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Pollucite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Pollucite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Pollucite is a healing gemstone that holds immense power for spiritual, emotional, and physical cleansing.

The lovely energy that is emitted from Pollucite is ideal to combat toxicity in the environment as well as to induce any contact with spiritual beings.

The stone holds very unique metaphysical properties and some of these are especially important for people that are transitioning from one life to another.

Pollucite Properties

The name of this stone has roots in a myth shared by both the Romans and the Greeks.

The interesting story behind this myth relates to twin brothers, Pollux and Castor, with different fathers.

Pollux was believed to be the immortal son of Greek God Zeus. It is also the name of a mineral, which was named after this mythical character.

Castor, on the other hand, lends his name to the mineral stone known as Castorite.

Pollux and Castorite are two stones which are often found in combination and are produced together, which gives logic to the hybrid of these names to make Pollucite.

The largest occurrence of Pollucite is in Canada where it is mainly excavated for industrial purposes.

However, other locations that the stone has also been discovered in include the USA, Italy, Afghanistan, and Pakistan.

The family of crystals that Pollucite belongs to is Zeolites, which is a relatively rare group of gemstones with unique and distinct metaphysical characteristics.

In appearance, the stone has a cloudy, creamy finish and is mostly white in color. Less common colors that Pollucite is found in include grey, violet, blue, pink, or peachy cream color.

The stones are usually found in a rough, corroded form and in huge clusters.

Most specimens of Pollucite are opaque, but they can have semi-opaque patches of color within the stones.

Why Would You Use Pollucite?

Pollucite is essentially used as an aid for meditation, owing to its powerful energy that can help guide a person closer to the higher realm.

This energy has a stabilizing effect that can invoke harmony within your soul and can help you achieve a state of balance in your internal and external forces.

It is believed that the vibration of Pollucite can help a dying person through his or her transition from this world to the other side.

For those who have lost a loved one, the energy of Pollucite can help you get in touch with the spirits that have passed on, making you feel their presence even when they aren’t physically around you.

One of the most delightful and appealing aspects of this crystal is that it can be used for any chakra throughout the body.

The versatility of the effects of the crystal stems from the fact that the physical form of Pollucite is such that it radiates the full-color spectrum.

This enables the stone to work with all its might on all facets of the soul, regardless of whether it is being used to target a specific problem area or to garner its benefits overall.

Having said that, it should be noted that for a beginner, it is suggested that the stone be used for short intervals of time until you get used to its powerful energy.

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Goes without saying, once you have adapted to the effects of Pollucite, you will not find the need to fight its energy because its impact on you will be very impressive.

The stone is particularly beneficial when it is used to stimulate the higher chakras.

These include the crown chakra as well as the soul star chakra, which are both essential to invoke clarity within the mind and aid with smoother communication.

In fact, it is these higher etheric chakras that are responsible for your connection with the higher realms and the spiritual beings that reside there.

The essence of the energy of Pollucite is the strengthening of your bond with angelic beings, which is often the foundation you need before embarking on a journey of self-discovery.

So if you’ve been feeling lost and helpless in recent times, it might have something to do with your detachment from the divine presence.

The role of Pollucite is to help reaffirm your faith in the divine forces, for it is only then that you will begin to wrap your head around your actual purpose on earth.

Once you grasp the reality of your existence, you will be able to focus on the important things in life.

Being so closely associated with matters of the mind, Pollucite is also an essential instrument when it comes to not just learning new information, but also retaining the knowledge you gain.

Life is a learning curve and this crystal reminds you that each and every single one of your experiences is a chance to learn, grow, and evolve into a better person by implementing your knowledge.

In doing so, it can teach you several crucial life lessons as well, which should equip you better when you deal with future challenges and open new doors to endless opportunities.

In addition to clearing your mind and organizing your thoughts, the crystal helps with speech.

This also extends to the way you express yourself to others around you.

If you are the kind of person who can get walked all over and taken advantage of, Pollucite will instill in you the courage and resolve that it takes to say “no” and stand your ground.

How Will Pollucite Help You?

As mentioned earlier, it is recommended that first-timers should not use Pollucite for extended periods of time at a stretch.

Allow yourself the time and space to acclimatize to the force of Pollucite.

If this is your first time using Pollucite, you should ideally meditate with it for a few minutes in the beginning and gradually increasing this duration as you feel more comfortable with its energy.

The mineral composition of Pollucite also makes this an excellent aid to combat a list of health problems, especially those that arise from environmental pollution.

