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Green Jade: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Green Jade: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Green Jade Properties

Jade, or yu as it’s known in China, which means precious stone, is Jadeite and Nephrite’s family name.

The word Jade refers to a fine-grained, mineral aggregate composed of one or both the Jadeite and Nephrite minerals.

All Jade stones are made up of highly intergrown and interlocking crystals of one or both of these minerals.

Jadeite is a silicate of aluminum and sodium of the pyroxene group.

It has a wide range of colors, from emerald green to all kinds of green shades, and even pink, purple, brown, red, orange, yellow, blue, and black ones.

Imperial Jade is the most sought-after because of its deep and rich green shade. This is because of its high chromium content.

When polished, Jadeite usually exhibits a dimpled surface.

Nephrite is a silicate of magnesium and calcium of the amphibole group. It’s often blotchy and banded and is homogeneous in color.

Its colors vary from dark green to cream color, with many different shades in between and no other varying colors.

It is believed in Chinese tradition that Green Jade symbolized the five virtues of humanity, which are courage, modesty, justice, compassion, and wisdom.

Therefore, having this piece of stone will also imbue its wearer with these gifts!

Why Would You Use Green Jade?

Green Jade as a gemstone has plenty of history because it has been a part of people’s lives for many centuries.

It’s mainly considered as a symbol of serenity, tranquility, and purity. It’s a stone that’s believed to bring in good luck, friendship, peace, and harmony.

These Jade properties make it a very versatile stone. It’s very easy to understand how these values and properties would make for such a popular and culturally important stone as a result!

People who are looking for a bit of an upswing in their fortunes often turn to Jade, not just in the Far East, but all over the world.

This stone’s connection to good luck and the ability to invite abundance are very well documented.

This stone also has very peaceful energies, and when life feels like too much, many collectors and fans of Jade choose to sit quietly with it.

Doing so helps to ground you in the moment, and stop your mind from overthinking itself into destructive cycles.

Even if it’s a very receptive stone, Green Jade is also known as a protective stone because of its abilities to ward off the negative energies that surround you.

It’s also a very helpful stone that will support you in achieving your goals. For this purpose, you should combine it with Bloodstone.

It will show you how you can become more creative and resourceful, and it will encourage you not to be held back by your self-imposed limitations.

Green Jade is a stone that will help you in the manifestation of your dreams into reality.

It’s considered a very lucky gemstone, usually bringing the peace and harmony in tense or conflicted situations.

It will also ensure that you have serenity and stability in the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspect of your life.

This stone will show you that when everything in your life is at peace and in balance, it will be so much easier to manifest and achieve your goals.

Green Jade will also instill courage and compassion in you. The more wealth and abundance that you receive, the more generous you will also become.

It will give you the longevity to stay in the game and rise to different kinds of challenges. It will also assist you in creating a life that’s richer and more fulfilling in every sense of the word.

This Jade symbolism can really help you to reach within yourself when life feels daunting.

Suddenly, you’ll find that all those worries that used to feel so oppressive feel like mountains you are ready to climb!

Of course, any crystal can never replace your own tenacity and ingenuity, but believe us when we say this stone can help you to push through when times are tough.

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Remember, this stone has been counted upon as a reinforcing energy for generations, especially in the Far East!

You deserve to welcome this courage into your own life, especially if you often find yourself putting your own urgent needs aside to appease others.

Jade can help you to have the courage to stand your ground!

How Will Green Jade Help You?

Green Jade, Healing and Health

On a physical level, Green Jade has a powerful and calming vibration that’s also highly protective, especially when combined with Mookaite Jasper.

It’s known to be a stone of the heart, but it can also strengthen and improve the functions of the kidneys, the adrenal glands, and the spleen.

Green Jade can support good metabolism.

It can also be helpful in treating the nervous system, eliminating stress, and counteracting the effects of depression. It can dispel bad dreams and nightmares as well.

Green Jade is a powerful cleansing stone, and it can enhance the organs that are involved in the filtration and elimination in the body.

It can remove toxins and balance the fluids, including the water and salt, as well as the acid and alkaline ratios in the body.

It can be beneficial to the joints and the bones, particularly the hips. It can also help in the treatment of viral or bacterial infections.

Green Jade can help in the treatment of reproductive disorders and with pregnancy and childbirth.

