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Purple Sapphire: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Purple Sapphire: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Purple Sapphire Properties

Purple Sapphire is from the Corundum variety, which is an aluminum oxide mineral.

The presence of vanadium is what gives it its purple color. Its color ranges from light amethyst, to lavender, to deep purple.

Purple Sapphire undergoes two forms of treatment, which is usually the case when it comes to fancy Sapphires.

Lattice diffusion subjects the Sapphire to high temperatures, with an inclusion of a coloring agent, helping create different purple shades.

Standard heat treatment will even out the color, deepening it where it’s light or faint. Heat treatments can also improve the Sapphire’s clarity.

The most beautiful types of Purple Sapphire can be found in Myanmar, Madagascar, Brazil, and Thailand.

Why Would You Use Purple Sapphire?

Purple Sapphire will bring you the wisdom of spiritual awakening.

Its splendid energies will help you reduce your unnecessary worries and open up your crown chakra, which is the source of your spirituality.

This crystal will allow you to recognize the bonds that you share with yourself and all that is! It will promote a sense of oneness and peace.

Purple Sapphire is an excellent tool in meditation. It will enhance your psychic or visionary growth, and it will clear the path so that your chakras will awaken and Kundalini energies will arise.

Purple Sapphire is very calming to the body, especially when you’re experiencing unstable emotions.

It will help get rid of your excessive fears and worries and bring back the balance in your life. It will also guide you in relating to others, and in finding your place in this world.

Purple Sapphire will stimulate your crown chakra, which is the gateway to the universe that’s beyond your body. It will control how you think and how you respond to the world around you.

Purple Sapphire symbolizes the main source of your beliefs and of your spirituality. It will connect you to your higher planes of existence.

With the guidance of this crystal, you will know your place in the universe and accept things as they are. You will be unfazed by your challenges because you will know that they are all a part of life.

This crystal has the purple rays of the universal life force, and it will infuse you with energies of destiny, inspiration, dreams, and magic.

Like Blue Agate, Purple Sapphire will inspire awe, magic, and mystery in your life. It will also help you interpret your dreams and inspire you to do great things to others and in your life.

How Will Purple Sapphire Help You?

Purple Sapphire, Healing and Health

When it comes to physical healing, Purple Sapphire can help your body heal on a cellular level. It can be beneficial in the treatment of blood disorders, as well as eye issues.

It can help in getting rid of your stress, anxiety, and depression. It can also ease insomnia and other sleep-related problems.

So many of the illnesses and injuries we sustain are down to our state of mind, our ability to get enough rest, and our ability to not let stress and anxiety get us down.

Purple Sapphire will help you to understand how a healthy mind leads to a healthy body, and how good physical health is so energizing that it can’t help but enrich your emotional outlook.

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It’s all connected, and any way in which you pamper yourself is sure to have some wonderful effects!

However, this stone can also prevent you from going too far with this line of thinking – if we are too indulgent and too keen to rest and recuperate all the time, it can make plenty of problems too!

The physical healing energy of Purple Sapphire can help regulate a hyperactive metabolism. It can also support the healthy functions of your glands.

It can treat excessive bleeding and help in improving the functions of the veins.

Purple Sapphire and Wealth

Purple Sapphire is a crystal of awakening. It will increase your spiritual power and your astuteness. It will also bring in more prosperity and help you maintain the blessings in your life!

This crystal will help you focus, absorb, and radiate its loving and supportive energies and help you fulfill your desires and manifest your dreams. It will boost your creativity and support you in your artistic endeavors.

It will help you see how others see you. It will boost your self-esteem and increase your level of knowledge.

Purple Sapphire will also give you the vision that you need to see the future.

It will also help you attain powerful insight and perception that will guide you in knowing the potential repercussions of your decisions.

Purple Sapphire is a stone of prosperity. It will help you attract and maintain abundance and prosperity in your life.

It will also encourage you to open your mind to the beauty and wonder that surrounds you. It will help you gain wisdom that will support you in your endeavors.

Purple Sapphire, Love and Relationships

Purple Sapphire will provide insight and a window to your soul that’s beyond your ordinary level of understanding.

It will also focus on yourself, your emotions, and your own understanding of your hidden desires.

This is the crystal of a free and unburdened heart and mind. It will encourage you to embrace a quiet calm and an open mind when it comes to loving and being loved.

Purple Sapphire will make you appreciate the value of beginnings and endings. It will make you realize why some love stories have to end, and why you have to experience a broken heart.

This crystal will also bring passion and imagination to your relationship. It will infuse you with all the things that you need to make your love come alive.

It will also stabilize your emotions and help you strengthen your logic.

It will manifest your dreams and desires. It will also keep your calm and focus when things in your life start to get rocky.

Purple Sapphire will help you feel more relaxed.

It will keep the negative thoughts and emotions at bay. It will also help you feel grateful and appreciative of all the good things that you have in your relationship.

The energies of Purple Sapphire will make you feel light, happy, and optimistic all the time.

Purple Sapphire will stabilize your volatile emotions. It will get rid of your insecurities and dispel your fears and worries. The energies of Purple Sapphire will also get rid of your inferiority complex.

Purple Sapphire will inspire you to get in touch with your feelings and openly express them to the people you love.

It will show you how you can remain calm and collected even if you feel like your world will come crashing down at any moment.

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Purple Sapphire will also promote fantasy and mystery, which will be greatly beneficial to those who are in an unexciting or passionless relationship.

