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Okenite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Okenite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Okenite Properties

Okenite is a colorless silicate mineral which is usually associated with Zeolites.

It’s normally found as small white snowball formations in basalt geodes.

These snowball formations are clusters of radiating, straight, and fibrous crystals that are both fragile and bendable.

Okenite stone is often white, pale yellow, or blue in color.

Some of the minerals that are associated with Okenite are Goose Creekite, Chalcedony, Prehnite, Gyrolite, Apophyllite, and many other Zeolites.

Okenite was named after Lorenz Oken, a German naturalist. It’s a stone that can be found mainly in Maharashtra, India.

Why Would You Use Okenite?

Okenite is known as the Stone of the New Age because of its soft and supportive energies. It will support your manifestation of your higher self-energies in this world.

It’s also a stone that will help clear the obstacles on your path. When the path is smooth and clear, the possibilities are limitless.

When you pair Okenite with Montana Agate, it will also encourage you to forgive yourself and others in order to experience complete emotional healing.

It will give you the strength to finish your goals and tasks. The stone’s supportive energies will encourage you to break bad habits, and to grow good habits that will bring you closer to your goals.

Okenite stone meanings and properties

Okenite will make you understand the meaning of karmic debt so that you will be guided in your thoughts, words, and actions.

Being aware of the consequences of everything you do will ensure that good karma will always be what you will attract.

This stone will prepare you for channeling work and purify your chakras and all your bodies, especially if you pair it with Spessartine.

The energies of Okenite will unify them all.

Okenite is also a stone of karmic grace. It will show you how you can truly forgive yourself so that you can facilitate the end of a karmic cycle.

This stone will help you in purifying your chakras before you perform channeling work, because this will clear the path for any message that you will receive.

When you combine Okenite with Crazy Lace Agate, it will also help you connect with your inner self and your inner child!

Okenite is the perfect stone to use when you just want to calm down and relax.

When you need to get serious about work, Okenite will also boost your creativity and imagination and inspire you to bring new concepts and ideas to the table.

Okenite will help you achieve spiritual enlightenment and expansion with its powerful angelic energies.

It will connect you to your higher self, with your higher spirit guides, and with ancient knowledge.

How Will Okenite Help You?

Okenite, Healing and Health

Okenite can encourage a good flow of milk for nursing mothers. It can stimulate and improve upper body circulation as well.

It’s also known to reduce fevers and ease nervous disorders.

Okenite can assist with the treatment of blood diseases and stomach problems. It can also help slow down the aging process.

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This stone is also known to be very beneficial in balancing emotions and hormonal changes.

Okenite and Wealth

Okenite will inspire, amplify, and purify your intentions to attract prosperity of all kinds.

This stone makes use of metal energy, which is the energy of creativity, intelligence, healing, and contraction.

It’s the energy of crystallization and togetherness, which can apply to ideas, groups, and concepts.

Okenite is sharp, hard, and often destructive, but it’s an essential element in life that will guide you in finding your way without ending up being a victim.

It will bring energies of determination and concentration to you and your dwellings, and it will enhance the space that you use for work, collaboration, strength, and concentration.

Okenite, Love and Relationships

Okenite will help you become less prudish.

If you have always been very set in your ways when it comes to love and relationships, the energies of this stone will inspire you to do something different!

It will remind you that there’s a whole life to be lived with your significant other.

The energies of this stone will encourage you to keep making new memories together to keep the love alive and the relationship growing.

Okenite will urge you to release your old patterns and bring in something new to your relationship.

It will make you reflect on all the things that you have contributed to your relationship, and what else you can change or bring to the table.

Okenite is also known as the Stone of Truth because it will instill truth and honesty in you, your partner, and your relationship.

It will also protect you from hurtful and harsh words that you often regret saying in the heat of the moment.

The supportive energies of Okenite will help you come to terms with your current situation and do something to change it for the better.

Doing so will help you become fully present in the now, and more proactive about the future.

It will get rid of all your hidden resentments and secret insecurities, and it will encourage you to look forward to what lies ahead!

Okenite will help you forgive yourself for all the mistakes that you committed in the past.

All that is water under the bridge now, and the best thing that you can do is learn the lessons and apply these lessons to your current situation.

Okenite will remove the denial and the pretense in your relationship and encourage you to be more willing to accept the reality of things.

When you embrace the truth, you are also embracing all the wonderful possibilities.

Okenite is a stone that will inspire you to discover peaceful solutions for your relationship problems, and it will teach you to see the beauty and all the good things that you have in your life!

How to Use Okenite for the Best Results

Okenite is a soft, loving, supportive, and feminine energy stone.

It’s the gentlest of minerals when it comes to appearance. Just having a piece of Okenite nearby will calm and give you peace of mind.

