite will soothe an overly emotional heart. It will calm your emotions and make you focus on the ones that are only good for you.

This stone will help you overcome your fears and revive your passion in your relationship.

It will rekindle the love that was lost and help you work on your issues together as a couple.

Rubellite will guide the emotionally numb into feeling again and make them rediscover their zest for life and passion for loving.

This stone will bring the stability and security in your relationship. You will feel emotionally secure that whatever challenges will come your way, you and your partner will be able to overcome them all.

Rubellite will give you the emotional support that you need when you’re feeling alone or isolated.

It will make you feel at home in your own relationship.

This stone will also banish your tendencies to always play the victim card. It will remind you of the inner strength that you possess, and it will show you how you can employ this strength under different circumstances.

Rubellite will show you how to be assertive about what you want. It will encourage you to come out of your shell!

This stone will remind you to enjoy life and love as much as you can. You will never have the same exact moment ever again, so you might as well make it a moment to remember!

Rubellite will help you become more sociable, interesting, outgoing, and engaging.

It will also repair the damage that has been made to your relationship. You will finally be able to forgive the sins that have been committed and keep the promises that have been made.

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Rubellite will give you healing in a way that will make you think that heartbreak can also be heart opening, that grief can be just as important as joy, and that tears are just as valuable as laughter.

This stone will help you better understand love and its complexities. Remember that the challenges you experience and overcome are the lessons that you need to learn about loving!

Rubellite will make you appreciate the love that you have, and it will inspire you to express your gratitude in more creative ways. It will also make you stop comparing it with what others have.

This stone will work to clear the communication channels with the person you love.

An honest and respectful communication with the person you love is oftentimes the clear solution to your problems.

Rubellite will also address the loss of libido because this stone will help you will release all your tensions in your body, causing you not to be in the mood!

How to Use Rubellite for the Best Results?

When placed at home or in the office, you can neutralize the bad effects of computers, microwaves, and other electronic equipment.

Rubellite can bring energies of enthusiasm, activity, warmth, and happiness. It has the energies of emotion, passion, action, ideas, and concepts.

You can put it in the south area of your room, home, or office. Use the energies of Rubellite to enhance the positive vibrations and dispel the negative ones.

Remember to use it sparingly because red stones also bring the sun’s powers and the energies of fire elements in your space.

The Best Combination to Use with Rubellite

You can combine your Rubellite with Lepidolite to calm you down when you’re feeling stressed or distressed.

Pair it with Lithium Quartz, Spurrite, Lilac Lepidolite, and Yellow Amblygonite if you’re feeling anxious.

Wear it with Rose Quartz, Morganite, Rhodochrosite, Pink Calcite, Kunzite, Pink Nirvana Quartz, Tugtupite, or Thulite if you want to enhance your love and romance energies.

You can also mix it with Chrysanthemum Stone, Dioptase, Green Prehnite, Malachite, and Variscite.

If you want to use your Rubellite to reduce your stress levels, wear it with all other color Tourmaline stones, or with Danburite, Petalite, Scolecite, and Heulandite.

An Unusual Fact About the Rubellite Birthstone

Rubellite is a pyroelectric stone. It can generate an electric potential when it’s heated or cooled. Its crystalline structure gets polarized when it’s subjected to different temperatures, creating a voltage.

Because of its pyroelectric properties, Rubellite can prevent body shocks. It can also neutralize the bad effects of UV rays, microwave, and radiation from electronic gadgets.

Scientists who work in the nuclear fields are advised to wear Rubellite bracelets to protect them from exposure.

Rubellite is an excellent stone of energy and optimism. It’s used by professionals to remain motivated and stay on the path of success.

Students can also use it to perform better in school and score higher in important exams. Rubellite is also known as an effective emotional healer because of its powerful influence on your heart chakra.

It will help you overcome your mental weaknesses, your darkness, your instability, and your irrational fears.

Meditation with Rubellite will also help build up your confidence and boost your self-esteem. Rubellite is a crystal for love and sweet inspirations. It radiates an energy of unconditional love.

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This crystal will encourage you to go with the flow and move through the ups and downs of life with a healthy perspective.

It will also encourage positive affirmation and bring you strength during your difficult challenges.

The balancing properties of this crystal will help you feel more rooted and grounded. It will also encourage you to connect with nature.

You can do this by going outside to your nearest park, lake, beach, cliff, or grassy knoll with your Rubellite in your hand.

Rubellite will make you feel more emotionally secure. Because it also works with the root chakra, it will encourage strength, conviction, and boldness.

Keep a piece of Rubellite in your office when you want to overcome work problems.

Place it inside your home if you want to invite more peaceful energies and strengthen your sense of stability.

Rubellite is most powerful in the spring. Harness its power for physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual purposes.

It’s a very supportive stone when you’re going through a transitional period or when you’re coping with new events.

It will help you let go of your repetitive behavioral patterns and embrace the new.

Rubellite will open your heart chakra. Doing so will provide you with a powerful catalyst in your own emotional healing.

It will raise your vibrations and align your consciousness with the source, with your cosmic intelligence, and with the higher power.

When worn as jewelry, Rubellite energies will help you attract the perfect romantic partner. It will help you find your soulmate!

It’s recommended that you put a piece of Rubellite under your pillow when you sleep after thinking about the traits you want your future partner to have.

If you’re single, it will attract sweet and loving energies. If you’re in a relationship, it will surround you with strong, stabilizing romantic energies to keep the love alive in your relationship.

Rubellite will also promote a harmonious communication between you and the people you love.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Rubellite
rubellite meaning

Rubellite will bring your confidence to the fore and will get rid of any trace of fear.

It’s a stone that reflects the color of life, energy, and passion, so you can expect a surge of energies when you start wearing this stone.

Rubellite possesses a very strong color that also embodies deep emotions, strong energies, and unbridled passion.

It’s the stone that you wear when you want to get serious with life, achieve your goals, and live the life that you have always wanted.

It carries energies of love, hope, determination, and commitment. When you have a Rubellite in your life, it can help you overcome even the biggest heartbreak.

This stone will help you understand yourself and how you are with others. It will promote grace and confidence and diminish your fears.

The Rubellite stone will reassure you that you are loved and will never be alone!

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