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Gold Pyrite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Gold Pyrite: Meanings, Properties and Powers

Gold Pyrite is a very beautiful stone that has the ability to protect you from all sorts of negative energies that surround you in your daily life.

Often referred to as “Fool’s Gold”, this amazing stone has hidden fire inside it and its metaphysical abilities are bound to give you fresh new energy in life.

Gold Pyrite Properties

Gold Pyrite has a pale-brass yellow colour with a very metallic lustre which is opaque and reflects light falling on the surface of the stone giving it a very “shiny” feel.

It has a greenish-black streak and weighs 6.5 on Mohs hardness scale. It has a specific gravity of 4.8 – 5 and has a very poor or indistinct cleavage.

It is composed of the Isometric crystal system and belongs to the Pyrite group.

A very common mineral to find, it was named from the Greek word for “fire” due to its ability to catch fire when struck with other metals or rocks.

The outward appearance of Gold Pyrite can sometimes lead people to mistake it for real gold but nothing could be further from the truth.

Gold is heavy whereas Gold Pyrite is light but harder, another distinguishing factor of Gold Pyrite is that it cannot be scratched with a nail or knife.

Containing the Earth element, Gold Pyrite is very masculine in nature and symbolizes the warmth and everlasting presence of the sun.

Gold Pyrite can be found in abundance in sedimentary deposits around the globe and is referred to as “Cat’s Gold” in Germany.

Gold Pyrite is an amazing resource of Sulphur, a reason why it became widely sought after and mined during the second world war.

Why Would You Use Gold Pyrite?

You can use Gold Pyrite for a number of different reasons, the most important of which is its ability to deflect any kind of negative thoughts and energies.

You can use this stone on your journeys when you’re travelling somewhere out of your country to help keep you protected from all kinds of danger and hazards.

You can use Gold Pyrite to make yourself stronger from the inside so that you can never be easily influenced by other people and can tell anyone “no” whenever you deem it best.

This stone can also be used to sharpen your intuition so that you’re always on top of your game and know how to deal with everyone around you.

You can put Gold Pyrite in your office or work environment so that it can have an influence over your entire workspace.

Doing so will help aid in a free flow of ideas and blood flow throughout your body, especially your brain so that you and your teammates can achieve mental clarity and the ability to come up with great new solutions.

If you are someone who has to do a lot of mental work throughout the course of the day then Gold Pyrite can be used to help keep your creativity levels high.

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Whatever your profession, Gold Pyrite will enable you to become in tune with your passion and will enable you to pursue your dreams by allowing you to master your own craft.

If you are someone who is in a managerial position, Gold Pyrite will help refine your management skills and will allow you to better communicate with your peers to achieve great results.

You can use Gold Pyrite to add a little bit of luck to your life so that you have a better chance of succeeding in everything that you do and you never know where that little luck might end up changing your life.

If you live somewhere near a factory or a construction site, Gold Pyrite can be used to get rid of the environmental pollutants in your surroundings so that you don’t get sick.

How Will Gold Pyrite Help You?

Gold Pyrite is an exceptional stone when it comes to providing you with physical strength and energy so that your vitality can increase.

With an increased vitality, you will become immune to many illnesses that would’ve otherwise affected you because your body will be able to fight off bacteria and viruses.

If you are someone who is recovering from a long time illness then Gold Pyrite will be a perfect companion for you on your journey of recovery.

Gold Pyrite can also help bring an abundance of positive energy into your life so that your thoughts and mind are washed away from all negativity.

If you are someone who always remains fixated on troublesome thoughts which bring you down then Gold Pyrite will help rid you of these.

You will be able to have a positive outlook in your life all the time so that you can embrace every new opportunity that presents itself with open arms.

Gold Pyrite will enable you to achieve great things in life by allowing you to always have your eyes fixed on your goals and gain the ability to achieve them.

Gold Pyrite can also be considered as a way to open a window into one’s own heart so that you can pinpoint the deepest desires of your heart and know where you want to go in life.

Gold Pyrite directly influences the Solar Plexus Chakra which is responsible for the free flow of chakra throughout your body so that you always feel energized and full of potential.

It also affects the Sacral Chakra which helps give you greater balance and grace as it is located right below your navel, which is also your center of gravity.

Gold Pyrite will enable you to deeply feel about the various different pleasures that life offers you and you will find yourself appreciating the flow of life and the plan that the universe has for you.

