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Mordenite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Mordenite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Mordenite is a very exceptional stone that is all about bringing peace and serenity into your life by attracting harmonious energies.

Whether it’s dealing with unexpected situations with a calm mind or ridding your surroundings of all sorts of negativity, Mordenite will provide you great benefit overall.

Mordenite Properties

Often colourless, Mordenite exists in the colours white, yellow and sometimes even pink sometimes with overlapping shades of two.

It has a vitreous luster and a Mohs hardness of 3 to 4.

With a specific gravity of 2.12 to 2.15, it has an orthorhombic crystal system and is a member of the Zeolite Group.

It was first discovered in Morden located in Nova Scotia Canada. So Mordenite is named after the location where it was first found.

Being part of the Zeolite family, you can often combine Mordenite with other Zeolites for maximum benefit and effect.

Mordenite is also famous for being the most abundant Zeolite that exists in this world and hence is very easy to find.

It can be found in Australia, India, Iceland, Italy, and the USA. It can also be extracted from marine sediments in Scotland.

More than for its metaphysical properties, many industries use this stone for cleaning chemical spills and for water treatment purposes.

Mordenite can occur in quite a lot of shapes including fibrous aggregates, massive forms as well as needle-like crystals.


Why Would You Use Mordenite?

You can use Mordenite to gain a better understanding of the various steps you need to perform when you’re trying your hand at magic rituals.

If white magic intrigues you and you think it is something that you would love to try out, Mordenite will be your perfect companion on your curiosity train.

Not only will it protect you against any harmful energies that may come due to you performing the magic ritual but it will also help you maintain focus and draw out energies from nature.

Mordenite will help you understand the depths of magic rituals and the history behind them. This way you have a better understanding of what you’re performing and how to do it.

It will also be very beneficial in terms of giving you the most out of what you want to achieve with the magic ritual you’re intending to perform.

Mordenite is a stone that will help you achieve true serenity. By allowing your mind to free up of any negative thoughts and energies that might be holding you back.

You can use Mordenite to achieve great success as it will allow you to focus on all of the important tasks at hand. So that you don’t slip up along the way.

You can also use Mordenite to rid yourself of anxiety and fear so that you can always perform at the max potential of your body.

This is a great stone to use during meditation. It helps your mind and soul to achieve peace and calmness. This way you can truly get in tune with the metaphysical realm.

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If you are someone who is constantly overthinking everything, playing different scenarios in your head over and over again, then you can use Mordenite to calm the mind. It allows you to gather yourself in stressful situations.

Linked with the expulsion of negative energy from your surroundings, Mordenite can be very useful in times when you’re about to undergo a big change in your life.

If a big transition is coming up, then Mordenite can be used to help make the journey of transition much less stressful than it otherwise would’ve been.

How Will Mordenite Help You?

Mordenite is a highly effective stone when it comes to providing healing energies that can boost your vitality and help you remain strong and healthy.

It has the ability to help soothe problems with your lungs, heart, and mouth. By easing your pain and helping you cope with the stress it helps in healing.

If you are someone who has to talk a lot or sings, then Mordenite can help provide relief to the vocal cords after a tiring day.

Mordenite will help you plan out the routes to success effectively. And by allowing you to focus it will enable you to achieve all of your goals.

It will help you focus on the truest desires and dreams of your heart. It will help you manifest these dreams into reality by showing you how to get there.

Mordenite will help you forget about the troubles of the past and help accept whatever has happened. So you can focus on making your future different and better.

During very stressful situations, Mordenite will help take your mind off of thoughts that are occupying and bugging you the most so that you can achieve some clarity of the mind.

Mordenite will also help you forget about the stressful incidents of the past that cause you to stress every time you think about them. This helps you to never feel depressed.

It will help you cast a shadow over everything unfortunate that has happened to you. Locking it away so that you never crumble under the burden of it.

Mordenite will help you understand your own circumstances. And it will help you come to terms with the reality so that you never feel lost or grief-stricken.

Mordenite will also help you take away valuable lessons that you’ve learnt over the years from every mistake you’ve made. And at the same time will remove the memory of the mistake.

This will allow you to never get caught in the same trap twice. And it will help you navigate through the harsh realities of life with a much keener instinct.

If you keep Mordenite with you, sooner or later it will attract abundance and a lot of wealth into your life. It helps you solve all of your financial issues.

