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Sapphire: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Sapphire: Meanings, Properties and Powers

The Meaning Of Sapphire

Most people immediately think of a deep royal blue when they hear “Sapphire,” and indeed, along with Amber, the name of the stone has come to be synonymous with its color.

However, Sapphires can occur in yellow, green, black, and purple hues, with each color having its own unique vibration and qualities as well as sharing the generic attributes of the group.  

Sapphire is known as a wisdom stone, with each color carrying its own special wisdom.

Sapphire calms the mind and helps you to focus. It also deals with unwanted thoughts and is a good choice for anyone seeking to deal with over-thinking or over-analyzing. 

Sapphire eases mental tension, brings peace and tranquility, restores balance and harmony to the layers of the biofield or aura, and aligns the spiritual plane with the physical. 

Sapphire releases negative thought patterns and depression. It stimulates concentration, brings prosperity, and attracts gifts of all kinds. 

There are many theories as to how Sapphire got its name.

Historians claim that it came from the French word “saphir,” or the Latin word “sapphirs,” or the Greek word “sappherios.” All these words mean blue stone.

Sapphire can be found today in the USA, Madagascar, Brazil, China, Tanzania, Kenya, Nigeria, Australia, Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, and India.


The Properties Of Sapphire

Physical Properties 

Sapphires and Rubies belong to the same family, Corundum, the only difference between them being the color. 

Corundum has a chemical classification of Oxide, and its chemical formula is Al2O3.

Sapphire has a vitreous, or glassy, luster, measures 9 on the Mohs scale for hardness, and has a hexagonal crystal structure. 

Metaphysical Properties

A traditional Stone of Wisdom, Sapphire is still prized today as a royal stone of learning.

The pure blue ray of the most common form of Sapphire carries a healing vibration that is beneficial to the mind, bringing order and clarity where there is confusion and focusing any thoughts that seem to be scattered or unconnected. It lends mental strength and allows us to see beyond illusion to uncover hidden truths. 

Blue Sapphire is aligned with the energies of Saturn and likes order, structure, and self-discipline. It is a wonderful stone for manifesting your goals as it will help you get motivated and organized enough to achieve them.

It also allows you to stay on your spiritual path and is a good stone for clearing the Third Eye chakra so that you can access your own inner wisdom and intuition.

Sapphires are a symbol of integrity and are useful for bringing legal matters and issues of justice to a speedy conclusion.

Blue Sapphires were traditionally used when treaties were signed between rulers and other authorities, so wear or carry a piece of Sapphire if you are involved in negotiations of a formal kind. 

Sapphires amplify healing energies in spiritual healing and Reiki. Blue Sapphire is especially useful for any form of voice healing.

Varieties Of Sapphire 

All Sapphires carry the healing energies of the Universe and vibrate at the appropriate resonance for alleviating a wide variety of mental and physical conditions, especially those connected with the eyes, the throat, the glands, and the circulation of the blood. 

In addition to these properties, each color has its own unique attributes for healing: 

Black Sapphire is protective and centering. It is an excellent stone to call upon for help with gaining and keeping employment and imparts confidence in your own judgment and intuition. 

Blue Sapphire is traditionally associated with purity and love. It is a seeker of spiritual truths. It is also an effective healer for the planet and for the Earth Chakra. Like many blue crystals, Blue Sapphire is an excellent stone for opening a blocked Throat chakra, enabling you to express yourself clearly and without fear. 

Yellow Sapphire is a wealth stone and can attract financial abundance into the home when placed in the far-left corner from the front entrance.

Placed in purses, wallets, and cash boxes, it attracts prosperity and earnings. As an elixir, Yellow Sapphire helps to remove toxins from the body. 

Green Sapphire is a vision stone and brings clarity to the inner eyes and physical eyesight. This crystal opens and supports the Heart chakra, bringing in the energies of love, compassion, patience, and tolerance. 

Pink Sapphire is a fast-acting stone that draws all the resources you need into your energy body to help with your personal and spiritual development. It clears emotional blockages and transmutes negative energies. 

Purple Sapphire is helpful in meditation. It is a stone of awakening and stimulates the rise of kundalini energy from the base of the spine. It opens our spiritual and psychic abilities and encourages visionary trances during which we can access extra-terrestrial wisdom, messages, and insights. 

White Sapphire is an exceptional crystal with extremely pure energy. It opens the Crown chakra and stimulates a high cosmic consciousness. White Sapphire has a powerful energy that removes obstacles from your spiritual path and allows you to uncover your life path and purpose when used in meditation for this purpose.