Green Jade and Wealth

Green Jade is known to assist your creativity, offering new and innovative ideas.

It will also bring a clearer understanding of your own dreams and help you recover when you suffer a major disappointment or failure.

Green Jade works as a professional support stone.

It will guide you in making the right decisions when it comes to your career or your business, and it will give you the motivation to keep working on your goals.

It will assist you in enhancing your creativity and imagination, making room for plenty of fresh and groundbreaking ideas.

These Jade stone benefits can help you to open your mind to new opportunities, and to also break those ideas down into practical and profitable steps.

As discussed, it also helps you to see the positives, or the salvageable ideas, that come from projects that are less successful.

Jade can also help you to invite and attract those people who believe in your ideas to your side.

You can connect openly and honestly with people who are willing to help you activate your best projects or undertake the work needed to bring in the big bucks!

It will also help you acknowledge your gifts and talents that will help you achieve your dreams!

Green Jade, Love and Relationships

Green Jade will help you achieve calm and peace in your oftentimes chaotic environment. It will also dispel the negative energies so that more positive and uplifting ones will start to flow.

It’s a helpful stone, especially when you feel like you’re under attack because this will give you the strength to fight.

It will help you keep your calm in certain situations, and it will infuse you with courage when you need to stand up for yourself.

It will also neutralize any negative or harmful karmic influence and unhealthy emotional issues that may go along with them.

Green Jade will help you get rid of unnecessary energies, which will also reduce the impact of negative karmic influences.

It’s a very helpful and supportive stone when you’re adjusting to your new surroundings and resolving negative situations, especially when it comes to your personal life.

It will keep you strong and optimistic when you find yourself in a negative love situation. It will also encourage you to have a healthier and more positive outlook.

Green Jade will help you process your hurt, anger, and sadness.

This will make you turn your weaknesses into strengths, and it will encourage you to let go anything that no longer belongs in your heart.

It will remove the tensions that you’re facing in your relationship. It will also balance your yin and yang energies to have a better understanding of love, romance, and the opposite sex.

Green Jade will help ground and stabilize you when your world is very chaotic, and it will also support you in making wise and prudent decisions.

Even in the modern age, people look to the Chinese Jade meaning for letting this stone help them find balance and contentment in their relationships.

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Sometimes, because troubles in love hit us so close to home, it can feel like even our closest soulmates just don’t understand us.

Jade can help you to see that this isn’t the case. It will help you to understand that sometimes we need these moments of darkness to truly understand the light – just like those concepts of duality that are so rich in so much of Chinese folklore and culture.

Meditating with Jade, or wearing it, will help you to take a broader view of those issues in your love life that most worry you you’ll be able to face these issues with greater confidence, balance and compassion.

How to Use Green Jade for the Best Results?

Green Jade will give you calm when you’re in the midst of a storm. Its healing action will balance your nerves and relax your cardiac rhythm.

A piece of Green Jade should be kept in your pocket or purse, or you can also wear it as a pendant.

Whenever you feel the need to recharge your energy or protect yourself from illness, simply stroking the Green Jade with your hands can give you protective energies.

You can also use Green Jade to remove your fears when faced with an unexpected situation or when you find yourself in an unfamiliar place.

Having a piece of Green Jade is also beneficial when you’re traveling alone. It will protect you from being hurt while you’re on your journey.

It’s also a good stone for gardening, hiking, or spending time outdoors.

This makes a lot of sense given the Jade color meaning in play here. After all, such a vibrant green can’t help but evoke feelings of springtime, and the idea of meadows and valleys sprawling in every direction.

Of course, your own garden might not be large enough to compare to the valleys of Ancient China, but Jade can still make you feel like you are at one with nature!

It will help to not only inspire you to make the best of your own home and garden, though. Jade can help you to connect to the nature surrounding you.

You may find yourself finding new green areas of your city you never saw before, almost by happy accident, with this stone at your side.

Likewise, if you are taking a break into nature, Jade can help you to connect to the moment, rather than feeling your mind spinning so much you don’t get to take in the sunshine!

When Green Jade is worn as a pendant or a necklace, it can also protect you against deception and abuse. You will enjoy peace through quiet strength.

Green Jade will release your negative thoughts and emotions. It will stabilize your thoughts and calm your emotions.