This is extremely helpful for people who have a life-changing idea but don’t have the finances to fund it. It will help attract potential investors and other means of cash inflow.

If you are someone who is easily distracted while working on something important, Mordenite can help you establish a keen focus on the task at hand so that you can do it much more effectively.

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Also, you can use Mordenite to break away from an old habit that you might want to get rid off but were unable to in the past.

Mordenite will also bring in the realization of the importance of family and loved ones in your life. It makes you fully aware of the blessings that you have.

Knowing the true value of your family will allow you to spend more time with them and share with them memories that you will cherish and remember forever.

Mordenite and Spiritual Healing

Mordenite will enable you to achieve a state of peace unlike any you’ve ever experienced before. It will remove all of the chaotic energy from inside you and your surroundings that make you restless.

This special stone has the ability to clear up the mind by ridding it of negative thoughts. It helps you start reflecting inward.

Mordenite provides you with the ability to look at yourself with a new lens. So that you may truly understand your true purpose in life and what it is that you truly desire.

Knowing yourself is the first step to becoming one with your own soul. Doing so will enable your soul to become much more strong and powerful.

Filling it up with positive vibes and energies, Mordenite will help heal your soul from the inside. So that it never feels trapped inside your body rather treats it as a temple.

If you are someone who always feels restless and never satisfied it may be because you’re not in sync with the desires of your own soul.

Mordenite will help bridge the gap between your body and soul. It helps you to truly function and operate as a single unit.

It is also known that Mordenite causes detoxification of the body and soul. So in this way it will help purify you from the inside.

Mordenite, Love and Romance

If you are someone who has to make a big decision regarding their love life, Mordenite can prove to be highly beneficial.

It will allow you to choose between the options that you have without much of a hassle. Since you won’t be jumping back and forth between choices it helps you make a well-informed decision.

Mordenite will also help you achieve emotional clarity and control so that you always know how to hold your own in front of your partner.

Also, Mordenite will allow you to never get intimidated or overwhelmed with the demands and wants of your partner. It will enable you to tell them whatever it is that you don’t want to do without being afraid.

Mordenite will help you achieve a very balanced relationship, one that is based on love, trust, and mutual respect.

It can truly be the secret behind your successful relationship as it allows you to filter our all doubts and inhibitions about your partner. You can go into your relationship with everything that you have.

Mordenite will also enable you to not stress about the minor issues and challenges that every relationship has to face. You can be ready for when the bigger issues come into play.

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If you are someone who has trouble with commitment then Mordenite is the perfect stone for you. It will help still your mind and help you understand the value of your partner in your life.

It is when you truly understand your partner’s value that you are ready to go all in.

Mordenite will also help initiate great communication between you and your partner. By helping you maintain a focus and interest in the likes and dislikes of your partner.

It will help you talk to your partner about anything. And revealing your deepest darkest secrets is what will earn you your partner’s trust and admiration.

How to Use Mordenite for the Best Results

The best way to make the most out of Mordenite is to meditate with it on a regular basis. Especially if you are someone who is not used to the art of meditation and has trouble doing it.

Hold it in your hand and close your eyes and try to meditate. You will feel your mind clearing up of all distracting thoughts. And you can truly focus all of your attention towards your meditation.

When used during meditation Mordenite has the ability to help its user achieve the maximum benefit out the exercise.

You can also keep Mordenite on your person at all times. It doesn’t have very high vibrations that could have an adverse effect.

You can also use Mordenite as part of your jewellery, as a pendant or a ring, to make the most out of the metaphysical energies that the stone possesses.

You can use Mordenite in times of need. Or in a stressful situation or if you’ve made a mistake that you want to get out of your mind.

By holding it in your hand and concentrating on it, you will be able to dispel all of your negativity and traumas.

Mordenite can be very beneficial to its user if kept on or near the body at all times.

My Final Thoughts

As far as healing stones go, Mordenite is definitely a stone with immense potential and metaphysical abilities.

It is bound to bring peace, calmness, and serenity into the life of its wielder by allowing him or her to dispel all negativity from their lives.

Mordenite is ideal for people who have very stressful lives and are always on the move. It provides stillness of the mind which is necessary for when you want to put things into perspective.

If you find this stone, don’t be disappointed and buckle up for a great journey ahead.

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