Gold Pyrite will help bring enthusiasm, joy, and happiness back into your life so that you may enjoy every second of your waking life.

Gold Pyrite and Spiritual Healing

Gold Pyrite is a very exceptional stone when it comes to spiritual healing as it has great metaphysical energies that have the ability to influence your life a great deal.

Gold Pyrite enables you to make the most use out of your chakra points, especially crown and sacral, by allowing you to freely move energy throughout your entire body.

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In case of your sacral chakra, Gold Pyrite helps restore balance to the chakra if it seems to be going off balance which can result in you feeling fear out of the disappointment of others.

This is when you’re at your worst and trying to live your life only in accordance with how other people view but upon balancing your sacral chakra with the help of Gold Pyrite, you will be able to get into the driver’s seat once again and will be able to start living your life how you want to live it.

This will allow your soul to become much more satisfied and fulfilled as you will be directly feeding into it through your actions rather than worrying about things that don’t really matter in the long term.

With the help of Gold Pyrite, you can restore balance to all of your chakras and make sure that your body is running at its optimal potential.

When you’re truly happy and satisfied from the core of your soul, then you would be able better enjoy the little things in life and appreciate everything that you have rather than wallowing over everything that you don’t.

When it comes to utilization of spiritual energy effectively, Gold Pyrite helps you throughout the process to ensure that you’re drawing on just the right amount of spiritual energy required to complete your task.

Gold Pyrite is also a great stone for manifestation as it allows you to focus all of your thoughts and chakra on the single task that you want to complete and allows you to turn your dreams and ideas into reality.

Gold Pyrite will help enlighten your soul by allowing you to grasp a better understanding of how the universe works and what your metaphysical role in that universe is.

Gold Pyrite can be used to bring peace and serenity to the mind, it can also be used to create harmony in your being and balance out polarities so that you may become very balanced in nature.

If you want to align your soul with the universe and make connections with beings from another dimension, Gold Pyrite will help you on your journey by allowing your soul to become strong and open to positive energy.

It will help empower your soul so that you don’t have to fear anything or anyone in your life.

Gold Pyrite, Love and Romance

Gold Pyrite is a great stone at promoting feelings of love and romance while at the same time making sure that you never overdo it.

With the help of this crystal, you will be able to take your relationship with your partner to a whole new level as it will open up your heart and mind to the idea of finally settling down for good.

The healing abilities of Gold Pyrite come in very handy, especially when it comes to heartbreak, so if you recently went through a breakup, this stone can help you recover faster than your normal pace.

If your relationship had a somewhat of a rocky beginning, as most relationships often do, Gold Pyrite will help you cope with and forget the mistakes of the past so that you can start a fresh chapter in your life.

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Highly effective at dealing with melancholy and sadness, Gold Pyrite will bring you and your partner closer together in times of distress so that you can face every obstacle that life throws at you together.

By allowing you to pinpoint the causes behind your stresses and worries, Gold Pyrite can help you voice your concerns to your partner openly so that effective solutions can be devised on both ends.

Gold Pyrite will enable you to become very emotionally stable and hence aid in you always making a decision based on rational thought rather than giving into your emotions.

When you don’t allow emotions to cloud your judgement, you make decisions that are most beneficial for you and your partner which eventually leads to a very successful relationship.

If you are someone who was emotionally scarred early on in life and are afraid to get back out there, Gold Pyrite will allow you to get over your inhibitions so that you may be able to move on and not dwell on the past for very long.

It will also give you a keen sense of intuition to see the deeper meaning behind every word and action taken by your partner so that you’re always on the same page as them and never get caught off guard.

How to Use Gold Pyrite for the Best Results

The best way to use Gold Pyrite, as with many other stones, is to use it during meditation to enhance your own focus and allow your body to attract all sorts of positive energies from the surroundings.

If you are looking to make a certain idea a reality, holding Gold Pyrite in your hand and focussing on your intentions can help you figure out ways on how to achieve them.

To make the most use out of this exceptional stone, you can keep in your pocket or on your person as part of your jewellery at all times.

You can also use Gold Pyrite to get rid of any bad habits that have been troubling you for a long time as this stone has the ability to break certain behavioural patterns.

You can use Gold Pyrite to keep yourself headstrong in challenging times so that you don’t feel like giving up entirely every time you fall down.

My Final Thoughts

Everything considered, Gold Pyrite is not only a very beautiful stone to look at but is also a hub of immense metaphysical properties and potential.

It can truly transform your life and relationships if you allow it to.

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