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Petoskey Stone: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Petoskey Stone: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Petoskey Stone Properties

Petoskey Stone is a fossilized coral that’s usually pebble-shaped.

These stones are a result of glaciation wherein ice sheets plucked the stones from the bedrock and ground off their rough edges.

They were then deposited in Michigan’s upper and northwestern peninsula.

Petoskey Stones are fragments of a coral reef from about 350 million years ago during the Devonian period.

When dry, the Petoskey Stone looks like an ordinary limestone. But when wet or polished, it exhibits the distinct mottled patterns of the coral fossils.

The word Petoskey is an English approximation of Bidasiga, which is a Native American Indian word that means ‘Rays of the Living Sun’.

Petoskey Stone was named the state stone of Michigan in 1965.

It shares its name with the Michigan City of Petoskey, and is also associated with the Chief Pet-O-Sega of the Ottawa native Indian tribe.

After nearly a century that the city of Petoskey was built, Michigan State Governor George Romney signed the legislation declaring Petoskey the official stone of Michigan in 1965.

Why Would You Use Petoskey Stone?

It is said that the eye configurations, that Petoskey Stone mean, will stimulate the third eye. It will also enhance your general psychic awareness.

Petoskey Stone is also said to prevent misbehaving spirits from channeling and transmitting incorrect information. It will also stop them from meddling in your life.

A beautiful Petoskey Stone example

This stone will enhance your awareness of your own emotions, which can be greatly beneficial when you’re dealing with emotional issues that allude you.

It will also greatly help with your creative expression.

Petoskey Stone will help you develop your intuitive abilities.

If you do channeling work, this stone will ward off the alpha levels away from your channels of communication.

It will inspire you to release how the world expects you to act, think, or do.

It will also encourage you to let go of your concept of time to receive the more powerful metaphysical and spiritual way of thinking and understanding the concept of time.

On a spiritual level, Petoskey Stone will bring peace, harmony, and splendor in your life. It will support your efforts to keep your integrity and dignity.

Petoskey Stone will draw out the negative energies and assuage your irrational fears. It also has protective qualities, and it will guard you against violence, harm, or illness.

This stone will provide full protection during your spiritual journey.

It will help you take control of your life. It will also balance your mood swings and alleviate your depression, bringing peace, relaxation, balance, and stability.

This stone is excellent for balancing and reducing third eye visions and impressions if needed.

It can also reduce psychic visions and bring you back to earth after channeling activities.

It will ground and balance you. Petoskey Stone will assist you if you’re having a hard time turning off your psychic visions.

This stone will also support you when you’re overloaded or overwhelmed with your visions, especially if they’re of death or disaster.

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It will help you ground yourself more effectively after performing psychic work.

The many eyes that are exhibited by Petoskey Stone also suggest that it can strengthen your clairvoyance. It will give insight coming from all directions and various sources.

Petoskey Stone will also protect those who are engaged in mediumship. You will be safe against receiving false information. All the negativity in your space will also be dispelled.

Petoskey Stone is quite rare and its appearance is very unique. It’s a representation of life that is frozen in time!

It will be a great addition to your gemstone collection, not only because of its beauty but because of its wonderful qualities as well.

How Will Petoskey Stone Help You?

Petoskey Stone, Healing and Health

Petoskey Stone can purge the negative energies from your aura and your environment. It can also prevent infections and the spread of infectious diseases.

It can stop the spread of infection by disrupting its molecular development. It can also be used to treat respiratory conditions, osteoporosis, arthritis, and other skeletal disorders.

It’s also known to be effective in reducing all kinds of tumors.

It can be healthy for the bones and good for the blood cells. It can normalize cell metabolism, fortify the heart, and regulate energy output.

Petoskey Stone can help in treating migraines, diarrhea, colds, and menstrual cramps. It can also assist with intestinal problems, teeth grinding, or mouth problems.

It can reduce lymphatic swelling and glandular swelling as well.

Petoskey Stone and Wealth

Petoskey Stone is a good stone to help you with your creative side and to bring positivity and abundance to your projects, especially when you combine it with some of the violet or purple crystals.

Petoskey Stone can help you move forward in the business world.

The energies of Petoskey Stone can influence you and your co-workers to be the best that you can be in the workplace, and to instill this same best attitude in your own home or environment.

Petoskey Stone’s energies will stabilize your finances and safeguard your business. It will help you take control of your finances and control your spending urges.

It will inspire you to stay determined on your life path and towards your ultimate life goal. It will help your concentration, and it will center and ground you.

It will also help you become less flighty, indecisive, or scattered. Petoskey Stone will encourage you to complete the tasks that you begin but don’t get around to completing.

It will keep you inspired, and it will keep you motivated enough to stay committed to your goals.

The energies of this stone will promote stability and steadiness. It will also remind you to slow down when you’re already pushing yourself too hard!

Petoskey Stone, Love and Relationships

Petoskey Stone will help you recognize and acknowledge your emotions, which is a very important step in learning to love yourself.

It will work both on your third eye and crown chakras so that your heart and mind will be open to love!

This stone will bring your life peace and harmony. It will keep your emotions under control so that you can find your quiet center.

