Fire Opal

Alternate Names or Spellings: Mexican Fire Opal

Fire Opal shares the properties of all opals and also has its own personality and energies. The most famous Fire Opal is from Mexico, so many are known by that name. Fire Opals from other localities have similar energies.

Fire Opal brings vitality and a creative energy to endeavors. It also had energies of ability to handle change well and comfortably. Fire Opal is also a stone of sensuality and sexuality, enhancing those energies. Fire opal is also said to enhance fertility. It is often used in clairaudience as well. Fire Opal is said to help with headache pain. Yellow Fire Opals are associated more with the solar plexus chakra, Orange with the sacral chakra, and Red with the root chakra, though all colors are also associated with the lower chakras in general.

 Note that healing crystal meanings are spiritual supports to healing and are not prescriptions or healthcare information.

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Fire Opal Example
Fire Opal Example

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