When placed on the forehead, it can bring you pleasant and inspiring dreams. It will also help you remember your dreams and release your hidden feelings through your dreams!

The Best Combination to use with Green Jade

Green Jade can attract abundance and prosperity.

Its energies will be greatly enhanced when paired with other lucky stones and crystals that can invite good luck and good fortune.

You can use it with Tree Agate, Orange Moss Agate, Malachite, Moss Agate, Citrine, Turquoise, Smoky Quartz, Aqua Aura, or Bloodstone.

When you want to have a kinder, more generous, and more compassionate heart, Green Jade will work great with Moonstone, Green Jasper, Red Jasper, Rose Quartz, Green Tourmaline, Green Jasper, or Kunzite.

An Unusual Fact about the Green Jade Birthstone

Green Jade is one of the birthstones for the zodiac sign Virgo and the mystical birthstone for March.

In Ancient Egypt and China, Green Jade is known to be a powerful talisman that can invite good fortune and strengthen friendships.

The Aztecs of Mexico made use of this stone for curing illnesses and diseases.

There are countless kinds of Jade crystal meaning, as this stone has played a role in humankind’s development for thousands of years.

In fact, wherever in the world you look, you’re bound to find some mythology or folklore associated with Jade and its healing energies.

But of course, even in the modern world there is a huge amount of appreciation for Jade, and that’s because of the healing and protection it offered.

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There’s no place on Earth where this stone isn’t beloved, as well as having a character of mysticism about it.

When worn as an amulet, Green Jade is believed to have protective properties that can ward off evil while traveling. It’s also known to promote wisdom and promise a good and long life.

Green Jade is a very ancient stone that’s approximately 570 million years old. Its value only increases as time passes.

Green Jade is the most admired gemstone by the Chinese. They consider it a symbol of the five virtues, which are modesty, courage, justice, wisdom, and compassion.

These virtues are often carved into Green Jade stones.

Green Jade birthstones are quite tough and are carved into unique and exquisite designs. Some of the designs that are usually carved on them include horses, dragons, and landscapes.

It’s not rare or expensive like emeralds or diamonds, but it’s a semi-precious stone that’s always sought after.

Green Jade is believed to boost the functions of the heart, kidneys, as well as the nervous and immune systems.

This stone can also protect the thyroid, thymus, spleen, larynx, liver, and kidneys.

Green Jade is recognized as a symbol of virtue and love. It eases the mind and invites harmony and peace.

Green Jade can be worn to invite love into your life. Place it under your pillow while you sleep if you want to have lucid dreams.

You can combine it with Lavender Jade if you want to better understand the meaning of your dreams.

It’s also believed to protect you against your foes and when you travel long distances. Its energies can deflect harm, cure disease, and reduce stress.

Some people also believe that this stone is blessed with immortality and slow down the process of decomposition, especially if Green Jade stones are placed near the deceased.

Green Jade has the ability to alleviate your anxieties and give you peace of mind. Its balancing attributes also make it possible for you to harmonize all aspects of your life.

Those who wear Green Jade stones or regularly meditate with them feel a calm washing over them, making them feel more energetic, positive, and relaxed.

Green Jade birthstones are said to cleanse all traces of negativity, grief, anger, and trauma.

This stone also boosts your level of confidence and encourages you to become more independent and self-sufficient.

Green Jade should be kept in contact with your skin so that it can work on unblocking the clogs in your chakras, particularly the heart chakra.

After all, this is the chakra that’s responsible for your ability to trust, forgive, and be compassionate. This stone can also help you deal with your grief, fears, loneliness, and depression.

With the help of Green Jade birthstones, you can have a more loving nature and be more positive about the world.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Green Jade
green jade meaning

Green Jade is an excellent stone for healing hurt and guilty feelings.

It’s also a good stone that will help you adapt to the everchanging currents of your life.

Green Jade is a stone of love.

It will support all kinds of love and help in restoring, rekindling, and strengthening love in relationships.

It will also inspire fidelity, trust, and playfulness.

If you’re feeling scared at the thought of not finding love, the energies of Green Jade will reassure you that love will come to the right place and the right time.

Green Jade will also help you get rid of your limitations and support you in achieving your goals and desires.

It will support you in your ambitions and make them manifest in your reality.

Truly Green Jade is a stone that you should have if you want to attract good luck and good fortune in your life!

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