If you’re particularly sensitive to contaminants in the air or are prone to get inflicted by air-borne viruses, using the stone will boost your immunity against such illnesses.

The aura surrounding Pollucite contains purifying energy that detoxifies the auric field of the person using it.

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In addition to cleansing the air around you, these energies will also rid your body of any toxins or poisons that may reside within you.

Therefore, if you’re looking to go through a process of detoxification, few other stones would compare to the remarkable effects that Pollucite can have on you in this regard.

A complete purging of all the toxins and negative emotions from your body, mind, and soul is a very important step in the direction of personal growth.

All of these toxicities have been holding you back from developing into the individual that you are meant to be.

So when Pollucite cleanses your aura, it is effectively bringing you closer to your true self and making you more aware of your higher sense of self.

Working with your heart chakra, the stone will also help you let go of all the emotional baggage that you’ve been burdening yourself with.

It is only when you free yourself from all the fears, concerns, and emotional pain that you will finally be able to look forward to the next chapter of your life.

If you have experienced emotional trauma or shock in your life and can’t seem to get over it, using this crystal will help you make strides as you try to reel back from the grief that you passed may have caused you.

The core purpose of using the stone should be for personal well-being and vitality because these aspects make the essence of its impact on you.

Other physical benefits that Pollucite promises also include assistance with radiation treatment, especially for patients trying to cope up with the effects of radiation.

The vigorous energy of the stone will also translate into a power boost for your personal strength, whereby you will feel more motivated, willing, and energized to conquer the world.

Pollucite and Spiritual Healing

Pollucite is a stone that is popular for its spiritual benefits, especially its ability to strengthen any matters of spirituality and clear out any confusions that one may have in this regard.

When you start to use the stone, you will distinctly feel its powers working to heal you both physically as well as spiritually.

The spiritual healing that comes about with Pollucite has much to do with your own self and your inner spirituality.

The healing properties of the crystal remove obstacles from your auric and etheric fields, which makes you more susceptible to the messages being sent your way from the divine realm.

Additionally, the energy of this stone beckons one to get closer with their guardian angels and be mindful when trying to contact them.

When used for spiritual purposes, it is important to direct all your thoughts towards the stone because you will need this level of focus to summon your spirit guides.

Once this angelic contact is made, you will find it easy to hear and observe all the teachings that the angelic beings have in store for you.

Moreover, it is also believed that Pollucite has such intense and strong powers that they can move the forces of the earth in such a way that humanity can be brought to live with peace amongst themselves.

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The stone has harmonizing effects that stimulate brotherhood, affinity, and stronger connections between all beings on earth so that peace can prevail.

Pollucite, Love and Romance

The foundation of any relationship should be based on love, mutual respect, and an understanding, not just of each other, but also of yourself.

By invoking an urge to become more enlightened on the deepest levels of your inner being, the stone ensures that you are comfortable with yourself before you put yourself out there.

If you don’t love yourself, you shouldn’t expect others to love you either.

This is why it is crucial to first understand your inner truth and realise the path that you are destined to walk on.

Once you have come to this realisation, you will be able to best deduce which person is worth taking along with you on this journey.

Pollucite will also give you the clarity of mind that is needed to make a relationship work.

If you’re already involved with someone but have been facing troubles in your love life, resorting to the use of this stone will help clear out a substantial amount of your concerns.

Finally, the ability of this stone to cleanse you of your toxic qualities will only be favourable for you when you want to gain the respect and admiration of your significant other.

How to Use Pollucite for the Best Results

The most advantageous way of using Pollucite is to let it stay in contact with your skin.

Therefore, the stone is often made into jewelry and worn by people who want to reap its benefits.

That being said, even keeping it in your pocket can do wonders and won’t decrease the intensity of its impact on you.

Ideally, you should incorporate the stone in your daily meditation routine.

It is, however, important to start gradually and take it to step by step, getting used to its potent vibrations before going all in.

Reiki practitioners have been known to benefit largely from the stones when used by hands for purposes of healing.

My Final Thoughts

A stone as potent as Pollucite must be used with care but when you get a hold of it, you will be thoroughly amazed by how vastly it can impact your life in positive ways.

The natural crystal energy within Pollucite acts as a remarkable detoxifying agent while also serving the spiritual purpose of bringing you closer to your guardian angels.

So the next time you feel like your emotions and negative thoughts are getting in the way of your progress in life, consider using this crystal to cleanse your mind and body.

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