It’s a Barrier Harmonizer crystal that has the ability to keep undesirable elements out of your life.

Its crystalline structure gives it power in all directions, allowing the crystal to build protective barriers from attacks from all directions at the same time.

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Okenite energy is mostly associated with the west and northwest areas of your home or room. Placing a piece of this stone in these areas will give you blessings and help you meet new wonderful friends.

The stone’s energies will also solidify your efforts and increase your determination to succeed.

Meditating with Okenite will take you deep into yourself.

It will reveal the missing piece of your life’s puzzle or make you discover parts of your soul that you have forgotten or discarded.

Using Okenite in meditation is also excellent for past life regression.

With the vibrations of Okenite, you will understand that love is present in this world, which is why it’s also often used in channeling.

This stone will also bring a calming energy that will make you feel at home anywhere you are.

Bring a piece of Okenite with you when you have to go away for a long time so that you will not be homesick, and so that you will also fit right in.

The Best Combination to use with Okenite

If you wish to benefit from your Okenite stone, you can use it with other supportive and powerful stones and crystals that are associated with the crown chakra.

You can wear it with Diamond, Amethyst, Clear Quartz, and Selenite. You can also combine it with Indigo Kyanite or Blue Kyanite.

This combination will give you a better understanding of your soul’s existence and enhance your psychic protection.

When paired with Labradorite, you will be able to move easily within the higher realms and improve your connection to both physical and ethereal beings.

This combination will assist you in finding your spirit guides and enhancing your psychic protection.

When paired with Tourmilated Quartz, it will help you balance your male and female polarities.

This pairing will also eliminate the patterns that have grown destructive or distracting in nature and in your life.

Okenite and Emotional Healing

Okenite is unique in its appearance because it looks very warm and fuzzy, like a cotton ball. This is why it can also evoke feelings of warmth, comfort, and belongingness.

On an emotional level, Okenite encourages forgiveness of one’s self and of others.

It’s also the perfect stone to have with you when you’re having issues with being honest or being in denial.

The emotional healing energies of this stone can bring the truth out in yourself and in others while also easing the harshness of that truth.

It’s a great companion stone for anyone who wants to break bad habits of all kinds and get rid of any kind of harmful behavior.

Okenite will inspire you to have forgiveness in your heart and to move on from painful or heartbreaking situations that only cause you to feel devastating emotions or unnecessary grief.

Whether you’ve been betrayed by a friend or wronged by someone in your family, or you simply cannot forgive yourself for something that you did in the past, the energies of Okenite will support you as you try to make amends with yourself and with people and finally have peace in your heart and mind.

Do you have secrets that you have been keeping locked up inside you? Most people do for completely unselfish reasons.

However, people also have secrets to get away with something they know they should never have done in the first place.

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Even though you can never turn back time and being honest now may even cause more trouble, the emotional healing energy of Okenite will encourage you to be more honest moving forward.

Okenite will also encourage others to be more open and honest. If you know someone who’s really bad at expressing how they feel, you can wear a piece of Okenite on your body or carry it with you in your pocket whenever your friend is in your presence.

The calming and soothing energies that radiate from this stone will help your friend to relax around you and open up to you.

Okenite is also a cleansing and purifying stone that will help you identify the cause of some of your toxic behaviors.

It will also inspire you to make more positive and purposeful decisions, just like the March Birthstone.

Okenite is a stone that will promote connectivity and unity. It will open your heart and mind so that you will easily connect to others and form lasting relationships.

Its emotional healing energies will also help you recognize peaceful solutions to your problems and inspire you to appreciate the beauty all around you.

Okenite is known as a gentle and feminine energy stone. Just having one in your possession will instantly give you a sense of calm, tranquility, and peace of mind.

It’s the perfect companion stone when you wish to build strong and loving human relationships. It will also benefit you a great deal if you want to open your closed mind!

Okenite’s healing energies will work on your broken heart and will never allow you to be unkind. It’s also very effective when you want to resolve a problem or heal from a trauma caused by a relationship.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Okenite
okenite meaning

Okenite has a very loving and gentle energy.

Its frequencies connect to your crown and your soul star chakras so that you can open your consciousness and receive guidance from your soul or higher self.

This stone will help you understand and accept your own life experiences and look at them from a higher perspective, and view them as a part of your soul’s journey in this life.

It’s a stone that you should have if you need to remain calm in your encounters with people that you are not in agreement with.

Okenite will guide you in moving forward, buoyed by your own truth, and unhindered by any kind of outside influence!

Okenite will give you the ability to think more clearly when you are feeling an extra amount of pressure or stress.

It’s a stone that will give you a specific purpose and clear line of vision to your life path.

Whenever you feel lost, confused, curious, or afraid, it’s always a comfort to have a piece of Okenite with you!

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