Water Opal: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Water Opal

Water Opal Properties

Water Opal is a bluish grey Opal that exhibits a gelatinous appearance and a little play of color.

It’s also sometimes called Hyalite Opal.

It often occurs as globular or botryoidal masses and is colorless under the UV light.

Most Water Opals come from Mexico.

Why Would You Use Water Opal?

Water Opal is known as a very comforting stone.

Wearing it, keeping it near you, or meditating with it will improve your communication skills and bring whatever issues you’re facing up to the surface.

Truths will be brought to light, especially truths that you find difficult to deal with or even talk about.

The energies of this stone will encourage you to talk about them instead of pretending they don’t exist.

This is a beneficial stone, especially if your progress in life has been hindered by challenges or setbacks.

Water Opal’s influence will sharpen the connection between your heart, mind, and spirit. It will also restore your cellular memory.

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This stone will help separate your personal feelings from your psychic impressions. It will strengthen your boundaries and help you feel secure in your own right.

It will amplify your creativity, and it will inspire you to be more thoughtful and considerate towards the people you love.

Mexican Water Opal in MatrixIt will help you become more focused and goal-oriented, and it will infuse you with persistence and determination.

Water Opal will bring a healthy balance to your emotions that will reduce your impulsive behaviors.

Being in control of your feelings will empower you to think things through before making a decision.

It will also prevent you from making hasty choices that you may regret in the end.

It will make you feel calm and relaxed. It will make you excited about the future and fully present in the now.

Water Opal is a stone that will also stimulate the mystical arts and your psychic development. It will be beneficial in psychic cloaking and journeying.

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If you combine it with one of the Anniversary Stones, it will amplify your imagination and creativity. It will also enhance the passion and loyalty in your relationships.

How Will Water Opal Help You?

Water Opal, Healing and Health

Water Opal has beneficial healing effects on the hair, skin, eyes, and nails. It can help give balance to the body’s water content, which can prevent water retention or dehydration.

This stone can be used to fight infections, purify the blood and the kidneys, and reduce fevers. It can also regulate the production of insulin.

It’s known to have the ability to sharpen the memory. It can also stabilize disturbances of the neurotransmitters.

Water Opal can be beneficial for female issues, including hormone fluctuation, PMS, and menopause.

It can also provide comfort during pregnancy and the difficult process of childbirth.

It can be helpful in the treatment of diabetes and in eliminating chronic fatigue. It can also correct imbalances in the immune system, especially when you combine it with one of the purple or violet crystals.

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It can be useful in eliminating stress-related diseases as well.

Water Opal and Wealth

Water Opal will enhance your creativity in business and practical areas. You will get the job done, and often to fantastic results!

When you combine this stone with Magnetite, it will instill a discipline in you that will help you achieve your daily and long-term goals, especially when it comes to your finances.

It will also get rid of your self-limiting thoughts that are preventing you from trying something new and overcoming your major challenges.

Water Opal is a great stone to have, especially when you work hard for your big dreams!

If you ever find yourself stuck in a rut and having difficulties getting your groove back, Water Opal will help motivate you and rekindle your passion for your projects and your passions.

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Water Opal, Love and Relationships

Water Opal has a powerful but gentle energy that will enhance your feelings and encourage you to look deep within yourself.

When you’re having a hard time figuring out what you feel and why you feel that way, Water Opal can help make sense of your feelings.

It will show you how you can recognize, process, and accept your feelings so that you can determine your next step.

Water Opal will infuse you with courage and confidence to accept certain truths about your relationship.

It will make you realize that even though your relationship may have its problems and your partner has their shortcomings, it’s also a big source of happiness and inspiration in your life!

This stone will positively influence you to embrace the good things about you and your partner that make your relationship the uniquely wonderful thing that it is.

It will also inspire you to accept its flaws and imperfections and work together as a team to turn these flaws into something positive!

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It’s an excellent stone that you can use for dream paths and visualization.

Whatever you most desire to happen in your love life, this stone can make manifest, as long as you are willing to do the hard work.

Water Opal will help you turn your dreams about the present and the future into reality. It will get rid of anything that’s blocking your path to joy, happiness, and fulfillment.

Water Opal will also enhance your communication and allow you to speak the truth that you otherwise will be afraid to express.

It’s a powerful healing stone that will release you from your emotional, mental, or spiritual wounds. Every bad thing that you have been holding on to in your heart and mind will be released to make room for more love and positivity!

Water Opal has a unique ability to connect you to its energies. It has a gentle but powerful energy that will solidify and enhance your feelings, especially when they’re related to love and passion.

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It’s a stone that will stabilize your emotions, and it will get rid of your tendency to be frivolous and flighty.

You will realize that with the Water Opal, anything that you want to do with your relationship will get done!

How to Use Water Opal for the Best Results

If you want a quiet and serene space in which to study or meditate, you can grid an area with a Water Opal.

Water Opal can also be used to improve your memory, and it can be a source of your daily inspiration and creativity.

Keep a piece of Water Opal in any space that you use for conceptualizing and brainstorming because your ideas will flow like water!

When you’re experiencing mental block or writer’s block, holding a piece of this stone will work like a charm. Your ideas will come bursting forth in no time.

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Water Opal will not do you a lot of good if you keep it locked away in your drawer or sitting on a shelf. You should be touching it and wearing it as much as possible.

Work with your Water Opal by holding it in your hands or by placing it on your body. It will also work great when used in meditation.

Water Opal can be effective in balancing the vibrations of your emotional body.

Just take extra care when using it with erratic or highly emotional people because it may work as added stimuli and create bigger emotional upheaval instead.

You may need to adjust the charge of emotional energies in both the physical and subtle bodies.

The Best Combination to use with Water Opal

Water Opal will work well with other stones and crystals.

If you wish to unlock or activate your chakras, specifically your crown chakra, you can use it with Inderite, Imperial Topaz, Iceland Spar, Hypersthene, Hureaulite, Hackmanite, Hollandite Quartz, or Hubnerite.

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To enhance its healing benefits, you can also pair your Water Opal with Scolecite, Amber, Rutilated Quartz, Atlantisite, Pyrite, Bixbite, Pyrite, Blue Calcite, Psilomelane, Bustamite, Pink Peruvian Opal, Diopside, Petoskey Stone, Eilat Stone, Peach Aventurine, Garnet, Kunzite, Gaspeite, Jade, or Indicolite.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Water Opalwater opal meaning

Water Opal will bring the light of the Sun and brighten your life.

It will help you see your true path and bring you closer to your Divine Source.

It will be very protective of you, and it will guide you in seeing the challenges that lie on your path.

It will also bring vision that’s beyond your normal abilities to see.

This includes the ability to see your own flaws so that you can change and improve them.

Water Opal will help some of the less desirable sides of your character.

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This stone possesses a pure and loving energy that will clear and strengthen your aura.

It’s a stone that will bring you purity and clarity of thought, and it will unclutter your confused and muddled mind.

Water Opal will soothe, calm, and center you, which also makes it an excellent stone for meditation and for facilitating counsel with your spirit guides.

If you’re interested in visioning and travel, this will prove to be a very good companion stone, too!

Simply put, Water Opal is a stone that you should have with you if you want to reveal the inner truths of your desires, ambitions, and aspirations.