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Green Crystal: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Green Crystal: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Green Crystal Properties

Green Crystal symbolizes the beauty of life, the abundance of nature, and the energies of nature. This crystal has the most restful color.

It will strengthen your sense of self-respect and promote your well-being.

This crystal will encourage balance, growth, harmony, and learning.

Green Crystals are very safe, and you can use them for just about any kind of purpose.

If you’re not sure about which crystal to use, you can always go for green-colored crystals.

The Green Crystal is a favorite with well-balanced people. This is because it symbolizes your life force and the master healer.

Green Crystal is also a symbol of wealth, abundance, prosperity, and money.

If you want to transform your life for the better and enhance your financial situation, always have a piece of Green Crystal with you!

Why Would You Use Green Crystal?

The color of Green Crystal will bring balance to your energies. It will also increase the love, compassion, and empathy in your heart.

It’s a good crystal to have when you’re working with nature or for the environment because it will increase your appreciation for the world around you.

The energies of Green Crystal will attract good fortune and increase your prosperity. It will also counter addiction and panic attacks.

It’s a crystal that will give a healing energy to your heart. It will promote healing, and increase the hope, freedom, balance, and optimism in your life.

Green Crystal will infuse you with a refreshing, peaceful, and healing feeling that will inspire you to keep going even when you’re going through a difficult time.

It will infuse you with harmony, satisfaction, and contentment. You will enjoy more confidence in your projects, and more luck in your endeavors.

It will make you more hopeful about your prospects, and it will make you more aware of your own beauty!

Green Crystal is associated with ambition, and it will support you in your efforts so that you will reach success and achieve your goals.

It’s a crystal that will give you protection and emotional healing.

Green Crystal has powerful energies of growth, desire, and expansion.

It will give you a sense of order when you feel like your world is getting chaotic or overwhelming.

It will give you loving support when you’re experiencing transformation, and it will sustain you as you experience the changes.

In lighter shades, Green Crystal is excellent for promoting spiritual growth. It will help you achieve a renewed commitment to a higher purpose.

It will also help you focus your efforts on improving your devotion to higher ideals and strengthening your faith.

How Will Green Crystal Help You?

Green Crystal, Healing and Health

Green Crystal will strengthen the heart, the lungs, and the respiratory system. It can help fight viruses and infections.

It can also be beneficial in any kind of healing, especially when it’s related to the heart or blood pressure. It can give relief from aches and pains as well.

Green Crystal can support the cleansing and purification of the lymph and blood systems.

It can build muscle bone and muscle tissue. It can also aid in the treatment of fertility problems.

This crystal can also help with psychological problems that deal with arrested psychological development. It can boost immunity and increase fertility.

Light green crystal tends to accentuate a more positive mindset, and although it might not seem related to your physical body at first glance, even modern science is coming to the understanding that emotional well being is part and parcel of physical health, and vice versa.

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Keep these stones close to you if you are feeling down in the dumps, or as though you can’t do or have the things you enjoy the most in life.

These crystals can help you to feel empowered and optimistic about what the coming day brings, and energized to see things through without running yourself ragged.

These stones can also aid in sleeping soundly and enjoying vibrant but positive dreams!

Green Crystal and Wealth

Any type of Green Crystal is known to attract money, good luck, and good fortune.

A Green Crystal is a very beneficial crystal that will make sure your focus remains stable and constant, and that you stay on the path of success, growth, and development.

It will help you keep a venture or project on course and on schedule. It will also breathe new life into old and long-drawn-out endeavors.

This crystal will bring you energies of progress, productivity, advancement, material success, and prosperity. It’s also an excellent crystal that will help direct your efforts for career advancement.

Green Crystals share their color with American money, and that color has likewise become a symbol for money in the collective mind the world over.

As such, those people looking for greater wealth and abundance, or for more intelligent ways of handling their money, are well recommended having some Green Crystals in their collection!

However, these stones also have a connection to nature and the earthy rich greens of forests, meadows and trees.

This means that the symbolism of abundance and plenty is one that goes back to olden times – when being affluent was just as much about having a bountiful crop harvest, for instance, as a healthy bank balance.

As such, when your work gets too heavy and you need a break or to go traveling for a while, keep your Green Crystals close.

They will calm you down, and they will open new avenues for you to get that much-needed vacation time!

Green Crystal, Love and Relationships

Green Crystal will bring more balance and harmony in your relationship.

It will address any kind of emotional disbalance between you and your significant other, and it will help bring issues to the surface.

It will promote inner peace by releasing your pent-up emotions and helping you deal with your emotional issues.

Green Crystal will show you the real meaning of unconditional love by giving you people who will also love you unconditionally.

The healing energies of this crystal will inspire you to become more loving, affectionate, and romantic to your partner in your own special way.

Green healing stones match the color of the heart chakra, which naturally means that they are all very suited for helping you to connect to your true heart’s desire.

Likewise, if you have found your partner’s heart hard to reach, these stones can help you to reconnect.

However, that connection to the heart also means that allowing your own deepest desires and personal truth to shine through becomes far easier. Green crystals have the connotation of nature – and just as much, of being true to our own natures!

If you feel overwhelmed, you might find that having green crystals around you during meditation or contemplation can work wonders.

Pick your favorite such stone, settle in for some peace and quiet, and tune into its energies for clarity and insight and protection.

It will not force you to do what other people expect of you, but it will encourage you to do what feels right and natural.

It will remind you to express how you’re feeling in your own love language. This will rekindle the love in your relationship, and it will rejuvenate the entire dynamic of your relationship.

This crystal will also help you make your house feel like a real home, filled with warmth, happiness, safety, and security.

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It will increase your passion for your partner, and it will strengthen the trust between the two of you. This crystal will positively influence all aspects of your love life!

