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Reiki Seichim Stones: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Reiki Seichim Stones: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Reiki Seichim Stones Properties

Reiki is an ancient, gentle, ancient hands-on spiritual practice and healing method that originated in Japan.

It was developed in the early 1900s by Mikao Usui.

Reiki means ‘universal energy’, and it comes from the words rei, which means universe, and ki, which is Japanese for the life force energy around us.

This universal energy surrounds everything and everyone, and it’s ever-present.

Reiki is a simple, non-invasive, powerful, and effective form of energy healing. It’s not associated with any religious beliefs and is entirely holistic.

Seichim is a living light energy, especially when combined with Charoite. This means that it has a different and higher vibration than Reiki.

The word Seichim means ‘might’ or ‘power of powers’, and it’s similar to Reiki in healing your higher bodies to achieve physical, emotional, and mental balance.

Seichim healing has its origins in ancient Egypt. This is where it was also just recently ‘rediscovered’.

The applications of Seichim in healing treatments are similar to Reiki, although it has its own energies produced by its own attunement process.

Reiki is a grounded healing energy for the earth, while Seichim is an ecstatic and galactic heart energy.

Many Reiki and Seichim practitioners are familiar with the healing powers of stones, and they enjoy working with their favorite ones.

Reiki Seichim Stones resonate well with energies that complement or enhance theirs. Some practitioners know by instinct which stones to use and where exactly to place them.

They use their intuition to zero in on your blockages and imbalances.

Depending on the chakras that need healing work, the appropriate Reiki Seichim Stones will be placed over the affected area so that they can work their magic!

Reiki Seichim Stones are energy-filled metaphysical instruments, just like Chalcopyrite. Their powerful healing energies are used for many healing purposes and applications.

As a result, Reiki Seichim Stones will enhance your Reiki or Seichim treatments.

Why Would You Use Reiki Seichim Stones?

Reiki Seichim Stones will help restore the harmony to your physical, emotional, and mental body.

They will improve your overall health and well-being, and they will also give you emotional stability.

Reiki Seichim Stones will help you deal with low self-esteem. They will also promote self-empowerment and help you in achieving your goals.

These stones will get rid of feelings of abandonment and isolation.

Reiki Seichim Stones will help you recover from addictions, alcoholism, or any form of emotional trauma.

They will also relieve your anxieties and physical or emotional pains that you may be going through.

They will remove outdated beliefs that may be blocking your path to happiness, wealth, health, and love.

When you work with the energies of Reiki Seichim Stones in combination with Selenite, you will also enhance your higher self.

The energies of Reiki Seichim Stones will help remove your separation anxiety and get rid of blockages that are preventing you from having the life that you desire.

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How Will Reiki Seichim Stones Help You?

Reiki Seichim Stones, Healing and Health

Reiki Seichim Stones can increase the energy levels in the body. They can detoxify the system and help speed up the healing process after suffering from illness or injury.

Pink Mangano Calcite is one of my favorite stones for working with Reiki / Seichim.

They can also ease the pains that you can feel in the legs, shoulders, neck, or back.

Reiki Seichim Stones can give you healing properties that will balance and heal the mental, physical, spiritual, and emotional bodies.

They can provide insight and relief to both chronic and acute diseases.

These stones can also be beneficial in the treatment of stress, anxiety, depression, and fatigue.

Reiki Seichim Stones are known to be effective in dealing with feminine health issues, such as PMS, hormonal imbalance, and infertility.

These stones can also help the body recover from burns. They can speed up cancer recovery and help with cardiovascular disorders.

Reiki Seichim Stones can also help with pregnancy and ease the pains and difficulties of childbirth.

They can also help in the treatment of eating disorders and in healing insomnia and other sleeping disorders.

These stones can reduce panic attacks and soothe muscle spasms. They can also help with removing stress and phobias.

Reiki Seichim Stones and Wealth

Reiki Seichim Stones will enhance your creative expression. They will sharpen your memory and boost your mental energy.

Reiki Seichim Stones will boost your confidence, which can greatly help you in performing new and challenging tasks.

They will also increase your sense of empowerment, and you will be inspired to work on your own development.

These stones will also promote calm and relaxation, especially during times when you are overworked and overwhelmed.

They will attract good luck and good fortune and reward you with many wonderful blessings.

Reiki Seichim Stones, Love and Relationships

Reiki Seichim Stones will trigger your emotional release and boost your emotional empowerment. They will promote kindness and forgiveness so that you will achieve emotional healing.

When you work with the energies of these stones, you will be free from your despair, and you will heal from your depression.

You will be able to be independent, even if you are in a healthy and committed relationship. You will also be able to let go of your bad habits, insecurities, and hypersensitivity.

Reiki Seichim Stones will soothe your pain and your grief, and they will help you get rid of your unnecessary guilty feelings.

Your relationship will enjoy an increase in intimacy, and you will achieve inner peace, harmony, happiness, and more love!

How to Use Reiki Seichim Stones for the Best Results

One of the simplest ways to balance your whole chakra system is by placing Reiki Seichim Stones of the appropriate color on each chakra.

This will give your chakra a boost of its own vibrations without affecting its energies or its harmony with the overall chakra system.