How to Use Purple Sapphire for the Best Results?

Purple Sapphire carries fire energy, which is the energy that will bring enthusiasm, brightness, warmth, action, and enlightenment in your life.

This energy will also bring more emotion and passion in your relationship, and new ideas and enthusiasm to your work.

Place a piece of Purple Sapphire in the south area of your home. Its energies will enhance your relationship with your family and improve your standing in your community.

The most important benefit of Purple Sapphire is its ability to attract wealth. Your house, office, or business should not be without it!

Put it in your cash box or carry it around with you in your purse or pocket. You can also wear it as jewelry to keep it close to your personal auric fields.

Purple Sapphire is also a crystal that will help you succeed in your chosen profession. It’s recommended for lawyers, journalists, writers, and historians! Purple Sapphire can last you a lifetime with proper care.

As with any gemstone, it’s highly recommended that you keep them away from direct sunlight. Also, avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning them.

The Best Combination to use with Purple Sapphire

Purple Sapphire can be very beneficial to the body and physical healing, especially when you combine it with specific stones and crystals.

You can enhance its healing properties when you use it with Indigo Gabbro, Moss Agate, Malachite, Howlite, Amethyst, Pyrite, Red Jasper, Bronzite, Dalmatian Jasper, Chrysocolla, Chalcedony, or Carnelian.

It can also work great with Azurite Malachite, Lapis Lazuli, Moonstone, Sodalite, Sugilite, Rhodochrosite, Red Jasper, Hematite, Lepidolite, or Spinel.

When you’re experiencing a rough period and want to harness your personal power, you can combine Purple Sapphire with Sunstone, Yellow Zincite, Golden Yellow Spinel, Yellow-Brown Scapolite, Honey Calcite, Golden Tiger Eye, or Peridot.

Violet Sapphire is a striking stone, and one that certainly has lots of visual appeal, but as you can see, it can mingle nicely with countless other stones in your collection.

There are plenty more besides here too, and every crystal out there is as individual as its owner. Because of that, you don’t need to feel as though you’re limited to just the crystals listed here alone!

When introducing this crystal to your collection, experiment with different placements of it in the home, or attuning its energies to different crystals in your collection.

You might well find that this stone is happy to align itself with some surprising friends!

Can You Get Purple Sapphire as a Bracelet?

Purple Sapphire will look exquisite as a bracelet. You just need to find the perfect design that will exhibit the stone’s incredible beauty.

This stone looks breathtaking in a silver or gold chain. You can customize your Purple Sapphire bracelet and choose from rose gold, white gold, gold, or silver chains as well.

If you want to be different and wear something different, Purple Sapphires will certainly stand out.

It’s the least known of the Sapphire family and the least appreciated. It’s a fantastic stone that is not as recognized as the Blue Sapphire.

But now that you are aware of its beauty and elegance, it’s time to get a piece of Purple Sapphire of your own!

There are many beautiful options for your Purple Sapphire bracelet. Just spend some time looking at various designs and price points so that you will end up getting something that you can afford and really love.

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Purple Sapphires are darker and have purple as the dominant color. They actually look more blue than pink, and the purple color can be medium to dark red-purple.

These stones are often mistaken as Amethysts. But Amethysts are easily shattered, chipped, or broken.

Purple Sapphires are more durable to the daily knocks of life. When it comes to sparkle and brilliance, Purple Sapphire is a winner. It has more clarity and sparkle.

The majority of Sapphires that can be purchased today are heat treated. This is because it enhances the clarity and color of the stone.

Purple Sapphire naturally has good color saturation and rarely needs any kind of treatment. If a Purple Sapphire did not go through any kind of treatment, it also commands a higher price.

Make sure that when you purchase a Purple Sapphire, you ask the seller whether the stone has been subjected to any kind of treatment.

They should be able to willingly tell you whether a Purple Sapphire is treated or enhanced. Purple Sapphires are not only lovely and elegant but also possess incredible healing properties.

When you wear a Purple Sapphire bracelet, you are also receiving the stone’s energies of calm and stimulation.

It also provides a sense of mystic. It has a noble and royal quality to it that is well-liked by creative and artistic types.

Wearing a Purple Sapphire bracelet will also help you get in touch with your feelings.  It will help you become more open and receptive to feelings of joy, love, and happiness.

It has also been said that wearing a Purple Sapphire will boost your imagination and encourage you to make use of your artistic abilities.

If you’re looking for love and romance in your life, make sure that you have a piece of Purple Sapphire on you. It’s a very appropriate stone for love, passion, and desire.

Purple Sapphires are best for people who dare to be different. If you’re ready to shake things up and be a lot bolder, this stone is for you!

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Purple Sapphire
purple sapphire meaning

Purple Sapphire will align its energies with your mind’s natural powers that will help you find new paths and achieve new capabilities.

It will point out the mistakes that you can correct, and it will direct you to better and more beautiful paths in life.

Purple Sapphire will bring prosperity and help you sustain it.

It will strengthen your focus and help you radiate a positive energy that will influence all those around you.

It will also help you make a fresh start after experiencing a major loss, failure, or heartbreak.

Having a piece of this crystal will support your efforts to change your current situation, improve your professional and personal prospects, achieve better health, and gain a more positive outlook on life.

Purple Sapphire will inspire you to learn to dance with the music of life. It will help you grow stronger and become a better person.

Purple Sapphire will support your efforts to grow, develop new skills, and transform your life for the better!

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