Sapphire Stone

Using Sapphire

The Benefits Of Using Sapphire

Sapphire is used most often for protection purposes. If you are worried about physical, emotional, mental, or spiritual attacks, the protective properties of this crystal will be highly beneficial to you.

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This crystal will work to preserve your honor, truth, and purity.

You will not be able to lie or hold big secrets when you have the energies of this crystal surrounding you.

There is no need to pretend to be someone you are not, and there is no need to put on airs.

This crystal will see through your facades or your “brave face.” It cuts through deception and uncovers the truths behind many of our illusions and delusions. 

When it comes to Sapphire, the truth will always come out!

It will invite spiritual awakening and enhance your connection with your higher self.

The energies of this crystal will also promote peace in all aspects of your life.

It will boost your leadership abilities and give you mental clarity. It will enhance your memory and strengthen your motivation.

You will also be more disciplined in all aspects of your life.

Sapphire is a good stone for building confidence in your spoken words, especially if you have to speak in public. Your words will resonate with everyone you speak with or in front of.

They will ring loud and true, and your listeners will easily understand your meaning.

Sapphire will show you how you can be more confident about your knowledge and your own opinions.

You will have an easier time sharing your views and expressing your thoughts if you wear or carry a piece of Blue Sapphire during those times when it is vital to get your message across. 

How Best To Use Sapphire

Sapphire is among the most popular gemstones made into engagement rings, earrings, pendants, and other kinds of jewelry or decorative pieces.

Its stunning beauty, vivid color, and versatility make it attractive and desirable. Its relative hardness also means that a Sapphire engagement ring will stand up to quite a lot of wear and tear. 

When placed in the north area of your home or office, Sapphire can bless your journeys and your travels.

If you put it in the northeast side, you will be enhancing your wisdom. When placed in the southeast side, you will be attracting more love!

Having a piece of Sapphire in your home, office, or business will create a balanced flow of energy. It will also help you attract positivity, bring harmony to your relationships, and enhance your problem-solving skills. 

When used in energy healing, all the different colors of this beautiful stone can be used, either together or alone, to cleanse, clear, and balance the energy centers and meridians, leading to a free flow of beneficial energy throughout the body.

Raw Sapphire

The Powers Of Sapphire 

Emotional Healing Powers

We often cause ourselves emotional distress when we shut our feelings off and withdraw from interactions with others.

Sometimes we create a “prison” for ourselves and our emotions through a misguided belief that we keep ourselves safe from emotional trauma or hurt.

Sapphire can free us from this psychic and spiritual suffering by showing us that it is safe to express our feelings. It can also help to fight depression, neuroses, and mood swings. It lightens the mood and brings a calm sense of balance and focus to the mind. 

If you know that others easily sway you, call upon Blue Sapphire to show you where your truth and power lie. It can encourage trust in your own opinions and judgments and reveal your own strengths to you if you use it in a dedicated meditation for this purpose.

Star Sapphire is rare and has a five-pointed star formation in its depths, making it unique and beautiful. It can occur in any color. All Star Sapphires make excellent support stones for those who are socially awkward, shy, have an inferiority complex, or are afraid to speak out because of negative childhood conditioning.

Physical Healing Powers 

Blue Sapphire can help to heal all sorts of physical conditions. It can soothe insomnia and is especially good for the eyes. It can cure infections, improve eyesight, ease sore and itchy eyes, and help with recurring conditions such as conjunctivitis.

Blue Sapphire can also be used to relieve headaches, fever, nosebleeds, earache, hearing issues, infections, and vertigo. This crystal can be beneficial for the thyroid, swollen glands, larynx, and vocal cords. It is an excellent stone for clearing the Throat chakra and encouraging clear communication. 

Sapphire And Wealth

Sapphire is an abundance stone and will invite prosperity into your life. It is also a crystal for integrity, so it will benefit anyone who wishes to make a success of their business without compromising their beliefs and values.

It will focus your mind on what you need to prioritize when it comes to your financial life and enhance your mental clarity around any problems you might face. 

Blue Sapphire has ancient associations with rulers, kings, and queens. It is a stone of authority and power, so use it wisely when working on manifesting your dreams and goals.

Sapphire For Love And Relationships 

If you are dealing with painful memories or emotions, Sapphire will act as a soothing tonic.

It will make the pain of losing someone or desiring someone hurt less.

It will also encourage you that every bad feeling will eventually go away if you give it time. The pain will disappear if you take steps to help yourself get used to, or overcome, the pain.