Petoskey Stone will also enhance your beauty, charisma, and seductive charm.

You will continue to attract people because of your beauty and magnetism, which can be very beneficial if you are really shy and self-conscious.

Petoskey Stone will help in the resolution of emotional issues between two people in love.

When the issue is talked about and viewed from different perspectives, opinions change and points of views are improved.

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This is because you can see what the other person is seeing, enabling you to have a more objective stand about it.

How to Use Petoskey Stone for the Best Results

Petoskey Stones are made up of calcite, which makes them a good stone for hand polishing. Calcite is soft and dense enough to make a nice polish.

You will need a piece of velvet or corduroy cloth, a piece of sandpaper, newspaper or thick towels, sandpaper, polishing powder, and some water.

Once you have found the Petoskey Stone that you want to polish, sand it down with the sandpaper. After which, rub, rinse, and pat dry.

Once you have patted it dry, examine your Petoskey Stone for scratches. When you find scratches, just keep sanding until you no longer see them.

Sprinkle some polishing powder on the stone and continue sanding until it becomes smooth and free of scratches.

Wear this stone on your body to keep its energies close to your personal auric fields. Carry it around with you for peace of mind, protection, and inspiration.

The Best Combination to use with Petoskey Stone

Petoskey Stone can be very beneficial to the health.

When paired with other healing stones and crystals, the healing benefits will also be hanced.

Try using it with Tourmalinated Quartz, Andalusite, Scheelite, Buddha Quartz Crystal, Petrified Wood, Halite, Tibetan Quartz Crystal, or Dolomite.

You can also use it with Eilat Stone, Water Opal, Amber, Scolecite, Atlantisite, Psilomelane, Diopside, Peach Aventurine, Pink Peruvian Opal, Gaspeite, Pyrite, Bustamite, Jade, Indicolite, or Kunzite.

You can enhance its protective energies by using it with other protective gemstones, like Black Kyanite, Apache Tears, Banded Agate, Aventurine, or Beryl.

Fire Agate, Coral, Honey Calcite, Hematite, Mahogany Obsidian, Tree Agate, Yellow Jasper, Snowflake Obsidian, Turritella Agate, Tigers Eye, Serpentine, or Yellow Agate also make an excellent combination.

The Petoskey Stone and Emotional Healing

If there’s anything that you need to know about the Petoskey Stone, it’s that it’s a wonderful healer in body, heart, mind, and spirit.

It’s a great companion stone for when you’re experiencing a tough period in your personal life, or when you’re trying to deal with the effects of a loss, a heartbreak, or a failed relationship.

The emotional healing energies of this stone will encourage you to acknowledge your pain and face it instead of denying that it exists or running away from it and hoping that it just goes away on its own.

The Petoskey Stone’s emotional healing support will come through when you most need it.

It will give you the strength to deal with the blows of life confidently and courageously, just like the June Birthstone.

This stone will also help soften the pain and instill an attitude of thankfulness and optimism in your heart.

When the going gets tough, the energies of the Petoskey Stone are tougher, and they will inspire you to keep going and to keep believing.

Its loving energies will always remind you that you are more than enough, and that everything you will ever need to be happy and successful are already in you!

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The Petoskey Stone is a great stone to wear on a regular basis so that you will always be surrounded by loving and supportive energies, and so that you will always be reminded that you are born to be great.

This stone is also believed to improve your awareness of your own emotions, which can be greatly beneficial when you are experiencing emotional issues.

Sometimes when there are conflicts in your life, you simply shut down and have no idea what you’re supposed to be feeling or doing.

Having the Petoskey Stone with you will give you strength and calm in your heart and mind as you deal with your emotional problems.

It will guide you in making the right call and the best decisions. It will also remove the fear in your heart that’s preventing you from making a stand or doing something.

The Petoskey Stone will give you emotional strength to carry on and emotional healing when things don’t happen like you’ve planned.

This stone will also clear out negative energies that may be present in your personal energy field and in your environment.

It will help you recognize and acknowledge your own feelings, which is a very important step in self-love and self-care.

The emotional healing energies of the Petoskey Stone will bring you love and peace. It will also support you in keeping your emotions at bay so that you can discover your own reserve of strength and your own peaceful place.

The Petoskey Stone will make it possible for you to live a life of peace, serenity, and harmony by helping you react and respond to life situations and events in the best way.

Never be without this stone if you wish to iron out differences with people or quickly resolve your issues with someone you love.

This stone is all about peace and love, and the more you use it, the more you will realize that the most peaceful and most loving way is the best way to go.

My Final Thoughts on the Power of Petoskey Stone
petoskey stone meaning

Petoskey Stone is a stone that will amplify all your good traits and transmute all the bad.

It will make you realize that your weaknesses can be made into strengths, too, if you just know where to start.

This stone will give you physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual support.

It will open your eyes to the reality of your situation and help you discover which aspect needs the most love and attention.

It will help you find creative release, and it will help you stay focused on your goals so that you can manifest your life’s biggest desires.

Petoskey Stone will imbue you with love, peace, and happiness, and you will become a source of inspiration to many!

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