The interaction between the Reiki Seichim Stones and your chakras will bring them back to a healthy vibration, healing the affected body parts effectively.

Reiki Seichim Stones will work as a general tonic that will strengthen and fortify the entire chakra system.

If you lay your Reiki Seichim Stones out, you can easily see them all and find the one that will go best for each particular chakra.

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Place your Reiki Seichim Stone on the lowest chakra first, and then move upwards to proceed with your Reiki and Seichim healing.

When removing your Reiki Seichim Stones, always remove the highest and leave the lowest stone last.

Choose a red Reiki Seichim stone to place near the base of your spine. Alternatively, you can use two red stones of the same kind and place them on the top of each leg.

For the sacral chakra, you can use an orange Reiki Seichim stone and put it on the lower abdomen.

Place a yellow-colored Reiki Seichimstone between your navel and ribcage. If there’s tension in this area, you can use a Clear Quartz or a Tiger’s Eye to help you release the tension.

When placed on the heart chakra, right in the center of the chest, it can give you emotional healing and cleansing. Make sure that you use green or pink ReichiSeichim stones for this purpose.

Use a light blue Reiki Seichim stone for the throat chakra, and place it at the base of your throat.

For the brow chakra, a dark blue or indigo Reiki Seichim stone is usually used. You can put it on the center of your forehead.

You can also use a dark colored stone for the crown chakra, which rests just above the top of the head.

The Best Combination to use with Reiki Seichim Stones

There are plenty of Reiki Seichim Stones that you can use to attract, strengthen, and keep love in your life. You can use Green or Pink Fluorite to stimulate and align your heart chakra.

Garnet will stimulate passion and promote honesty, trust, devotion, and understanding.

Lavender or Green Jade will encourage emotional healing and make you open to more love and compassion.

Green Jasper will bring balance to your heart chakra and calm your strong emotions.

Larimar will inspire you to connect with the people you love and give more love away.

Pink or Green Tourmaline will help you cleanse your heart of emotional debris, and it will fill your life with love and joy. It will also induce a feeling of peace and safety.

Thulite will help you achieve unconditional love and show you how you can love without judgment.

You can use Black Tourmaline, Fire Agate, Hematite, Tigers Eye, and Bloodstone to enhance your root chakra.

To activate your crown chakra, you can combine Amethyst, Diamond, Clear Quartz, and Selenite.

You can combine Coral, Moonstone, Carnelian, and Citrine if you wish to enhance your sacral chakra.

Reiki Seichim Stones and Emotional Healing

Reiki is a spiritual healing practice that has much to do with the forces of the universe.

The universal energy that is embodied by Reiki Seichim stones is, therefore, one of the most effective treatments to relieve you of the tensions and stress that come with life.

Reiki Seichim stones are powerful healing instruments that hold a large amount of metaphysical energy.

The energy of the universe is always surrounding us, but we often need a channel to employ this energy effectively for our own benefit.

Reiki Seichim stones provide this channel in a non-invasive manner and facilitate emotional healing by presenting a holistic way of inviting healing energies from the universe towards the one who uses them.

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Depending on the chakras in you that need to be healed, the right kind of Reiki Seichim stones will enhance the healing process in a powerful and highly effective way.

Reiki Seichim stones help to restore a sense of balance in your life by harmonizing the physical, mental, and emotional energies of your body.

These stones are also important to boost the overall quality of your life in terms of health and general well-being.

They provide one with the necessary emotional stability that is required to stay strong and face the challenges of life fearlessly.

The stones uplift a person’s self-confidence, making him or her more self-reliant so that they can develop a substantial level of self-esteem to move forward in life.

Feelings of personal power are also synonymous with the energies of Reiki Seichim stones.

By using these powerful instruments, you will be able to steer away from negative feelings of helplessness and uncertainty and allow you to feel empowered enough to do what it takes to achieve your life goals.

Another important purpose of Reiki Seichim stones is that they relieve you of your anxieties and other pains, both emotional and physical.

In a way, physical pain is also majorly related to emotional suffering, so with the use of Reiki Seichim stones, you can effectively combat all kinds of pains by ridding yourself of negative emotions.

You will witness your path to success clear up and feel more liberated to pursue your personal ambitions.

Reiki Seichim stones essentially remove the obstacles that come in the way of your pursuit of happiness, success, and love.

Especially when used with Selenite, you will feel that Reiki Seichim stones greatly enhance your sense of self-consciousness and promote your spiritual being to a higher level.

Reiki Seichim stones effectively detoxify your inner system and speed up the process of healing after an illness, injury, or emotional trauma.

This is a highly effective stone used to relieve the body of chronic diseases and ensure that you are at a point in life where you can be at peace with yourself.

It helps you fight back from the setbacks and actively deal with a problem so that you can successfully rise above the challenges that life throws your way.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Reiki Seichim Stones

The benefits of Reiki Seichim Stones are vast.

Not only will they give you healing on all levels, they will also guide you on your own path and give you the tools that you need to succeed in all your pursuits.

They will help you remove any obstacles to your goals. More importantly, Reiki Seichim Stones will help you gain a fuller and happier life by being connected with yourself!

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