The energies of Sapphire will show you how you can have a better appreciation of yourself and know your worth.

You owe it to yourself! You cannot expect someone else to appreciate you if you do not know how to appreciate yourself first.

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This crystal will instill discipline in you to stay true to your commitments and faithful to your promises. It will remind you to honor your word and to do more than what is expected.

The energies of this crystal will provide you with honest insight into your partner and your relationship. These insights may not be good or pretty, but they are real and true.

You need the truth if you want a significant change to happen. Sapphire will give you emotional balance and stability amidst the turmoil you may be going through. It will keep you centered and grounded even if everything else around makes you feel otherwise.

Sapphire is also a lover’s crystal that will inspire fidelity.

If you feel that your partner is not completely faithful to you, the energies of this crystal will promote faithfulness and loyalty. With the guidance of this crystal, you will become more sincere in your efforts, more patient in your dealings, and more respectful in your words.

You will be able to let go of your feelings of guilt, and you will be able to let go of your grief.

The energies of this crystal will show you how you can release feelings that cripple you or prevent you from achieving happiness. Sapphire can teach you the meaning of emotional release and give you the strength and power to carry it through. 

Every little thing you do can have repercussions in your relationship, but your strength of character will make you bounce back when you need to. 

This crystal will show you how you can be more compassionate to yourself. It will teach you to love yourself first before you can genuinely love another. 

Purple Sapphire will help you move forward so that you will grow stronger and healthier in your heart. It will make you realize that there are so many wonderful things about life and love that make them worth the effort of getting it right.

This crystal will make way for forgiveness and acceptance. It will also help you become more honest and sincere with your words and actions. It will help you achieve a healthy and loving relationship. It will make you a more reliable partner and a more constant presence.

The warm and loving energies of this crystal will inspire you to be more faithful and loyal to your partner and encourage them to be the same towards you. 

If you find that you often shut down emotionally or have a problem communicating what you feel with your partner, Sapphire will help you communicate more openly and honestly.

Sapphire will also help you eliminate any inferiority complex you may have or feelings of unworthiness when it comes to deserving and receiving love.

Sapphire Jewelry

Chakras And Sapphire 

Blue Sapphire stimulates the Throat chakra and is also energetically aligned with the Third Eye. 

If your Throat chakra is unbalanced or blocked, you might experience this as recurring physical throat problems such as strep throat, tonsilitis, or laryngitis.

You may not be aware that your Throat chakra needs to be cleansed or opened on a spiritual and emotional level until you find that you are avoiding speaking up for yourself. You might also become withdrawn, isolated from others, and unable to communicate in a meaningful way.

The Throat chakra is also the voice of the body. It acts as an outlet for the other chakras, and we must keep this chakra in good health so that we can express our needs, truths, and concerns in a clear, confident way.

The energies of the blue ray, which are focused through blue crystals of all kinds, including Blue Sapphire, will activate and stimulate the Throat chakra, releasing blockages and restrictions and allowing new, vibrant energies to flow freely through the entire chakra system.

Many people have Throat chakra issues that reach back into their past, their childhood, or even further back in time down the ancestral line.

An energy healer, Reiki Master or Aura Reader may identify a collar, band, or other restricting object encircling your Throat in your energy body. This is a sure sign that you are not allowing yourself to communicate your truth to the outside world. Blue Sapphire gently releases the bonds of fear that prevent us from speaking and from being heard. 

Darker shades of Blue Sapphire will work similarly on the Third Eye or Brow chakra. They will open up and stimulate the Third Eye, which is our center of perception. It directs and governs the way we see the world and the world of spiritual truth.

It is a visionary chakra, the site of our consciousness and sense of individuality. It also governs how we perceive ourselves and is responsible for much of our internal dialogue and self-talk. 

When the Third Eye chakra is open and free from restrictions, the energy becomes balanced, healthy, and vibrant. We see ourselves and the world in a positive light, and we can communicate our ideas, thoughts, and opinions with ease and clarity.

The Best Crystals To Combine And Use With Sapphire 

Chakra Crystal Combinations 

You can combine many crystals with Sapphire when working on all of the chakras. Use Lapis Lazuli with Blue Sapphire at the Throat for enhanced confidence in speaking. Combine it with Amethyst to amplify your spiritual insights and wisdom at the Brow chakra.

Green Sapphire can be used alongside Rose Quartz or Pink Kunzite to heal the Heart chakra.

Yellow Sapphire works well with Citrine on the Solar Plexus and also as an aid to manifesting abundance. 

