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Reiki Seichim Symbols

Reiki Seichim Symbols

Reiki Seichim symbols are a way of enhancing or directing your universal life force energy.

They share four symbols in common, while Seichim has an additional five symbols.

High-Low-God Seichim

There are many versions and variations for each symbol, but they all work as well as the other.

Keep using what Reiki Seichim symbols you have learned or what you’re most comfortable with and you will still get the same outstanding results.

Reiki Seichim symbols are used by drawing them, usually with your finger and sometimes in your mind’s eye.

They’re drawn over the area that you wish to channel energy to for a specific purpose.

Any symbol that you draw or use is a personal request for your energy be channeled and used a certain way. Ultimately, healing is always up to you and your personal energies!

What Are Reiki Seichim Symbols And What Do They Mean?

Cho Ku Rei: The Power Symbol

  Cho Ku Rei (cho ku RAY) Power Symbol - Reiki & Seichim  

If your intention is to strengthen or tone down your personal power, Cho Ku Rei is the Reiki Seichim symbol for you.

It can be identified as a coil which can be drawn in a clockwise or counterclockwise direction.

Cho Ku Rei also signifies chi, or the transfer of energy all through your body.

How to Use Cho Ku Rei?

An excellent way to make use of Cho Ku Rei is when you’re healing an injury. It can help you in healing light aches and pains as well as more serious injuries.

Cho Ku Rei can be very beneficial when you’re clearing stuck or stagnant negative energies.

If you wish to use the power of Cho Ku Rei in your everyday life, draw its symbol on the walls of anywhere you want the energy to be clear and positive.

You can also call upon Cho Ku Rei when you need a boost in your personal or professional relationships.

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Drawing the power symbol on business cards or activating it before an important meeting, interview, or conversation is also very helpful in influencing the energies in a positive way.

Cho Ku Rei can also protect you from misfortunes. Activating it is a great way to purify your energy systems.

Sei He Ki: The Harmony Symbol

Sei Hei Ki (SAY hay kee) Mental / Emotional Symbol - Reiki & Seichim

When you need an energetic cleansing and need to restore your mental or emotional balance, turn to the harmony symbol, which is also known as the Sei He Ki.

Sei He Ki means “God and man become one”. When the symbol is drawn, it looks like a cresting wave getting ready to crash on the beach.

It also looks a lot like a bird’s wing.

Sei He Ki will help balance the left and right side of your brain. It’s usually used for protection aside from being a harmony symbol.

How to Use Sei He Ki?

Sei He Ki can help you when you need to process and absorb new information or when you need to boost your memory in general.

Use it when you’re studying or reading by drawing the Sei He Ki symbol on the pages of your book or notebook.

This will help you retain all the information not only for the moment, but for days, weeks, months, and years to come!

If you’re having a tough time kicking a bad habit like smoking, drinking, overeating, or impulse buying, call on the Sei He Ki for aid.

Visualize the Sei He Ki symbol surrounding you so that you will cultivate a healthier and more positive view of yourself, helping you to get rid of these bad habits for good.

Sei He Ki will also protect you from all kinds of negative vibrations and make your affirmations more powerful.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen: The Distance Symbol

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen (hon shah zay show NEN) Distance Healing Symbol - Reiki & Seichim

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen means “having no present, past, or future’.

This Reiki Seichim symbol is often used to send energy across space and time.

Even if Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen can’t alter the past, it can help you heal from old wounds by reframing your experience.

You will learn to view it as a learning experience instead of just a devastating event.

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen can guide into the future and ahead of events that can spell bad news, like doctor’s consultatons, major examinations, and tough conversations with people you love.

How to Use Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen?

Hon Sha Ze Sho Nen works differently compared to other Reiki Seichim symbols.

It’s one of the most powerful symbols, but it needs to be used correctly for it to work in your life.

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It works better on your subtle body than your physical body.

Call upon this symbol on a daily basis to promote past and future healing on your body as well.

