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Pink Manganocalcite is one of my favorite stones for working with Reiki / Seichim. Pink Manganocalcite is one of my favorite stones for working with Reiki / Seichim.

I periodically get asked about using Reiki/Seichim with crystals. To be direct: Go for it!

One of my Reiki Masters taught all his students to use crystals in conjunction with Reiki. It was very informal, mostly a process of placing crystals and stones by intuition. We did use particular stones on or near chakras that related to those chakras. He called the whole process “Reiki crystal baths“, and the people receiving the Reiki/Seichim and crystal energy invariably found it to be a positive experience.

“What crystals and stones are good for working with Reiki?” you ask.

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Any that you feel moved to use will likely be beneficial. Quartz is great because of its high energy and energy amplification properties. Smoky quartz is excellent to use at the feet, or to be held by the healee, to help keep the healee grounded during the Reiki/Seichim treatment. Pink Manganocalcite held by the healee or in the Reiki/Seichim practitioner’s hands enhances the Reiki/Seichim energy greatly, but in a gentle way. Calcite of different colors helps with healing issues related to the corresponding chakra. Quantum Quattro Silica™ gives a boost of energy and is particularly helpful when working with throat and communication issues. Lepidolite is particularly helpful when working on emotional issues. And rose quartz seems to amplify the energy in a gently loving way.

The only stone I’ve tried and not had good luck using with Reiki/Seichim is moldavite; and that may well be is almost certainly my strange personal relationship with moldavite interfering there. UPDATE 8/28/03: I realized from emails people have sent that I didn’t make it strong enough a statement here to say that I think the problem with moldavite and Reiki/Seichim is me, not the stone! Many, many people find moldavite an excellent stone for healing. I just have some personal associations with it from the past that make it not work well for me. Actually, it works fine for the person on the healee end, but I get messed up in the process because of my past. Long story I may or may not tell some day. But I wanted to clear it up that I definitely think the “problem” with moldavite and healing that I’ve experience is me and not the stone! I’ve had the subject come up so much in the past few days that I’m thinking the Universe is trying to tell me something and I should revisit working with moldavite. I’ll give that a shot. 🙂
UPDATE 4/26/04: As I suspected, the issue with moldavite was me at the time, and not the stone. I’ve been working with moldavite lately and it’s all been positive. The lesson from all this, is to try it, keep at it if it is positive, and if it’s not immediately positive, try again later when you’re in a different place if you wish.

Ultimately, the only way to see how a stone works for you with Reiki/Seichim is to try it. Follow your intuition and use whatever crystals and stones appeal to you and feel appropriate at the time. Don’t be shy, the stone people love healing.

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My Favorite Stones for Reiki or Seichim Spiritual Energy Healing:

Pink Manganocalcite
Rose Quartz 
Quantum Quattro Silica
Smoky Quartz


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