Crystals with R

Crystals R

Crystal meanings and metaphysical healing lore and related information about stones which start with the letter R in brief are shown here. Crystal formations that start with R are also included.

You can search for a particular type of crystal that begins with the letter R using your browser’s search function.

For most crystals and formations you can click the name to see photos and additional information on that crystal.

Rainbow Aura (light, aka Angel Aura) – See Crystals A page for Angel Aura

Rainbow CrystalsHope, Uplifting, more

Realgar – Energy, Unlocking, more

Recordkeeper CrystalsInformation through Meditation, more

Red Aventurine – See Crystals A page for all aventurine

Red Calcite – See C Crystals page for all calcite.

Red Color Energies  – Survival, Physical Needs, Physical Energy, Sexual Energy, Action, Blood, Spine, Feet, Base Chakra, more

RhodiziteMaster Crystal, Super High Energy, more

Rhodochrosite (Rhodocrosite) Stone of Love and Balance, more

RhodoniteGrace, Elegance, Decrease Anxiety, more

Richterite – Stress, Calm, more

Right activation (Time Link to the Future)Increase Right Brain Functions, Time Link to the Future, more

Root Chakra – Muladhara (Base) – survival, power, growth, stability, love of life, colors are primarily black or red, more

Rose Quartz – Unconditional Love, Opens The Heart, Romantic, Self-Love, more

RubellitePassion, Detach from Pain, Abundance, more

Ruby Happiness, Prosperity, Integrity, Devotion, more

Ruby Aura QuartzPassion, Vitality, Survival, more

Ruby in FuchsiteBalancing, Solutions to Problems, more

Ruby in Zoisite Energy Amplification, Psychic, Heart, more

Wavellite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Rudraksha – Sacred, more

Written by Caroline Lucas

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