Dai Ko Myo: The Master Symbol

Dai Ko Myo (die ko MYO or die KO myo) Master Symbol - Reiki & Seichim

Dai Ko Myo is the most sacred Reiki Seichim symbol that can nourish and enlighten you.

It also possesses the most transformative power and highest vibration.

Dai Ko Myo can heal your aura, spirit, and chakras.

It’s the empowerment symbol, and it means ‘bright shining light’ or ‘great enlightenment’.

By helping you in your journey of spiritual enlightenment, Dai Ko Myo will also bring you closer to God.

How to Use Dai Ko Myo?

To call on Dai Ko Myo, draw the symbol or visualize it with your third eye.

You can also meditate with the Master Symbol as a way of accepting or receiving it. It will nourish your body and spirit, as well as give you the power to help yourself and others.

Dai Ko Myo is an excellent way to improve your immune system because it boosts the flow of energy in your whole body. It can also clear all the blockages that are holding your immune system back.

Dai Ko Myo can also be called upon when it comes to clearing or charging your crystals.

Raku: The Completion Symbol

Raku is known as the fire serpent. One look at its symbol and you’ll know why.

It’s drawn in a zigzag or lightning bolt shape that’s used to ground you after a Reiki healing session.

Raku is drawn from head to ground, allowing your body to receive the healing benefits of your healing session.

It’s a grounding symbol that must also be used to clear negative energies which you may have absorbed.

How to Use Raku?

Use Raku at the end of your Reiki session to help ground and absorb all great benefits of this transfer of energy.

If you ever feel unstable, shaky, or weak, just draw the Raku symbol to experience its powerful grounding benefits.

What is Seichim?

Infinity Symbol Pattern of Seichim

Seichim is a living light energy.

It has a different and higher vibration compared to Reiki, which is most beneficial for working with emotional and mental concerns or higher spiritual connections.

It means ‘might’ or ‘power of powers’.

It works on your higher body to balance you mentally and emotionally, but it can also be used in treating physical ailments.

Like Reiki, Seichim also works by receiving energies through your crown, out to your hands, and into your body.

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Your hands may also be placed over your chakras in your energy field.

More Reiki Seichim Symbols

Angel Wings

Angel Wings (chanted - angel wings) Realization of Potential - Seichim

This signifies the realization of your potential. It also carries the energies of experience and the sealing of energy.

Call on this symbol if you want to open the blockages in your chakras.

This symbol can be used for any purpose and intention. Meditating using this symbol will help you feel free and connected to the universe.

Zara, Cho Ku Ret

Cho Ku Ret or Zara (cho ku RET or ZAH-rah) Inanimate Object Power Symbol - Seichim

This is also known as the Inanimate Object Power Symbol.

You can use this to empower all the things that you use every day, from your car that brings you to work, to the coffee that you drink in the morning, to the pillow that you rest your head on when you sleep.

A meditation is usually performed to connect the energy of this symbol to your everyday things.

Eeef Tchay

Eeeeftchay (Style 2) (eeeeef TCHAY) Endless Inner Sight - Seichim

This symbol is also known as Endless Inner Sight.

It’s the symbol that you use if you want to achieve balance, fulfillment, or wholeness.

It’s also a very useful symbol when you wish to achieve emotional integration.

It will give insight, vision, mastery, and enlightenment.

It will also help you see through the illusions or people, things, and events.

Female and Male Balance

Male/Female Balance (chanted - male female) Balance Yin and Yang Energies - Seichim

This is also known as Everlasting Flower of Enlightenment or Yin-Yang Balance.

Use this symbol to balance your male and female energies or your yin and yang energies.

But it can be used for balancing anything, even the left and right or up and down of things.

Align Higher, Lower, and God Aspects of Self

The symbol works so that your lower, higher, and God aspects all work harmoniously together.

It represents the energy flow from the divine and through yourself.

This symbol can bring major changes in your life. It will also highlight ideas that you may need to address once they start to come to focus in your plans and goals.

Reiki Seichim Symbols

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