Nephrite-Jade: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Nephrite-Jade Properties

Neprite-Jade belongs to the Silicates family. It comes in lovely shades of green and can also be translucent.

Its colors are often green or creamy beige.

Sometimes Nephrite-Jade is also dark brown, black, grayish brown, yellow, and yellow-green.

The name Nephrite comes from the Greek word ‘nephros’, which means ‘kidney’.

It’s because of the rounded and kidney-shaped Nephrite pebbles and boulders which convinced people to think that this stone can cure kidney ailments and diseases.

Nephrite-Jade is commonly located in Russia, New Zealand, China, Thailand, and Canada.

Other localities for Nephrite-Jade are Australia, Mexico, Taiwan, Brazil, Poland, Zimbabwe, Italy, Switzerland, and Germany.

Why Would You Use Nephrite-Jade?

If you’re feeling low and passionless lately, it can be because of the accumulated negative energies in your aura.

Nephrite-Jade is a protective stone that will transmute these negative energies in your life into positive and uplifting ones.

Nephrite Jade TumblesIt will ward off negative vibrations and cleanse your auric fields of them.

Nephrite-Jade will also offer psychic protection, as well as physical protection against illness, harm, or accidents.

This stone will promote a sense of calm, quiet, and stillness that will make you appreciate and enjoy your life more!

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It will be very beneficial if you live a very loud and busy life, because you will be able to calm down during the most crucial moments.

Nephrite-Jade will enhance your confidence. It will make you see all the things that you can achieve in your personal, professional, and spiritual life.

It will stimulate your thoughts and your imagination. It will help you come up with groundbreaking ideas that can change your life and the lives of other people.

Nephrite-Jade’s energies will make you feel secure and stable, especially when you’re going through something tumultuous in your life.

This stone will make sure that you’re deeply anchored to reality, and that you know you have a strong support system.

It will fill your life with energies of truth and honesty. It will inspire you to speak the truth with kindness and compassion.

This stone will also help you create pathways that will allow people to get close to you. These pathways will attract love, luck, prosperity, and abundance as well!

Nephrite-Jade represents journeys. When you have this stone in your life, you will embark on journeys in a physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual sense.

This stone also symbolizes purity, which means that this stone will effectively cleanse your aura and everything else in your life that’s not good for you.


It symbolizes the good life, and your talents and abilities that will make this good life possible.

Nephrite-Jade is a good stone to solidify and strengthen friendships.

It will deepen your bonds and get rid of grudges.

It will also enhance your psychic abilities and strengthen your connection to the spiritual realm. This stone will strengthen your interactions with your spirit guides.

Nephrite-Jade will make you more sensitive and aware.

It’s a stone that’s often used in dream work because it helps you to have lucid dreams.It will improve your past life recall and promote spiritual learning through dreaming.

How Will Nephrite-Jade Help You?

Nephrite-Jade, Healing and Health

Nephrite-Jade is an excellent healing stone. It is filled with revitalizing energies that can speed up healing or promote good overall health.

It’s a stone of health that can bring a lot of beneficial effects to the body while working on the underlying reasons for an illness or disease.

Nephrite JadeNephrite-Jade’s energies can work on vitalizing and protecting the body from damage.

It can calm your nervous system and strengthen the immune system. It can also regulate the acid balance in your body.

This stone can promote blood cleansing to improve blood circulation.

It can effectively remove the toxins that build up in your body, and it can help in the treatment of eye-related issues and conditions.

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Nephrite-Jade is a good stone to have when you’re suffering from infertility or other issues that affect the reproductive system, like irregular menstruation or PMS.

It’s an excellent stone when you’re pregnant or about to give birth.

Nephrite-Jade is known to be effective in treating stomach complaints and other disorders that affect the heart, liver, and the kidneys.

Nephrite-Jade and Wealth

Nephrite-Jade will bring its wearer protection, luck, and good health. It’s a stone of abundance, and itcan improve your circumstances in life, especially your finances.

This stone will help good fortune to flow abundantly and naturally into your life, which is why it’s often used as a good luck talisman!

Nephrite-Jade can help you achieve your financial goals by bringing energies of creativity and resourcefulness. It can assist you in manifesting your dreams into reality.

It’s a stone that will make you appreciate all that you have in your life, not just money and material possessions!

Nephrite-Jade, Love and Relationships

Nephrite-Jade possesses a clearing energy that will help stabilize your emotions. It will help you deal with your strong emotions in a manner that will not be hurtful to you or the people you love.

When you work with the energies of this stone, there will be fewer emotional outbursts and mental breakdowns.

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You will feel something shift inside you, and it will influence your relationship in a good way.

This stone will help you understand the reasons behind your negative feelings and allow you to purge them or change them into positive ones.

Nephrite-Jade is a stone that will encourage emotional balance and stability.

It will direct your focus on the things that affect how you are with your partner and how they are with you.

It will restore the balance that was lost, and it will encourage a healthy give and take between the both of you.

Nephrite-Jade is a stone of fidelity, and it will work wonderfully with the heart chakra.

If your problems with your loved one concern fidelity, the energies of this stone will infuse your relationship with trust and faithfulness.

Nephrite-Jade will also balance the female and male energies in your relationship.

There will be no dominant or submissive because you will just be two equals who love and value each other very much!

This stone is also very powerful when it comes to healing broken relationships.

It will give you emotional healing and help you deal with grief and loss, with the pain of heartbreak, or with desiring someone that you can no longer have.

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It will help put things in perspective for you, and it will make sure that you know the reality of your situation.

This stone will cut through your illusions and give you the honest truth, no matter how painful it may be!

Nephrite-Jade is a stone that will also promote unconditional love.

It will give indescribable happiness and satisfaction just to see your loved one happy, and you will learn to love and be kind without expecting anything in return.

This stone will bolster you with courage and boldness. It will give you the confidence to go after what you want in love.

With the guidance of Nephrite-Jade, you will also be able to express yourself effectively. You will be able to say what’s in your heart without trepidation.

This stone will enhance your nurturing nature and bring your relationship energies of compassion and generosity.

You will be constantly working on the good and the bad of your relationship, but you will also be celebrating the love that you have in every way possible.

Nephrite-Jade will help your relationship achieve longevity. It will support you in working for a richer, more fulfilling, and more meaningful relationship!

How to Use Nephrite-Jade for the Best Results

Nephrite-Jade makes excellent gemstone jewelry, which is why it’s quite popular as earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, and pendants.

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This stone also makes beautiful beads and cabochons, as well as carvings and ornamental figures.

Even if Nephrite-Jade is quite a tough stone, it’s softer compared to other gemstones.

Make sure that you clean it with a soft cloth and soapy water. Don’t use strong chemicals or cleaners because Nephrite-Jade is porous.

Also avoid direct exposure to strong light or heat because this can change the color of the stone.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Nephrite-Jadenephrite jade meaning

This stone has been around for centuries and used by different cultures because of its incredible powers.

It represents grace and beauty, as well as strength and purity of spirit.

Whoever wears this stone will attract all these wonderful gifts and share them with others.

When you have the Nephrite-Jade in your life, your relationships will be filled with good fortune, happiness, balance, and harmony!

Nephrite-Jade is the stone of dreams.

It is believed that whatever this stone touches becomes blessed.

It’s also a restorative stone that will cleanse your physical body and clear the toxins that linger in your vibrational fields.

This stone will bring wisdom to new situations that you find yourself in. Nephrite-Jade will help you connect to the source of all the great things that you have in your life!

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