Other Crystal Combinations 

Other crystals will enhance the energies and power of Sapphire and can be used in healing grids, mandalas, and aura cleansing. Yellow Zincite, Amber, Aragonite, and Sunstone all amplify and complement the healing qualities of Sapphire. 

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For extra powerful protection from negative vibrations, try combining Sapphire with Red Jasper, Golden Topaz, and Olivine.

Cleansing And Charging Sapphire 

To cleanse Sapphire of surface debris, dust, or oil, it is safe to use warm water with some mild liquid soap. Sapphire is a hard gemstone and will not be damaged by a soft brush, but you should avoid harsh chemicals or abrasive agents when cleaning it.

Sapphire will need to be recharged after you have used it for metaphysical purposes. It will have absorbed negative energies and vibrations from your auric field and the atmosphere around you.

You can do this by placing it on a piece of rough-cut Amethyst overnight or by passing it through the aromatic smoke of white or sweet sage. As you do this, state your intention that the crystal is revived and rejuvenated, and cleared of all negativity.

Sapphire Ring

Sapphire As A Birthstone 

Blue Sapphire is a natural birthstone for those born as the world awaits the vernal equinox (February 19 – March 19) 

Indigo Sapphire is a natural birthstone for those born in midwinter (Jan20 – February 18. Indigo crystals are rare and valuable, and they bring the qualities of wisdom, truth, and dignity to the wearer. 

Taurus (April 20 – May 21) is the zodiac sign associated with Sapphire. Taurus the bull is strong but quiet, and Taurus people can be stubborn, realistic, and pragmatic. They are also affectionate, kindhearted, and empathic.  

Sapphire In Legends And History

Sapphire has a long history of association with all things sacred and is a stone of wisdom and royalty.

In both Ancient and Medieval times, Blue Sapphire signified celestial providence, hope, and faith. It was believed to embody the qualities of kindness and wise judgment and to bring powerful spiritual protection against the forces of darkness. 

In Christianity, Sapphire was used in ecclesiastical rings, and in Hebrew lore, the Law given to Moses on the Mount was said to have been engraved on tablets of Sapphire. 

The Greeks wore it for wisdom when seeking enlightenment from the Oracle at Delphi. 

As a talisman, folklore describes its uses as a preserver of chastity and a discoverer of treachery or fraud. It was also held to protect the wearer from the effects of poison, plague, fevers, and skin diseases.

Final Thoughts On The Power Of Sapphire 

When you carry Sapphire tumbled stones with you or put them in your home, they can work as potent talismans.

Their healing energies can protect you from diseases, poison, ill wishes, and even black magic.

Use Sapphire when you need to be more patient or when you need to settle your differences with someone.

These stones are also talismans of trust. They can also be very helpful when you’re trying to patch things up with someone who has betrayed your trust.

If you have hurt or angered someone, the healing properties of these stones can help you in seeking forgiveness.

The colors of Sapphires are incredibly supportive in your recovery efforts from harmful addictions and destructive patterns and behaviors.

They will help you stay strong and focused, and they will soothe your tempers so that you can grow more calm and mellow.

Sapphires have potent rays that will encourage you to change your life for the better to become a source of joy and inspiration to others.

Sapphires are also what you need when dealing with grief and need help in letting go of the past. They will help you in getting rid of your guilt feelings, too.

These stones are also believed to activate your psychic abilities. They will support you in forging a strong connection with your higher self.

They can get rid of your confusion and negative emotions like fear, hate, and anger and replace them with love, peace, and joy.

Sapphires are incredibly beneficial to students and teachers, and anyone engaged in intellectual pursuits.

They represent love, loyalty, and commitment. They are a bringer of peace and can be very healing to the mind.

Sapphire is a crystal of the heavens and will bring you good health and overall well-being.

It will preserve your innocence and bring out the truth so that you will achieve light and love in your life.

Sapphire is the crystal of royalty, prophecy, and wisdom. It will protect you from all kinds of physical or psychical harm and negativity.

If it is the creative expression that you are looking for, Sapphire should be your go-to crystal.

It will unlock what is hidden inside your heart and mind, and it will allow you to harness this knowledge whenever you see fit.

It will bring you good fortune and spiritual insight. It will activate all the energies that you need to harness to make your dreams a reality!

Sapphire is a wisdom crystal that will help you communicate more effectively.

Your perception will be enhanced together with your awareness of the world.

It will calm you down and help you focus your mind.

Sapphire will also strengthen your commitment when it comes to love and happiness.

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