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Epidote: Meanings, Properties and Power

Epidote: Meanings, Properties and Power

Epidote Properties

Epidote’s name comes from the Greek word ‘epidosis. It means increase oraddition. It’s also known as Pistacite because of its pistachio green color.

Green is the most common color of Epidote, but there are Epidote stones that are almost black, yellow green, or dark green in color. It can be pearly transparent to almost opaque.

Large deposits of Epidote have been found in the USA, Mexico, Russia, France, Austria, Norway, Bulgaria, South Africa, Mozambique, and Pakistan.

Why Would You Use Epidote?

Epidote is a stone that you must have if you want to experience many good things in your life. It will show you different ways how to do it.

Its energies will fill you with dreams and inspiration so that you will never feel satisfied with an uninspired life. It will make you realize that life is too short to be spent living a mediocre one!

If it’s spiritual growth that you seek, Epidote has very beneficial energies that will help you attune to your spirit. It will show you many sides of you that will make you know yourself on a deeper and higher level.

Epidote will help you become more aware of the different aspects of yourself, and it will help you to get rid of attitudes that are no longer healthy for you.

It will make you realize things about yourself that you need to change.

It will give you added protection against negativity because Epidote will give you plenty of calming energies.

Epidote in quartz example

It’s also a very powerful dream stone that will give you lucid dreams and very restful sleep. It will help you remember your dreams so that you can apply their messages to your life.

It will stimulate your inner knowing and make you prepared for future events.

You will be more sensitive to certain things and have a gift of foresight when it comes to certain thing that can affect your life.

Epidote is an attraction stone, so it will give you whatever you choose to emanate. If you are loving and romantic, it will attract more love and romance to you.

If you are kind and compassionate, you will bring more kindness and generosity to your life.

How Will Epidote Help You?

Epidote, Healing and Health

Epidote has a very strong and positive effect on your health. The metaphysical properties that this stone has can be very healing and protective.

It will help boost your immune and nervous system. It will also help your adrenal glands, your thyroid, your gallbladder, and your liver to function properly.

If you’re trying to manage your weight, Epidote will be beneficial. It will aid in digestion and ensure proper metabolism.

Epidote and Wealth

Epidote will bring in more abundance into your life.It’s a stone of prosperity, and it will draw more energies of good fortune and good luck to you.

Half the time, making things happen and making our fortunes based on the opportunities around us all comes down to our state of mind.

In the case of Epidote, you’ll find that you have more confidence to pursue those things you know will really open you up to earn big money.

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That said, it can sometimes feel as though we are pursuing one dead end or failed project after another from time to time, and coupled with the criticisms and lack of recognition of others, it can be frustrating and even very disheartening.

However, this crystal will keep your spirits high and your mind open to the solutions you need to make everything connect just right.

You’ll find you always seem to have just the resources, just the budget and just the right people around you to make that big dream project come together!

It will help you in your efforts to bring more prosperity and abundance. The more generous you are, the more blessings and gifts will come your way.

It’s also a very good protective stone that can guard your loved ones, your physical security, and your possessions. It can protect your valuables, properties, and your home or business.

Epidote, Love and Relationships

It’s a stone that can help improve your relationship. All relationships have their own problems. More often than not, you know what ails your relationship.

Other times you have no clue what’s going on and don’t know how to make things better.

Epidote will work with you in finding the cause of the problem and ways to resolve it.

The things that you and your partner refuse to talk about will also find their way to the surface, and you will have no choice but to tackle the issue as you should.

This stone will improve your communication. It will give you the courage to speak from the heart, and it will give you the strength not to mince words.

Epidote will inspire you to say what you mean and to mean what you say. It will remind you that you should be able to say what you want to say to that person you love without feeling fear, shyness, or embarrassment.

Epidote is a catalyst of change, and anything can happen in your love life if you have this powerful stone with you!

It will help you manifest your biggest desires. No matter how hard or impossible it seems, nothing is impossible with this powerful stone.

Epidote will give you the courage to let go of things, people, and situations that are keeping you from living the life of your dreams.

You may not recognize them as unhealthy, but Epidote will open your eyes and help you see the reality of the situation.

This stone will raise your vibrations. It can help you change the reality of your situation into something better just by your actions, thoughts, and words.

These are very powerful weapons that you can wield. Anything can happen even with the smallest alteration to how you see, feel, and do things.

If you’re the kind of person who sees the glass half full, the Epidote’s vibrations will enhance your positive traits and bring more positive energy into your life.

If you’re more of a Negative Nancy, this stone will accentuate your negative traits, if you’re not careful. But when you focus on the negative traits that you want to change, this stone will be very effective for you.

Epidote will allow you to release negativity quite easily, such as anger, jealousy, greed, and resentment.

These negative emotions affect your overall aura. The more negative your aura is, the harder it is to attract the positive energies.

This stone also has strong healing properties that will help you better take care of yourself. It will make you more aware of your own needs, and it will make you prioritize yourself and your happiness.