Green Crystal will show you how you can be more sensitive to the needs of the people you love. It will inspire you to become more relaxed, casual, and natural.

It will encourage you to be friendlier and more loving, and to keep your hopes up even when things in your relationship are hard.

It will strengthen your heart so that you will not be easily hurt. It will give you more patience and understanding so that you will not be easily hurt by the people you love.

With the support of Green Crystal, you will feel included and part of a team. You will not feel the need to hide away or to wonder about where you stand in your partner’s life.

You will also not find it hard to forgive or seek forgiveness. You will be able to remain calm even when you’re feeling very strong emotions.

Green Crystal will give you a better appreciation of your partner’s efforts to keep you happy in your relationship. It will make you reflect on all the things that you bring to your own relationship as well.

How to Use Green Crystals for the Best Results?

Wear, use, or carry a piece of Green Crystal with you when you want to achieve a new state of balance, or when you feel the need for growth or change.

Use a Green Crystal when you need to unleash or pursue new ideas.

It’s also a beneficial crystal when you need to protect yourself from your fears and worries that are related to other people’s demands.

Make sure that you have a Green Crystal inside your home or office. Not only will it promote change, growth, and balance, it will also attract money, abundance, and prosperity.

Keep a Green Crystal close to your body when you want to conquer the roadblocks in your life and continue with your thwarted ambitions.

It will also promote growth in your relationships and establish a healthy sense of balance and harmony. More importantly, it will give you a higher consciousness when it comes to life and love.

The Best Combination to use with Green Crystals

There are many kinds of Green Crystals that you can use that will help you harness their energies.

For starters, you can mix and match Green Tourmaline, Variscite, Unakite, Peridot, Moldavite, Malachite, Jade, Green Sapphire, Green Quartz, or Green Kunzite.

You can also use Green Jasper, Green Garnet, Green Fluorite, Green Aventurine, Green Apophyllite, Green Agate, Emerald, Chrysoprase, Chrysoberyl, Bloodstone, Beryl, or Amazonite.

Green Crystals such as Uvarovite, Actinolite, Diopside, Dioptase, Green Apatite, Green Calcite, Gaspeite, Grossular Garnet, Morrisonite, Moss Agate, Tourmaline, Tsavorite, or Zoisite will also give you wonderful green healing energies!

How to Tell if a Green Crystal is Real?

If you’ve recently purchased a green crystal or have received one as a gift, you’re probably thinking about whether it’s real and has any real value or not.

If you have a Jade stone, you can try tossing the stone. If it feels heavy when you toss and catch it, it most likely is a real Jade because Jades have a high density.

You can also try tapping two pieces of Jades together. They should produce a clicking sound that’s crystal clear.

You can also hold the Jade very tightly in your hand until it starts to feel hot. Place the tip of your tongue on it after thirty seconds.

If the Jade is cold, you have yourself a genuine Jade. You can also perform a simple scratch test. Genuine Jade can scratch the surface of glass or metal.

If you have a piece of Alexandrite and want to know if it’s genuine, you can also perform a scratch test on it.

When a genuine Alexandrite is scratched on the surface, it will leave a white trail or streak on it.

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However, it can ruin the face of the gemstone, so don’t do this test unless you are ready to deal with that white streak.

Alexandrite gemstones also have veil-like and silky threads that tell they are natural and authentic.

If you have a Green Sapphire that exhibits nicks and scratches, the chances of them being fake are very high.

If you perform a scratch test on it with a coin or a key and it leaves a scratch, it’s a fake. Real Sapphires cannot be scratched.

Natural gemstones usually have inclusions. This is a main distinguishing feature between natural and synthetic Green Sapphires.

Make sure that you check for flaws and impurities in your Green Sapphire. If there are specks and flaws within the Sapphire, these are good indications that it’s real.

If you see small air bubbles inside the Green Sapphire, there’s a high chance that it’s a composite or glass Sapphire.

If you’re still not convinced that what you have is a genuine Green Sapphire, it’s best to bring it to an expert gemologist who can easily determine if it’s authentic or not.

They will evaluate it with the help of gemological tools. You will also be given an appraisal certificate for this.

This certificate will list down all your Green Sapphire’s specifications, as well as its origins and any forms of treatments that may have been performed on it.

A certified Green Sapphire will also be easier to resell because it has an authenticity certificate.

Whether you decide to purchase green crystals in online stores or at physical stores, make sure that you are buying from a registered and reputable seller.

If you decide to purchase online, carefully check the videos or images of the actual stone.

Don’t be hesitant to ask about any treatments that have been done on the stones because the sellers should willingly share this information to you.

Most retailers will issue a certificate of authenticity for each gemstone that they sell. Make sure that you have your own copy and keep it in a safe place, just like you will your gemstones.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Green Crystals
green crystal meaning

When there’s too much green energy in your life, you can become overly critical of yourself and of others.

It can make you become too demanding, manic depressive, or possessive.

It will make you more jealous, angry, stingy, miserly, or overly confident.

But when there’s not enough green crystal energy in your life, you can also become apathetic and fearful of rejection.

You can become lazy, lethargic, placid, and slow, which can result in people walking all over you or taking advantage of you, to the point of you becoming depressed or moody.

Green Crystal is known as the growth crystal because it serves as a powerful conduit of the earth’s life force energies.

It will promote creation and development, and it will infuse you with the energies of nature’s constant renewal.

This crystal is a powerful aid in nurturing, whether it be for a family or a romantic relationship, or new entrepreneurial endeavors.

It’s a symbol of new life and a renewed life. It will support you in manifesting all that you desire, and it will inspire growth and development.

Make sure that you have a good balance of Green Crystal energy so that you can have the best results!

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