Gorgeous Epidote earrings

There’s nothing wrong with being generous and selfless. But if you’re not careful, you can also end up feeling burned out and depleted.

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Allowing the energies of Epidote to work on you will make you feel light and free. It will ease your worries and remove all traces of restlessness.

Epidote will also heal you emotionally and cleanse repressed emotions. When you can’t find the cause of your relationship problems because everything is just going well, you can look into your own heart and all your suppressed emotions.

The longer you hold on to these feelings, the unhappier and dissatisfied you become with everything you have. Epidote will help you release them, and it will help you deal with the after effects.

This stone will also dispel your tendency to be too critical of yourself, your partner, and your relationship. Instead of zeroing in on all the imperfections, it will make you focus on all the reasons why they are such blessings.

The energies of Epidote will help you have better interaction with people.

They will strengthen your personal power, and they will help you become more patient when it comes to waiting for the best things to unfold in your life.

How to Use Epidote for the Best Results?

Program your Epidote gemstone to work with your undesirable qualities so that you dispel them instead of attracting more of them.

Just remember that the energies of Epidote will only increase the qualities that you already have.

Focus on the things that you love about yourself and let the energies of this stone amplify them.

Always remember that with the Epidote, you reap what you sow!

When you place this stone inside your home, you will be able to enhance the flow of love and happiness!

The Best Crystal Combination to Use with Epidote

Combining Epidote with other Amethyst crystals will give you added protection from negative energies.

When you pair it with Tsavorite Garnet, it will amplify its manifestation abilities and help you make your dreams and desires come true much sooner and much faster.

When you combine it with Moldavite, it will take the stone’s vibrations higher and manifest your desires.

It’s also very effective when you combine it with Seraphinite because it will increase Epidote’s healing vibrations.

Epidote can also be paired with Phenacite, Herkimer Diamond, and Stellar Beam Calcite during meditation because it will help you have more vivid visions!

If you want to use this stone to help you lose all that extra weight, you can combine it with Green Tourmaline, Yellow Apatite, Gaspeite, Ametrine, Rainforest Jasper, Green Heulandite, and Cerussite.

What Chakra is Epidote?

Epidote is a hearth chakra stone. This stone can be used to open, activate, cleanse, and balance the heart chakra.

As a result, you can heal your broken relationship or move on from the pain of your broken heart with the help of Epidote.

This heart chakra stone carries a powerful healing energy that will bring you a sense of calm and clarity.

When you’re going through a difficult time, your judgement can oftentimes be clouded. To be triumphant and move forward, you must be able to handle your emotions and the thoughts that go with them.

This stone will inspire you to accept other people’s shortcomings and be more understanding of your own weaknesses.

Using this chakra stone will strengthen your sense of generosity and compassion and improve your relationships with others.

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Epidote is an energetic chakra stone that can enhance your intentions which you want to manifest in your life.

This stone increases the love you have for yourself and for others. It encourages you to forgive yourself and become more openhearted.

It will inspire you to be more generous and trusting. It will also help you overcome your fears of failure.

When Epidote works on the heart chakra, it will remind you that there’s nothing wrong about being vulnerable. Invulnerability is where you will discover your own strength.

Epidote energies will work on the blockages and imbalances in the heart chakra that are causing you to be overly fearful or too dependent on others.

It will prevent you from pushing others away. It will also get rid of your tendency to become too selfish or greedy.

The healing energies of Epidote will also get rid of your loneliness or depression.

It will make you more aware that there are more important things that you should focus on than your feelings of self-pity.

You can use Epidote to enhance your meditative experience and strengthen your heart chakra.

Place a piece of this stone in your non-dominant hand and an amplifying clear quartz in the dominant hand.

You can choose to sit or lie down. If you’re working on the heart chakra, make sure that your spine is straight and that your shoulders are rolled back.

Inhale deep and visualize the life force energy traveling from the ground up to your chakras. Focus on the energy spinning at the heart chakra with each inhale and exhale.

With each breath, think about all the negative things being expelled from your heart and from the rest of your body.

Repeat this sequence with concentration, allowing the energy to move through you like the waves of the ocean.

There is no time limit for this exercise. As long as you are feeling relaxed and can feel the energies of the stone working, you can do it for as long as you like.

Allow your mind to stay clear and your heart to feel light.

As you exhale, think of yourself as a more loving, compassionate, forgiving, and benevolent force.

With the help of Epidote, exhale your negative feelings and insecurities and allow the simple act of meditating to fill you with love!

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Epidote
epidote meaning

Epidote can affect people in different ways. How this stone’s energies affect you will depend on your predominant way of feeling, doing, and thinking about things.

Epidote’s energies will bring you more of the same kind of energies that will best compliment your current emotions, actions, and thoughts.

It will help you recover from emotional traumas and become more aware of your needs physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. Epidote will help you express your love in a clear and easy way.

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